Stories : The Dreadlocked Stripper

He snuck in on me again.  I was floating between meditation and sleep in my favorite nude yoga pose, the reverse lotus.  Eli tickled my ass with his dreads as he placed a surprise in my crack.  Waking up I look at this gorgeous man with such sexiness oozing out of his pores, that he makes more money than any other stripper at S.R.’s.  He has a huge following of both women and lots of gay men, after working there for three years.  Looking like a cross between, a young, Mekhi Phifer and Omar Epps, with this smile that makes me melt, I cannot refuse him anything.

“I can never get into that pose. I can sit in regular lotus, but to reverse it and lay on your stomach, ass high, is hella flexible,” Eli chuckles.

“What’s this sticking from my asscrack?”

“My sweet friend who loves to tip me in pot rolled us this huge blunt.  And we need to smoke it before Blake baby gets home.”

Blake baby is the third man who belongs in this amazingly, new millennium, relationship simply called a threesome.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed that this could actually work as well as it has.  I guess the stars and planets have aligned to help us out.  I am an earthy Taurus who is very home-bodied and loves to write, creating a quiet space in our large loft to teach nude yoga and write.  Blake is a cop for the largest university here in midtown Atlanta and we call him either Blake baby or the PoPo.  He’s a Capricorn who loves his job, working the night shift while I stay up in the quiet, wee morning, hours when it’s easiest to write.  Blake is the oldest by about five years, but due to his Capricorn influence, he looks younger than any one should at forty years old.  That’s why we add baby to whatever we call him even when we are making love in our huge king sized bed.  And that happens, most often, after I feed my guys breakfast with fresh squeezed O.J. and we settle in for sex, sleep, and more sex, while most of the world is at work.

“Come on Dave, let’s go out on the balcony and light up.  Then we can get a shower and you can start breakfast,” Eli urges.

“You know pot affects me much differently than you.  All I wanna do is laugh and play around with both my mens.  So, breakfast may just be fresh juice and cereal this morning.  Cuz’ the only sausage I’ll be graving is that eleven inches swinging between your muscular legs and that fat nine inches dangling between Blake baby’s long legs!”

“Damn sounds sweet to me.  Anyways, we gonna make that Oreo pose this morning when I get you stoned out of your head,” Eli teases me by pulling out his big dick and starts slapping my ass with it.

OMG!  The infamous Oreo pose is quite a challenge for me.  I mean I’m flexible and all but my asshole really has to get stretched out to its max.  We tried this about a year ago after watching some sleazy, straight, porn video Blake had brought in where the main slutty vixen took a huge dick in her pussy and another, even huger dick, in her ass, at the same time.  She seemed to just get off and off, wildly, you know loud moaning, orgasm after orgasm while servicing her two well-hung porn buddies with both her holes.  Eli is the one to suggest we try it, looking at me with that look I cannot refuse.  His Libran scales do get out of balance and he often wants the impossible to occur, even if it means Blake or I have to sacrifice a bit to make things happen.  And we do on most occasions just to see that devilish smile shining across Eli’s handsome face.

We stop by the kitchen to grab some juice, turning it into a screwdriver just because I may need that to help me relax.  Our balcony is small, but the view of the Midtown lights is awesome at this time before sunrise.  Eli fires up the blunt taking the first long hit and holds it deep in his lungs until I’ve sipped on my early morning cocktail.  He pulls my face into his and our lips link up as he blows the pot smoke into my waiting mouth.  It tastes so icky sticky sweet and fills my lungs as my personal stripper nibbles on my lips.  I exhale, almost coughing, but am rescued by our passionate deep kissing.  We both love to kiss more than Blake, but he says it’s such a turn on watching us get into each other’s mouth, that he just lays back and strokes his hard-on while we devour our tongues.  Since I’m already nude, I remove Eli’s clothes slowly while we finish the blunt.  Just as promised, I am higher than a kite and hungry for something long, sweaty and musky.  Dropping to my knees, I slurp Eli’s dick deep down my throat just letting it rest there as I use my throat muscles to tighten up on his dick, making it grow to its full-blooded eleven inches.  The reason he makes great money stripping is his dick is not a grower.  When he’s soft, which is what he has to be while stripping, his dick hangs low, probably only growing an inch or so when fully erect.  So he’s got a lot of man meat to swing around in those horny guys and gals faces while he grooves to the music.

Suddenly, the balcony door swings open and there is our Po Po, all in uniform with even his gun holster and handcuffs.  He steps out into the shadows and starts frisking our nude bodies while saying, “You boy’s been smoking pot. Yep I still smell it.  That means I’m taking you both downtown.”

I’m still on my knees as he pulls my arms behind my back and slaps those handcuffs around my wrists.  He pushes Eli back inside the loft and instructs him to go heat up our huge shower with steamy hot water.  Unbuckling his holster, he places it on our outdoor wicker chair.  Then turning me around, to suck on his dick, which he has released from navy, blue uniform pants, he says, “If you swallow my uncut cock deep down your throat and get it slobbery wet by spitting on it, I may let you off this time.  But that’s only after your boy and I go deep inside your hot, creamy asshole.”

