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A couple of days ago I was so horny that I put an ad on a classified site saying I was looking for a hot muscular straight or bi man to suck (they are my fave!). I was sure that I would only get responses from ugly dudes!

I got a lot of replies from guys that were not at all what I was looking for, even though I was very specific in my post. I stated that I was looking for curious straight men, bi and/or married men, tall and muscular preferred.  After several replies I got an email from this guy saying he just broke up with girlfriend. He said he very curious to “try fucking a guy’s throat and ass.” This got me boned immediately. I asked him for his picture and to my surprise he sent them right away, face, body, cock everything – and I couldn’t believe my eyes! He is the kind of man you see in a Milan fashion show with the body of a porn star and the cock of my dreams. His cock is around 8.5 inches, thick, slightly curved upwards and the perfect shape to hit my G spot! He even sent me his phone number requesting that I text him if I wanted to meet. Are you kidding me? Do you not think I want to meet

I texted him right away and asked him where he lived only to find out that we are almost neighbors  He lives like 10 blocks away from my place. “Wow, hopefully he will become a regular” I thought! I got ready and all, and he arrived at my place looking even better in person. 6’1″, 185 lbs, pale brown hair, pale green eyes, little trimmed beard, slightly hairy on the chest, nice thick legs, nice cock, strong arms and a wide back. Not a gym rat but the kind of guy that does lots of spots, no fat, 100% my type of man!

We sat on my couch for few minutes talking about what we did that day. But I was so fuckin’ horny that I touched his leg. I’m rarely the one who starts first… I don’t know why. Being a bottom I usually wait for my top to tell me what, when, how etc… He said ” I’m very horny” and laughed for 2 seconds. I also told him that I was too, and told him I was amazed by his hot looks, he quickly returned the compliment.

We immediately started kissing, which for me is very important. Kissing is a big turn on and a good kisser is mandatory  I love to hold my top’s head when I kiss him, touching his beard or the back of his head, I can be very passionate about it.  We then moved to my bedroom and I sat on the edge of my bed. He stayed up and pulled his pants down. He took my head and I immediately started going down on him, deep throat. I wanted to see how far I could go down on him. He was amazed that I could take it all!

“Man nobody took it all like this” he said while laughing. He then took my head and started fucking it.

“Feels like a pussy” he said!

What more can you ask for when you are a total bottom and the top tells you these things?

He then asked me to lay on my back and to put my head over the edge, letting it hang down. He then put his cock all the way down my throat reaching the deepest part of it. He liked this soooooo much that I was drooling just to hear him saying horny words like “fuck so good” or “take all that fucking cock”  …

I have to admit that I like it when a man is a bit rough so I was in heaven. I was choking on his cock and he was plowing harder as I did…It was obvious that he liked to hear me gag and not being able to reach my breath.

Then he asked for my ass. I was oh so ready, but he had never fucked a guy or a girl in the ass before, so I was a bit scared, because usually begging are bad.

He slid his cock in my ass, without caring if it would hurt me, which it did for like 10 seconds, I felt like I had lost my virginity lol. You know when a top goes in fast it hurts…well at least when your hole is tight like mine…. But then after those 10 seconds it felt like heaven. The slight curve on his cock was soooooo comfortable inside me. I was holding his legs from each side while he was sliding it in and out in a vigorous manner, doggy style.

He was fucking me very intensely… and I was groaning like a little boy-slut!

When he was about to cum, he took off the condom and ask me to put my head on the edge of the bed again. He finished himself off cumming all over my face and I synchronized with him for an amazing explosion of cum. There was cum everywhere it felt kinda hot!

To my surprise, he stayed cuddling and kissing me for a good hour. He asked me questions about my life and job and he even showed me pictures of his family and talked about his brother and sister who are both gay. He qualifies himself as straight/bi which I love. He prefers girls but likes the idea of using a boy to satisfy himself….and I totally love this too! It’s very mentally exciting for me to be so spontaneous, spur of the moment sexually.

But guess what? The next day, I received this text message.

“What are you doing tonight?”

He wanted me again!

It was midnight, I had a rough long day at work and played volleyball in the evening so I was exhausted. But you know what hormones can do right? Took a quick shower and the door bell rang, he was back for another throat fucking session….

