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My interior design firm decided I should be the one to meet the mysterious man at the sports bar, Stats, by Phillips Arena.  The only information I had was that he was just traded to the Hawks and needed help getting his 2400 square foot high rise condo decorated.  It should be an easy job since he has a corner unit with floor to ceiling windows and an open floor plan with no walls.  I just figured a pro athlete would be easy to design for, unless he has a wife who was truly a bitch to please.  Hey I’m up for a challenge and if nothing else at least he may be very hot to look at and fantasize about.

You can’t miss 6’8” sitting at the bar by himself he towers over everyone else.  His dark curly hair, muscular arms and big hands reminded me of a mythological Greek god.  Such a gentleman though, he shook my hand, pulled out my bar stool for me and ordered my first beer from the bartender, while I struggled to keep my eyes off him, trying to maintain a business as usual demeanor.  I’m not sure what cologne he was wearing but it was sweet, lemongrass with hints of vanilla that made me wish I could just sniff around on his long body forgetting we were sitting at a sports bar.  He was delicious in every way.  When he spoke his voice was deep with some gravel in it, yet you could hear the smiling tones reverberate as we got through the basic introduction convo.  Neither of us at all shy, we  drank two beers before I took out my iPad to start getting down specific notes on how he envisioned his new home.

He told me that the condo was within walking distance from here and where he would be working, shooting hoops, hopefully helping the team make it to the playoffs again.  He has a very urban modern feel for his home wanting lots of metal, painted cement barriers and a master bath with very specific needs.  It may be bigger than his bedroom to get everything he says he wants in it.  He ordered us one more round before we would walk to the new space so I can take a closer look and get the measurements I need to start his transformation.  He asked me somewhat of a strange question, but we designers are never really that surprised when it comes to what folks want in their own homes.

“I wanted to meet you here because I like something in the men’s room that I want in my master bath.  Before we leave, we can take a look and get rid of this beer that is running through me quickly.  I have this long, tall big, body but the smallest bladder ever,” he chuckled, shining the brightest white smile I’ve seen on perfectly straight teeth.

I just mumbled, “No problem.”  Trying to shift around in my bar stool to conceal my growing urge that was getting harder just thinking about checking out the men’s room with this Greek god.  I hoped he wanted to show me more than just some pretty marble sink or water closet that would hide his hot dick.  Wishing I hadn’t worn these tight, straight legged jeans for this meeting, but something more fashionably baggy.  Even though our work allows us to be stylishly informal, I never thought I would get so turned on by this new client.  If he doesn’t know what he’s doing to me, then I hope he’s not surprised when we stand up and make our way to this public bathroom that has something he wants me to see.

We finished our beers and Jay paid our bill as I prepared to hit the men’s room.  I had to carry my iPad in front of my crotch like a teenaged school boy with a raging hard-on.  When he stood up, it was like he was all legs balanced on the floor with what must have been size 15 feet.  He was wearing an all-black sweat suit that was not cheap.  Just had a white single line running diagonally across the jacket, down the pants which crossed at his rather large dick print, drawing my eyes right where I did not need to be looking.  He opened the bathroom door for me and motioned for me to go in first.  I could feel his eyes on me as well.  I’m in good shape with a muscularly lean 6’2” build.  In my tight jeans, the ass I’ve worked hard to maintain must have got his attention.

“Okay, what’s so special about this men’s room?”  At first all I saw was a nice metallic sink area with four small wash basins raised up like basketballs cut in half.  Cute I thought for a sports bar, but not my taste.  He walked through an open archway to the urinal area.  His eyes brightened as we both looked down at a 5 or 6 foot, long trough style urinal that was all cement with continual running water flowing through it.  It’s as if that water hit both of us subliminally making our bladders ready to spill all the beer we had just drank.

“This is what I want in my master bath, except I want the cement stained a muted red,” he informed me as he dropped his sweat pants and freed his cock from black boxer briefs.  He started pissing with a large stream that matched his long, cut, 8 inch soft dick.  He seemed to enjoy watching his dick dangle loose feeding that trough with a raging stream of piss.  I couldn’t hold mine any longer.  I unbuttoned my jeans pulling my dick out of my Calvin Klein briefs pissing right beside this Greek god.  He smiled at me and asked, “Now doesn’t that feel better?”

Before I could say anything, a black guy walked through the archway approached the urinal on my right side and released his light brown dick from a nice pair of red, button fly jeans.  He pulled on his cock as if it needed some coaxing to pee.  I noticed that Jay was also watching this display of fondling meaty dick.  This time I heard the door open to the men’s room as I looked around to see another rather tall, good-looking white guy walk up to the urinal.  He had to be 6’5” with long, blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail.  He stood beside the black guy who was now pissing and as I turned to check on my client, I could swear he winked at Jay.  Suddenly, I felt like I was at a gay bar off Cheshire Bridge Road that had the same type of trough urinal.  It was obvious that these guys were comfortable with this hot display of manly dick all in a row pissing, tugging and getting rid of every last drop they had just consumed at the bar.

I finished shaking the final dew off my lily.  Jay looked at my dick without hesitation while I was doing this and started stroking his cock making it grow to a fat, long 12 inches.  I wasn’t sure what I should do, so I started to put my dick back in my briefs.  Both at the same time, Jay and the black man on my right, forced my jeans back down grabbing my ass cheeks caressing, rubbing, and pulling them apart.  At that moment, I realized I was part of a greater plan all orchestrated by my new client.  The blonde guy was the lead man.  He stepped to the side of the urinal by Jay dropping to his knees.  My client grabbed his ponytail forcing his big dick into the wide opened mouth making the good-looking, blonde, blue-eyed gag as he tried to suck a huge cock.  The black guy to my right moved behind me and dropped down spreading my ass cheeks wider and started rimming my hole like a true pro.  I lost all focus on where we were, but when I looked down at the trough style urinal, I knew why Jay wanted one of these installed at his condo.  I must say I liked the method to his madness.

