USA – 14th Annual Inner City Destiny Awards

Hot or Not : Shemar Moore

USA - 14th Annual Inner City Destiny Awards


Shemar Moore is an American actor and former fashion model. His most notable roles are that of Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless from 1994 to 2005, Derek Morgan on CBS’s Criminal Minds from 2005 to present, and as the third permanent host of Soul Train from 1999 to 2003.

We gay men, remember him for having dated Toni Braxton in the early 1990s, as well as appearing in her video for her song, “How Many Ways”. 

His face and look are so different than any other black guys out there because of his interesting mix. Moore’s father is African American and his mother, who was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts, is of Irish and French-Canadian descent. (I’m french Canadian too!! lol)

Along with Tyson Beckford, they are for me the two most beautiful black male celebrities.

Now let me know what you think of Shemar… Do you find him Hot too? One thing for sure, he seems to be hiding something that is as hot as his face in his pants…. You wanna know what? Check out after the jump !!



Shemar 1




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  1. luvblackmen

    So hot love him his my ultimate fantasy man i love black men and he would be it him and Boris Codjoe would be the hottest 3 way takin turns on me

  2. Sexyblaze

    I always thought he was hot and still is. Dave, I am with you yes I believe he’s hiding a great deal but in due time all will be reveal as everything in life. By the way, Thanks for taking me back down memory lane. I was one of his biggest fan. I have had the pleasure of meeting him in person and he’s just as humble. I say he’s an all around type of guy. Thanks for sharing Dave, Je suis Haitien mon bonhomme!

    • blog

      sexyblaze: My ex used to model and be a photographer and he met him many times…he said he is hot in real life as well….
      Tu vis a Haiti ou ailleurs ?

  3. Randy Drake

    You say he doesn’t look like other black men?! David you are not very exposed to black men. Most black men and blacks in general are are mixed heritage.
    Have you seen Roots? Did you know that slave owner’s routinely father children from the beginning of slavery and there has always been a mixing of the races.

    People that look like Shemar Moore are not a rarity in the black community. Maybe what you meant to say is; I am attracted to Shemar Moore, therefore he must be unique among black me….

  4. Egypt. W

    I have said for many years now he is one of the best looking men alive, and that he would need a restraining order against me if I ever saw him in real life! Lol 😉

  5. Mychael Dio

    I’d suck the sox off of Shemar in a heartbeat..Probably the most beautiful black man i have ever seen…The young black dude with the piercing blue eyes on Grey’s Anatomy melts me too…But I don’t know his name…

  6. eamtnman

    Hell, HE is one fine stud in my book! I’ve long had a fantasy to lick him all the way down those sexy six-pack abs and suck his cock till his toes curl!!

  7. Darryl

    Shamar Moore is not only handsome, he’s the kind of guy that’s Mohammed Ali pretty lol. Those eyes just light up the screen. Not to mention his great mouth, don’t ya just wanna kiss him deeply? Sorry to gush so!

  8. Asus7

    “His face and look are so different than any other black guys out there because of his interesting mix.”

    Guess what: All “black people” have an interesting mix about them. A statement like this implies that we all look the same which couldn’t be further from the truth. From our variety of hair textures, skin complexions and facial structures; this list goes on and on.

    Shemar Moore is hot, no question. But please don’t suggest it’s because he “looks different from other black guys” due to his Irish background. (And yes, there are “black Irish” people as well).

    • blog

      Asus7, why do you guys always see bad things in everything I write ? Dod I say you all look the same ? No! Did I say he looks hot and different ? Yes.
      That’s all! Geez

  9. Sully

    I first saw Shemar Moore when watching Criminal Minds and thought he was one of the most beautiful MEN I’d ever seen, color not withstanding! He has a soft confident sex appeal along with the chiseled face and body that I think is simply unmatched! The first time he appeared on screen w/o his shirt, omg, my knees got weak! Heheh And now glad to say there IS a connection I was not previously aware of: I too am from MA, and I am exactly half Irish and half Canadian French! The man is destined to eventually stand Hollywood on its head and I intend to NOT miss a second of him on screen, EVER!! 😉

  10. Patrick

    Its a thick cock but not long. He was such a bad action in Y & R and worse in criminal minds but has gotten better over the years but a smoking hot sexy fucker!

  11. Trizzy Troy

    Shemar is a beautiful morsel of male talent. Actually met him in Philly years ago when Diary of A Mad Black Woman was on tour. He is a cool dude, and is aware of his sex appeal to both female & male fans. He is 1 of my favorite butterscotch krimpets, and I’d love to lick the icing off!!

  12. zaq

    Shemar is fukkin gorgeous! The nude pic is PERFECT. I do get tired of the porn star false image many non-African Americans have of us. Black people come in different shapes & sizes just like any other race.
    I could’ve gone for more pics but you made my morning Dave…….thanks 🙂

  13. Phillip harper

    Shemar moore was my number one heart throb through the entire 90″s! I am now obsessed with RickFox andThe incredible Marcus Patrick. Please show some pics of them Shemar is still in my top ten.

