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Fab Magazine recently did a cover shoot featuring hot gay guys with beards and Xtra did a little behind the scenes video of the shooting. In the video Phil Villeneuve is asking guys questions concerning beards. How to take care of it, how it is to have sex with a bearded man, and so on….. Check out the video, you’ll see some awsome scruffy faces…and bodies also!

I personally love beards…. remember that post I did few months ago on beards? I think it is the nicest “accessory” a man can have. Like the author of that article in Fab Magazine said, I think beards are back because guys want to “grab hold of their masculinity” !

What do you think of beards? Like’em ? Let me know below!


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  1. G90814

    Works on some, doesn’t work on others… much like many other ‘features’ that have been discussed on this Blog.

    The guys in the video were (of course) all very sexy men, wish they’d shown more ‘average’ guys.

  2. Steve

    I think “Mr.Sterling’s” beard is actually a bit much, out of proportion to his head, and gives him an odd pear shape. While I’m definitely HOT for beards, the rest of the guys aren’t quite working for me.

  3. bryan

    Im not a huge fan of facial hair, so beards are a no for me; they don’t make the man as clean looking as i like them. I like mustaches though, for some odd reason haha!

  4. todd

    Yuck! most of the guys in the video were grungy nasty looking freaks. People with greasy hair or piercings….a little advise, growing a beard is not going to hide these damn defects. Almost like a fat person with tattoos – hot damn, hell no! Yuck, double yuck!

  5. Darryl

    Just like everything, there are attractive Men who have beards, and there are guys who look pretty cray cray lol. I don’t mind a guy who has a beard as long as he knows how to treat someone without one. It can scratch a clean shaven Man specially when kissing, but it does feel good when you rub it between a pair of asscheeks. I know guys who have them have tried this…

  6. DB

    personally, beards are a must-have for me to find a guy attractive
    body hair is a winner too.
    most of the guys in that video werent that great looking besides the one with the eyebrow piercing, however

  7. ajbbincubus

    I don’t find a guy with a beard attractive. I kissed one before and it felt all weird. In my opinion I don’t care for it, however… I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the 5 o’clock shadow looks. Man.. that looks so sexy, especially on a tall dark and handsome man.. UGH!!… LOL!!..

  8. Jim

    some guys can wear a beard and some just cant…. Some are really masculine looking and some are just plain gay looking with one. I like the masculine guys, I mean a mans beard,,, I wear one myself and it never gets in my way of eating anything on a man….and most love the feeling of it especially when I rim them.

  9. Jim

    again,,, its like guys that wear boots,,, some wear them and they look natural in them,,, and when really gay bois wear them for looks,,, it sure doesnt make them manlier at all,,,a guy has to be natural in both a beard and boots.

  10. Matt

    Beards sometimes throw me off only because I kind of do expect a masculine-masculine guy. I forget that there are some people who love having a beard and they are really flamboyant .. or somewhere in between. Nonetheless, I would have to say that beards are sexy when well groomed and just the right length (depending on the person’s style).

  11. Dudeness

    Some guys can wear the facial hair; however most guys with beards look like they just don’t give a damn about proper grooming. It all depends on how well they own it and how ridiculous it is. Prospector beard, no; Lt. Riker, sure.

  12. FreeRangeRadical

    No beards, no mustaches (unless you’re James Franco), no perpetual 5-o’clock shadow, no sideburns unless you’re young and they’re neat, no soul patch (see last point).

  13. NicoSoCoCA

    well I usually sport a shortie, just past scruffy beard. I think it makes a guy distinctive… and as a man of a certain age.. I find the boys like it.. it help sells the daddy thing 🙂

  14. tentpole30

    Beards (and sometimes only a mustache) are great on the right guy, and with the right style. I appreciate a variety of looks.
    I tried to grow one but it came in too scraggly; just not the right genetics, I guess. One of my brothers has a decent beard, but his is intended to detract from the fact that his hair is thinning badly, not to enhance his face.
    I have no problem kissing a guy with a beard, nor have I ever had “brush burn” on my legs from a sexual escapade. If a beard is your thing, more power to you, and bring it here.

