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Do you like extremely large muscle guys? Do you dream of touching a hard muscular body like the ones you see in bodybuilding magazines? Is the idea of having sex with a bodybuilder a fantasy of yours? If so, what is it about bodybuilders that does it for you? Do you believe that it’s the epitome of masculinity to have big muscles?

I personally love big muscles. Actually, athletic to muscular men are the type I like to have sex with. As a very sporty and athletic man myself, I tend to like men with the same healthy attitude that are sporty and care about things like nutrition.

I was with a bodybuilder (huuuuuuuge) last week for the first time. I had lot’s of expectations! In my head the fantasy was fantastic! I was the lean athletic boy getting fucked by this huge mountain of muscles, making his sexual wish my command.  But it’s not the way it happened when we met…. Sadly! His body was fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t like his attitude. He was way too into himself. He wanted me to tell him that his muscle were beautiful and big, he wanted me to wash him in the shower, he wanted me to go get him something to drink and serve him…. I’m not a slave! I like being a bit submissive in bed because I’m horny and I’m a bottom who likes to satisfy my man…. but I’m not your maid. Even as we fucked, he was hungry and said ” I need to eat” so we had to stop. He cooked chicken and rice…. 45 minutes later, we finished what we had started, but I was not near as horny anymore.

Have you ever experienced a hookup with a bodybuilder? Do you fantasize about it?

All this to say that sometimes, fantasies are meant to stay fantasies.


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  1. G90814

    All that negativity and you still had sex with him? I would have shown him the door (or walked out if at his place). Looks are great for initial attraction, but if they have a poor personality, that kills it for me.

  2. 1versfucker

    I’ve had sex with plenty of body builders. Visually it’s a turn on if they’re not too built, but the sex has never been memorable.
    It sounds like you hooked up with a megalomaniac. 🙂

  3. Steve

    I’ve had massages from body builder types and confess that a mutual roll-in-hay is a major fantasy but, at least based on A4A profiles, I get a sense that alot of them have just the attitude you describe.

  4. shaft023

    Almost the exact experiace happened to me. He was super selfish and lazy in bed. Said he was a top but all feel realty wanted me to so was eat his ass. I think he might have been on staraoids becouse he has the smallest cock and balls I have ever experienced and he could barely get an erection

  5. kevin

    I had sex with 3 body builder types in my lifetime so far.. the first was pretty disappointing. he just had me manually get myself close to cumming, then basically rode my d*ck long enough for me to pull out and give him a facial.. pretty boring, the second was a lot better, we just met on grindr while he was passing thru my town so we drove out to the country and traded bjs, he was very generous and had a great cock, great kisser and very affectionate, im still seeing the the third guy and hes pretty great… i will say tho that most of the muscle men on a4a seem very full of themselves so i rarely try to talk to them anyway. overall id say i like bodybuilders as eye candy but i think you’d have better sex with a regular athletically toned man vs the narcissistic body builder type.

  6. ccjock8

    I never comment because usually the topics are entertaining but not something that hits home. But bodybuilders are my ultimate turn-on. All the porn I watch, the men I pursue, the fantasies I have…all center around bodybuilders. I’m totally vers for a bodybuilder with no limits except playing safe. Anything else they want, I happily oblige.

    I’ve been with a few bodybuilders and the experiences have varied. I’ve been the aggressive top, been a very submissive bottom and had more mild experiences as well. Bodybuiilders have been my way of introduction to many sexual experiences that I wouldn’t have considered otherwise (e.g. drinking piss wasn’t appealing until a 250 pound slab of muscle told me it’d turn him on to watch me drink from his cock…and I loved it).

    I hear a lot of guys say they think bodybuilders are too big, that the veins and muscle are a turn off. Or they say the attitude and obsessive nature is unattractive. But to me those qualities tie into the appeal. Every bodybuilder I’ve been with has used steroids, and some have had the smaller balls to prove it…but it doesn’t even register as a thought with me. Some guys want a big cock only (and there’s nothing wrong with that) but being a bodybuilder addict means I’m concerned with the other 99% of him. His huge pecs, muscular legs, broad back and strong arms will have me near orgasm long before his dick is anywhere near me.

    Everyone likes what they like I guess, but for me, YES, a bodybuilder is absolutely, without a doubt a huge turn on.

  7. moonlovergone

    not impressed with body builders, usally they are hairless everywhere, like a man with some hair, and as in your story they aer into themselfs so Ill pass

  8. Darryl

    We all have a fantasy of being with someone who’s in great shape, but sometimes it ends up being a really horrible expirence. I’am attracted to Men who take care of themselves, but they also treat others well. That to me is very sexy, why would you want to be with someone who’s only out for himself. That happens enough in real life.

