Stories : The Master Bath – Part 2

The condo was taking shape just like Jay had expressed to me on our first meeting at Stats.  Problems always arise when my gay, interior design, creative nature is mixed with a client who has unlimited financial resources.  It’s like I want to keep adding this and that and Jay is compliant as long as I keep him happy giving up the booty.  I do have a deadline to keep since my client has planned a house warming party with an all-male invitation list that I just can’t wait to show off my work.  This water pressure problem has to be resolved in two days.  Jay’s master bath has the long trough style urinal, a huge shower with the rain spray in the middle that can bathe at least two large guys, a huge Jacuzzi tub for the tall men that will soak their sore, athletic muscles, a double sink vanity and finally, a private water closet for dumping all the digested food my big Greek god consumes.

My preferred plumber is on his way to save the day.  Daniel is not your typical plumber type with those pants that show an ugly ass crack when he bends over.  Nope, he is the only openly gay plumber who looks so hot when he’s working that I forget he has to deal with some nasty situations like clogged sewer lines, new toilet installations, and digging around in the nasty, Georgia red clay.  I have trouble keeping my eyes off him when we work together.  He knows it and uses it to his advantage.  During the summer months, he will show up on the job wearing jean overalls with no shirt and no underwear.  His ass is full-bodied, solid muscle that forms tightly to whatever pants he’s wearing.  I’ve even thought twice about being more versatile to get inside that hot booty.  My tongue has been deep inside those cheeks, lapping, licking, soothing him when he’s finishing a really challenging job for me.  And, most definitely, I have sucked his 9 inches deep, until he cums all in my face, laying his hefty pipe on my forehead as he jerks out every last drop for me to lick off that smooth head.  So, I will pay him well and reward his sexual urges, once again, if he can clear up this water pressure problem.

Daniel always has the right part.  He solves my problem in less than an hour by adding some mechanical water line enhancer which allows the flow to be stronger, supporting all the need for more water in this huge master bath.  I text Jay to let him know all is ready for his open house.  He responds back with a big smiley face reminding me he has a busy day with a team photo shoot and then practice.  The season hasn’t started yet so I’m pleased he will be settled into his new home before all the games and traveling begins.  Watching Danny put away his tools wearing cool, Carhartt camo bib overalls like he just got back from hunting, gives me the idea to try out all the water features.

“Do you have some time to spare?” I asked him as I turn on the shower full force.

“I always do for you.  Let me check out this funky urinal.”

Danny turns on the water supply for the trough style urinal adjusting the constant stream of water.  He unsnaps his bib overalls without a shirt and I watch as they slide down his muscular body showing off a matching camouflage jockstrap, highlighting his bubble butt like no other plumber could.  Setting free his big dick, tugging on it as he turns to me and smiles with relief in  his eyes being the first to piss, a fine specimen inaugurating my stained-red cement urinal creation.  I remove my clothes in a flash moving behind him.  Dropping to my knees, I plunge a wet tongue deep inside his ass cheeks tasting a sweet, sweaty hole.  I’m thinking to myself that Jay knew what was in store with a private master bath unlike any I’d finished before.

Still holding his heavy pipe with one hand, forcing my head deeper between his cheeks, he starts slowly walking over to the steamy shower; making me crawl on the cool, blue tiled floor that Jay and I picked out.  The tile is awesome with just hints of light blue and light gray working well with all the hot red in this bathroom.  Danny reaches up and adjusts the rain shower spray to maximize what all men want, especially when sharing this relaxing water feature with another hot man.  I rise to my feet allowing the rain to pelt my smooth skin sliding ever so gently on Danny’s wet ass.  He is like half and half body hair with nothing on his chest or arms and just a hint of light brown trailing down from his belly button to the tight curly pubic hairs.  Legs are to die for, muscular full thighs, shapely calves and feet smooth with just wisps of hair covering his long toes.  This plumber amazes me with his hidden desires.  He pushes me down to his awaiting dick while my blurry wet eyes look up at him as he moves my mouth off his dick to lick heavy balls, forcing me to tea bag him while sliding his wet pipe on my forehead.  Suddenly, he pushes me back against the shower wall offering his right foot, spreading his toes out for me to suck on.  We both are jerking our hard cocks getting into this wet foot fetish scene.  All my senses are being fed from tasting this man’s toes to feeling the rainwater on my skin to hearing nothing but the sounds of water splashing, streaming, moving in a way that is so sensually profound.  And my eyes are so blurred with lust that I missed the Greek god’s entrance when out of nowhere, I hear Jay pissing in his long awaited urinal.

