Fantasy : Weirdest Place To Have Sex


Today I want to ask you a little question: Where is the weirdest place you had sex?

Is it in a public restrooms? In an elevator? At work? In the forest? In a club? In the changing rooms of a store? In a restaurant? Let me and other readers know how it was, if you got caught, if you liked it or not and any other details that can help us imagine the whole scene.





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  1. Tom

    When I was selling mortgage insurance in my small town I had a business meeting in a different city. Because we were staying the night my lover Tim went with me and waited in the lobby until the meeting was over. During the entire trip all it did was storm with lightening and thunder. When the meeting was over I was 1st to leave so we got on the elevator (office was on 6th floor) and started down. All at once we had power failure and came to stop and the emergency lights came on and when I turned to look at Tim he was all grins and smiles and immediately went to work sucking my dick hard. It didn’t take long and he pulled my pants down around my ankles, quickly pulled his pants down around his ankles and I fucked him like a rabbit. lol was a very short time. As we ere finishing dressing and arranging our selves the lights came on and the elevator started moving. When we got to the bottom the door opened and there stood the fire department waiting to do a rescue. Today I still laugh that we almost got caught. Hmmm Wonder if back then they had cams in the elevators?

  2. manplayer69

    A friend and I who it turns out we both had a hidden crush on each other we’re walking back to my place after a night out and passed a old very large church that had about a 40 step front walk up to the main doors with a landing at the top that had a magnificent view of the city and the street down below across from the college campus… As we stood there looking at the traffic of people strolling down below leaving the bars after last call something heavenly came over us and we we’re taken over by lust and stripped naked and fucked at the front doors of the church without any care of being caught while horns we’re honking at us and fingers pointed up at us until we shot our loads out over the railing onto the street below, pulled up our jeans and continued walking back to my place… We’ve been together since.

  3. joejoey1976

    sucked dick in a pvt public bathroom in the mall, in a corn field, in a hay mow. on the side of the rd. in a ditch, also sucked cock and rimed this boy on my front porch at night. got my ass pounded in a stall at the grocery store. almost got cought on that one. They were all fun and somethingto be said about RISKY…

  4. Daniel

    The weirdest place I’ve had sex was in a Wal-Mart near my home. My friend and I went into the men’s room, we were both horny. My friend started to suck my hard cock and with a little spit on his hole, I started to fuck him in a stall. Just as we both cum, someone was about to walk into the bathroom, so we hurried and pulled our pants without any sudden movements and kept quiet till the guy left and then we left the store with no noticing what happened.

  5. Tancredo

    I used to have a friend of mine that was 10″ x 7″ dick and loved to have good sex in strange places. It was one time he invited me to play and he went to a parking lot… in a funeral home. We didn’t care that the parking was full and went down to business. I sucked his dick like it was the end of the world and then he turned me around and pound those 10″ in my tight ass. It was feeling heavenly. When we ended I noticed the whole car wind were foggy and couldn’t tell if we were seen or not. We just left the parking as if nothing had happened.

  6. Trizzy Troy

    I work in hospital security at a pretty large trauma center. Part of our duty is to meet any victims flown in by helicopter along with emergency personnel. We also have keys to the alarmed doors entering the landing area. One night I was making my rounds & noticed a sexxy Roxanne dude by the vending machines he nodded he did as well. When I got to the elevators he winked. I walked passed the patient room he was visiting n nodded. He followed me to the helipad without getting noticed I unlocked the doors and stepped out into the cool night air. And right there 14 floors above the city we gave each other the sweetest blowjobs n ass trimming. Til this day I get hard thinking abt how we made each others head spin as the red caution lights spun that night.

  7. Jack

    A guy I met online had a small retail store. We had met at his apartment a few times and fucked our brains out. One time I was going by his store and stopped with no plan for anything, just to say Hi. He had a couple of customers so I waited for him to finish up. While he was ringing a customer out, he nodded toward the back room so I headed that direction. When he finished he came back and we immediately embraced; our tongues finding each others. Next thing I’m fucking him over a counter and just as I explode inside his gorgeous and tight ass, the door opens and a customer walks in. He whispers in my ear, don’t go anywhere and pulls up his pants and goes out to wait on the customer. After he finished up he comes back in and says, “my turn!” He rims my hole and fucks me like crazy. When he cums, he pulls out as he knows i love it down my throat and jerks his hot creamy love on my tongue. As you might expect, another customer comes in so out he goes again to deal with him. I tidy myself, or so I thought, and walked out. As I passed my lover and his very hot customer, the customer stopped me, wiped the small drop of cum on my cheek I must have missed, licked it off his finger and said, “Mmmmm….guess I got here a few minutes too late.” My eyes widened as I walked out.

  8. timhry69dude

    I came out in college in the library restroom and during the 4.5 years of education, I played quite a bit here there and everywhere with quite variety of guys mostly were bi teachers.. I used to meet one frequently and one day we decided to go elsewhere and it was the basement of the traffic office where we spent almost an hour and half alone sucking jacking and fucking boy was it HOT.. after so many years we met up again not in person but by various emails and phone calls etc .. he got cold feet and said I had brought out the rest of him so he told me to leave him alone again .. oh well his loss

  9. rod

    Bathroom at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, bathroom at the Islandia Marriott, assorted parking lots, public parks- UPS truck, Pepperidge Farm truck, dry cleaning van, numerous work/contractor vans, under the desk in an office, over the desk in an office, a few various offices- a nursery (plants), a storage facility….