  14. cj

    Shemar Moore is hot and sexxy as hell! his sexiness is beyond fantasy. This is my favorite celeb of all time. Not only is he physically sexxy as hell, but his demeanor and personality is a huge turn on. DAMN!

  15. terry

    I love black men and shemar is totally hot from top to bottom and i would love to be sandwhiched between him and tyson beckford the 2 hottest black men on the planet 🙂

  16. Jim

    well, I as a rule dont consider black men to play with, just my choice,,, but this one could come here anytime and he certainly changed my mind,,,,not saying they all do, but he definately could do some damnage on me… and id love it…I like light skinned black men best not saying others are bad,,, just give me a guy like this one for a day.

  17. shylo

    Yes, he is fine as hell.. Looks somewhat like me and most of the guys in my family.. That’s why I don’t find him as unique as Dave does it is the norm for me to see handsome guys running around.

  18. dan

    Always thought he was sexy. …. with that said, the comment about him having a different look from any other black man is a bit offensive.. sorry. …

  19. Gabe

    Some of you gays need to get it together, Never have i herd so many racist terms as much as i’v herd them among gay ppl, and always masked with ” oh chill dude its just my preference “, I once herd a gay guy say ” It gets better only if you’re white ” and it was a white guy who said it, i shrugged it off as a pessimistic ranter, but i’m starting to believe him. In the gay community it seems you’re only seen as attractive if you’re white ( or something close to it ), and btw maybe someone should actually learn what the real definition of preference is, And you hardly ever see such comments under white guys pics like ” well im not into white guys but … ” when you’re black and attractive all of a sudden they treat you like some exotic animal ……So in reference to Shemar Moore ( who is extremely beautiful ) why is he all of a sudden ” so different ” because of his mix ?, most afro americans are 20-50 white because of slave rape anyway ….. and Yes there are plenty who have his ” look ” in the black race,

    ~ a proud mulatto

    • blog

      Gabe: why do you bring the racist issue on the table again?
      Cant you just tell if you like him or not and then move on?
      It gets annoying all the time I post a blk man, some people get mad or frustrated or offended…
      Who cares if you are black or yellow or purple ? I mean…. it’s just a damn color….

  20. Iwontpullout

    I’ve met Tyson several times some years ago. He must be a good actor because in person he fails to be masculine, coming across as gay and flirtatious though I’m nowhere in his league physically.
    This was ten years or so ago. I could name a few that are hotter but their egos are big enough and I don’t need to give them more reason to make their heads swell.

  21. Justin

    He’s actually one of my favs, but some of you guys sound seriously racist, if you really arent into balck guys please stay away from guys like Shemar Moore, it would be terrible if their hotness got waisted on racist homo pricks

  22. Gabe

    You have no idea how much i like him lol, he’s sexy as hell, however I’m not ” frustrated ” because you posted a black man, i get irritated when Hot black or mixed guys are seen/talked about like they are some sort of exotic animal just because they are hot and must be soooo different/better than other blacks because of it, thats i have seen , i’m not preaching hate against white ppl or anything but i just dont like the way the gay community makes a big deal about his color…. its like you said ” it’s just a damn color…. “

  23. ben

    Blog: Because it’s true and it’s REALLY hurtful. And insulting. How would you feel if someone basically said that all white people (or whatever race you are) aren’t good enough or beautiful enough to be found attractive except for ONE specific white guy, and only because he was mixed with something else. I will never understand why gay men are so bigoted, cliquey, and racist and then have the audacity to dismiss it as simply a “preference”. Either you guys are stupid -and can’t distinguish between a preference and an exclusion- or you’re in denial; It doesn’t change the fact that you’re kind of a shitty person, but at least you’re a shitty person that has some integrity and can acknowledge that you’re being hurtful and dismissive to an entire race of people.

    • blog

      Ben : Are u ok?
      Read the post again…and stop making assumptions that are not even in the post.
      I said he looks fucking gorgeous and looks so different than any other blk guys – I have seen – because he is different, he looks very exotic….
      I didnt say blk guys are all ugly except this one…
      I love blk guys and everybody knows on this blog because I always psot about blk guys…
      So stop trying to find bugs

  24. ben

    Sorry, let me be a little more clear on this: I was not referring to your blog specifically, but more-so the comments made by others and the general sentiment of members of the gay community.

  25. frank

    really hot love the pics of him,just one question does anyone know for sure if that picture of him nude is real? you know there is so many fakes out there.real or not iam on it.yum.

  26. DK

    Sorry Blog, but I do have to tell you that as a black guy who has the “Shemar look” 1) he doesn’t look that different from “most” other black guys there are plenty of us who look similar and 2) the way you worded your post, it DID come across like “Usually, I don’t find black guys attractive, but since Shemar Moore doesn’t look like black guys, he’s attractive.”

