Hotties Of The Day : Hot Chocolate!



Hey guys,I hope you all had an amazing weekend!?

My friend sent me this amazing picture on facebook and I thought about sharing it with you !

I think this is how it looks in heaven …well I hope so…. lol


Have a great day !


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  1. TDG

    So my comment gets deleted but not J’s? Interesting. Why is it that when you’re being objective, people take a bias against your objectivity? Yet when someone clearly shows how benighted they are, their very incorrect comments or whatever is not moderated? Curious.

    At any case, i forgot to make an actual content about the picture: the guys are very handsome; especially the guy on the far left and the guy in the middle.

  2. Darryl

    Wow those are a bunch of hot Black Men. Not a big fan of the Chocolate reference, so i’ll let it slide. If the gates of Heaven were lined with this group, then i’ll be ready to meet them. Carol Ann go to into the light baby!

  3. Bimascjock

    Holly heaven they are all SO hot,especially on the left SMOKIN. I’d have that hot chocolate anyday..Not all boricua just at the boricua parade LOL…HOT CHOCOLATE MMMMMMM

  4. Bob T.

    Damn, would love to get lost in the middle of that group and be their little b-! Always on the lookout for hot, sexy African American men.

  5. David B.

    Atlanta must be heaven on earth!! We see hot chocolate like this on the regular. Just go to any gym or watch men running on Peachtree Street. I guess I’ve forgotten how fortunate I am to live in the hottest heaven on earth.

  6. Osei

    Strange that J would comment that the term “chocolate” should be used only to describe African American. Someone stick a flag in their pocket at the PR Day Parade does not lessen that fact that they are of African descent and therefore can be referred to as chocolate. Speaking a particular language that one learned from the European colonizers does to change the history of Africans being shipped out of the land of our ancestors.

  7. Gtgekk11

    They are not African American, They are Boricua! Check the flag. -> Is this the PR Pride Parade in NYC? I Really want to go, but i always miss it!

  8. Gtgekk11

    @Osei We come from a combination of African, Taino Indians, and Spaniards sir. I believe we are Latinos. Im half black half PR and can speak spanish. That doesnt mean Im Chocolate. And being Puerto Rican isnt just BEING from PR and speaking spanish. Its a culture, NO other group of Latinos has the same culture as we.

  9. TDG

    @guy above me

    You can’t be “half Puerto Rican”; you’re either from the country or not. I’m American and I speak Spanish and don’t have an ounce of immediate Latin culture within me. Like America, there are white Puerto Ricans and black Puerto Ricans and those in between. Afro-Latinos (Latin folk with obvious immediate or ancestral tie to African blood) do exist.

    Ignorance is blissful but when a man with dark skin walks up to someone and claim “I’m not black, I’m Puerto Rican” it merits a belly laugh. Yes, because we all know that blacks are only in America; Not Brazil, the Caribbean, or Africa, or Dominican Republic or Puerto Rican. Why people are selective to only one side of their history is beyond me.

    Furthermore, and this is a general comment, black people born in America are not African American; they’re Americans who happen to be black. The only African-Americans are those who were born in Africa and immigrated here.

  10. michael reed

    I think theyre all hot looking guys to me with nice ass bodys like the ones most of us have to work so damn hard to have but then when you see all the hard work pay off you want to show it off way to go.

  11. Osei

    The term Taino Indian is a misnomer. Cristoforo Colombo mistook the land of the Tainos for India and it is about time history is written correctly and our people are known by the way our ancestors called themselves and not by how the European colonizers think fit to give us names.

  12. Gtgekk11

    Did you not read what i said? Its culture. Not just being phsically from there. Which is why we have nyricans and such. Yes i certainly can be half Puerto Rican and half Black. Im pretty sure when I came along with Many others like me. It fused Black Heritage and Culture with That of my Fathers Puerto Rican Heritage. Just To let you know….. MOST IF NOT ALL of those countries and Areas youve listed have African ancestry. That does not mean they are Black. Black is not only a color. That in itself if a culture. For blacks, unless they know exactly which country in africa they originated, cant relate to africa. If you put an African in a room with a Black the only common ground would possibly be there skin color. I know lots of Africans we are not alike. I know Brazilians and Dominicans and Jamaicans as well as Haitians. We have different customs and beliefs. So when a dark skinned man says he isnt Black and hes of a different culture, you accept it. Don’t laugh. There are some dark looking Asians and white/Europeans in the world with no ties to African Blood. Put that in your back pocket.

  13. dj

    Why does it matter if they are black or not. Is the gay community still stuck on race. Funny, because we want rights and people to accept us for who we are, yet we still hold race against people. I dont care if your white and wont date black or black and wont date white, if you want change be it and stop complaining when the world rejects us and dont take us serious. People in the community like that disgust me!!!

  14. Josh


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