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Do you want to grow your penis bigger, shoot unrealistic huge loads and can keep it up for the longest times? You can do it naturally!

All pornstars take supplements to increase their performance, lets be honest here, if your job is too fuck all day long you need something to keep you going. For obvious reasons they prefer a risk free supplement without side effects! Below are two great supplements that are frequently used and are 100% natural.

Step 1 - GrowXL


Get GrowXL, Increase your Size and Stamina



This nice supplement has herbs from all over the world thats been used for thousands of years. Why do you think certain black cultures have a average of 10 inches plus and have maintained the stamina of an 18 year old for life? Grow XL has all the good stuff in one pill and is been frequently used by top male performers!


Step 2 - BlastXL




Use BlastXL – Shoot Bigger Loads

Another natural supplement that male pornstars have been using for a while! They dont like to share this little secret pill because they wanna be famous for their massive loads and get on top of the competition. We all know certain pornstars that shoot massive loads. Guess what theyre taking? Blast XL !

Believe me guys it’s not natural to shoot loads the size of a pancake and eating lots of eggs won’t help either. All the famous pornstars that you know and see shooting massive loads take a supplement. Furthermore to be able to have sex with numerous sex partners a day you need a supplement that keeps you hard and going.

Below are some other good Q and A you might want to know :

-Where it is made?
Manufactured in a facility in the USA. Only the highest quality ingredients are being used.

-Is it really working?
Yes, it really increases erections, stamina and sperm volume

-How long does it take to take effect?
The best time to take them is 30 mins before intercourse but they can be also taken within the day to be ready whenever you feel like.

These secret products are only available online and can’t be found in the normal stores! Get the products the pros take and impress your sex partner!

Enjoy guys and let me know how much you like the pills 🙂




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  1. rulonely2night

    How much can I thank you for addressing my ultimate question? I would really like to try this product to grow the size if my penis. Thank you soooooo very much. Plus, because you, Dave, recommend it, I feel I can finally take the plunge and invest in a product such as this. One thing yiu might want to mention to the manufacturer, I tried applying for the free trial but the website gets really confusing so I just gave up. I really want to try it out first.

  2. Bob

    Can this stuff be bought at a store? Don’t want to end up on a mailing list, but would like to give it a try. I am in the Seattle area. If there is somewhere around here where I can get it, great.

  3. marc

    I am 50 years old and exercise daily, do not smoke or drink excessively, and eat my veggies — and shoot huge loads. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and you do not need these products.

  4. jace

    humm younoght want conute a medical prosibnla boy be fore trying jsut becse natual dosent mean it is safe there there could be side effecs that from it that the effst willon laast as long you take this shit

  5. Daniel

    Most doctors recommend steering away from internet drugs. They site lack of control, and the fact that no one regulates what´s in them. Also, people who are taking prescription drugs should not take OTC meds without notifying their doctor. Some OTCs have adverse affects on prescription meds: either diminishing their effects, or worse yet compounding their affect.

    Hope I´m not raining on your parade Dave. Just passing on a little wisdom.

  6. e

    more of a load, maybe, bigger penis no…there is no such pill that can grow a penis bigger, every doctor will tell you this. besides this products website does not give you an ingredient list or price until after ordering. Like I said bigger loads maybe, the other pill…scam

  7. Jeff

    I’ve seen these advertised before. Has anyone actually tried them out to see if they work? I would like to hear it from someone other than the manufacturer.

  8. pozohman

    Always curious about supplements, But the ingredients are not listed anywhere. And some substances (e.g. St John’s wort, to name one) are incompatible with my HIV meds
    Are these supplements safe for those of us on meds?

  9. jay

    Ahhh. Y’all sold out. Black cultures have a larger penis because of genetics, not supplements. Africans,generally, are older on the evolutionary ladder. Penises are longer because they were less certain that females were monogamous. As in other primates, longer penises are equated with more promiscuousness. Also, long penises are due to warmer climates, where the body needed more surface area to keep sperm from over heating. As a biologist, supplements will NOT increase penis size. It MAY increase blood flow any expand blood vessels to allow a more engorged penis

  10. Dave

    I’ve tried a couple “male enhancement” products that I’ve gotten as free samples, albeit not these. They do in fact make me harder, even moreso than real ED meds do. They both caused mild gastrointestinal discomfort, which a lot of herbal supplements do, but the really bad thing was that they tensed my scrotum a lot, to the point that the pressure on my balls was uncomfortable.

    L-arginine and Tribulus terrestris are in the “GrowXL”, and I have had good experience with those, but the other 3 ingredients they list are stimulants, which would be counter-productive because they cause vasoconstriction. (All actual ED drugs on the market are vasodilators.)

    Maca root, horny goat weed, and pumpkin seed are somewhat effective ingredients in the “BlastXL”. It seems like something that would have a chance that it works, although it seems expensive after the trial.

  11. Jesse

    Free isn’t always “FREE” and usually with a catch. Here’s the fine print from the link.