Today, my throat hurts 🙂



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  1. R

    MMMMMMM show us a pic of his meat and face/body… Str8/bi guys are so fucking hot… I LOVE it, I’m a bottom but I haven’t had intercourse in almost 4 yrs, does that make me a prude if all I do is foreplay because I’m waiting to be in a relationship to have intercourse?

  2. Jim

    DAmn,,,, I need just one guy like that to entertain about once a week…. love a guy thats str8 acting and knows how to shove it to me, and love the kissing too… to me thats the best part, kissing long deep kisses sucking some tongue and holding and feeling his hot body and his crotch and his cock getting harder for me to satisfy…. what a dream that must have been but id love it and probably would have locked the doors to keep him there….

  3. William Austin

    I prefer straight curious meat! They are better seducers, better fucks and sexy as hell! And they call when they are Horney, as all get out! All good! No games, No drama, and you always know where you stand!
    One down side: They are easy to love, but usually off limits…
    Straight guys can surprise you. They may request to try anal sex and to suck you? It’s all experimenting. So, I try and make sure they have a good first experience!
    Joyfully, glad to say; I have a few quality regulars, and I’m really happy when they call, because I know I’m in for a hot good time!

    Mine own father told me, when he was in his 60’s:”Sometimes you have to go outside the marriage to save the marriage!” Hay! I might be saving somebody’s marriage: )

  4. William Austin

    Straight guys have a problem finding on the side partners just like gays do!
    I just list I’m a willing Alternative Sex Partner and they find me! And, The Find is often amazing! YAHOO….

  5. Reggie

    Have a “married” guy once in awhile who is 28, big fat cock and loves to kiss and fuck. He can go on for hrs., I can’t lol.

  6. mario69

    wow that was kinda hot…if anyone knws of someone like that send them my way, could use a good hard deep pounding,needs to help someone rid some tension…

  7. Hunter0500

    Nothing hotter than salivating over (disrespting) straight guys. Eyup, let’s keep up doing what we’ve been doing so it’s as hard as ever for gay guys to get respected by society at large.

  8. Brad

    I answered a CL ad a few years ago. A curious guy wanted to try sucking a guy off… He is still a great kisser. Sucks, swallows and rims… Yes, RIMS!!!

    Next time, he wants me to pop his cherry ass…

    And he says that I am, to this day, his only cock…

  9. B

    Damn that was hot! I am a straight acting/ bi guy bottom and i wish i had a guy like that! i wish i could get some hot man loving sex like that! I am the kind of man that gets turned on and i mean lava hot turned on by a man taking me slow and deep and hearing him moan before he is about to explode inside of me! Looking for a guy like that, one that will explode deep in me and then pull it out, wash it off and feed me more for a special bonus! So, dave what are you doing today? and if you want to bring along a few other guys, we could have a very hot and wet time at the same time!

  10. mike r

    I love havingy throat fucked in every way love a hot guy who loves to have his dick sucked. Im a vers/top who loves to have my throat and ass fucked hard and also be able to the same to them.

  11. Derell Franklin

    Reading this hot blog makes my dick hard, and it reminds me when I had a hot guy with a hung dick and he fuck me kind of rough which I will ammit that I like it and he fuck me like a real thug would.

  12. redi2roll

    your writing about him is far more erotic than pics…how bout some more articles & keep him “a secret love”. Luv the mystery…lok

  13. Bi-is-i

    I’m a bi guy as well – nothing like a hot dude than can take a good deep throat fuckin because I haven’t met a girl yet who can do it and take it like a guy can. Love it when they gag on my dick and get it all nice and wet. Not afraid of a little teeth either. Love to shoot right down their throat – don’t even get to taste it – just pump their bellies full of cum.

  14. dicklover4u2use

    I a 20 yeat old married str8 friend who loves to pound my ass and mouth with his 8″ dick at least 3 times a week. He can fuck like stud race horse. And can fuck for 3 or 4 hours before cumming. Then do it all over again. His wife knows he comes to my place but not what about we do while he is there. Not to mention we go camping alot.

  15. McBill

    That was hot. I have three (bi) buds who I play with every now and then (more then than now). They all tell me I have the best head game and their wife / gf won’t suck them. To me that makes no sense; the women want the guys to eat them but, they don’t want to suck dick. People are a trip!
    The sex with them is so freaking hot and all of them say their gf / wives don’t want sex anymore.

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