  10. Juno

    While reroofing my exes moms house, I was fucked up on the roof, or on top of a hay stack at the local rodeo. Oddest time was while taking a shower with my ex, his cock buried inside me, his mom walks into the bathroom and just carries on on conversation, then my ex interrupts his mom, and says, he’s in the shower with me, as I am gagging myself on the wash cloth to muffle the sound

  11. ajbbincubus

    Two places..

    Changing room in Macy’s. I saw an attractive guy. I didn’t notice him tell he kept bending over and saw that ass.. I kept eying him till he got the hint. He walked over to the changing room so did I. He smiled at me as he walked in and I followed. We got in there, kissed, kept grabbing that ass, I turned him around start dry humping him. It was nerve wracking, we could here guys come in, the wives talking to them about what looked good. Finally, I took his pants off, they dropped to his heals, did mine the same and then slowly squeeze my dick up his butt till I was all the way in. Tried not to make the sound of skin-slapping-skin, but came fast cause I was excited.

    I got topped on the side of the road. A guy hit me up, so we went for a drive to get to know each other. Drove through some mountains real windy twisty roads. He took my right hand off the wheel and place it his is crotch, I could feel his rock hard cock. He then kept kissing my neck and ear as I was trying to drive, I had a hard time focusing on the road, so I pulled over, we got out. He turned me around and rubbed his swollen cock against my willing hole. He stuck it in and I moaned as he kept nibbling on my ear. I blew my load before him, it was freaking hot.

  12. Alessandro

    In a mango tree and my little brother was waiting for the mangos on the ground, I told him we were moving to another branch of the tree. Was good.
    In a trunk of car was very good.

  13. pedro

    The craziest place I’ve had sex at was at the military gym with my ex.
    We had just gotten done working out, we decided to sit in the sauna for a while to relax before showering. Just seeing his muscles glisten with sweat and nothing but his boxer trunks on i got hard and started giving him a hj. 20mins into we say someone coming in so we got up and went to our locker, still hard as fuck we went to the way back and started to get busy. Man does he take forever to climax. We never got caught.i can’t. Wait to get back from my deployment so i can do it again

  14. Lorenzo

    Love that pic as I love to eat squeky clean ass and suck cut cocks. The weirdest place I have had sex is in the basement of my work place. I went to the basement with a work friend, he had a bubble butt ass and he was always staring at my crotch which made my cock stone hard, sometimes I would pull it out by a file cabinet and he would lick his lips. Finally, we went to the basement and I fucked his squeky clean bubble butt ass, it was amazing, the same scene occured at least twice a week, it was fucking hot.

  15. Avery

    my parents own a restaurant and i used to close up the shop….one tme i took a friend over there with a blanket and he fucked me twice in the the back office…still gets me hard when i close up at night and sit in the same office….

  16. David

    The strangest place I had sex was in the engine car of a train. A guy I met online worked for the RR company and took me out to the engine car and we had sex on the conductor’s chair. It was VERY HOT!!

  17. naked asap

    A friend and I were in the middle of a crowded dance floor in downtown Minneapolis. He had his back to me with my arms around him. I could reach far enough down the front of his shorts to know he was hard. This place was loud and very dark. I undid his buttons and had his cock in my hand where anyone near us could’ve seen if they looked down. I got bolder and slid his shorts lower until his bare ass was grinding against my jeans while we danced. He reached back, unzipped me and pulled out my fully hard 8 inches. I knew what he wanted. I was prepared to fuck him later that night with the small bottle of lube in my pocket. I put a drop on my finger and rubbed it between his cheeks. Moments later, I was fully inside him, surrounded by people dancing who probably never knew what we were doing.

  18. Monty

    I had sex in my hospital room connected to an IV pole. While a patient for a routine hospital stay (no surgery) I ran into a married man I had a two years affair with years prior. His wife had back surgery. We visited in the snack shop and I gave him my room number. He dropped by my room and we reminisced about our past. HIs dick got hard so I began rubbing it and took it out of his pants. He always enjoyed a good blow job and I had not had sex in several months. I went down on his dick and he became rock hard!

    I had a private room so I invited him to accompany me into the bathroom. I told him if the nurse should come he was assisting me in the bathroom. With IV pole in tow, I had the lube in my tolietry kit and a condom. I sucked him some more, lubed him real good and he gave me an amazing fucking in the hospital room. I was bent over the sink while he pounded me ever so good, hard and deep.

    There was also the time I had sex in the church office, my partner was kind of scared but I told him, I was simply getting a “holy piece”. Well, to think of it I have had sex in the tobacco field as a high schooler.

  19. Andy

    On the dance floor at a club in la. I was wearing a jockstrap and short booty shorts. And the guy I was dancing with pulled it out and put it in. We were surrounded by people and no one noticed… Or if they did they got a free show

  20. zaq

    I took a long piss in my slave’s ass while at work. I didn’t care if cameras were on at the time but looking back I’m glad I didn’t get caught

  21. Darryl

    For me it was in two places way back when. The first one was out in a park on a bench with a guy i was dating. It wasn’t a secluded place, so i was alittle shy at first, but once he got going on my cock fear was out the window. Talk about incredible! The second was with a buddy of mine, we went to his old job, and we pretty much fucked all over the place. In the weightroom, shower, sauna, lockeroom,toilet, hallway, and out even in the parking garage. I’am not sure if there were any cameras around, but if there were we should have been toast. Which reminds me i better check on xtube lol.