I stop the toe sucking while Danny watches Jay pissing, emptying all that Gatorade from his small bladder.  A big smile crosses the basketball giants approving face.  Danny exhales deeply.  I’m not sure if he is just getting hotter looking at Jay enjoying his work or a bit nervous looking at the eight inches flopping side to side, slapping against Jay’s muscular thighs as he walks over to the Jacuzzi, turning it on full throttle.  Danny and I look at each other hoping the water pressure can support all this huge master bath supply need.  So far so good, the rain jet shower head is just as intense as it was before the Jacuzzi starts to fill with hot, steamy water.

Jay’s smile turns into a devious frown looking down on us while he steps into the middle of the shower, pushing our horny bodies to each side so he has plenty of room to enjoy the rain rinsing off his sweaty body.  His deep voice resonates in the stall like he’s on the basketball court hollering out for the ball to slam dunk it, “Both of you get on your knees and suck my dick since you couldn’t wait for me to try all this fabulous water works out!”

I knew he might be a bit upset at me, but I just wanted to make sure it all worked properly.  Plus he said that his schedule was extremely busy today.  How did I know that the photo shoot was postponed and the coach was not going to work them out very long?  We hit our knees hard as Jay grabbed his big dick slapping our wet faces, stinging us into attention again.  He squeezed hard internally, pulling on his dick, pushing out the rest of his warm piss on our faces.  Danny seemed to like this lapping at Jay’s dick head while I rinsed the piss off my face.  Jay grabbed my head forcing me around to his ass spreading his big cheeks, making me clean his sweaty hole.  I licked, slurped, rimming his ass while the shower water ran down his crack into my mouth.  Now that was more my style as I drank it, getting turned on by hearing Danny gagging on that 12 inches.  I was surprised at how well and wide his mouth opened, deep throating that massive cock only leaving an inch to spare.

The Jacuzzi was about to overflow when Jay ordered me to go and turn off the water.  I tested it by dipping my big toe in the steamy water.  Wow, that new water heater is working wonders because it’s too hot for anyone to slide into and just soak, relaxing their sore muscles.  Unless they want second degree burns from head to toe.  I start to let Jay know, turning around and opening my mouth when two big dicks greet me in the face.  With all this water running you can’t here wet feet sneaking up on you.  Huge wet dicks are easier to suck on as Jay pushes his cock head into my mouth and then Danny wedges his in on my right side.  It’s not easy mind you, but I do my best to please both these hot boys.  Just as my jaw feels like its dislocating, Jay has another plan for us.  He’s been eyeing Danny’s bubble butt since he first arrived back from the gym.  Taking his long leg, lifting it over my head, he sticks his big toe in the scalding hot water, and hollers at me, “Fucking Geez, that water is too hot. It about scalded my toe.  Blow on it, Mr. Impatient Designer Dude, then you best kiss it and make it all better.”

