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Justin Timberlake released his new single Suit & Tie on his website at midnight. Produced by Timbaland and featuring Jay-Z, the track has a happy vibe but it’s nothing like what he previously released. It sounds more like an “ambiance track” to me, you know the kind of song that plays in a nice restaurant or a cool lounge, it is not as dancy as I thought it would be.

His voice also sounds very different. Seems like he didn’t work on the voice for a while or maybe he still smokes?  Cigarettes make the voice a bit  less clear even foggy. Falsetto seems to be harder to reach for JT…

Anyways, I’m not convinced by the track…let’s see what else will come out in 2013.

Do you like the song? Will you buy JT’s upcoming album?

Listen to the song after the jump!



The link on youtube was removed so for now, the song is only available on JT’s website and on Itunes.

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  1. Eddie

    I love the song. I think it’s grown and sexy for sure. I don’t have a problem with his falsetto at all. His falsetto has always been a little raspy. I’m going to be dancing my ass off to this song at plenty of wedding receptions I’m sure.

  2. Dave

    This song sux big time (and not in the good way either)! Justin Timberlake sounds like a pre-adolescent Michael Jackson on this song! I thought Justin Bieber’s whiney, feminine voice was bad, but JT put him in 2nd place!

  3. PhantomTop

    meh . . . wasn’t WoWed, or caught up in the beat or vocals, left me sorta empty
    and what was with all the gay pride colors everywhere

  4. mark

    Justin is a big ole dork. His music is so wannabe. Plus he reminds me of Robert Englund with his little fedoras(the guy that plays Freddy Krueger).

  5. Crosscheck

    This is def different sound for JT! I heard it on the local radio today and to be honest I wasn’t impressed. I don’t like it and def don’t see it as one of those songs that I hate at first but yet then it grows on me.

  6. That Blue Jeans Guy

    I love the new single. On his website, JT mentions having been experimental with new sounds and paying tribute to some influences over the years. I’m hearing 70s-era Motown and funk. If this is a good example of how the rest of the album is going to sound, I’m in!

  7. Leo_Courage

    Aye! I love this shit….I like how they fused the different tempos thru the song to give a image of if broken into a remix it would sound or chopped and screwed(h-town stand up, texas boy represent). I have already downloaded and played a few times. Jigga gave me the feel of “change clothes” classicness.

  8. archel

    He has vocal nodules… the whole reason why he stopped in the first place… same reason adele and mariah dont sound the same.

  9. sosexc

    The song sounds more like a Robin Thicke song that didn’t make the album. I’m not convinced on the sound yet. I will have to see what else he has.

  10. Str84wrd

    This song requires multiple plays to be liked. JT has always been the one talented boy from NSYNC and has grown in career since then. This song is different from his others which is why takes time to get the feel of it

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