  9. jace

    humm i have had sex witha few muslure guys and stuff ti was ok andstufff the ill gimt most guy who you coud body buiiler sadly have verry low self exteam that laor of them no tal the fi the use setriods and stuff that sadly haging big muulse i would asouaste with baing masince and stuff that is fact that guy who use steroids become less masince that tehre balls shink to so no i see guy who is meat head i willnot say ti dose any tging form really like bears they they trun me on either cubs do thoe

  10. James

    I have had many chances to have sex with Body builder types, but I just am not attracted to them. I can appreciate all the hard work that it takes to get this type of body, and love to give massages to muscular men, but as a child I was molested by a guy that looked like he stepped out of a Adonis add. I guess the memory of that event in my life has ruined the attraction I might have had for really muscular men. A lot of the muscle men I have met turn out to be more bottom than top as well.

  11. jon

    I love muscular men. Not freakish but well toned and defined. I hate guys that are into themselves like you mentioned. If that were me, I’d show him the door. I don’t care how good looking or built someone is, we are all people, tall, short, fat, skinny, whatever. Fuck him, fuck me? Never would I satisfy someone like that. Your too good man.

  12. Täíä

    No. I want to though. There’s something about being under a giant muscular man that hits my sweet spot. It’s a fantasy yes hehe.

  13. EccoDiPluto

    I don’t care about toning and such, I just like a guy with a nice pair of arms and chest that I can lean on and feel safe in an embrace. That’s when the fantasy magic happens for me, is when I forget all worries and feel safe in his manly arms. 🙂

  14. Robert

    They don’t anything for me. Not everyone can have a 6 or 8 pack – I certainly cannot due an auto accident but it’s expected I guess. I eat healthy and stay a fit as I can but I cannot do any weight lifting so that lets me out. I’d rather have someone paying attention to my heart and soul rather than a mirror.

  15. PiercedDik

    Interesting blog. This is my biggest fantasy and maybe even a fetish. I would give anything to have a body like that or have sex with a guy that does. Unfortunately, chances for me are about as good as shoving soft butter up a wild cats ass with a knife. When I compliment those that are ripped, almost all get the attitude. I love the physique, but appears it needs to stay a fantasy. Sigh.

  16. Mark

    I had the opposite situation. Once when I was travelling a guy hit on me in a bar – real friendly, wearing just regular jeans and a sort of baggy sweatshirt. I’m just a somewhat tall slim guy, not muscular or worked out at all. We went back to his place and when he stripped down he had an incredibly hot muscular body. He was fairly dominant but not in a selfish way – we both had a very sexy mutually satisfying time. Sounds like he may have been an exception to the rule.

  17. Reggie

    Bodybuilders are nice to look at, but I have never met one that was any good at sex. They usually have small cocks,and too much meat on their ass to enjoy fucking them. they are always a “legend in their on mind”. Guess I’ll keep them in the fantasy world.

  18. George

    Well alot to answer on these true comments above. I love muscle or big bodied men not fat, over the athletic zero body fat, (thats like screwing a 2 X 4.Major turn off for me. I like to feel like I’m with a man and not zero body. Anyway it is true, the muscle men I have been with small cocks, they want you to eat there ass more that anything else, they must have an ich. I was was with a real NFL football player once and when he took off his jean, he had the prettiest pink panties I’ve ever seen on a man, lace to no less. Well that stopped me in my tracks, like ewwww. I like big arms, big chest, and legs so I guess like these bitches do, ” hope for the best and fantasize about someone else while ur having sex with them.

  19. Michael

    Having “muscles” or being “athletic” doesnt always mean your healthy thats a misconception I really hate guys that say I like guys that go to the gym and take care of there selfs thats all good and well but just because you go to the gym doesnt mean you take care of your self sometimes the main ones saying that are the ones that do hard drugs…

  20. nickolaus

    you are right guys i massage bodybuilders about 6 massage huge bodies that are great BUT THE SMALLEST COCKS AND BALLS YOU WILL EVER SEE Have you heard of side effects: ? they are all 3 inches hard and tiny balls when they cum about 3 drops drip out steroids do that 2 you i will give the bodies about a ten and the sex about a zero thats the truth

  21. Hunter0500

    Salivating over guys who are abnormally muscular and used to having their heads filled with how “big, strong, and manly” they are? How do we really think getting them in the sack is going to turn out whether they’re gay or straight?

