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Wow, wow, wow! Like everybody knows, Beyonce performed at Super Bowl XLVII Half-Time Show and totally nailed it. Her voice was amazing (signing live this time) and she was definitely top shape, dancing like a pro all along her performance. She started with an intro of “Run The World (Girls)” and then “Love On Top,” followed by “Crazy In Love.” Right after, she and her dancers continued with “End Of Time” and then she sang “Baby Boy” which is definitely one of my fave.

Destiny’s Child reunited to perform with Bey  and fans were screaming all over the stadium. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams got on stage and sang “Bootylicious” and “Independent Women” which I looooooove. I was not super impressed by the 2 other chicks who definitely don’t have the same energy and stage presence. Beyonce invited the girls to stay on stage to perform her own “Single Ladies” before ending solo with “Halo” which is always impressive live! I really felt that she gave everything she had left in that final track, spinning her hair around like no one else!

Did you liked it too? Or prefered Madonna’s last year show? I think visually Madonna’s show was better but Beyonce’s vocals and dance moves were way better!

Check out her amazing performance after the jump!

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  1. Ryan

    She probably had the best halftime performance ever, way better than Madonna. Madonnas performance is actually the 2nd worse halftime ever.

  2. remixthis7

    I think Madonna was above and beyond better. Beyonce looked like a slut whore running around smacking her ass, rolling around on floor her dancing sucked and we have all seen it before. Boring. I am gay but would have rather saw a nip slip or a middle finger than getting a halfassed “lap dance” Plus, she was out of breath….sucked!!!

  3. Tancredo

    You might love the performance but I didn’t. It wasn’t fresh nor different. She looked like a second class diva. I wish it would have been more explosive and I don’t think beside some sentences the whoas counted as singing.

  4. Lynn

    The stage was creative and she was awesome but the buzz was not there like it was last year for Madonna . Madonnas show was Hard to top but I thought Beyonce did a great job. Illuminati Hand gestures and all

  5. Dre

    I agree with Steve! Love her and her performances but this need for her to be validated as this icon and legend take away from it all! Her moves were the same, no new song and the predictability of inviting destiny’s child was soo obvious! Madonna’s was better! Even more Diana Ross’s in 96 was better!

  6. Detail

    while we can’t dismiss Madonna’s talent she and Beyonce are but outgrowths of Tina Turner and like that iconic Proud Mary,they to keep it Rollin.
    Because they are so audience connecting and audience driven, each performance gives an answer to the question of what’s love got to do with it?

  7. joeblow169

    Too bad this chick has not invested in a vocal music coach and learned how to dance. She is tone deaf, just like Micheal Bolton.

  8. Deon

    She actually started with love on top but a stella performance none the least…im a Tru fan so the only thing that could’ve made it better was new material…but this live performance yes live performance is sure to shut all the critics and haters up until her next mistake…

  9. Pardon

    Beyonce was predictable, safe and very self indulged. I think Kelly out performed Bey for the 2 minutes she was on stage. Michelle shouldn’t have been there. And Madonna was def much better.

  10. HolePunchSD

    Madonna WHO??!
    Bey totally rocked that performance! She sounded great AND she looked fierce–as always!
    Can’t wait until she goes on tour.

  11. Brian

    I can’t believe people are comparing madonna to her performance. And the visuals were the main thing that made the performance so great. All those screens and duplicate beyonces dancing around that shit was hot. No I think Beyonces performance was the best. Everything was good, and her music is just more appropriate for the super bowl.

  12. Escobat

    Beyoncé did an amazing, fantastic, stupendous job entertaining the millions of people that tuned in to the Superbowl. She gave us vocals(like no other), dance moves, and reunited us with the most successful female group of all time. As far as her performance in comparison to MaDonna, her show was less vissually appealing, but only because she does not need all of the extras like MaDonna does due to the main thing that seperates them…vocals. Beyonce is the Diana Ross AND Tina Turner of our time. This Superbowl has been labeled by many as the best Superbowl performance ever…and that is why February 4th will always be the date known for the Lights going out in New Orleans!!!

