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JeffB83 is our Member Of The Week. He describes himself as a “normal bi guy”. Are you kidding me? He is hottttt!

But don’t start the conversation with “show me your cock pic please” because he might not answer… Jeff is looking for more than just meaningless sex conversations. He is looking for good friends first and chemistry with good hearted down to earth guys that have a great sense of humour. He definitely seems to be a good guy… You should stop by his profile and say “hi” !

If you are into tall scruffy guys, don’t hesitate !


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  1. Greg

    Just thought someone should add, he is even hotter in person! Also, intelligent and thoughtful, you had best be prepared for his wit.

  2. Mike

    ahhh jeff, congrats buddy, we hooked up during the holidays when I was in toranto and another time over the summer. don’t let the foreplay fool you, he is a great versatile bottom. had much fun with him.

  3. randy

    hey jeff u mad sweet , anyway nice to see taking your time n break out its not easy but be careful of these guy they not easy out here nuff love

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