  22. Brad

    I was in a big society wedding at an exclusive downtown private club–top floor of an office building. I made eye contact with a cute young guy playing cello in the string quartet. After the ceremony with a huge reception going on, we met in the men’s room and I pulled my cock out of my tux pants. He gave me a fantastic blow job in the stall and jerked his long thick cock even while other guests were at the urinals. We both shot huge loads and he swallowed every drop of mine. He returned to playing, and I enjoyed the good food in the big buffet. I was completely satisfied.

  23. Jay

    I am a teacher and a coach. One night this ref and I decided to hook up after a foofball game. I lived too far away, and he had people at his house, so we went up to my classroom, where I fucked him bent over my desk. As we were finishing I heard the custodian go into the classroom next door. Im glad he didnt start in my classroom.
    My other favorite place was more recent. I was out on a run. This cute college boy kept running up to me near the neighborhood athletic association. We stopped and talked and then sucked each other off in a dugout. The staff was working on a field not too far away. He was a screamer…I’m shocked no one heard him. When the high school team I coach plays down there, I still get hard looking at field 5.
    Great topic

  24. jockn2cbt

    I was in a Vegas bar and I hooked-up with a local. I was sharing my room with straight buddies, so my place wasn’t an option and of course the local guy had complications, a roommate I think. Anyway I’m no fan of car sex, so he suggested we go to his work. We drive to a strip mall and he’s got the keys for a photography studio. We go inside, keeping the lights off and he leads me to this upholstered table and we start fucking surrounded by all these photo props, mostly stuffed animals. I was feeling a little guilty sexxing it up where little kids were going to have their pictures taken. Nothing spectacular or erotic, just weird. Second strangest was the drink line winding its way thru a standing room only crowd in the upstairs bar at LeFittes during Mardi Gras in N.O., some guy hiding under the pool table grabbed me by the belt as I moved forward, he proceeded to pull my dick out and suck it to the hoots and hollers of everybody in the room. That lasted until the line moved a little further and I zipped up and continued to the bar. That was a little more fun. (did that count as sex?).

  25. Stud Muffin

    Sucked cock in a shower at a local gym, in a new house under construction, in a car wash, and in a college bathroom.
    Strangest was in a school bus. I’m a coach, and we were out of town at a tournament. I couldn’t host in my hotel room, and so I blew this guy in the bus!!

  26. hornyberksboi

    Movie theatre: got head during Batman, gave head during Wreck it Ralph.
    Mall Bathroom: Just blown, almost caught once (have a hot video from another session.)
    Car in Mall parking lot
    Car in rest stop
    Car on side of street at night
    car in cemetary
    Target Bathroom
    at work in my office
    on a stage after hours
    in a classroom (college)
    garage, basement, tool sheds.
    hottest probably has to be AT the front desk of a hotel… conveniently fit under the counter. :-p

  27. BellevilleBud4Bj

    In a cemetary. It was on a tall hill where we could see anyone approaching. We took turns sucking each other off as we both leaned on a tombstone. Another guy met me near a commuter train station in St.Louis, MO and we walked across the tracks to a loading dock. It was just the right heigth for him to fuck my on my back while he was standing. Trains came and went and who knows how many may have seen us fucking until the bright moon light.

  28. Randysrandy13

    All of the above! But probably the weirdest was when I was visiting in Orlando Florida. I hooked up on a4a. Neither of us could host, but my hook up new of a place. I was a row of brand new warehouse type buildings, still unoccupied. We drove around to the backside and got out of our cars, and had our clothes off in nothing flat! After a short intense period of time sucking cock, he then bent over the hood of his car, and I proceeded to fuck his brains out! Well, me not knowing the area well didn’t realize how close we were to the airport. All of a sudden over the trees there was a 727 full of Disney bound tourists not more than 3-400 yards away! What a rush and what a load I blew still pounding his ass ! To this day I wonder how many on that plane enjoyed the show as the plane slowed down on its runway approach! It was the middle of the afternoon !

  29. Rob

    Front porch at the State Farm insurance office in Chicago boystown. HOT! Cute southern boy from Nashville was there for PRIDE.

  30. Zim

    IN A CEMETARY! got completely naked and started sucking him. He likes it when I look up and he tries to gag me. Then bent over a headstone and got fucked. It was so… exhilerating and so passionate. felt his cloths against my back as he drove balls deep. after he got his nut i sucke him again until i got mine, all the while he verbally abused me. Great bday fuck!

  31. Jamal

    The weirdest place…would where i lost my virginity lol. In my high school in one the bathrooms! School had just got out and this was teasing me and then we did it! He put his hand over my mouth because i was moaning so loud! Then after we were done i left and of course my ASS hurt like hell!! His dick was huge 9inches but as thick as a beer can!