  13. Patrick

    She rocked! MUCH better than Madonna.. the only thing you give madonna credit for at this time its her age! She over 50 years and rock! People say they expected something different from Bee… WHY? Her hair, legs, moves and sex appeal is her trademark, why on earth should she change it up now ? Haters —-> be gone!!! Bee rocks!!! Alicia Keys was truly OFF KEY!

  14. bottom chef

    I thought Beyonce looked HOT, in shape and sounded good, but I agree with Steve Madonna is 53 now i think well 50 something Beyonce went with the pyro ect which was great but didn’t compare to Madonna, last year Madonnas performance reminded me why we love her, with being said at her concert in Colorado she reminded us why we love to hate her as well,,,,But Beyonce was beautiful and worked it !!!!

  15. scott

    people who hate Madonna are the 20 somethings. i am 55 and grew up with her music. lets see where beyonce will be when she turns 50. LOL bwahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  16. o2sat

    I love Madonna, and she did great. Beyonce I either love or hate her music. That being said I have to say the show was perfection. And the fact Kelly Roland and Michelle Williams were a part of it made it special. But who cares about any of our lame reviews really?

  17. Al

    Beyonce’s voice is mediocre at best. It always sounds like an out of breath scream. Michelle always sounds like shes gasping for her last breath. Of the 3 Kelly has the best voice, not powerful but clear and defined. Beyonce is just a good performer like jlo, but calling her a good vocalist is a bit of a stretch.

  18. Phil

    Madonna’s show was more polished, sophisticated and majestic.
    It was also technically superb. And the staging took consideration of the audience at the stadium on all sides.

    Beyonce’s show had a tribal feel, if u will, and very contemporary.
    And there is a sense of spontaneity attached to it. But I think it lost steam… and it had no dimensions 🙁

  19. luvblackmen

    Bey was good but she does the same things same routines over and over madonna was impecable professional and anazing different and reinvented bey has a voice yet seems like her back up singers do most of the work she doesnt sing the chours of her songs all the way through it was good but not like madonna and madonna was the most watched superbowl performer of all time and got amazing reviews

  20. Tab

    MADONNA is still and always will be the QUEEN! still the most watched superbowl halftime show of all time! biggest tour of 2012. and gorgeous! enough said.

  21. dixon

    No comparison… Beyonce was head & shoulders above EVERY Superbowl 1/2 time show I have ever seen. Madonna? Please… a more appropriate comparison would be Janet, but she outperformed Ms. Jackson as well. Diana Ross, Black Eye Peas… all the rock, pop groups that flash across my mind. I am not a huge Beyonce fan but she brought fire down on the Superdome like no one ever has! She danced as well as the professional dancers hired to appear w/ her, her energy, sex appeal, star power AND VOCALS were superb! It felt like we were at a concert instead of the superbowl. Lastly, introducing new music during the mega-event is unwise and, therefore, rarely if ever done. Audiences are not that sophisticated and prefer artists stick w/ what we know. I never held the inaugural issue against her, but for anyone who did, kick rocks! Beyonce is the premier young diva of this era.

  22. Hunter0500

    How few lyrics … how few dance moves … how few pyrotechnics … how limited lighting … but over and Over and OVER and OOVVEERR again … and we’ll call it “rocks”? Beyonce’s performance was good … for 5 minutes. Until the Destiny portion it was a drawn out repetition upon repetition. The Destiny portion was a relief. Over all for SuperBowl performances … Be-yawn-ce’s performance was nothing but too much empty flash and noise.

  23. Will

    I love Madonna, but she is 3 steps behind Beyonce, may be 5 steps after that performance at the SB. Bey did her thing and more!!! Madonna wish she could have a performance like that!!! The “Crack heads” in here comparing the two, go back on your meds because you are delirious!!!

  24. Gtgekk11

    I hate to publicly admit this, but I dont even know a whole Madonna song. Just to say from a trained singers perspective: Beyonce is incredibly talented. For anyone out there that isnt musically gifted you need to understand that the whole beginning she was changing keys flawlessly. I cant remember the name of whomever “word vomitted” the phrase tone-deaf. As for choreography, I’m a dancer as well and yes it was pretty much the same choreography but that is because all of the dances featured just happened to be some of her MOST popular. Was this peformance the best thing in the world? No. I’ve indeed seen better but Beyonce did the shit out of it! Please do not compare people who specialize in two very different genres! One last thing, don’t comment unless you have something intelligent to say.

