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I tried to finish my Graduate degree all online, but there were a few classes I had to attend at the downtown campus.  I must say it was a load of hot fun which I couldn’t get into sitting at home on my computer.  After the first class with syllabus in hand, I made my way to the school bookstore located in the student union building.  Browsing through the shelves for the used books I needed, I felt like someone was watching me.  The store was very busy with lots of folks trying to get all their books and take advantage of the big sale on other school supplies.  They never reduce book prices, new or used, but try to attract students by placing other items on sale.  While I was hounding myself for not buying these textbooks online where they are much cheaper, I noticed two guys heading in my direction passing out small cards to other select guys in the store.  I just thought it might be a fraternity looking for new recruits.  They slid the card into my top book and said, “We hope to see you very soon.”

Damn, times have changed since I was in undergraduate school.  This card was an invitation to meet up in the bottom floor men’s room for the first group B.J. fest of the semester.  And it was taking place today at 4:00PM.  The little card was a colored notecard with handwritten instructions that said bring your hard dick, hot mouth, and full load.  This was taking place in the very building I was in shopping for books.  Several years ago, when I was working on my first degree I loved to study on the 6th floor of the library.  It had the perfect bathroom layout for guys to take a break from their studies and get good head.  There was always a guy sitting on the john with a hungry mouth to feed.  Many times that guy was me.  I loved not knowing who I was sucking off.  The foot tapping would be the non-verbal cues that let both of us know what was needed and wanted.  Then the knees would touch the tiled floor as a hard dick slid under the stall partition.  I had sucked off cocks of all colors, sizes, cut and uncut, in that library men’s room.  But, never had I been invited to take advantage of a group sex scene like this one.  College guys are more out there and brave these days.  And I am happy they had included me.  Or maybe they could read an older gay guy who could suck dick like no other young undergrad ever would from across the bookstore.

I was not in the mood to study just yet, so leaving the books in my car and finding a bite to eat was my next plan.  I had an hour to kill before the main event was to kick off.  Discovering the canteen on the bottom floor of the student union gave me a prime position to watch out for any hot boys starting to congregate in the alcove by the men’s room.  As if coordinated by the campus food and beverage staff, the special of the day was a corndog with fries and a soda.  I had to enjoy that good fried corndog smothered in spicy mustard before I took full advantage of larger or longer pricks not on sticks to swallow deep down my throat.  While eating my corndog, I noticed a beefy dude sipping on a soda, fiddling with a notecard in his hand.  He looked like he had just been recruited to play on the football team.  His brown hair in a crew cut style with sweat pants and a t-shirt showing off his muscular physique; his huge legs had him on my fantasy league as a fullback.   When he stood up to greet a friend, giving him that brother handshake with pat on the back, his dick was already showing through the cotton sweats and it looked thick and beefy matching his body type.  I gobbled down my dog forgot about the fries as my dick started to get hard just thinking about what was to come.

The testosterone was starting to build up in the alcove that lead to the men’s room as little cards were being flashed around or could be seen sticking out of  jean pant pockets.  I counted two guys in the soda shop and at least seven more waiting outside the bathroom.  No longer able to wait it out, I dumped my food tray, moving to the doorway.  This rest room was designed perfectly for such an event.  It had the main door which opened to the half dozen sinks all on a long wall and then another door which lead to private stalls heading all the way back and turning the corner to the right were urinals in a rather large square room with no dividers.  When I got all the way to the last area, the two guys who had handed me my notecard were standing with dicks hanging out of their jeans, jerking on each other.  They looked at my notecard, which now I realized was color coded for a purpose, it was pink.  Directing me to one corner, they pushed me down to my knees.  The pink card must mean I’m a cocksucker, no doubt.

The Norwegian looking blonde boy laid his dick on my lips while his buddy pushed on the back of my head as I swallowed his sweet dick to its root.  Before I had slobbered on his long, thin cock but just a minute other dicks were slapping me on the forehead.  The B.J. fest was officially up, hard and running!  My fantasy fullback was next to please.  His dick was shorter but much fatter and I loved holding on to his muscular ass while he pounded my face.  The other guys waiting in line were jerking their dicks, spitting on them for that wet pleasure.  By my count there were at least six young dudes around me, waiting patiently to get theirs.  The fullback pulled out letting his friend have a go at my hot mouth.  This was an uncut, ten inch dick, dark and lovely.  This jock just liked to have his head sucked on while he beat the rest of his cock with his grasped fingers that slammed into my lips.  This was such a turn on for me I sucked and tongued his sensitive head with lots of force.  There must have been another talented sucker with a pink card because I heard another group of guys getting slobbered on in the corner across from us.

I just kept sucking on whatever dick was slung my way.  I counted six dicks I’d deep throated and slurped on.  The blonde, who had been there since the beginning, started moving in on my face, jerking his steamy load on my forehead.  His friend wiped off some of his cum using it as warm lube.  He pushed his dickhead on my tongue and shot his load down my throat.  I rewarded him for inviting me by continuing to suck dry every last drop as he tensed up in extreme pleasure.  The short, fat fullback cock was next to release his sweet seed.  He grabbed my head and shoved his dick to the balls and I just sucked, clenching on it until he had completely dumped his hot cum down my throat.  His black buddy with ten inches must like to watch himself skeet.  Moving in front of my tongue, he beat down hard on his cock as I wrapped my tongue around his pink head.  When ready to unleash it, he slapped his dickhead on my cheek and shot a large load up over my eye onto my forehead.  He was a distance shooter streaking some of my hair with his creamy cum.