    And if they’re straight, as most of them are, salivating over them disrepsects their sexualtiy, “but that’s ok. It’s just fantasy” while straights using terms like “faggots”, “faries”, “fudge pushers” is sooooo unfair.

  22. PierceMN

    I had sex with one particular bodybuilder, and all I remember about him is that his cock never got hard and his ass really made his whole nether region stink. Not to brag, but I’m a pretty good cocksucker and have gotten so much praise, but he wasn’t worth it at all!

  23. jerry alexander

    I am attracted to normal muscle size, especially the working men who get their muscles naturally(they earn them),I am completely turned off by steroid or muscle enhancers, of course they didn’t ask my opinion!

  24. DashingDave

    I’ve thought of them too, especially when I was a regular at the gym, at least not the over-sized roided up ones. I’ve talked with plenty, and even met a few… but overall, I’ve found them to be bottoms, and rather dull to try to have a conversation with, even about the gym. YAWN

  25. casey

    It seems most bodybuilders get fat over time. Muscles turn to flab! Its the heart that turns me on and the sweet things said before and after sex. Muscle men do have attitudes. Who wants to date a guy married to the gym!

  26. SparklePrince

    reading all these comments makes me feel better about my own slim body and now maybe i won’t go looking for muscular types, just slim to athletic

  27. Willintn

    Same experience. Great body, handsome face, but a mac truck couldnt haul that ego. To top it off and make it worse he had a teeny tiny dick.

  28. E

    I have never had the fantasy to be with a body builder, it seems like way too much work, and every BB I have ever met were egotistical, errogant, and just plain unattractive…of course I think I am in the minority when I say I find geeks hot, or guys with muscles and glasses hot. lol

  29. Dan

    I met a bodybuilder over Christmas break with the biggest pecs I’ve ever seen in person. He loved having his nipples sucked and licked and luckily for me, he had a big stiff cock in his jock that needed some serious sucking. As I lay face up on the edge of the bed, he did squats over my mouth so I could stab his tight hole with my eager tongue and lick his balls. He started jacking and blew the biggest load on my face and in my mouth. I was licking that creamy mess up for a long time.

  30. blksaiyan

    As a bodybuilder myself I had great sex with athletic to big bodybuilders. It’s hot to feel a big muscle hard bottom under me when I you my big dick to make him shiver and moan. I prefer sex with muscular men but these days it seems fat or skinny the look now how sad

  31. Trizzy Troy

    I’ve had a 50/50 experience with musclemen. 1 was a bouncer at a NY club called Leash back in the 90s. He was vers like myself n very affectionate. He was also a cool dude outta the bdrm, I use to goto breakfast with him n a few others when the club closed. That’s how we met. The other dude was built like a tank as well but had the personality of a rock in & outta the bdrrm, his ego was his best friend. A legend in his own mind. So note to gym rats— while you’re working on that body work on your personality n attitudes as well. Remember BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP UGLY IS TO THE BONE!!

  32. me

    well i did have sex with one of those types of guys and was amazing, we didnt have penetration but foreplay and it was awesome, his muscles and his body was amazing, anyway, i wish i could do it again but most of the american guys with this bodybuilder types are just as fool as a 5th grade year old kid. 🙂

  33. truckercouple

    True body builder bodies are ugly,,,,,,,a well maintained body is much hotter…..guys w ripped bodies tend to be aholes as well…….

  34. Charlie

    Huge body builders are not a turn on at all. Give me an all natural rugged guy (love the farm boys) and I am happy. The body builders are into keeping their bodys big and hard and you don’t need a brain for that.

  35. shimmian

    have hooked up with two body builders — and had basically same experience as you
    both were hot to look at, but both had awful personalities and the sex was mediocre at best

  36. BamaGuy

    I’m 47 wm and hooked up with a bodybuilder in training several times. I too was amazed at his upper body strength and we had amazing times. He was bi and his gf (also a body builder) joined in a few times. I’d put myself in that position again…although muscled women at not my thing!

  37. MuscleBearHunter

    It sounds like miscommunication, the fetish is muscle worship. I wonder if during the flirtation period before the hook up did you say “I love muscle” or “I would worship that muscle” If you did and only talked about the muscle he worked very hard to achieve then yes, you set your self up to be the worshiper. BUT not all muscle guys are like that. I have met several very muscular, giving guys that let me climb all over their big hard bodies. It just needs to be noted that there are two sides to this muscle as a fetish, and men that have muscle.