  32. Rubie

    sad thing is first thing that came to my mind was “What is a weird place to have sex?”. I have a list but i think my top is a church, side door was open we went in and well we fucked right up front on what i think was the communion table.

  33. JollyWalrus

    I was walking with one of my ex’s in the student center where i go to school. we went into the stairwell, and after climbing a few flights, i turned around to him, pushed him up against the wall, and started to make out with him. seconds later i was on my knees sucking his dick and before i knew it we were fucking on the stairway. we never got caught and boy was it hot!!!

  34. b-dog

    ummmm well not to completion but I did get blown on the haunted mansion at disneyland. Also in a back area of an exhibit at the local zoo a gay party was being held in another area. couple people saw – some left, some watched… good times.

  35. beanzee

    In the parking lot of a supermarket in broad daylight. I sucked off this married guy as he watched out. I could here some old ladies chatting as they walked by with their carriages and cars were driving by.

    It made it that much more stimulating.

  36. PierceMN

    in Loring Park late one night, on the north side in the grass, with just enough light from the street to see the guy’s cock before I took it in my mouth and he did the same to mine. The possibility of getting caught or getting an audience intensified the action. We both came down one another’s throats, zipped up our pants and went about our business. Pretty hot!

  37. Jonac

    I had sex in my youth minister’s office one night at church with another guy in my youth group… We didn’t get caught but I fucked him really hard… His ass was so tight!

  38. truckdriver2906

    i fuck a guy in the bathroom at home depot last week and done it in woods at rest areas and in the adult porn movie jack off booths and the best way at amtrak rail station in topeka ks while we were snowed in a few yrs back i have also done it at the wichita ymca shower room with to guys never did get caught to bad

  39. whatthefuss

    I went with the guy I was dating at the time to look at new houses. In the first model home, he fucked me upstairs in the master bathroom. It was awesome!

  40. Mike

    On the hood of my car in a little league field…. It was night time. 2008 Nissan Altima coupe. So super glad we didn’t get caught.

  41. Chris

    One time I was at the mall buying new clothes, and I noticed a man, maybe 28-32, watching me from a distance so I went into the changing rooms. And shortly after I heard a light knocking. I peaked under and seen him then opened to.see what happend. But I didn’t know he would walk in and drop his pants and show me his 8′ cock. That was my first time I seen one so big, I just closed the door and quickly undressed then we started kissing and I suck him as he guided me. He stuck it all the way in and didn’t leave the room for about 45minutes, when he left he was smiling(:

  42. Steve

    With me , was sex on a front deck of a house at night time.But do remember once,Seeing a couple having sex on the front steps of the Capital Building.Was dark but enough light, we knew what they was doing.So head lights on them and horns hunking.They finished pulled their pants back up and was gone.

  43. Ernesto

    The Big Dipper Santa Cruz while in motion..I leaned to my right and my bf hiked up my shorts and slid home..this was parties while hanging our coats in the closet, he’d push me in, close the door behinf him then push in. Good times…..

  44. Jonathan

    On the hood of my car on a dirt road in the country with a big dicked bottom I met in a truck stop bathroom. True story!

  45. cntryman

    Two places: First, when we were in high school, my best friend and I went to a convention with a school club. We shared a hotel room with several other guys. He and I shared a bed. During that night, with other guys asleep on the next bed and a few guys even sleeping on our floor, I sucked him off without anyone else in the room even knowing it. (At least, to this day, no one ever said they knew it!) The second place: Same guy and me, years later, he got married and had a child. One night after he’d been married a year or so, he and I had sex in his living room while his wife was in their bedroom alseep.

  46. Charles

    When my ex and I first got together, I kept getting infections in this coil between my penis and testicles. So, one day, as I was having an ultrasound of the area, the techs stepped out of the room and well, we did what came natural

  47. PowerBottomJock

    I got fucked by a 9.5 inch cock in a park restroom. It was cold out but there were still people with their kids at the park that afternoon. I went in and waited for him. He was on a break with his boyfriend and wanted to sample my ass at the time. He shows up and he gets right down to pulling my pants down and rimming me. He rubs his cock against my ass and gets me warmed up to take his cock. He slowly pushes it in more and more, inch by inch with each thrust. He finally gets it all the way in but I am in an ecstasy of pain from his huge thick cock lodged into my ass. He starts tofuck me slow but picks up the pace every now and then. He paid close attention to my body language to determine when to fuck me harder or to slow down. He even picked me up off the ground simply by pushing his dick all the way up into my ass. First time I’ve ever had that happen. He kept going at me but we both tried to keep quiet while guys kept walking in and out of the restroom. It wasn’t easy to keep quiet with that thick long dick fucking me. We had been going at it for over an hour and then he finally had me jerk and cum while his thick raw dick was pounding away at me from behind. I can and the he pulled out. He jerked the rest of the time and after a few minutes, he finally shot his load so hard it went from the wall he was leaning on to the wall five feet in front of him. So fucking hot. I wish he shot it in my ass instead. Hopefully he hits me up soon and fucks me like that again in that same restroom.

  48. CLARK


  49. Keith

    Was driving around with this guy looking for a place to stop to fuck around with ~ and the only place we found was a funeral home parking lot. As we were in the back seat having our fun we heard people outside the car but didn’t care and kept going.