Before the cum fest was over, I had two more loads to take.  One guy looked, Middle Eastern, perhaps from India, and he had self-control for his age, making me suck on his uncut, pretty brown cock for what seemed an eternity.  The other guy got impatient with his red cock, Irish I guess, slipped in between the Indian dudes slapping against my tongue while he shot off across my left cheek.  The mild mannered, brown, curry cock was in dick sucking heaven.  This may have been his first blowjob.  He prolonged cumming for quite a while.  The other group had spent their young seeds and left the other cocksucker wet with cum dripping off his face.  But, he wanted more.  He moved between me and the pretty brown-skinned dude, releasing my hard cock from my khakis, sucking on it like a mad man.  I had trouble controlling myself with this other pink card holder who could suck dick really deep and with lots of suction.  It was the best head I’d had in quite a while.  Suddenly, with a soft sigh and smile, the brown guy’s dick enlarged to its maximum size, shooting a huge load that almost choked me.  I just kept swallowing waiting for his sweet cum to stop oozing down my throat.  It was my turn to let it go.  I looked down at the pro sucking my dick and mumbled something.  He told me to stand up and let him have all of it.  My knees were a bit shaky after being on them for a while, but my cocksucker pushed me against the wall as I started shooting a massive load in his open mouth.  He wrapped his tongue around my head and nursed me dry while I was panting like a marathon runner.

The B.J. festival was officially over.  But it was not the last one I enjoyed during that hot semester on campus.


David W. Bradburn  aka dwb42461

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  1. Dominic

    David, you seem to have many stories involving yourself with various guys. Are any of these really true experiences or purely fantasy?

  2. Mark

    A paragraph about waiting and eating lunch? Really? BORING!!! Some one please find another person to write these stories I can’t even finish reading one cause its so boring and unappealing. YAWN! I can go to costco if I wanna see hot dogs.

  3. Mike

    That was one hell of a story!I wish I could get into something like that since I am a total bottom and would love to be in a group like that!The more cum the better!!!

  4. Latinlust69

    Way fucking hot! I remember we’ll my days or nights
    Sucking and being sucked at a campus library!
    Sometimes we would later go back to my frat and
    Study more of each others anatomy.

  5. Dennis

    that was one hot story…….enjoyed it a lot…….had the same experience once and it was great…..would love to read more storied like this

  6. William Austin

    Imagination sex or dreams can be more erotic than actually having it for real! Fantasy Sex is fun and is always better than the real thing! The power of the mind….And you never have to worry about disease….. Porno visuals and stories are safe sex!

  7. JR

    I wasn’t turned on in the least. As mentioned above, the random race inserts and unsafe settings totally make the story unhot and hazardous to the suspension of disbelief. What’s more is that quite a bit of it was, well, boring. People who can’t really read or write might find your story a little hot, or worse, true, but the well-read among us (and those that are recently out of college) are not amused.

  8. William Austin

    My first time was a Blow Job on the Florida Beach from a college pal! Because I was rather sheltered, I made it all the way in to University level for my first boy sex!
    My first cock suck was 6 weeks later, my friend took me to a Cuban night club in West Palm Beach Florida! I was very taken by one of the Cuban dancers. After the show I talked to him and he took me back stage to a room with a bed. Hel
    held my hand and laid me down on the bed and then he showed me 69! Wow! It was increasable hot and to my surprise in a short time, he cam in my mouth! I was shocked! But decided I liked it! I found out later he was only 17, I will never forget it!

    There is no other experience like a live man in your mouth! True Story…..

  9. David W. Bradburn

    Hi guys. Thanks for your comments, both positive and critically negative. Let me answer some questions about my fictional sex stories. The characters in my stories are fictional based on my real life experiences as a slut puppy or sex pig, as one of you commented. lol Yes, public sex does occur even on college campuses and has for many years. I had some of my best sexual encounters in rest rooms on campus. Some of you do not like my writing style because I try and create characters who are real in a short amount of writing time. How boring would my stories be if they only went straight to the sexual activities without providing an environment for my characters to come alive. I have received many more complimentary comments and private, positive messages than negative ones. As for safer sex, these are fantasy stories which are too be read and I will leave it up to the reader to make his educated decision on how risky he wants to be in real life. This story was oral sex only and as most of you know that is very, very, low risk for HIV transmission. However, there are other STD’s you can get from oral sex, so once again, I leave that choice up to the reader. For those of you who think my character descriptions are somehow racist, I need to ask you how you would describe this multi-racial and cultural world we live in on paper, for readers? Remember these stories take place in Atlanta, GA which has grown rather quickly in diversity, especially after we hosted the 1996 Olympics. I have been fortunate to meet and have sex with guys from Iran to Jamaica to Trinidad-Tobego and several Latin countries and, of course, many home boys White, Black, Native American and Asian American. I do not pick out my sexual partners based on color, but rather, if they are sexy and turn me on. And, my writing, comes after many years being an avid reader. I may be more of a book whore than a sexual one. It’s a close tie. I try to fashion my writing, even these sex stories, after some of my favorite writers. So for you guys that think I’m not well read and my writing is to juvenile for the average reader, I just say you may need to challenge yourself and read more, much more, before you become sex short story critics. Or perhaps, write your own short story and see how it stands up to other writers. Thanks for letting me answer some of the questions in one comment post. David W. Bradburn

  10. KsFarmGuy

    I can’t believe how many assholes feel they need to bag on these stories. Don’t understand why people always feel the need to be jerks. Like your mother used to say… “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything!” Keep up the great stories!!

  11. Edward

    I sucked several cocks before I swallowed a load after that first load I live for cum that is all I want! Addicted InSouth Carolina,lvbbcsuk@gmail,com

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