  38. WB

    Anyone who spends that much time obsessed with changing his appearance for no real reason has some really narcissistic issues and will probably be a poor sex partner unless you have really low self esteem or get turned on by worshiping others. Throw in the steroids and you get an emotionally unstable physical freak with shrunken testicles and a useless tiny penis. I’ll take a skinny brainy guy any (and every) day of the week over a muscle head.

  39. oldstoner

    I’m not a body builder fan. I’m one for the guy next door look. Too much spit and polish is just that… spit and polish.

  40. ajbbincubus

    Not into body builders, the time and commitment required to achieve such a physique are horrendous. I’ll take a regular guy any day over a body builder.

  41. barstoworal

    I have found that muscles or no muscels, brains or no brains, fat, skinny, whatever turnes you on, has nothing to do with how good they are in bed. I have been surprized by men of all shapes and colors. So, when I suck a cock, it’s always for me. However, if they know how to receive a blow job can make all the difference. Seems funny to say, but not all know how to receive.

  42. D.

    I’ve always wanted to, but it’s never happened!!! How do you pick these guys up? I always think they’re into other bodybuilders. I have an athletic body type.

  43. simpleguyinbc

    I have massaged a couple of competitive body builders. They share several things in common:
    1. awesome body
    2. tiny cock
    3. cannot get hard. one guys told me he’s taking supplements for an upcoming event
    4. they bottom.

    one guy was so masc and competitive body builder. when i started to massage him, he couldn’t help but put my cock in his mouth and sucked it passionately. if i didn’t stop him, he’d continue to suck it until the next day lol. then he asked me to fuck him. tried different positions. i have to say i enjoyed it so much fucking him. then he asked me to cum in his mouth and he just swallowed completely. he’s 24 but married with kids. he has several training videos on youtube. before leaving, he said it’s the best sex ever, though he almost didn’t get a hard on at all. very tiny cock.

    the other situation, the guy had too many muscles in his butts that deeply buried his hole. i don’t have a 9 inch and couldn’t get in lol.

  44. buffmuscl

    I don’t think it’s fair to pre-judge muscle guys. Lets put it this way…with all the muscle chasers out there, wanting you to fuck them, trying to touch you, objectify you, and not showing an OUNCE of interest in you as a person…its gets OLD. Especially when the guys are not even in shape. So many guys will treat you like a piece of meat…a cocky attitude becomes a knee-jerk reaction. Its superficiality in reverse. Maybe talk to a muscle guy rather than immediately going for the cock….he just might respect you.

  45. Nic

    I like em naturally thick and muscle-y …. Those with natural heft tend to have it thick and hung between the legs in addition more romantic and less big headed! Bodybuilders tend to posses this look at my big muscles type attitude = buzzkill after about 10 min….

  46. headsupguy

    Everyone I meet starts off with a blank slate. I do not pre-judge anyone based on appearance. However, after meeting several bodybuilders, I have yet to meet one who isn’t self-absorbed to the saturation point, and boring as a bowl of cold mashed potatoes. Any attempt to move the conversation away from HIS diet and HIS training regimen will get you silence and a blank stare. Still, I cling to the fantasy that there is a big man with firm bulges in all the right places who wants to have a brief, intelligent conversation before we explore all the ways you can do it.

  47. Cuwniicu

    Ok. I think the expectation was that they would be great, I fine that when a guy works that hard on his body the only person he will be into is himself. With being said. When I’m in the mode for muscle I play the worship game. But I prefer the healthy tone guy, as a side note it is our expectations that make him a let down, bring me a hot black man with muscles , please

  48. lloyd

    i was lucky enough to hook up with a bodybuilder once. when i say lucky, i mean hit the lotto lucky!! im a big guy and i dont hide it so many guys arent into me even after they see my nice cock ;). this guy was in town for business and stayed a really nice hotel, we met on A4A and set up a meeting.

    When i finally got there i was SUPER nervous and my eyes lit up when he opened the door. the pictures in his profile did not do him justice, he was about 6’2 and well over 200lbs and ALL muscle. i laid back while he sucked and stroked my cock with his huge hands. then he pulled his shorts off and revealed the biggest cock I’ve ever seen (it had to be at least 11in). even though im a top just seeing it made me even more horny. he crawled up and slid my cock into his tight muscled ass and rode me hard until i shot my load and he shot his all over my chest.

    I was 21 when this happened (im 25 now) and i still get hard just thinking about this. probably my best hook up ever.

