Stories : Blackout On Peachtree Street

I walked into Bulldogs with no expectations but a stiff drink.  Maybe once lubed with liquor my mind would change for a more ass numbing, big, stiff dick.  There are plenty of both here in this neighborhood bar on Peachtree Street.  On the weekend nights, they were doing all kinds of crazy things to bring in the crowds of gay men who had several other big bars to choose from within a block of each other.  This was years before they closed all the best bars, tore them down and planted high-rise condos in their place.  When Atlanta was a nightclub haven competing with New Orleans for party goers, folks could choose from three different bars to drink in all night long, stumbling out drunk to make their way home in the early morning sunlight.  Midtown was sort of like Bourbon Street, filled with dance clubs, drag queens, drugs and backrooms, where sex oozed slippery and wet all night long.

I ordered an Absolute on the rocks, asking the bartender what this, “blackout” party was tonight.  He told me that the billiard room had been shrouded in black fabric and the tables covered in plastic to protect them from all the guys who would be cruising through there to get there dicks sucked or asses fucked in the cool, evening summer shade, dark room called blackout.  He laughed and told me they were going to do this once a month until they got shutdown by the city officials or the A.P.D. vice squad.  After my second cocktail, which was always poured free handed and heavy, I was ready to move from the low lit bar into the surprising dark room for some “blackout” fun.

Parting the heavy fabric, I entered the room where I had shot pool many times before.  I stopped a moment to let my eyes adjust to the smoky darkness.  Immediately, I felt a hand groping me, pulling me deeper into the room.  He placed my hand on his fleshy dick, hard, wet, sticking out of his jeans needing me to stroke it.  I did just that making myself hard in the process.  Stopping long enough to unbuckle my belt, unbutton my jeans and free my aching dick, not knowing who was dropping down to his knees to suck my cock with slobbering wet abandonment, I just leaned back to enjoy this pleasurable start.  Not having to lean to far back, I became nestled against a tall man whose big hands had started caressing my ass.  He took his long middle finger and found my hole rubbing it ever so softly.  My head fit underneath his chin as he took the same middle finger forcing me to suck it deep in my hot mouth.  This turned me on, tasting my own asshole sweat and slobbering on his well-manicured middle finger.

He pulled his finger from my mouth as I made a popping sound sucking it so hard.  Moving back quickly to my ass crack, he stuck his wet finger knuckle deep into my hot hole.  I began to moan as my dick was getting sucked and a long finger was massaging my P-spot.  This was much more than what I had expected when I paid my cover and swaggered in off the hot, steamy sidewalk.  The dude with his finger up my ass wanted a taste now.  He pulled out and sucked the same middle finger like a child sucking his own thumb.  I guess he was hungry for more.  He squatted to his knees, pulling down my jeans and started teasing my ass cheeks by open-mouthed, teeth sucking gulps of my ass meat.  Then, without warning, he spread my ass crack open wide and stuck his wet tongue deep inside my hole.  I thought my control would slip into total dick pulsing, cum dumping, orgasmic pleasure.  But, the strong cocktails on the rocks had done their job keeping me in tow to enjoy all this attention for much longer.

Both guys knew how to please.  The fellow deep-throating my cock used his long tongue action to bring me close several times by licking underneath my dickhead while sucking at the same time.  The tall guy lapping my ass had me so wet by spitting, licking and tonguing my hole that I felt my boy pussy had its own gushing waterfall flow.  Their plan of action worked on me.  I heard the man whisper to my cocksucker something and an exchange took place.  He stood up still holding my ass while his buddy took a break from sucking my dick and swallowed whole the big dick poking out beside me.  Then I heard the tear of a condom wrapper as he must have rolled it on the tall dude.  Spitting on this wrapped dick to lube it up ready to fuck me royally, I took a deep breath and loosened my wet, slobbery sphincter muscle.

Now the tall guy was whispering in my ear, “Are you ready for my big dick?”