    Another when I was living in Hawaii driving down the highway, I was in the passenger seat and the guy I was with was so horny he didn’t want to wait till we got to his place to suck me off that he started sucking me off while he was driving. I took control of the wheel from the passenger seat ~ thank goodness for cruise control though!

  50. aeroguy

    I met the guy here in Adam. We started running at a near by park. As well were walking we started to talk about sex, I got hard and got close to him. I told him let me your ass, I had a condom since I knew I wanted to do it. We hid behind some small palms we tucked there. Few minites later the cops came by because the park was close. We ended up riding on the cops back seat. We were just told to make sure to leave the park as soon as it close.

  51. Terry

    This brings back to many memories. I think my favorite was during my high school years and shortly after while showing cattle at the fairs. One night we had been drinking and having a great time….3 or 4 guys and 3 girls…we all ended up in the sheep barn and decided to sleep there….no sheep in the pen we bedded down in. Well as we were all horny things just seemed to happen. One m/f couple started messing around….then another m/f couple….then a lesbian started playing with one of those couples….that left me and the other guy and fortuately he was willing. He had the thickest cock.of any of the guys there…we sucked and fucked and another one of the guys joined us. Needless to say lots of things happened in the sheep barn that night. I think several others around would have loved to join us instead of listenng. So many fun times at the fairs. Sex everywhere

  52. Jason

    Back in my high school days, I had sex in the bathroom by the front office, costume room in theater and the worst place was in the middle of the auditorium during drama class when they lights were out cause they were working on them

  53. playguy35

    My friend hand a ice cream truck and he told me 2 come 2 work with him and we both got hrny so we park and he take me 2 the back of the truck and I start 2 suck him off with wpcream and he start 2 fuck me wen he finsh we just keep working and that was 4 a ho week ever day

  54. hardrawtop

    We’d be here all day if I listed all of the places I’ve had sex but here are a few favorites… on the balcony of a hotel in Cairo, Egypt overlooking guards armed with machine guns; in the ruins of a building that used to be part of a movie star’s compound; on the balcony of a hotel overlooking the Bellagio Fountains in Vegas; on the back of a bulldozer in a construction site; Disneyland (after it was closed, no kids around); the parking lot of a Trader Joe’s; the back of a moving van (stationary); Macy’s dressing room; on the pool table in a bar (several times when the bar was closed and once while the bar was open); and pretty much every dark alley, dimly lit parking garage, laundry room, elevator, stairwell, or other semi-public place that I’ve been able to find a willing partner to join me in. For me a weird place would be doing it in bed.

  55. Liento

    Sailing on Clark Lake, and we both got naked and went uo on the bow. He sucked my cock until I was hard and wet, and then we sucked each other for a while. Then I turned him over and fucked him. When we were done I noticed a couple in another boat watching us, and getting naked.

  56. Duke

    I met a manager of a restaurant a couple of times for sex. One time my roomie was home and his sister was at his place, so we went to the only other place where we knew would be vacant at 11 PM at night…. His Old Country Buffet restaurant. We put some thick blankets down and went at it on the salad bar. We were able to 69 and then I ended up fucking him in the position where I was on my back and he sat on my cock while he slowly laid down on his back on the bar. I shot up his ass and he shot his load onto the inside of the sneeze guard…about 16″ above us in the center.

  57. Scott

    The choir loft of a Catholic church was probably the most unusual place I’ve ever had sex. My current partner and I were out on a day trip one summer Saturday and came across a huge, gorgeous church out in the country. I insisted we stop and have a look. Surprisingly, the doors were open so in we went. After exploring the ground floor, I wanted to see the organ… No pun intended… And located the stairs to the choir loft. As I was running my hands over the beautifully carved console of the church organ… My boyfriend started running his hands over me! Well, before we knew it we were half naked having our way with each other. It was terribly exciting and rather risky… Since every sound seemed to reverberate off the soaring vaulted ceilings. Fortunately, we never did get caught.. Being born and raised Catholic I felt a slight pang of guilt, but splashed myself with holy water on the way out the door… Hopefully that helped to wash away a little bit of the sin!!

  58. bicounty

    Met a guy in a park and we hit it off. He took me to his flower shop which he owned. We got naked in back room sucked and rimmed each other until cummed. We dressed. As I left he opened the store and customers came in. We then met many other time at his house.

  59. Markell

    I used to ride to work each morning with my lover but never had the time to get one in until one morning we were running late and he came to pick me up still dark outside said he was wanting sum head an ass so he got both tht morning going down the major highway no one for miles to be seem so naked he became in the drivers seat And me leaning over to blow tht dick hard and long, thn pulling over and gettn the dick in my ass hoping that a car wasn’t approaching bent down on the opposite side gettn nail deep and more Deeper hopn someone might see but ended up nutt’ Hardd before anyone came by ……. Dam I need to bust now thinkn about that event……, To Hott for Words

  60. Nick

    I was working a show at a major theme park and my then partner at the time “A” were taking our time cleaning up that we got so horney, we started making out in the green room and then ended up fucking in the puppet pit. Thankfully the show was in the back of the park no one ever really came around and plus we were kinda quiet which was good because the pit was outside but it was a great time.

