Gay Stuff : What Gay Guys Think About Vaginas?

I just came accross this video on Youtube and I wanted to share it with you because it is extremely funny! A group of gay men was asked “What do you think about vaginas?” As you will see in this video, gay men have a lot to say about them and some of them actually love them!

The craziest moment in the video is when this guy is describing the vagina as a very old person’s lips that got shrivelled up … I was bursting of laughter!

Take a look at the video and let me know what do YOU think about vaginas?

I don’t like vajayjay! Scary as hell!



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  1. Austin Williams

    Old saying” Once you’ve got it licked you’ve got it made!” The taste & smell often unpleasant, but once your in Shear Bliss! And Virginias don’t stay as tight as guy’s assholes do for me!
    Actually there nothing wrong with Virginias, except the BRAIN that it’s concocted to! CRAZY! Very Crazzy!

    Example : Virginias [Wombed-Men] Think The Wedding day is Supreme Important & must be perfect!

    A 300 pound Girl in a Wedding dress? Virginias think she is beautiful – Hippo-Float

    Virginias think marriage will last for ever even she gains 200 Lbs, and there is a 70% Devoice Rate!

    Virginias think being faithful is of supreme importance, and Virginias are substantially the first to cheat!

    Virginias have little use for husbands after children! FACT!
    Virginias think thay can raise a boy even if they hate men! Crazy Very Crazy!

    Virginias think they can raise a boy even if they hate men! Crazy very Crazzy!

  2. paul anthony

    i am bisexual and i think vaginas are wonderfull although with the current trend of porn the vagina is becoming”exstinct” my porn preference is straight all anal porn or double anal penetration fisting or ass to mouth cum eating a womans asshole is like heaven to me dont get me wrong i suck cocks and take them in my ass with joy but sometimes i need something on the menu other than sausage

  3. jessemale

    That guy in the maroon sweater with the white bears across the top of it is cute! He has short hair. Vaginas are kinda gross, they look like something is missing.

  4. Eddie

    We all came out of one. They’re not that bad. Vaginas definitely suffer from bad P.R. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t touched one in 10 years, and I have no plans on going back, but they don’t freak me out, and they are not gross. I find gay guy’s weird, flesh crawly disgust with vagainas weird, judgmental, and really fuckikng immature. (I realize that statement was judgmental.)

    Sometimes people have vagainas. Get over it.

  5. Brad

    Hmmm, nothing about women, thier body parts, or straight people makes any sense to me frankly. I know they say it’s the norm for 90% of the population but I just don’t get it. Yes I have occaisionally found women attractive, when they looked like androgenous college guys lol, but when I had to put that together with the idea of a vagina and mammary glands I just about puked. I’ll stick to dick thanks!

  6. Charlie

    Where would we be without them???? I have met good and bad v-jays but I can take them or leave them. Just like guys, there are good and bad. With out tham we would not be here so I will keep on likeing them.

  7. ometto

    Vaginas? Well, they hold the female clitoris, that penis-wanna-be. They have two lips, some are tight-lipped and some are loose-lipped. Some wobble, I’ve heard. When we hear or read that it’s size that matters, I think we should also say that actually it’s “tightness and depth that matter.” Seems fair to get that into the conversation I sometimes hear with women. 😉
    Seems to me that they don’t DO anything; they just sit there, waiting for something to happen, no?
    Some call them pussies, some kitties, some, like the French, refer to them as a “cat.” Hmmm, that lends a whole new meaning to the question, “Cat got your tongue?” if you’re talking to a quiet non-gay man…
    Guess if I were a lesbian, I’d have one of my own to pet….

  8. DaveyWavey Stinks!

    It was hard to recognize Davey Wavey with so much clothing on. That guy will worm his way into any video. Vaginas = Ewwwww….

  9. Esquirewill

    These misspelled, ungrammatical, inane comments represent the gay equivalents to the nonsense spewed out by the anti-gay bigots. As a gay man who had sex with a few woman during my “coming out process,” the notion of even having a negative opinion about some aspect of a woman’s body is just plain silly. You prefer men and their “parts.” So be it. So do I. My lesbian and strait male friends differ. Why not just leave it there as we all get on with our lives? Unless you still struggle with your sexual indentity and therefore have a need to disparage “the other” to shore up your egos it’s time to grow up. Gay bigots are as ugly as right-wing, fundamentalist haters. And equally absurd, stupid and unnecessary to living a fulfilled life.