I tried to answer him but he slipped his tongue in my mouth at the same time his dickhead pierced my hole.  I concentrated on deep-kissing him so he could fill me up with his long, hard cock displacing the slight pain I felt as he forced it deep inside me.  He stopped allowing my ass muscles to relax around his hard dick expanding the big long muscle, making that cock pulsate outwardly, stretching my hole even wider.  I grunted to let him know I was ready for my ass to be pounded.  Tilting forward pushing my ass up and out, made room for the big dick to start pummeling my hole, at the same time, I balanced my hands on the cocksuckers head forcing him deeper down the blue-veined shaft.  Grabbing my hip bones, the darkness concealing a top-man who knew how to dick me down, making a panting noise vibrate from my lungs deep down to the base of my spine.  I was getting dizzy and the noise we were making drew a crowd around us as other dicks were being sucked and stroked hard while my tall guy was smacking my ass loudly with each hard thrust.

Wedged in between the guy fucking me and the other sucking me, I went with their lustful movements.  I felt other hands grasping my ass cheeks pulling them wide apart while the dude was long-dicking me.  Hands were all over me, pinching my nipples, grabbing my low-hanging balls and dicks slapping against my thighs.  My hands were wrapped around two fat dicks stroking until they were replaced with two long, skinnier dicks.  The “blackout” night was starting to flash bright, sparking up with all the hot dicks moving together in one accord.  I closed my eyes to see my brain synapses arching electric.  It was time to match all this sweaty heat with a loud moan that let my cocksucker know I was really close.  He just suctioned harder, engulfing my dick to the base.  I wanted to cum but couldn’t release it yet.  My shooting muscle, the powerful kegel, was being restricted by the big hard dick in my ass.  So exploding, shooting off fiercely was not an option.

What I felt next was the long dick in my ass expanding fuller.  He started kissing me so passionately that I could taste my ass juices still on his tongue.  Holding on for the ride was all I could do.  He pounded harder, pushing in deep one final time as he shot his load while sucking on my tongue.  I thought I felt his hot cum bubbled up in the condom tip as he slumped over me breathing heavy.  Catching his breath for a moment, someone else started sucking my left nipple as he slowly pulled his lengthy, softening dick out of my gaping hole.

That’s all it took for me to let out a long moan.  The cocksucker knew what was happening next.  He sucked harder opening his tonsils as I shot an endless, creamy, stream down his hungry, greedy throat.  Before I could regain any composure, the dude with my seed on his breath rolled on a condom, turned me around and pushed his dick deep inside my hot, wet hole.  I was so receptive to his ass pounding that after twenty minutes when he let his load loose inside the condom, my second load dribbled out just in time for the new guy who had dropped to his knees to suck on my dick, keeping it hard as a rock.  Motherfucking Geeez, I wondered what that bartender had put in my vodka to make me cum like that so hard with two big loads.  I will definitely find my way back as long as they keep having “blackout” night underneath the bright lights of Hotlanta.


David W. Bradburn   aka dwb42461

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  1. Jpaul1224

    Great fuckin’ hot experience, story, or fantasy! Take your pick although i think it is an actual true experience! Oh how I miss the good ol’ days!!!

  2. Lars

    ” This turned me on, tasting my own asshole sweat and slobbering on his well-manicured middle finger”

    ….can someone else please contribute to this blog?

  3. Greg

    Funny to see something about Bulldogs. I went there about a month ago while visiting Atlanta. I had a great time. I hated the smoking, but they were jamming to old school music and just having a good time.

  4. Trizzy Troy

    Damn that’s what I miss abt when I came out! U could hit up a bar & GET YOUR LIFE!! I’ve got some real stories like that only I lived in NYC.