  61. Lex

    The most weirdest and hottest place for me was when i was with a friend. He picked me up and we went and got gas in his car then afterwards I then crawled in the back seat and stripped naked and sat there while we drove around for like 30-40 mins and the whole time he kept on every so often reaching in the back with one hand and playing with my cock and the other hand on the wheel then we pulled over to the side of the road and he then got in the back with me and he started palying with my cock and i his and then he got back up front and left me in the back naked then we drove toward my place and we stopped off behind an old abonded mall and we then both got out and he then sucked me a little and i him and then he turned me over on leaned me over the trunk of his car and then fucked the living hell out of and i loved every minute of it as well. We then got dressed and he took me home and we also alomost got caught as well and just love that feeling of doing it somewhere public and the felling of almost getting caught is a major turn on.

  62. Whiteboyfunfark

    The weirdest place I’ve ever had sex? In the ass…
    Either on top of a piano in the practice rooms at the college of music I attended or on the dance floor at the Factory nightclub on a busy Saturday night.

  63. chris

    Me and a friend of mine were at the gym working out then went to take a shower, well once we got in the shower i started aucking his big black cock and not long after he turned me around a fucked me in the shower. We had a guy next to us come in the shower stall and atart jacking off to us fucking to! It was sooo hot!!

  64. Hunter0500

    It’s all good until you get slapped with a Lewd and Lacivious Behavior or Public Nudity charge and have to explain that to mom or grandma and anyone who sees it court records. You won’t have to explain it to any possible future employer. Once they check your background, you’ll be moved to the “No” pile.

  65. james

    In my Dad’s new car. His brother picked me up at school, we parked, reclined my seat, he blew me, my naked feet on dashboard. Went home, dropped me and car off at Dads. When my Dad took me to school the next moring there were footprints all over the inside of the windshield. Hard to explain to him what caused that.

  66. DJ NaveE

    Where do I begin? Omg, forest preserves, Macys, Marshall Fields (downstairs at the Frango mint bathroom), NTC Great Lakes train station, pick a downtown Chicago high rise chances are been there and done it there. Ogilvie Train Station, Union Station, most of the downtown universities, public library on the 3rd and 6th floors, but the wildest place…is actually two different times. First I was taking the Metra into downtown Chicago for a night of some serious power drinking with friends. Its a rather warm summer evening aroud 8pm and I’m wearing loose shorts and no undies. My balls hang VERY LOW in humid weather like this. So the guy comes and sits across from me. A fine Latini lad no more than about 23 years old. Cute smooth and hairless. As I’m sitting there listening to my mp3 player I notice he keeps adjusting his crotch and licking his lips. We strike up a casual rwgular conversation. I didn’t notice that my balls have decided to free themselves from the pouch of my shorts and were swinging in full view. Much to his liking, he reaches over, cups them and gives them a good squeeze. He mumbles something to the effect that he likes and can’t wait to see my dick. Now he changes and comes sit right next to me, placinghis hand on my right thigh ans rubbing the inside of it. Hw fibally gives in and runs fingers up the leg opening and gives my cockhead a good tug and squeeze. Now my cock which is still sleeping now decides to start drooling precum making his hand nice and sticky. We continue trying to have a discreet discussion but by now his ass is getting wet and loose…especially now that hes sitting on my ring finger. We finally arrive downtown and we leave the teain station. Hes super hot for my dick at this point and wont take no for an answer let alone take a raincheck. As we both are walking thru the streets to our other modes of transport hes practically begging for some action. We get to Michigan Ave in front of the Art institute. On the south side there is a courtyard with a fountain rwcessed back towards the wall. Its now approximately 930 and the sun has long set. The advantages of nightfall, incandescent street lamps, and a well placed fountain makes for the perfect location for this sexy Latino guy to place a condom in his mouth, drop to his knees pull out my dripping sweaty cock and take it deep down his throat. Making sure to get the condom on good and snug. I then pull him up by his hair, yank his running shorts down, spit generously on his aching hole, bendhim over tge railing of said fountain and ram all 8 in him as he moans in pleasure. Hair pulling, ass smacking, I reach around and tug on his cock and squeeze as I bury my dick deep in his juicy wet tight ass. He squuezes down and milks my cock head with his hole till he feels my cock explode and damn near burst the condom. I pull out, pull the rubber offand dispose of it, he licks my dick clean, we shake hands as he boards his bus and I hop a cab up north to my night of drinking and hopefully more fun.