    “You are buying a trial bottle of GrowXL for the price of shipping and handling. After your trial ends on day 14 you will be shipped a month’s supply and billed $74.95. You will receive a new bottle every 30 days for $74.95 until you cancel.”

    So $7 for 1st bottle then your on a monthly auto order to the tune of $75 if forget to cancel.

  12. Charlie

    Out of your audience of millions no one has said they have tried them yet. Maybe someone will cum forward and give us the good news. 🙂

  13. GymDude

    Arginine and Carnitine are common amino acids and are recommended by urologists for ED problems. They are easily found at places like GNC or really anywhere that sells vitamins. They can also improve your workout and body composition if you’re a gym rat.

  14. scott

    My dick is 6 inches and I made a son and daughter so I’m thinking my loads are sufficient! Plus I would like to live as long as possible!!!!!!

  15. Tancredo

    Don’t rely on supplements only. Add to that a good habits of health including diet and exercise. Sounds funny but believe me I was having problems due anxiety and depression that made me not perform as before. I started with diet and exercise and take good vitamins and supplements based on saw palmetto and yohimbine and have had a very good results on me. I had used Blast and Grow before having sex and it’s a good and natural substitute to Viagra and other medications for ED.

  16. AndyDandy

    Dave, that’s too bad, I enjoy your blog but when I read garbage postings like these phoney pills, I am disapointed. Did you buy their stock and trying to pump their share price or what? If they were so sure of their product, they should offer a 10-days free trial. They won’t because this stuff doesn’t work! Did you try it yourself before writing this post???

    • blog

      AndyDandy, are you sure you read the post ?
      They offer free trial, try it, you’ll see.
      Yes I do have the pills at home, it really makes you more horny and shoot bigger loads.
      I didnt try the Grow pill because I dont need too.
      But some people in our team say that it makes your cock more thick… But I didnt took before/after shots of their cocks… lolll
      Try it, it’s free…

  17. Hunter0500

    The buds and I have discussed the one-to-one relationship we have found often between the size of a guy’s equipment and the size of his ego. More demanding, more egotisitcal, and less reciprocal. There are exceptions, of course, but in general, guys in the standard and small categories are more fun on the workbench and better “repeat” candidates. For guys who prefer size and prefer to be dominated, “super size” guys are perfect.

    As far as any products claiming to increase size (and hence performance) go, the phrase “a fool and his money are soon parted” applies. If any of these products had lived up to their claims in the past, there’d never be new ones introduced to the market.

  18. blog

    Guys, I received a lot of comments (that I didnt publish) of you saying ” how much did you paid for that?” or ” why do you try to sell these products ?” and other weird things like this…
    FYI, this blog, is A4A blog, we decide on whatever we put on it. And just so that you remember, A4A is a free website! Have you ever paid a penny to meet, date and fuck with other guys through our site ?
    And how do you think a business works ? How do you think we pay all the employees working for us ?
    That is the reason why A4A has advertisement everywhere on the site…and sometimes on the blog too… it is totally logical and normal.
    Now if you dont want to buy those products, you dont need too… it’s your choice. But don’t come and tell me what to do or what not to do, because it is NOT your company!
    Are you gonna call McDonalds and tell them to stop advertising on TV because you don’t want to buy their cheeseburgers? Same thing here….
    Thank you !

  19. reb4all (richard blair)

    Dave, i thank you for the site and all it has to offer and i do understand advertising is needed to support the site, i am very grateful that adam 4 adam is a free site for the most part and you are providing a wonderful service, keep up the fantastic work, i for one will always be a fan of adam 4 adam, i have met so many great people from the site, and made a lot of friends that i would have never found with out you guys, life is pretty miserable when you are not out and you don’t have friends to talk to, but thanks to your site it gave me a chance to be who i am and interact with people like me, so you keep right on advertising and putting things on here that help support your site, because i for one am so glad it is here

    • blog

      Ryon, no it,s not….you need to take the pill to see results, like every other pills. I take pills because i’m getting bald, it stops my hair from falling. If I stop the pill, my hair will keep on falling.

  20. Jason

    I ordered the free trial. Wasn’t too bad. I am not sure if it made my cock much bigger but my orgasim was stronger and there was more cum. Was worth the $7 in shipping but probably won’t purchase anymore. I can get the same results taking soy lecithin supplements which you can find at most drug stores. But thanks Dave for passing on this offer.

  21. Nohood

    Might add girth but any dr will tell you length is almost impossible. If you get a full erection at 6 inches and it’s hard and tight as a rock. Common sense tells you that skin can’t stretch longer but dr said you can get more girth

  22. David G.

    There are no credible drugs , herbs, or any other product that will make your penis larger than it would be if you were in optimum good health. More recent studies done by English and Danish Dr’s indicate the average length of a mans penis is 6″ the study included measurements soft and hard ( getting men to get hard even for medical research purposes was not as successful as one might hope)from countries across the globe. None the less there seem to be enough evidence to suggest that size differences based on global locals was negligible at best.

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