  25. Rexar

    All of you comparing Beyonce’s performace to Madonna’s need to shut the hell up. Beyonce was absolutely amazing , she doesn’t need pyrotechnics or fancy visuals because she is a great dancer and a much better singer than madonna

  26. Mixed_PJ

    Best halftime show since MJ. Last year was a bore with Madonna “New Single” with Nicki Minaj. Bad song and always lip sings. Legendary Beyonce killed it!

  27. Rikan_heart

    Beyonce and Madonna, Do not share the same title of Diva-ness… But I enjoyed both of them equally, if you can have me screaming and cheering you on, instead of yawning thru it all, then you’re good to me… I’m a Fan of Both of them..


  28. Greg

    She was just …fine. Madonna was MUCH Better though. Beyonce just seemed very detached and just did not bring it last night. There was just nothing very memorable or different about her halftime show. The DC reunion was short and anticlimactic. She spent way more time dancing than singing too. Madonna’s set list was way better, and so was her choreography, and the overall tone of her show was more fun. Not to mention she made a great entrance and exit. Beyonce’s show was really no different than the kinds of performances she has done on Awards shows, it lacked anything different.

  29. citiznx

    i love madonna. i love beyonce. theyre 2 completely different performers and see no reason to compare them. they were both incredible in their halftime shows. the only disturbing thing about this video was her uncanny resemblance to tyra banks. lol. certainly didnt notice that last night!

  30. Darryl

    It was a great performance from one of today’s biggest recording artists. The comparisons are fine, but it’s like apples and oranges. You can’t say she didn’t sing live, did Madonna sing all her stuff live?

  31. goldenloverinmym

    i hated it.that whole genre of music sucks,i’d fuck her eat her n the others 2.i’d rather listen 2 the stones or buddy guy.musicians play instruments.DDDD

  32. Jayed

    i am not really a beyonce fan, but i must admit, the girl rocked.. I was so proud of her performace. YOU GO GIRL. And the ones who are the haters, i guess your job is to hate. But when was the last time you proformed for millions of people and in 5″ pumps. Wow gays can be so quick to judge and the first ones to yell discrimation. Shame on you haters.

  33. Jim

    Beyonce can not dance she just shakes her hips and flings her head. I had eighteen people at my party and the large majority did not like her performance.

  34. Sean

    Beyonce was remarkable last night. I enjoy her music, but, wouldn’t consider myself a fan. After watching her performance last night, I became a fan. I thought she was a lot better than Madonna was. Madonna left me very bored, except for where she tripped. The only halftime show I recall that I enjoyed more than Beyonce’s was Janet’s…nipple and all. Beyonce did come pretty close!

  35. nass

    stupid gays you’re so ugly and you can’t sing and dance you’re like madonna so you can identify you to her !! Beyoncé is the ultimate singer in this world and madonna is a boring old bitch who can just touch her wack pussy with her ugly dancers !!

  36. M

    Madonna had better presentations and visuals. But from a pure display of talent, Beyonce was far better. She wasn’t depending on outside things to distract from her lack of performance ability like Madonna did last year. I will say the show was that great, though…it wasn’t anything we haven’t seen from her before. And Kelly definitely outperformed Beyonce.

  37. erick

    The BEYONCE entrance was the same as the AMA 2008…The multiple Beyonce dancers on screen, she did that for Billboard 2011…The choreography was the same as the videos…Nothing fresh or new about this performance.bumping and grinding is not dancing at all! BESIDES beyonce only attracted 110 millions of viewers AGAINST MADONNA 114 MILLIONS.MADGE ENTRANCE WAS EPIC VERY ARTISTIC AND THE IMAGERY,THEATRICAL DANCE MOVES ,COTUME/WARDROBE ,LIGHTNING AND TOP-NOTCH STATE OF THE ART STAGE WAS AND IS UN-MATCHED!!!!

  38. tomzuk

    they both were boring. predictable. same ole same ole. nothing interesting. nothing unique. pretty much the same as a mtv video.

  39. Wayne

    It started off rough and I thought that it was a mistake to sing completely live however it improved but really it wasn’t all that great.