    I hope that doesn’t make you angry, but I hope you will re-read your post and see how it could be taken that way whether you meant it to or not. When you post hot white guys, you don’t say “He looks so different from other white guys” do you? You brought Shemar’s race into it. If you didn’t want others to comment on that, all you needed to do was talk about how attractive he is on his own merits: there was no need to contrast his looks with your perception of how you stereotype “most” black guys to look.

    All too often I hear “I’m not usually into black guys, but you’re hot.” My response is “Thanks but no thanks.” Seriously, is that supposed to be a compliment? Is implying that I’m the exception to how unttractive you think black guys are supposed to make me feel good? If you think I’m hot, just say so: you don’t need to bring up my race and you certainly don’t need to tell me how ugly you think other black dudes are compared to me. My hot white friends don’t get hit on with “Whew, you’re hot for a white guy.” Seriously. Clueless.

  27. Hunter0500

    Not. He’s straight and is therefor not up for consideration. Doing so would be totally disrespectful of his sexuality. Gays want theirs respected, but so many of them become two-faced when the respect needs to flow in the other direction.

  28. Domenyko

    I agree and disagree. I don’t think he’s the hottest “Black” man. But I do think that he’s one of the hunkier men on television that just so happens to have a visibly MIXED ethnic heritage. Oh, America’s obsession with perpetuating the myth of different human races… Gotta love it;-)

  29. Vinny

    I do totally agree that he is a very very sexy gentleman and Im normally not into his ethnecity type. i would say I would neve through him out of bed 4 eating init yummy…

  30. nilla4me

    Um, he is very hot. has been one of my favorite guys for years (i used to keep a list). Everyone forgets BIRDS OF PREY!!!!

    Language is a tricky thing, and offense is in the recipient. I’m not knocking you Dave, but your post was tangentially bigoted from a racial pov…in that you did comment on his race and otherness in comparison to the whole. I was elated to see him posted on the blog, but was actually afraid to read too many of the comments because of what I knew from experience was going to be said by MANY folk. (it was less than I expected though).

    White male privilege is a burden on all. What makes him exotic? North America is full of all people so looking different is actually the norm.

    You have proven to be open to most (I’d like to see more hot far east and south asian guys).Keep the hot guys coming!

  31. Mike H.

    SHEMAR MOORE has a real HOT body there i wish that he is with me so that i can put baby oil all over his body & the back side as well to . is he marry or not dose he have any kids is so are they all grown up.?why is his cock small.?if it was me take a shower with him & wash all over his body.he is a very stright man.don’t know what his age is or how tell he is. or where he is living now.

  32. M-Rod

    “MORE” SHEMAR! PLEASE!!!! He is a beautiful specimen of a man – physically, emotionally, mentally, professionally and humbly. Throughout each year as seasons change his exterior shell transforms from a delicious pecan into hazelnut into chocolate mocha into brown sugar…and every mouth-watering exotic flavor in-between. And he’s not ashamed to profess his love for his mother. He deserves all the success his career has brought him and deserves love and peace in his soul. As does anyone with goodness in their hearts.

  33. Jess

    “His face and look are so different than any other black guys out there,” as an African American with fair skin and features that are seen as “non-typical” for a black person, I do see how this statement could be taken offensively. Shemar (very attractive–I’ve loved him since I was like, 10!) really does not look very different from too many black guys that I know. As with any race, we all come with different skin tones, facial structures, hair textures, etc. and Shemar being more noteworthy due to his African American BUT mixed ethnicity should not have been a factor. Again, not to bash anyone but it really isn’t flattering when people come up to me and say things like, “You’re such a beautiful black person,” or “You don’t look African American.” I’d rather just be seen as a beautiful person, as I am sure Shemar would.

  34. michael

    Shemar Moore has a great looking body & some what of a nice cock but why is it so small a man like him should be a real & long cock should not be a small cock he is a big man.dose he have a wife or a girl friend.dose he have any gron kidsi know he is not gay at all.he is just so hot when he is at the beach in that hot sun.

  35. sloppytoppy

    This post made me cringe. As if you really needed to point out he was black.. I think Latin men are more attracted than the average Caucasian male but why would I point that out? See how it sounds?? It’s like a bitter-sweet compliment.. You obviously, along with a lot of white guys, haven’t been around decent black people. A lot of black men have the features of Shemar, just a darker skin tone.. ugggh..

  36. Anonymous


    All you have done is given a back-handed compliment. It would be similar to a straight individual saying, “your gay? You have such masculine mannerisms, I had no idea.”

    Next time, can we just focus on said attractiveness of individual and not bring up the ethnicity. Hot guys come in all shapes, shades and sizes.

    – Annoyed bro

  37. tom

    Jenny his cock is soft….of course it isnt real big…..but it gets bigger when it is hard….i have seen photos……awesum……….hell even if it didnt get any bigger he has an awesome lookin big cock………..fuck yeah……..he is soooooo handsome
    u r right denise…….it gets bigger when it gets hard ……mmmmmmmmm

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