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Marc Jacobs has signed on to be the creative director of Diet Coke for 2013. This new role got the fashion designer posing shirtless with Coke cans in commercials that will run across Europe, where the beverage is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Jacobs has also designed three cans and three bottles for the milestone, inspired by the 80s and 90s.

Can you believe that MJ is 49 years old? I think he looks phenomenal! He has a great body, beautiful sexy face, he could totally lie about his age.

Ho do you find him? Hot or Not?


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  1. Nick

    Not. Sorry but tattoos are, to me, a huge turn off. Why ruin such a beautiful body with something so tacky and tasteless? I know some people are immediately dismissive of anyone who smokes or drinks or does drugs and i can easily add tattoos to that list.

  2. tentpole30

    Great torso, sweet smile, nice face. Can he hold a conversation? Obviously, yes, if he landed an executive position.
    Earns him a HOT!

  3. mario69

    WTF u say 49!!!! wow he’s hot for that age, looking GREAT i would love to have some of that….yum yum yum..Sweet body tooo papi….:)

  4. Austin Williams

    Marc Jacobs Looks good, but the photos are so stylized and air brushed, it’s really hard to tell just how healthy he really looks? Hay, I could look 30 year younger too with all that help!?
    What you can tell, is there is very little fat in his diet, and I bet he doesn’t get near Black Water sugar laden Coke!
    I do already lie about my age, because it works! If you put down real anything older than 50 in your profile: You get no dick! Trust me! Homo-Age-Phobia…..

  5. Bobby

    Yea I’ll admit he looks better than I was thinking, BUT he’s probably extremely pretentious,arrogant,and obviously for me a big NOT..I hate to say this..but wealthy gay men are the most annoying ,and wealthy gay men with a hot bod and good looks?? EVEN WORSE!! LOL

  6. Le69er

    Definitely HOT!!! But then again, I’ve always been an MJ fan even before he buffed up. Always been attracted to talent, personality, and a sense of humor. But his “new” body is definitely a plus! WOOF!!!

  7. monarchy79

    No doubt MJ looks fantastic. What even more inspiring is that he didn’t morph into this until his early forties. Witt. Dedication and discipline and a new outlook on life, we went from a flabby drugged out middle aged man to an in-shape , vibrant hottie. This tells us all its never too late to start fresh and midlife crisis is utter B.S. go MJ!!!!!

  8. James

    He’s good looking, but goddamn, those are some ugly fucking tattoos. No theme, no consistency, bad layout and placement..ugh! I’m inked and like tattoos on men, but these are just awful. I’d have thought a designer would have a better sense of style when it comes to body art.

  9. Matt

    While he may look phenomenal, the man is extremely bizarre in terms of what he does to gain attention for himself. You only need to google his name to learn about how freaky he is.

  10. Be real

    I don’t care hot or not … If people have the sweet smile , nice heart , good personal . They all win me , adored, and charmed me. I don’t care the look and body type hot or not

  11. Nic

    Not exactly my type for the longterm but he is attractive for his age, although with his spending power and position there would be no excuse for it to be any other way.

  12. Mark

    He is real nice BUT if there was no pic and just a description at 49 most gay men wouldn’t probably give him the time of day. It does go to show though that older men can be real HOTTIES!

  13. hihoneyitsme

    Let’s first get rid of the airbrushing and then see. And is it just me or is he jacking off that coke bottle to completion??!!

  14. Keith Bailey

    I find Marc Jacobs to be incredibly HOT, when you consider I prefer my men with very hairy bodies, that’s saying something. 🙂

  15. Lookin4Love(orLust)

    I can see this going back to the whole tattoo thing. I think he’s a great looking guy, I’ve always had a thing for older guys, but the tattoos are just a bit much. If I had the chance with him though, I could look past ’em.

  16. Darryl

    I like the way he looks now, before he seemed to be a tad boring, but now it’s like wow, woof, pow! They should run the add here in the US.