  40. Bleh

    I was disappointed with this performance! It’s time for Beyonce to start a new from hair down! It’s always the same thing…same moves… same look etc etc! She could have used this moment as a major stepping stone into a new chapter! New look. New sound. New moves. She has so much talent yet she’s still performing way to safe! Still singing Single Ladies is quite boring! So many could have been left on their tippy toes on what’s to come from her! Yet it was left as same ole Beyonce! Rihanna needs to give her artistic tips on change and how to stop being so safe! It wasn’t Boring. It wasn’t bad. It just was as always…. Just Beyonce!

  41. Frenchy4002

    Im sorry yea she did look great. But she didnt perform any new music, all the dance moves were te same she’s been peddling for years and he barely sang a single note. You could tell she lip synced the entire time. Im over every gay mans obsession with her, I’m sorry single ladies is one of the most annoying repetitive songs of all time. The performance was underwhelming. I’m not a fan of madonna but her overall performance was way better. And show wise so were the bep, beyonce is annoying. Kelt and Michelle looked way better and deserved more air time

  42. Josh(Blackwater)

    Hey guys, not to sound bitchy, but can we please quit it with the god-awful comments and insults bashing either Madonna or Beyonce??? It’s crude, unneeded and almost makes me embarrassed to 1, be part of this site and 2, be gay. Nobody needs to hear that Madonna was a 50 year old hag and was outperformed or beyonce was a slut running all over the stage and hogging the performance from her former girl group colleagues. They both did amazing jobs on their respective Super Bowl shows FOR DIFFERENT REASONS. So can we hush the damn negativity and get some manners so you guys won’t look so damn stupid????

    Please and thank you

  43. jstbrsn

    I think she rocked it. Madonnas act was the most watched half time show , but the reviews were very mixed from being the best to being one of the worst half time shows in history. I like Madonna, but is time for her to retire, and let the new generation try to fill her shows.

  44. chuck

    Beyonnce put on a good show…but as an older gay man..I have to say that they Calvin Klein underwear ad was my favorite thing about the Super Bowl…other than the game itself….IT was an AWESOME game…loved the outcome!!!!..both on the field in in my/our bedroom.

  45. cum2U4Cum

    I was actually a bit disappointed with Beyonce’s half time show myself, as I was with Madonna’s. But I guess I would say I like Madonna’s better, only because I had much higher expectations for Beyonce’s!

  46. vampyre927

    Beyonce was sooooooooooo!! much louder than the other 2,like her voice had alot help. Kelly Rowland was awesome,as always.

  47. Snobunnee

    I thought Madonnas performance was much better. As far as anyone filling Madonna’s shoes she like Cher is a tough act to follow.

  48. Breeck

    So, why did see sing live at the Inaugural Ball. Why did she have to lie and fake it. I don’t care for people who deceive, get caught, and then give every one attitude for their lies. We put to much importance on their fame and not the truth. God help this country when the media such as Anderson Copper defense the lie and the lier and says it is okay.

  49. EP

    I’m not going to compare her performance to anyone else’s. Honestly the only halftime show I remember is Janet’s and that’s because of the overly talked about nipple slip. As for Beyonce’s performance, I’ll echo what a few others have said before me. There was nothing new. She had on a one piece outfit, shook her behind and groaned a few notes out. Did anyone notice that almost every time she would sing the cameras panned out and her head was down or turned to the back, the exception being Halo which I thought was decent. I’m glad people enjoyed it of course her non-paid PR team(super fans, stans, etc.) loved it. As a casual viewer it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t epic or groundbreaking either. I know she’s capable of more and I her last cd didn’t get more recognition. 4 was my favorite because it showed some vocal depth. Still I think she is very talented and wish her much success.

  50. dl lewis

    why did any of you hater’s watch it, i think she rock, but the more you hate, the more money she makes, now can you take your comment to the bank. now cash that!

  51. Lee andre

    I think it was the best yet! Madonna was cool but there was not talent there! Beyonce’s was amazing and singing those VOCALS! The dancing was on point and she was giving it to us. I do agree it was a Normal Beyonce rundown, but we all love it when she turns it out! TeamBey!

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