    • blog

      Esquirewill : Thanks for your comments but you should also check your spelling in your comment if it upsets you that much because there are tons of mistakes in yours too.

  10. Talan

    @ Blog: Boom! You win lol.

    For me, vaginas scare me. I haven’t touched one and never will. Sure, I’ve found some women attractive but … I’d rather have dicks and flat chests.

  11. jace

    i dont see the big deial this holetopic about gay men and vagina’s ever one has one afer this medical fact boy thah when you frest born anstuff babys beforr they are horemes take over and stuff the look like grils that jsulet you no boys you sicing skun a dick tehckieng stucking on vagiina ti truee fact boy you ca look this one up that well bese testrone andsuf have tesical but thoe aclty if you wrere born wmen those wpould be youroveries think about one th nexgt time you have ses boys

  12. Ivan

    I’m gay and do not intend on ever touching a vagina but I came out of one so eh.. It’s just as gross as the penis and the asshole. At least shit doesn’t come out of it.. And also some of my fellow gays act as if they have vaginas between their legs.. What the fuck..

  13. Darryl

    For guys who’ve had the pleasure of playing in one, it could be alot of fun, and suprisingly it does feel pretty good. The rub is that sometimes the Woman it’s attached to can be a pain in the you know what. Yes Man Ass is very different, and pleasure can be had with it.

  14. William Austin

    I have straight guy friends who are addicted to Pussy, and need it at least three times a day! And you wouldn’t believe the shit that they put up with to get what they need! And I guess it’s much the same as try’n to stay married! Honey do this Honey do that!
    Pussy Power!
    Gay guys are also have more freedoms from that demand! But we do go to great extremes to get strange dick! But it comes and goes a and we have other stuff to chase after, and the excess cash to shop and get it…A Gayer Life….

  15. joeblow169

    The best thing that a vagina can do is give birth to a male child. If it can’t do that is has no use, function or purpose and should not exist.

  16. Osei

    I find adrogynous women who are not feminine in behavior very attractive. I don’t find men who dress in women outfit or try in their daily live to portrait the behavior of women attractive. With that said, yes I have had me some vaginas, but I would rather have a man’s tight solid ass beneath me any day. Vaginas are just average, but it the face that comes with it that can be emotionally demanding at times. I have fantasize about fucking a hard core butch lesbian. For sure that must be some right tight punani.

  17. E

    this is the most immature conversation piece that this blog has every posted, honestly. stop being so judgemental all the time, you don’t like girls we get it, but there is no reason to knock them out with bad comments about what they have between their legs. I honestly have never fallen in love with the genital areas, I have fallen in love with the person, sometimes it is a guy, and sometimes it is a girl. Both are beautiful and both have benefits that the other does not.

  18. Hunter0500

    The “gay men” in this piece are only the stereotypical young, urban, “trendy!”, smooth, “pink”, femi-mans. The piece stands fine on its own in terms of what those guys think, but falls on its face in addressing really “What Gay Guys Think About Vaginas?” The “gays” shown do not represent gays as a whole.

  19. Matt

    They really don’t freak me out, because some of my greatest friends are women and they are totally open about sex life and if I ever have a question regarding female health, they will be forward and honest about anything. And in return, i am the same about my sexual health and so forth. However, I am gay, and I like and want cock, not a vagina. Does absolutely nothing for me. Yep, I’m gay.

  20. domtoppapi

    Its not the vagina that’s the problem…its the rest of the cunt its attached to…never did understand a why some gay men are take with women…whether its as a drag queen or hanging with a cock blocking fag hag who things deep down she can “cure” him of his gayness…

  21. James

    Esquirewill stated that gay bigots are as ugly as right-wing, fundamentalist haters. He is correct. Why must we disparage women and their bodies?

  22. headsupguy

    Esquirewill: As the blogger has already pointed out, you should be certain that your own spelling and grammar are flawless before you criticize the comments of others. Also, keep in mind that this blog has a global audience; English is not the first language of all who visit here.

    Moreover, your preaching at the other commenters reveals that you have completely missed the point of the blog (discussing topics of interest to gay/bi men) and this specific post (discussing our personal reactions to vaginas).