Jay tells Danny to join me on the tile floor, propping our elbows on the Jacuzzi ledge we are going to get an impromptu, steamy facial, while the hungry Greek god munches on both our asses.  I wink at Danny as if to say his tongue is as long as his big dick.  He slithers his tongue deep inside Danny’s crack and he moans, loudly, enjoying this professional rim job.  I just smile until I feel Jay’s big hand slapping my ass hard.  I scream out surprised that I’m still on punishment for not waiting on my client.  The sounds echo off the gorgeous master bath room walls. “Slap, slurp!  Smack, moan,”  Sucking, slobbering on cheeks and spanking mine until they’re red as the walls, makes Jay’s dick so hard he has to move away and go to his new vanity, opening the top drawer, retrieving his XXL roll of condoms and favorite lube.

Danny whispers asking me what is next?  “I think we are going to get fucked by this giant of a man, since he’s bringing a whole roll of condoms.”

Jay stands over us pumping out lube into both our cracks.  After rolling on a condom, he parts my red hot cheeks and pushes inside me hard and quick.  Pummeling my ass with long, hard strokes, I start to moan, gasping for air deep into my lungs.  This is the first time I’ve wanted to run on him, when suddenly he pulls out, slapping my gaping asshole with his dick.  He peels off the first condom and rolls on another, moving gracefully behind Danny.  He really loves his bubble butt, rubbing his dick between the fat cheeks before he, more easily, slams inside my preferred plumbers trembling hole.  Danny grunts out, “Stick it in all the way, please.  Fill me up!”

I get just a bit jealous ‘cuz Jay is fucking this new ass without stopping to share some more of his big dick with me.  Grabbing Danny’s shoulders, he plows this hot, bubble butt, deep.  Jay tells me to get underneath Danny and suck his dick down my throat.  I do what I’m told tasting heavy pre-cum oozing out of my plumber’s 9 inch soft head.  I love sucking a big, soft dick like this, making Danny shiver with such intense pleasure.  The fucking goes on for another 20 minutes before I feel Danny’s seed sliding down his dick into my hot mouth.  His legs are actually shaking, causing his big booty to vibrate on Jay’s cock.  The moaning gets louder as Jay pulls out quickly.  He jerks off his hot load all over Danny’s ass and up his spinal column to the middle of his back.  Jay pauses a minute, then tells me to get up here and clean his cum up off Danny.  I lick it all up while Jay pulls his final drops out of his big, smooth head for me to swallow.

Jay steps over us into the Jacuzzi which has cooled down enough to please him.  He looks at both his designer and plumber with that devilish grin and dismisses us, promptly, “Get out of here and leave me to relax in my private master bath.  I’ll call you both back when I need your services again.  But, never, ever start without me, you hear?”


David W. Bradburn   aka dwb42461








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  1. Charlie

    Yes Mark, that is why I don’t read them through. Glad someone is writing stories but I pass on these. There are some short and hot stories that make me feel that I am there and those are hottttt.

  2. Dominic

    It wasn’t as terrible as the first part, but nonetheless it was way too long and overly descriptive for a blog. Some parts were actually hot and then it became predictable and mundane. I’m assuming this is an elaboration of true events, like similar to what happened, but not actually how it happened.

  3. David B.

    Mark this simplistic story is just for you boo.

    Once upon a time in a land where all the tight ass bitches live who never like any creatively descriptive stories there lived Queen Mark. Poor Queen Mark never got any dick from the fine Prince who did not like this negative never say anything nice Queen. It was strangely obvious that Queen Mark preferred the little dicked green frog and loved to kiss the frog who would not turn into a Prince. They both loved each other very much because both had little dicks and warts all over their bodies that scared the rest of the kingdom. Queen Mark had a little dick nose and little dick fingers and a little dick tongue that never stopped wagging. She had an ugly huge wart on her forehead that scarred all the handsome Princes away. This wart kept growing bigger each time Queen Mark said or wrote something negative which was most of the time. Queen Mark decreed that she hated long fairy-tales just like she hated long dicks. So she had all the big dicked Princes brought before her and chopped off their big dicks hoping that a little dick would grow back. She also cut off their tongues so she would not have to listen to any long stories. Finally, Queen Mark and his little dick green frog lived happily ever after. The end. David B.

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