    My second wildest place for sex involves a more-way…more than 3…this dalliance takes place at the Chicago Board of Trade. Following an online ad placed on another site, I was given step1 instructions on how to get my skilled mouth on all that horny trader dick. So I respond, confirm my arrival. I get to the CBOT (as the locals call it), I go downstairs to the 1st basement (there are 4), i proceed to the bathroom. Inside I see the line of 12 urinals with no dividers and behind them 13 toilet stalls. As soon as I look there is an older guy down urinal row tugging on his cock. I look away not wanting to give him the impression im interested. I take the 3rd stall from the left as instructions dictated. So I sit and wait on the toilet. Within two minutes there is a cock sticking thru the glory hole to my left. It nice young and smooth. I service it hungrily. I then notice that there is another huge uncut blonde monster sticking thru the hole on the right. I finish up with the first one and quickly switch sides.I proceed to work on it good, then next it pulls out and hands me a small sheet of paper with Step 2 instructions which state to follow him out of the bathroom onto the elevators. I quickly stand up and zip up putting my drooling ass pounder away.Once I step the outside the bathroom, there stands this handsome 26 yr old trader in his dress slacks, button down shirt and tie with all his various badges draped around his neck complete with the biggest tent and dramatically widening wet stain on the front of his slacks. “Well nice to see you can actually suck dick! We’ve tried this before but no one sucks as good as you did just wait tilli get you upstairs. I’m sure your service will be in high demand. Wait till the guys get a hold of you!”…wait what??? Tried what before? GuyS meaning more than one?
    Nowim getting nervous and anxious. Not quite sure what ive just gotten myself into I’m a bit nervous. We board the elevator and proceeded to the 42nd floor.once up there he takes my hand, then blindfolds me. Says there is lots of sensitive information up there and I can’t see any of it. He then leads me to the bathroom. He takes the blindfold off, ushers me into the handica pped stall, gets on his walkie talkie and says “its a go,in position start the line”. Wait…huh??? What line?

    As I’m on my knees enjoying every inch of his hard smooth blond uncut cock the door ti the stall flies open I look behind me and see 9 guys lined up with their dicks in hand waiting their turns. All ages and sizes from 6 to 10 inches. I only ended up sucking off three of the young guys beforei had to leave and get to my meeting…which I never made it to. My dick was so stiff and sticky I had to venture over to UIC Lincoln hall and get myhard throbbing dick worked on by this cute iowa farm boy in the stalls there as I sucked on another german sausage on import as an exchange student. Hot times that day.

    Maybe ill post my story of fireworks at the taste of chicago fireworks that resulted in the worst case of zipper rash ever later…



  68. Guy

    Is there really such a thing as a wierd place??? Just asking, cause I don’t think there is a place I haven’t done it in. What contitues a wierd place????

  69. Redbull

    This guy was the HR person at a company he worked for in Manhattan, NY. He’d set up bogus interviews and then suck the cock of the interviewee’s during the meeting. He called me back for two additional interviews after our first meeting. He’d come out into the waiting area, greet the interviewee and escourt him into his office. He’d close the door to his office and within two minutes I was leaning against his desk, pants off, and him on his knees sucking my cock, licking my balls and rimming my ass. He swallowed each of my three loads.

  70. Johnnybag

    I am from Scotland, So pretty small town antic till I got to New York on holiday, I was in Splash Bar and pulled and very fit black guy called Paris he was an Abs instructor (feel me) we got into a Yellow Cab going uptown to the place I was staying. In the cab I pull down my boxer and jeans and sat on his cock the driver was watching the whole way when we got to the place the driver jumped out and got involved in the back it was off the Hook.

  71. JustCallMeJohn

    A guy invited me over to his house and we had sex poolside. There were several houses that overlooked his but it was at night and the thrill of someone looking out thier window and down on two guys fucking heightened the sex.

  72. Barehairybear

    Where havnt I had sex? I’ve been bent over me desk at work. Pounded on my front porch. Had my face smashed into the cold metal stalls in multiple bathrooms. Been bent over car hoods and pressed against brick walls in alleys. But my favorite was when two men picked me up stripped my pants off and held my down on my back with my legs spread on a pool table in a bar to let anyone that wanted take my ass.

  73. head-master

    had sex with a good friend on the merry-go-round in our city park, it was just after dark we had been playing volleyball with friends and hung around afterwards to talk he knew i was bi & said he was real horny & wondered what it was like with another guy so i dared him to find out so he bent me over the center post & took a ride lol we had sex a few more times that summer & then we both went to college & never saw each other again

  74. tom

    a friend and i had gone to the lake with a group of other scuba divers to do some scuba diving. since we were more experienced than the rest of the group we went to look for lost fishing rods and lures. it was a hot day and the lake water was extremely warm and the visibility was good so all we had on was our bathing suits. not having much luck, i casually brushed his crotch and it sprang to life and with a wicked grin he knew i was horny. we were about 30 ft underwater and i pulled his swimsuit down and started giving him a blowjob and it didn’t take long until he was on his back with his legs up. that was all the invitation i needed. we surfaced about 10 minutes later where the group and set up. we had been underwater for a total of 45 minutes and not success finding lost fishing rods or lures, but we both thoroughly enjoyed the day.

  75. Kev

    My wife’s hospital called to tell me that my wive’s water broke. I was running to her room after parking at he hospital garage. She was on the third floor. I got into the elevator with an incredibly handsome Latin male nurse. We looked at each other’s eyes and I immediately felt a strong electric jolt down my spine. We ended up fucking in janitor’s closet.

    I was late, end she wiped the guy’s cum off my sideburns. I had to tell her that I got so worried when the hospital called so I spilled my milk shake.

    I fished the guy out later on on missed connections on Craigslist. We have been fucking ever since than.

    My twins are 18 months old now.

  76. rawholefucker

    I work at a university…
    I was on Grindr and had been talking to a hot college boy and eventually invited him to my office. Before he arrived, I ran out to my car and got a few things I thought I might need…

    I turned all of the lights off in the office suite, jarred the door to the outer office door that leads to the hallway…

    I jarred my office door as well…
    When the hot boy arrived, he found me on the floor in front of my desk, wearing a red jock strap, and the words “cum dump” written on my ass.
    I was there on the floor poppered up, ready to take his raw cock in my slutty hole. He came in, rimmed my ass for quite a while, the slid his hard cock into my quivering hole. He fucked me on the floor for a while, then moved me up on top of my desk, where he was able to REALLY breed me well.