After the blonde, had made a great attempt at swallowing Jay’s mammoth dick, spitting on it, slobbering it up with royal servitude to my godlike client, he pulled from his pants pocket a gold, magnum condom and rolled it on the Greek god’s raging hard-on.  The black dude moved from behind my ass and got in front of me bending me over to suck his dick while suddenly I felt Jay begin to try and enter my asshole.  He took it easy on me until I relaxed and his head was past my first hole, then it was all about the length.  Jay pushed through my second hole and I started to enjoy it, grinding my ass back and forth on his big dick.  I couldn’t focus on the black guy’s tasty cock after wondering why no other dudes had entered this men’s room from such a busy bar.  Then with ease and to my surprise, Jay twisted me around and picked me up so that I was sitting on his dick, bouncing up and down on it with my legs wrapped around his strong back.

The black dude stuck his fat dick in the blonde guy’s hot, hungry mouth while they watched me and Jay fucking fiercely with my back up against the bathroom wall, staring face to face into my Greek gods deep brown eyes.  I reached up and grabbed a handful of his curly locks pulling hard to let him know I liked it rough.  He smiled while bouncing my ass hard on his dick.  This basketball jock surprised me by coming close, kissing me deep and biting my lip letting me see that there is hell to pay if I kept pulling his hair.  I pulled harder as he pounded my ass with such power that I almost fell from his hold on me.  This jolt caused me to spill some cum, just a little bit leaked out like he knew it would if he fucked me milking my prostate, wishing I could unload it all soon.  It just felt too damn good.

The blue-eyed blonde was greedy, hungry for nothing but big dicks shooting loads of cum.  He sucked the black guy deep and when he started moaning, I knew he was dumping cum down his throat.  He pulled on that cock getting every last drop.  Then he moved in on me forcing his head between me and Jay, sucking my dick as my client pounded every last drop out of me.  Jay dropped me to my feet pulling out of me while the greedy blonde rolled off the condom and started sucking on the massive head.   My new client started that deep gutted, grunt pulling his cock head free from the blonde’s mouth. He jerked off hard, shooting a huge load into the gluttonous mouth and onto the face of the lapping, ponytailed dude.  Jay wiped his dick on the guy’s cheeks moving all his cum straight down the blue-eyed blonde’s gulping throat.

After we finished up in the men’s room, I asked Jay as we walked to his new condo how all that just happened at Stats.  He informed me that the blonde dude was Rick, who managed the bar and had put an “out of order” sign on the men’s room door and locked it so we could get down in there like he wanted us too.  The black dude was his personal trainer, Marvin, who used to play professionally before an injury halted his NBA career.  Then I asked him if we would all meet up again.

“Most definitely we will, as soon as you get my trough style urinal installed in my master bathroom,” he grinned with that big, bright toothed smile.


David W. Bradburn   aka dwb42461



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  1. Hunter0500

    The fundamental premise of the story doesn’t work. It’s DOA by the end of the first paragraph. But, hey, if you live in Dream Land because you have no real-life relationships with men, enjoy the rest.

  2. David W. Bradburn

    Mark sorry you have problems with black men in my stories, but I live in Atlanta….the black gay mecca!! And these stories are centered around my sex play in the hot, steamy, ATL. Yes, I do take the liberty to fictionalize my stories so they are smutastic. Maybe you need to check your racism when it comes to black men or just refuse to see color as a reason to select your sex partners. You are missing out on all kinds of hot, fantastic fun. David W. Bradburn

  3. Dylan

    I have to stop reading your blog at work. I am a high rise construction worker(crane operator) so I have down time between hoists. That when I break out my phone and cruse a4a. It’s a good use of company time (since they owe me some $$$ in overtime), so I look at it like being paid to cruise this site.

    As a crane operator I push and pull levers, this story had me pulling a lever that not all crane operators have in their cabs. I could see in my mind this whole story unfolding in great detail. Keep um cumming!!

    So…he ever get that urinal installed?

  4. David B.

    Thanks Dylan. Please be careful. I don’t want you grabbing the wrong lever and crashing something into a new high rise!! Lol. I may do a part 2 to this sex story since so many have enjoyed it. Perhaps I should add a hot construction worker in the next one!! My creative juices are flowing…..thanks. David W. Bradburn

  5. Mark

    I don’t have a problem with black men, I love black me, but ur stories are so predicatable now and over descriptive. Try something differnt, I’m bored with ur stories. They don’t even get me hard. If someone has read one of ur “stories” basically they have read them all. How about trying to push urself.

  6. yoshikun1980

    good story.
    I was a bit confused by Jay and Greek god… sometimes they seem to be the same person, yet Greek god winks at Jay… Over-all, fun times. 🙂

  7. David Buchanan

    Loved the story…..I love public bathroom sex. However you could get arrested, but not in this case. Made me hard, yummmm.

  8. David B.

    Mark, you and Hunter0500, are the only guys who just don’t get my stories or my writing style. I had tons of private messages this week as well as these other comments from guys who really get me and the way I create characters in my stories. I have been a book whore for most of my life and on occassion, I buy a book that really isn’t my type to enjoy so I give it a chapter or 2 and if I still don’t like it I put the book down and stop readiing it. So you two need to just scroll to the bottom of these story posts and if you see my name which I always include, then do not read my story. I’m not your cup of tea. I will assume if you both continue to comment on my stories going forward that you just like bitching and moaning to get attention. And that’s fine but I won’t take it seriously as a real concern for changing my writing style. Peace – David W. Bradburn

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