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The Backstreet Boys are celebrating 20 years of career (already!!!!!) I just can’t believe it!

I remember when they first came out and I heard their song on radio, I was like “Wow that is so good and fresh!” … I was 11 years old !

They were not very popular yet, doing little concerts in small Arenas and commercial centers around Montreal, where the buzz around them started. My girlfriends were crazy about them…and of course all the gay boys in my school too! lol

My favorite was Kevin, the hunk, the older of the band. So sexy! Who was your favorite?

I think they all look great now, but Howie is very pretty! And I don’t know what happened to AJ, did he get a chin implant?



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  1. jace

    humm give me nick and kevin plase and himm elts go eve hos iwas not really in backstree boys as a kid andstuff i ws more in tow the spice grils go figure

  2. Craig

    I always liked Kevin. Nick was okay…the rest meh. I was actually standing next to Brian at LAX last month…..average at best. Only reason I knew it was him was because of the paparazzi.

  3. Hunter0500

    If you ever were an actual 12 year old girl, or looked and behaved like one at some point or even now at a much older age look or behave as such, they’d most likely be on you “fav” list. And that’s OK.

  4. william Austin

    “Back Street Boys” sounds innocent enough like a back yard play ground, But Back Street Men is a whole different thang altogether! Sort’a Thug-ish They are on tour now, with several other Boy Bands… More retro Rock! It’s not fresh now, but a welcome brake from all the Back Street Gangsters RAP….

    The sneakers are gone too! And-They look like Banker-Insurance Dudes now!

  5. Aron

    Nick is by far the Sexiest man in my opinion. I loved him the first time I laid eyes in him. I still do. Now that he is older he’s sexier. The rest of of the guys are cute but Nick is my favorite.

  6. nilla4me

    Totally Kevin as the epitome of manliness (and I was much older than 13…closer to Kevin’s age actually). Brian was my second favorite….but he got to be a bit of a religious nut about him and it made it difficult.

  7. Nox

    They remind of good times in the ’90s – like good friends. I can’t imagine banging someone who gave much such joy and hope in a happier time.

  8. Kevin

    Kevin is my favorite! not just because our names are the same, but because he is the sexiest of the group. I love you BSB!

    • anonimatovato

      i had a huge crush on nick when i was younger. heard rumors he’s packing it too, so that makes it hotter 😉 never liked him when he was young, too boyish, but when he grew up, he became a hot hot sexy man!

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