    I don’t experience revulsion to vaginas, but I have observed that an exposed vagina anywhere in my field of vision completely inhibits my ability to get an erection. This was true even when I was a hormone-driven teen. Although I have always had friends who possess vaginas, I have never been able to comprehend their minds, nor have I ever been physically attracted to any of them.

  23. ometto

    Wow, those of you who are complaining about comments that you deem negative are obviously not very aware of the extreme negativity today that comes out of the mouths of women on TV talk shows, television and movies about men, penises, the male gender when it comes to sex, I recall one such popular TV show in which two female characters were talking about penises, and one said that she thought they were ugly, even when not erect. Our male sexual parts are made fun of in many ways today, and it’s as if it’s fair game to laugh or joke about size, erections, hardness, etc. Often, male frontal nudity is equated with the female simply showing her chest. Folks, that’s not equal nudity. Chests are chests. If we are all equal on the visual playing field, then when men in movies show complete frontal nudity, the female in that same movie should actually have her legs spread so that her lips are visible, completely as a man’s genitals are. But I digress…
    Fair’s fair, and there’s nothing wrong for males to write things in a male blog that women say openly in public places! If you can’t handle it, then speak out whenever you hear or see the opposite, too.

  24. Hunter0500

    Men in general now a treated miserably by the media. Look at TV commercials and sitcoms. How often are the men depicted in those made out to be intelligent, serious, responsible, virile individuals. All too often they’re depicted as downright fools. Look at the the whole “Man Cave” concept. A guy tries to maintain some space in a household and women treat him like Trog, the Cave Man, laughing at the items he wants to have in his own space. If men were to refer to a woman’s craft room as here Witches Den, there’d be hell to pay.

  25. msulinguist

    “Think about vaginas”? As a gay man, the number of times i spontaneously “think” about vaginas in any given time period is pretty darn close to zero.

  26. paul anthony

    i am a biexual male and i love cock and vagina and a females ass equally my stimulation duting a hook up is straight anal porn i have had a few og my guests saying things like “eeww fish!” or “oh my god i hate that bitch” because the girl in the porn was getting more cocks than he was or the one ” that bitches hair looks like stings her skin looks bleached out and crying for lotion i cant understand it and fems cant fathom how i could touch a pussy but my final thought is i ghive pusssy two thumbs up!!

  27. Spotmeinuwsa4a

    I wish I could empathize with all the comments and the video. I was a C-section baby & by passed the whole birth canal expressway, highway, avenue or street. I sho out of my mom’s abdomen screaming, “Nooooooooooooo! I’m not going thru there! Please someone, somebody, get me the fuck outtah here!” Some man in a gown & mask dug me out and here I am. Still, 100% virgin! Never touched it(only by gloves! my work as a nurse dictates me to care for it too otherwise it’s over looked, like it’s not there), licked, poked, prodded, stare at, sniffed, dreamed about it ( well, maybe in a nightmare), or even looked at from a distance or from pages of a girlie magazine. Haven’t ben there nor do I dream of going there. I just don’t even want to think about it. I guess I can never ever be heterosexual. Thank God. I love you Jesus for leaving me the way that I am…. MWAH!

  28. HornybottominHK bbrt, Hotpartybottm m4m, Spotmeinuwsa4a & Uwshkbottom manhunt

    I have never ever ever thought of vagina’s before. Not even in a nightmare. Thank it all you want but I got nothing to say. I’m 100% virgin. I was born a C-section and went about around it indirectly. Probably, during my Mom’s labor, as I was twirling around the uterus to see of a good angle to push outtah there, I saw the vagina. The black hole. I must have screamed out, “someone get me outtah here!” Some man in a white or green coat with mask cap and gloves reached in my mother’s tummy thru a slit (not a vagina, well, man-made) via C-section, he grabbed me as I was gasping for air. I took the quick way of avoiding the vagina monster.

  29. WBFF

    As a friend so succinctly put it: “Men and vaginas? They spend nine months trying to get out and the rest of their lives trying to get back in.”

    “Not all of us…..” was my reply.

  30. Hunter

    Kinda hated this. West Hollywood gayboys being West Hollywood gayboys. Silly without being funny. Are assholes prettier than vaginas? I don’t think so. Gay guys need to get over pussyphobia. It’s dumb.


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