“Yes, sir, Mr. Po Po, I will gladly do that and more, if you’ll just go easy on us.  I’m gonna throw in the Oreo pose tonight, Officer.  I promise it’s sweeter than any old cookie dipped in milk,” I propose smiling in the early morning light of another hot, sexy day off Peachtree Street.

Blake lets me free of the handcuffs instructing me to fix him a screwdriver and meet us in the shower.  I add a little extra vodka to his screwdriver and take a quick shot from the bottle.  Moving into the bathroom, I see two hot, wet, muscular men standing, groping each other under our large, double shower stall, as if just them being there makes the steam rise even higher.  I watch for a moment as they lather each other’s dick with soap and Eli forces a kiss on Blake.  I feel hella fortunate to be included in this threesome. Something about the showering together makes me more sentimental than usual.  Maybe it’s because we all love and trust each other so much that we can wash each other completely in our most private places, washing clean all the dirt that accumulates from living a life that others wish they could lead.  Racism and jealously is greasy, grimy dirt that we just wash down the drain.  It leaves our skin so shiny clean that we can hold hands and proudly embrace each other no matter where we go.

After we are relaxed, softly cleaned by each other’s hard hands, it’s time to do the Oreo.  Eli suggests that we go to my yoga studio to get it on.  That is where this threesome came to life.  Three years ago, I was teaching nude yoga to Eli and Blake when the session turned into more than just business as usual.  I’m very hands on with my instruction, so every time I touched Eli’s lower back to correct his downward dog, his dick got hard.  Blake couldn’t help but notice and when he asked me to teach him how to do a proper yoga headstand I saw that his dick grew hard upside down while I was supporting him.  Eli came close to us and squatted down in the prayer position right in front of Blake’s dick and then began sucking on it while I helped him stay balanced in his headstand.  This first session ran way overtime, each of us cumming twice before we finally ended class.  From that day on, we were pretty much inseparable.  A few months later we moved to a larger loft in the same building, creating this new relationship, one day at a time, when most our friends said it would never work.

I lay out my thicker yoga mats and we all place our towels over them.  Eli and Blake got on their backs, side by side, telling me to squat down over their faces so they could share eating my ass.  I leaned forward to suck on their dicks, trying to get both in my mouth while their tongues went deep inside me.  Blake loves to chew and nibble on my soft, ass cheeks, causing me to shiver with that sensation I love.  Eli’s tongue is rather long and he knows how to work my hole with it making it slippery wet with his spit.  He only stops to force his tongue in Blake’s mouth so he gets that fresh clean ass taste.  We are all hungry letting this last what seems like an eternity.  Eli begins to spread my cheeks wider while Blake’s long fingers start exploring and stretching my hole, inserting four fingers.  They are preparing me really well for what’s about to happen.  We all re-position and take a shot of fresh O.J.

Lubing up is very important for this to work and not rip me another asshole.  I do the honors of coating my men’s dicks with lube stroking on those hard members helps me to envision both in my hot hole.  Eli is on his back holding his dick up for me to mount it.  I take his dick deep letting him pound my ass for a minute to loosen me up.  Blake is stroking his as I bounce up and down on my hot, dreadlocked, stripper’s big dick.  Then suddenly the Po Po behind me pushes me over flat against Eli’s chest, slowly but surely, beginning to work his dick into my hole.  He knows how to go easy at first until I’ve adjusted to both their widths inside me.  I moan loudly as he starts to grind in and out of me with more passion.  Eli is feeling it too.  Blake’s fat dick is rubbing up right underneath the head of Eli’s hard piece.  We do a slow grind as we start to kiss, all three of our tongues slashing out at each other’s.  Kissing always moves me to another level, so I start getting wilder, slapping Blake baby’s ass to pound harder.  Fucking like this brings on lots of heavy breathing and I’m feeling the urge to cum loads without having to touch my dick.  Eli’s eyes are focused on the ceiling as he makes these grunting moans.  Blake gives us his best pounding for only five minutes more, then, suddenly, he pulls out of my ass and moves to feed me and Eli his hot cum. We lap it up both licking the head of his dick.  This makes me shoot my load all over E’s chest, as he has grabbed my ass and is pounding his eleven inches deeper inside me.  He rolls me over on my back and works my hole fiercely as Blake baby pulls my legs back further.  Watching this sexy man fucking me makes me shoot out a little more cum.  Eli cannot hold out any longer, grunting, grinding and spewing his seed deep in my hot hole.  I can feel his heavy blasts of man juice with each long stroke.  We all collapse in one big pile of arms, legs, dicks, cum and sweat, dripping off us, making one big happy, puddle of love.

David W. Bradburn aka dwb42461





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