  49. mike

    i been in the gym for years, u have to pick the right body builder, they almost always are a bottom, i have had some super hung guys, one had 14 inches, white, and was a total bottom, as for attitude , just like gay men, some are asses, some aren’t

  50. Paul

    I had a couple of Bodybuilder escorts. They fulfilled all my fantasies. Got to feel them flexing biceps, pecs, quads. Massaged them all over. Got my tongue all over their pecs and biceps. Put my dick between their glutes and pecs. Even put my dick on their biceps. My muscle fantasies were fulfilled. the best part was that they got hard and were really into how much I was into their muscles. I loved it. I love huge muscle men. I love how much they love how much I love their muscles!

  51. Swole

    Sex with bodybuilders is only good if you have muscles to offer to a sexually desiring sex mate. Its not a fantasy to have sex with a muscleman its natural and I would do it and encourage others to do it. Bodybuilders have the same emotional and sexual desires as the rest of us.

  52. John...

    Sexually I find hard core body builders to be no different than obese people, total turn off. I’m sure they are nice people, I’m just not attracted to them in that way.

  53. Garron

    Bodybuilders have been and still are my number one turn-on. The thing is not to tell yourself that you are after intimacy or personality or great are after the sight and feel of a muscular man and if that alone doesn’t ring your chimes, you’re kidding yourself. I love small dicks as well because I can handle it. Who needs to gag, right?

  54. Dale Richardson

    I don’t get the negativity about this subject. My first partner was a compition body builder. What made it hot between us was that I wasn’t afraid to walk up and say hi, and I treated him like any normal guy. He took his pants off just like any other man. Nine years together.then he passed away suddenly. My second and third were again body builders and the sex was amazing. I just treated it like anyone else. Some need the extra attention but I find many are lonely because men are arraid to even talk to them. I’m not. And besides if they are great kissers then I’m all over them body builder or not.

  55. Glen

    No, I would not do ANYONE because they had muscles, because i was built at 15, more than anyone in my high school, so muscles never impressed me. When I moved to SF, I was highly popular (circa 75-86) at a time when most guys weren’t working out and I found the nice guys wouldn’t approach me ‘cuz I was ‘out of their league.’ (I wasn’t, but they saw it that way). not impressed by muscle because A): I had it before most guys, and B): I am Black and C): I like a guy because he’s funny and makes me laugh and i’m attracted to him, whatever he looks like. I had to get the nice guy’s attention (fortunately, it worked! My sweetest boyfriend I met by sitting next to him on Muni heading to City College, where I was a student and he taught art).
    But ” is the worst. i’ve watched this generation of new bodybuilders and they got built because everyone else did. Tremendous insecurity reigns, body dysmorphia and it appears the body is used as an armor to protect against rejection.
    Sorry, but I’ve been doing this a lot longer than most of the guys. I watched the first out generation (70-80) use it to keep ‘normal guys out of the ‘A’ Crowd, and it’s still happening. Until we become adults and like someone we’re attracted ‘enough’ to and skip the kiddie emotional reposes, we’re just chldren. A body is just skin. And thinking a body means great sex is flat out adolescent. It doesn’t mean that at all. Frequently (at least in my time), the bodybuilder made guys feel lucky he let them touch him. Ugh. Now, THAT is gross. One human being lording it over another. NO. WAS THERE. Was THAT (MUSCLE). Was glad when it was over. Now guys look at my eyes instead of my chest.

  56. Ed

    Bodybuilders are my ultimate turn-on!! I’ve been with a few. I really get off on the cocky ones!! It’s a turn off to have a hot muscular guy say, “Aw shucks…. I’m nothing special”. I want one who’s proud of all the time he puts in at the gym and the attention he pays to his body. He likes looking at himself in the mirror and I like looking at him in the mirror.

    I would’ve done whatever he asked me to do. I would’ve made him a healthy meal!

    I probably wouldn’t want to deal with it for more than a few hours, but for those few hours I’d have a blast!!

  57. Tobiasj

    I dated a young body builder for a long while he was 35 and I’m 50 would have never thought a young beautiful man such as he would have ever gave me a second look I wouldn’t have him! Just looking at him I would have thought there is no way in hell this guy would be even remotely interested but he turned out to be totally into me and was the kindest and most attentive lover I’ve ever had practically worshipped me! Unfortunately I drove him away with my jealousy of other guys throwing themselves at him! Looking back he was going home with me at the end of the night! He made me realize that I should never think that I don’t have a chance with someone on what I think they would like!

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