Pornstar : Arpad Miklos Is Dead


Arpad Miklos famous pornstar passed away yesterday at the age of 45. He was found dead in his NYC appartment after committing suicide. The Hungarian-born legend moved to America shortly after being discovered by porn studio Kristen Bjorn, he was probably one of the biggest porn stars out there.

From what I heard he wasn’t the happiest guy on earth and had problems with depression, even thought he had a great career. I would never have guessed, not in a million years, that he would take his life. When I met him he seemed very emotionally stable and in control of himself, strong and confident. He was definitely one of my fave!

It is very sad each time one of us passes away!

RIP Arpad !


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  1. tim

    He was such a great guy to talk and hang out with. everytime we. Hang out he made you feel like you were sexy even when your not.

  2. E

    sad to hear of another suicide, however more then half of all adult entertainers have suffered from depression, self inadequate in themselves, suffer from body hatred low self esteem….etc. I have known a few guys that did amature porn for some websites…my bestfriend did it because he was talked into it by a boyfriend…now he is HIV+. the industry makes me a little sick.

  3. Damien

    So sad. The porn industry can be ruthless, it chews you up and spits you back out. Especially if you don’t meet their “image” anymore.

  4. kevstar69

    Not surprising being that being good looking, having a hot body and having lots of sex doesn’t bring happiness. How many of us actually want that kind of life, realizing that basically you are just a means to an end. Don’t get wrong, sex is fun, but…

  5. zaq

    So sad to hear of his passing and at such a young age. Rest In Paradise. And anyone who’s reading the blog and have considered suicide as the only solution please do not be afraid to seek help. Every day on G-d’s earth should be treasured.

  6. manplayer69

    Its tragic to lose anyone to suicide no matter who they are or what they do in life…. Hopefully he can find happiness in the next chapter…RIP

  7. Onfeelz

    Rest in Peace Arpad, I have always enjoyed your image and your videos. It’s sad really, taking that way out is never a good solution to one’s problems… peace and love man.

  8. Carlo

    It’s not so surprising. Being a cameraman for adult films for awhile you’d be surprised how many guys have depression which stems from self esteem issues a lot of times. One guy I talked to before a shoot was telling me about how the only way he feels he can connect with others and feel wanted and appreciated is by doing porn movies. One guy had a boyfriend who many would consider ugly, especially compared to him, and the reason was because he figured the ugly guy would always be beside him because of his looks. A lot of people hide their issues in their looks, especially when it comes to the more muscular guys. RS sort of like a cry for attention or an attempt to draw attention to themselves that they feel they would otherwise be get. I brought the idea up to the directors at the time to have counseling and intervention sessions but they laughed it off and thought guys that looked like that would never have those kinds of issues. Mister Castro “AKA Supreme” was doing lines for awhile if anyone remembers how skinny and coked out he looked in some of his videos for awhile. Everyone wondered what happened to Tiger Tyson, well the porn industry isn’t as nice as the movies make it seem and just like him I had to leave and get a real media career. It’s sad Arpad couldn’t get the help he needed.

  9. David

    I’m so so sorry for his friends and people who he might have left feeling helpless and unable to help him. I hope he is with the angels now, in the afterlife, where maybe we will meet him. R.I.P Arpad…

  10. Romoni D'Aubigne

    Such a sadness, but as I always say; “The smile that someone shows you in public often masks the pain they suffer in private.” First, Roman Ragazzi & now Arpad. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

  11. jace

    humm the funn thing about if yuo cmit sudside is if you desoryed yor you boyd wihc kind gussing he did the back here faster then shake stick at there ti really sad coinder he back inoother body that the porn indusrty the verry lucrative andstuff but also verry sloe distryoing tow tht if you going to to get in pron you got pay the piper

  12. G

    Terrible, sad news… He was a great star – what a beautiful guy- and how much pleasure he gave to so many people! Can you imagine? I had the privilege of meeting him once… I can’t believe he’s dead.

  13. mika

    Depression is a silent killer. Anyone with it ,a drink or drug only makes it worse get help guys ,what matters most to me are the friends I count on one hand ,true friends .

  14. _Aja_

    Arpad was a wonderful performer and one of my favorites. I hope everyone will take this opportunity to [pray, send positive energy, good thoughts, whatever] for Arpad and his friends and family.
    BEAUTY, MONEY and SEX can NOT make anyone’s life worth living. I also hope that our “community” will become an ACTUAL community in which no one ever feels so sad or alone that suicide becomes a reasonable alternative.