  15. Phillip

    I love beards! I have one. I couldn’t get with a guy who does not have one. I am not for the twink look. I think a beard just makes a guy look more masculine.

  16. William Austin

    Some guys yes! But most guys, NO! Especially on bald guys beard don’t make up for lost hair! Close crop is nice if kept up! Whoa – FOOD IN IT IS GROOSE! Kissing is an adventure, but not always fun – approach is everything….and you may leave with something.. Ureg!

  17. George

    Beards are hot on masculine men with a matching masculine voice. Nothing worse than a bottom with a tranny voice and a beard, ewwww major turn off.

  18. Mike

    A nicely trimmed beard looks hot but when it grows big and overpowers the face it is not hot at all.

    As for the models some have great beards but please just don’t talk because their masculinity goes out the door

  19. mike

    Facial hair, while not quite an absolute requirement for me, is definitely a huge plus. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t look better/manlier with some form of facefuzz. Not all configurations are for everyone and you need to find what works for you. But complete removal of all of our hormone given secondary hair is as emasculating (to me) as acting like the limp wristed lisping stereotypes put on us.

  20. Charlie

    The short trimmed beards are hot but not a fan of the big bushy beards. I have grown a beard off and on but have not had one in years.

  21. Hunter0500

    Facial hair adds texture to a man, just as any other single “hot or not” characteristic does. But it is not a sole determinant as to whether a man is quality or not. For sure, it adds and element of fun for man to man play. A little scratch or roughness in “just the right place” at just the right time is a pleasant surprise.

  22. Hunter0500

    When it comes to kissing … whether it’s a 5-o’clock shadow, a full beard, or something in between … when you feel the bristles, you know you have a man in your grasp, not a woman or a boy.

  23. truckercouple

    mr sterling’s beard is disgusting but beards in general are hot ON THE RIGHT GUY and if it’s trimmed… and i’m sorry, but growing a beard to give you the appearance of being more MASC, is hilarious since all it takes is any of these guys opening their man and POOF, the allusion is GONE,,, girly voices on men are annoying and even more so if you’re going for a MANLY look.. it’s like pubes, trimmed is hot, bushball is disgusting… and the host is LAME, he has no journalistic skills and asking HOW WAS THE SHOOT, really.. THEY SAT THERE AND MAKE SERIOUS LOOKS, WOW, models have such grueling jobs….

  24. Johnie

    As has been said, it looks good on some. I’ve never been with a man with one. Wouldn’t say no, it’s just another factor of attraction.

    I’ve never worn one, never will. Brig former military, I had to shave, and would run stubble on off days. Now I shave with a straight razor, daily, for my own pleasure. Having a beard or not is absolutely no factor of my masculinity.

    But to each their own

  25. Nick

    Made out once with a hot guy who had a beard. It stunk of whatever he’d eaten for dinner. I’ve been grossed out by beards and mustaches ever since.

  26. Reechad McCampbell

    OMG isn’t that the guy from 1 girl 5 gays?? WTF why does it seem like canada is starting to get all the cool gays while were stuck down here with who? Reechad? I rest my case.

  27. SamHouston

    These comments sound like they come from a bunch of women! What is it with modern society’s aversion to hair on MEN?? Plucked, cut, trimmed, waxed. Let men be men. If they want a beard, fine! If they like to shave, that’s good, too. Take each man on his own merits and I’m sure you’ll be surprised to find that we’re all more than the sum of our hair. And for what it’s worth, most full beards are generally not scratchy but very soft and smooth; it’s the beloved five-o’clock shadow that can be a killer on your baby-soft thighs, girls!

  28. kagrenak

    How to shave your beard like a MAN:
    You don’t shave. MEN don’t shave their beards.

    (Although keeping it neat and clean is extremely important)

  29. Richie

    I’m half and half on some of the responses. Some men can pull it off, while others can’t. I hate it on me because my facial hair grows out very weird, like in patches. I hate it when a guy grows out a beard and it looks too scruffy and ragged like the men on Duck Dynasty. Lol. I love a 5 o’clock shadow. I find that to be very sexy on a man.

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