  17. Alik

    He looks great! but so are many others that had some work done on their faces and on their bodies. In real life, unless you spent countless hours in the gym because of your vanity level, most the guys in their 30’s look like they are already hitting 50’s… 🙁

  18. Mrcummy on A4A

    Wow, age is just a number for MJ. Cause man for his age he’s super hot! Im 24 and I would be all over that if I could! 😉

  19. Mixed_PJ

    I love his talent for art and fashion but I can’t say he is my type. Did someone really asked when the tattoo “fad” going to end? Really? As long as the “gay fad” keeps going.

  20. WhiskersDaVinci

    I respected him more and found him more attractive years ago when he was kind of pudgy and awkward. During a show 6-7 years ago he was talking about why he did some appliques on leather. When the woman asked why that was important to fashion he said “important and fashion should never be used in the same sentence. Plus that’s just what we did this season”. I loved that, and he’s completely different. He sold out in my eyes. He lost a ton of weight and now thinks everything he does is “important”. I love the industry, but admired how he thought about it previously. Now he thinks like everyone else, not really sexy anymore.

  21. 1versfucker

    MJ is looking his best and I’m glad he has done recovery, but most guys I’ve met that have done the party-drug thing are missing something; they’re somewhat vacant. I can’t put my finger on it; some permanent brain damage maybe?
    And I agree: lack of planning on tattoo art looks ridiculous.

  22. Noname

    Okay, so I just saw him on youtube in two interviews and he was wearing what appears to be some sort of skirt or kilt or something in both–this diminished anything that is/was hot about him.

  23. Fairy God Father

    He is filthy rich. He has access to all the best life has to offer to make himself look good. Human Growth Hormone for instance. I would bet my bottom dollar he is on an HGH regiment of some kind among other things. It’s not just hard work. It’s money and connections.

  24. Dudeness

    Sure, he is hot. I didn’t know who the fuck this even was or why he is a topic until I Wikipedia’d him. Of course he is hot, I don’t find him attractive though.

  25. Talan

    Yeah, he’s hot but Diet Coke is not good for you. It contains aspartame, an artificial sweetener (like Sweet n Low) used for coffee. As you digest aspartame, your body converts it to formaldehyde, an embalming fluid. Ew.

  26. fitprep23

    NOT. He used to be a cutie, but morphed into this gym-bunny/hustler-dating mess. Much better when he was a bit quirky and kinda dorky.

  27. cntryman

    He is gorgeous ! I can’t believe he’s in his 40s. Sure would love to be with him. I don’t like tatoos either, but I could ignore them for this hot man !

  28. PDPall

    He use to be hot now he look like one of the queen from barton gym
    he has talent but in a same time is tacky he can wear prada he will still look like the cow
    even with money he have i won,t do him!!!

  29. Rock Afella

    NOT. He looks waifish and unhealthy, actually. He would look better if he put back on 15lbs and upped his body fat about 4% more. I could live with the tattoos but not that body. It looks like a sad cry and yearning to look like what he wished he looked like in his 20’s. I like older sexy guys but he’s not one I go for. Is he poz?

  30. Silvio

    First of all he is not European, he is a New Yorker born and that’s his body jealous people. Just check all the pics of his taken recently with his bf the porno actor Harry Louis (24). And yes I don’t dig all the tats because looks trashy but he has his own style ans I applaud him for that and for rubbing in people’s face that you can be gay, hot and don’t give a fuck what people thing.

  31. Noblet71

    Omg… Aspartame turns to formaldehyde in the body?! Eww?! You have a degree in Chemistry? Wow… You gave it up to work at Johnny Rockets?! That’s cool. Give me a break, will ya?

  32. AJ

    Silvio — he and Nick haven’t been together for over a year. Way to be caught up, hunty. Nick is one of those people who reported on all of Miss Jacobs’ kinky shit going on.

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