  15. Le69er

    OMG! So tragic and sad!!! Been a big fan of Arpad’s for years. Definitely a handsome, beautiful and sexy man! Just proves that LOOKS truly aren’t everything. Well…at least now he’s free from whatever earthly demons that were haunting him. RIP, Arpad!

  16. Hunter0500

    “I would never have guessed, not in a million years, that he would take his life.” You’re pulling that shit over a porn star? Someone you don’t know. Really?

    Oh just wait until it’s someone you work with or a really close friend or a family member. It gets EVEN BETTER. Trust me.

  17. Ky

    I would be depressed it I was worshiped just cause I screwed good on camera. The expectations that is put on people that rely on porn as a source of income and the activity itself can be demeaning. Especially for anyone from anywhere in Eastern Europe, where hard work and education was placed as a priority, to just reflect on a life where tradition is thrown away to bang on camera. It’s a little screwy, I’m not claiming to have all the answers, but its a theory.

  18. George

    Maybe he was sick and didn’t want anyone to know. As one guy said, “It is sad when one of us passes on” Especially the young.

  19. Tim 2

    It is truly ironic that someone who others adored from afar, or lusted after anyway, would feel inadequate. I can only hope he finds the peace that eluded him in life.

  20. adrian

    And he was also frequent user of meth amd had used. A steroid formscle building which has horrible side affects like depression

  21. Sam Fisher

    This is so sad. Even though i never knew the guy personally, my heart still goes out to his friends and family. Things like this help lead to great introspection ya know. I never considered myself hot, not by gay standards. Heck, i’ve actually seen guys pass through me on occasion. Point being is you think these porn stars have it made: fame, admoration, money, all the sex they could want. Truth is, a lot of them suffer. We forget they are human. I hope he has found peace.

  22. randy

    Its so sad on what happen to this wonderful person, heart just fell to the ground. things want to the same.i pray for his soul.we need come together in bring to happy restful place.

  23. Lots2lurn

    My heart breaks for this kind troubled soul. Peace is now with you Arpad. My condolences go to his friends and family who were closest to his heart. Words of wisdom: Troubled waters run deep.

  24. Patrick

    E—–> not a time to pass judgement on the industry but just pay tribute to Arpad and sincere condolence to his family. RIP,

  25. Jonathan

    I am sad about the news of Arpad Miklos. I’ve heard the depression is on the rise with porn stars. I’m wondering if drugs have a role in the scene. Back in the ’60’s we didn’t have anything but booze and you couldn’t have very much if you wanted to have a hard on. Also there wasn’t the fear of infections. Everyone was happy on the was like a sex party and you got paid (not alot). I like to watch the old porn, now called vintage..LOL. Those were the days..I’d never do the suicise route..I’d kill everyone that was giving me the problem..seems like that’s what alot of crazies are doing anyway. Arpad will be missed..and remembered.

  26. PLF

    Another porn star commits suicide wow i think the industry should look into getting their actors so mental help professionals and keep them on retainer, so sad what a waste.

  27. Dean

    Wow. Very sad news. He was such a hot guy. I will now regret not meeting him when he was in AZ several years ago. I only hope someone at least reached out to him before he made that dreadful choice.

  28. Romoni D'Aubigne

    The smile that someone shows you in public often masks the pain they suffer in private. Who knows what demons were tormenting him. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

  29. William Austin

    The drugs offered for chronic depression cause suicide! The Prozac family has 17 different names: Pacsel, Ridlin, etc. What’s worse: Prozac does not help depression…

    There are holistic herbs that do help and with no side effects! Sunshine is one….

  30. E

    Patrick—> some people on this blog have said far worse then I have, and the topic of his death is a direct reflection of the flawed industry as a whole…drugs, depression, and disease. I do not know the guy, I have not seen anything he was in, so I am totally objective instead of emotional about it. I was speaking about direct personal experience about the industry, it destroyed my best friends life at the age of 24, because he would do anything for love, or what he thought was love, and now he is emotionally and physically distroyed because of 1 month of making porn, unilI figured out what he was doing, beat the shit out of his fling and pulled him out of it. SO YES PATRICK I AM PISSED AT THE PORN INDUSTRY!