  5. Jim

    I used to go to Atlanta to some bars but none had this action…but only went to a couple, where I met some good men. Also used to go to a dance club for gays, and it was all men dancing together… what a beautiful site…would love to go back and find some of those places… We did go one time to a leather bar, which had many rooms,, dont remember the name, but was very black inside but was with my then boyfriend, and was new to the scene and didnt go anything,,, although, there was plenty going on, but was too niave to stop and watch or get involved… That place probably is no longet there either…but always liked going to hotlanta….

  6. Add-rain

    The story’s are getting lame it’s always the same thing from the same guy. Everytime I read his story’s I’m waiting for him to say towards the end … And this is how I became HIV POSITIVE

  7. David B.

    Hi Jim. The Eagle is still open (the leather bar) you went too. About 2 years ago the police raided that club and arrested over 40 guys because of that back room. The bar and the guys arrested sued the city of Atlanta and the A.P.D. had to issue a formal apology and I believe some money was paid by the city for undo discrimination and the use of defamatory language when arresting those guys. It was all over the news. So the cops no longer fuck with us and are trying to be nicer!!

  8. vigggo

    Those were fun times in Atlanta. The gay men had saved midtown, reclaimed slum neighborhoods, made it safe and fashionable again. Then the hipster straight yuppies started moving in, having children, and demanding the city close the bars, “clean up” the area…get rid of the gays. What a pity. Now Atlanta is just one big yuppie hell, straight and gay!

  9. Bigun


    This story is true BS. Fantasy and wishes….LOL

    I live in Atlanta…been here for 17 years.

    Bulldogs is a 90% black gay bar/club and those white/latin guys down with the swirl are sometimes welcome. It is NOT non african american friendly. Whites and latins are treated as sex objects and second class visitors, and the owners/patrons are fine with that. It is not a place that has blackout nights…never ever has been any at bulldogs ATL. I know this story is fantasy. I’ve been a patron and used to part time bartend there. I visit often…..

    Hotlanta is gone…it died when they starting closing bars early and new politics dictated the cities nightlife and laws. Atlanta is a yuppie and materialsitic mecca for the self entitled and or educated blacks of America to get hopes they can take advantage of affirmative action in careers where they would never advance if not in “Blacklanta”…..I know it…I live it….haha!

    If you want a blackout night of sex in Atlanta……get an invite to a private sex party….or host one youself at a rented home/condo or bar/club. They do happen…but NOT in bars or clubs.

    Sex rarely happens inside ANY Atlanta gay bars….the cops and vice would find out, and liquor licenses and operational licenses are too expensive to jeapordize/risk for owners.

    Atlanta is a southern city still living in the days of segregation when it comes to blacks and whites socially.
    Few blacks go to ANY gay bars in Atlanta except for Bulldogs or a few smaller bars. Some young twinkie or fem gay black boys hit the white bar scene of clubs and bars…but they are very much a minority. Few whites or non blacks go to Bulldogs. Races just don’t mix much…gay or str8. Racism is a reality in Atlanta…

    Reality…Truth..Deal with it!

  10. Me

    “Bigun” is 100% correct. I don’t at all believe this story. I lived in Atlanta for 17 years. Back in the 1990s, there was sex everywhere in Atlanta. Now, Midtown is all str8 yuppie-ville.

    Nice fantasy and may have been true 15 or 20 years ago, but not now. And btw, APD continues to raid gay bars; all the cruise spots are shut down. There are a few bookstores, two sex clubs, and a bathouse–that’s it. The new reality is that Atlanta guys hookup over a4a or craigslist just like everywhere else.

  11. David W. Bradburn

    Yes, you both are correct about present day Atlanta, but I assure you that back in the 90’s, Bulldogs was more the interracial gay dating kind of bar. I frequented it quite often. On Sundays, the group Black and White Men Together would provide a cookout on the back deck. Remember, things always change over time. But, I assure you that back then Bulldogs was 50/50 black and white. And the area where you now dance had pool tables where the blackout nights did, most def, occur. I should know I met some great bro’s in the dark. Why do young folk act like they know it all??

    David W. Bradburn

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