A4A : Ready For Valentine’s Day?



It is not always easy to find nice gift for Valentine’s Day… We usually always end up buying chocolate, flowers, a coffee mug or a tie to our handsome partner or buddy. I have few gift suggestions for you: a romantic one, a funny one, a kinky one and a fashionable one!

First of all, one of the nicest things to give is something that the person will use and remind him of you. I remember when I moved in my condo, one of my guy friend had bought me those amazing candles from Dyptique (a legendary French perfumer and maker of luxury scented candles , home fragrances and body care collection.) They are just beautiful and the scents are out of this world! My personal favorite is FEU DE BOIS . It smells so good…You know the smell when you make a fire in the fireplace… that smell! That is my romantic suggestion.

feu de bois


Another suggestion would be to offer underwear. Buy him a nice sexy jockstrap, why not a red one?  This gift will lead to something very interesting since you will probably ask him to show you how it looks on him and it will certainly spice up your night with your man! On a side note, Freshpair is doing a big sale for Valentine’s Day this week-end and they are also paying shipping on all U.S. orders. Just use promo code LOVE13 at checkout and you will get your order before Valentine’s Day! This is my funny suggestion.



Another great idea if you are more kinky, would be to offer your lover or fuck buddy something from our TOYSTORE. We just got these leather floggers in for example. This tail flogger features tails almost half inch wide in a smooth red leather side and suede black side so the angle of impact makes a difference in the feel…Make your buddy know who’s the boss in bed!!! This is my kinky suggestion.



Finally, an interesting thing to offer is a small designer leather good. A wallet, a key chain, a credit card holder or a money clip. These are nice little gifts that we usually don’t like to buy ourselves, but that we like to receive as a gift. They are practical and at the same time more interesting than a random black wallet that you can find everywhere…. This is my fashionable suggestion.




I hope these suggestions help, if you have other ones, feel free to share with everyone!



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  1. Thom

    Ah, Singles awareness day. When all the guys you usually fuck around with are busy with their wives/boyfriends, and all the people left on a4a are whores, hookers, working boys, or pretentious bitches who’s profiles read like a laundry list of perfection, standards to which they themselves could never hope to attain, and in case it wasn’t clear, the constant reminder, and almost pity, of everyone for those who aren’t a “happy couple.”

    Commercialism at it’s best.

  2. Zachary Daniels

    Another corporate holiday full of self-loathing reinforced by those who pretend to be happy in a relationship. And just another day for those who choose to be single.

  3. jimmy

    I’m with talon and jack, commercialism at its worst. And it sucks more when u are reminded that u don’t have anyone to share it with.

  4. goldenloverinmym

    yea another fake holiday,i’ll pass hope my lil brow lover cums over and we can give each other whatever the other wants me 2 do for or 2 him n make it good

  5. George

    Hate Valentine’s Day? Wow it is for loved ones too, not just lovers. It’s a great holiday that makes people smile a parent, sibling, friends. It’s really a day for being thoughtful to someone. Does it alway have to be about sex, meaningless or otherwise?

  6. Aaron

    Another holiday courtesy of the greeting card companies wanting to make money. Would much prefer to get a gift simply because someone was thinking about me on a random day. Means much more than it is February 14th, and I have to get you something or I look bad.

  7. matt

    Just another halmark holiday. Big companies want money. It was a massacre!!! No love on that day for all those who were murdered.

  8. blog

    Wow positivism at his best ! lol
    Some of you guys need to put a smile on their face instead of posting angry comments on each posts. Maybe this will help get you someone…. Just sayin’ !

  9. Hunter0500

    Take all the time you could spend deciding on and buying some trinket to honor the Gods of Commercialsim and actually spent it WITH the person you’d buy said trinket for.

  10. GI_Cowboy_1

    Personally, I like Valentines Day! Thers’s nothing wrong with spending a day just having fun and telling others you love them. It brings back the innocence of being in grade school and passing a Valentines note to your friends! Not everything in life has to have drama! Have fun regardless of your age!…Spread the love!

  11. vampyre927

    I love Valentine’s day. I buy myself chocolates, something pretty,and then go out and fuck someones boyfriend. That always makes me feel good!!

  12. Miztakenkidd

    I dont like, nor do i hate Valentine’s day. It just another day to me. I am single by choice therefore im not gonna sit & hate on a day that celebrates lovers & loved ones. As i dobt believe on true love myself. I enjoy seeing my family & colse friends enjoy this day of the love with their significant other. All u bitter single ppl that hate on this day annoy me. Its nobody’s fault but ur own that ur unhappy & alone. Get over yourself, and instead of hate on ppl that are happily celebrating the love they share for one &,another. How bout u celebrate the love u have for ur mom, dad, siblings, or whom u have deep love for. Hating a day made to crlebrate love wont get u very far. U’ll be the person a year from now saying the samething. All im saying is accept the day for wat it is n whomever u can share it with.

  13. jason

    While I am not overly excited for Valentine’s Day I don’t necessarily loath it. I will hit a movie with my guy friends, grab a drink and laugh at the mushy couples. But heck I would love any of these gifts – the underwear for sure so boys bring in on.

  14. mt

    you all will have to forgive me if I don’t get all warm and runny about this “holiday” it’s made me want to barf for 45 years and this year isn’t any different.

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