  31. HolePunchSD

    This is certainly devastating news for the porn industry and fans. First, it was Erik Rhodes, then Josh Weston and now Arpad Miklos. It saddens me because these men were relatively young and in their prime.

  32. Robert

    If anyone reading this is facing their own crisis, there are people who can help at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. No matter what problems you are dealing with, we want to help you find a reason to keep living. If you call
    1-800-273-TALK (8255) you’ll be connected to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in your area, anytime 24/7. I hope this helps someone today!

  33. Hunter0500

    “Hunter : how do u know I dont know this guy?
    He was my fuck buddy….so yes I knew him!”

    How don’t I known? Easy … all you said was “When I met him he seemed very emotionally stable and in control of himself, strong and confident. He was definitely one of my fave!”

    Fave does not equal fuck budy or any thing more than a man you are salivating over, which you do 24/7. If he was a fuck buddy, my condolances, of course.

  34. Rick

    Seriously, I always think that when I meet famous people for a few minutes I’m meeting the “real deal,” said – no one ever.

  35. Aaric

    May God have mercy on his soul. Everyone pretends to be concerned when a gay porn star dies. Yet where is all this concern while people are still alive? There are desperate cries for help which are ignored and it is so sad. Time and time again we see young, talent, beautiful men used for the moment and discared. The common denominator is the gay community’s shallowness and lack of any compassion. Everything in the community is SURFACE. Men don’t look at each other as a fellow human craving friendship, love and affection. Men simple see one another as a warm hole to dump a load. The only way this situation is going to change if we stop accepting this as the norm. No man should feel his life is not worth living because he is over 30. Nor should we as gay men keep getting the same tired message:
    You only hot if under 30 blond, muscular, with 8 inch dick.
    Maybe, if we tried to be little more loving, caring and inclusive of one another. We could see gay life is wonderful no matter how fat, old, poor you happen to be. Guys love yourself and it will be easier to attract love and happiness to you.

  36. Ryan

    RIP Arpad Miklos. May you find the peace that eluded you.

    Erik Rhodes. Josh Weston. Arpad Miklos. and my friend Adam Faust. This has been an awful 12 months for the gay porn industry. Someone suggested that the porn industry obtain therapists for the guys who want/need it. Given the number of guys from gay porn who’ve died in the past 12 months, I think it’s a good idea.

    As a suicide survivor (I lost the closest person to me to suicide) please pray for those he left behind. They will 2nd guess the signs for the rest of their lives.

    I wish the gay community would be more embracing of all. Too many of us are judged on and by our physical appearance. As a result, we suffer from depression, feel inadequate, suffer from body dis-morphia, and have low self esteem. Anyone else feel like this?

  37. Rock Afella

    Aaric, I agree. It’s so sad to know Arpad is gone. He was amazing on camera. It appeared as if what you saw was what you got, like he didn’t seem to overact his role on screen. Being buff and hunky really only draws attention from the shallow. It’s why I’m not a gym rat. oO. RIP, Arpad and my condolences to your friends, family, and loved ones.

  38. Jose

    I suffer from a lifetime of clinical depression and can tell you when the “inner demons” kick in its like negative self destructive thought repeating themselves in an endless loop – all you want is relief – it’s hard to break the loop with professional help, supportive friends & family. I definitely agree that there is NO gay community period. There is no support, no safety net of help among gay men anymore – it’s like someone posted earlier – a totally shallow existence strictly based on looks. I’m past 30 already and definitely don’t have porn star looks or body – so I’m basically ignored 100% of the time. I’m lucky to have a handful of really great gay friends – real friends or who knows what my outcome would have been

  39. Davedo

    They look like there so happy and have the world. Great looks ,sex all the time with other great hunks, But it all what it appears to be. Since I’ve become a member on here numerous porn stars have died either killing themselves or other ways. It is sad how good looks isn’t all that. My motto still is ” Never judge a book by its cover because you may be amazed once you open it up”. So porn stars are just like you and me! Human, gay, bi

  40. Joao

    Thats so sad!!! he was my favourite, and he was the first and unique porn star that i used to make a search using his name….. thats a pity …. when we will understand that our body characteristics are only a cover a cover that God gave us and so we have to take care as if it was a real gift from God, what he did with his gift i bet the uncouscious concern weight to much.

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