    He filled my hole with a HUGE hot cum load!

    He now comes to fuck me in my office at least once a week…

  77. Robert

    At where I worked and shared an office with a guy we used to lock the door at lunch time and I would suck him off. That went on for several years

  78. SHAWN

    I was working in a local dollar retailer when one of my employees who I had been having a fling with during a 6 am stocking shift grabbed my cock and shoved me down on carboard inside a rolltainer and blew me right there ,,,it was so hot ,,stockroom fun !!

  79. jules

    on a slide
    in a hotel pool in day light
    behind a farm
    in a computer lab
    on top of a board room table
    in a garden
    back of a car in traffic
    on the hood of a car
    double fisting two dicks on a ledge
    under a stall at my freshman orientation
    in an alley fucked that dude hard he had 9 inches but was totally submissive.
    in a parking garage someone caught us but kept going.
    fucked a guy at a local bar in the dressing room of the drag queen’s and she was not happy when she caught us. lol

  80. Trizzy Troy

    Lived in NYC for abt 12 yrs. 6 of those I was a limo driver. Limos r hotel rms on wheels. I’ve had more sex on the clock than most prostitutes in brothels. 12 noon to 12 midnite cops, Fedex drivers, skaters by the Parks, love my bike messengers, bank executives give good tips n good head when its on their expense acct. Prom dates, bway stars after premier parties. Singers, band members. Just remembered had a hot time stroking a sexxy teens ass that worked at the Bronx Zoo. He was a hairy lil fuck, I waited til he closed up one of the consession stands n slid under tarp with him. Oh and u haven’t lived til u pop the lock on the conductors Booth on an express subway train after a drunk night of clubbing n get some seriously deliriously good head. I was ready to marry him. I fucked a exchange student that was working at Water Country waterpark in VA. He wanted it hard n nobody cld hear him scream over the kids going dn the tubes. Great thing I just jumped in the wave pool n washed off after. Oh I also had a college stud in the back of my Krispey Kreme truck when I delivered to Ursinus. I loved licking the cream off him. Damn ppl wld sell their soul for a box of those glazed donuts. What can I say, I’m a ho’ from b’ fo n a freak on the lo’!!!

  81. In OKC

    I was in a gay bar and met this cute Chinese guy-we talked exchanged phone numbers and he left. The next day he calls and wants to know if I wanted to meet so we met at the same bar in the parking lot-had lunch and came back-he made comment about how nice my van was and wanted to look inside-wasn’t long and we were sucking each other until he was so hot he said fuck me so I layed the seat down and fucked him hard-was so hot and exciting it didn’t take long to cum. Upon finishing and we say goodbye I decide to go inside and have a drink and upon entering the bar tender which I knew said “Tom your windows are not all that dark”. to this day he tells that story and I do turn red

  82. Joe

    Got drunk at a club, and met this guy a little older than me who brought me upstairs into the corner and started blwing me. I kept making him get up when I saw someone till I didnt care anymore. 3 people who worked there saw along with other passersby and no one cared. Best blowjob of my life, was exhilarating.

  83. Jon

    Years ago I was an inpatient for testing. My bf came to see me, well with the beautiful sun set view over the East side of Manhattan sky line, we started having sex in the solarium, just when we finished, the elevator door opened. It was at one point hot and on another reallllly hot.

  84. Greg

    I walked into a restaurant with a friend of mine for a late lunch. As we were being seated, we walked by a table with a guy and girl and I recognized the guy as someone I had met an adult bookstore a few weeks before. After being seated, I excused myself to use the mensroom. I had to walk by the same table and the guy wasn’t there. When I entered the mensroom, he was at the urinal. I stood next to him and looked over. He was rock hard and that made me rock hard. He smiled and grabbed my cock. The door had a lock on it; it was a very small mensroom. He locked the door and got down on his knees. Looking up he said “don’t take too long, we both have friends waiting. Damn, he was so good, it was over in less than a minute, lol. He stood up, said thanks and walked out. Was totally HOT

  85. Chips

    Let’s see here:

    Macy’s Dressing Room
    Area off of a park in SW PA
    Woods off of a park
    Restaurant Storage room
    College bathroom off the lounge a few days after classes ended for the summer
    Different college’s stairwell, starting a 3-way
    Bar basement
    A car in an industrial park near Erie, PA, with a thrilling rush to my friend’s place cause of curfew (we were 18 at the time)

    The weirdest had to be between two buildings, apartment houses really, in a rather hilly part of town. There were stairs leading up to the space between the buildings, where my friend and I went, I unzipped, and he sucked me off behind this brick column, possibly a chimney (it was past 10 at night and dark). I got off and came in his mouth, and I was starting to go down on him, and someone came out of one of the buildings, talking on the phone or to a friend. I was silently freaking out, and the voice got far enough away where we kept going back into the alley and came out in a parking area and we fled. I was terrified, due to only coming out a month or two prior

  86. hot-student

    I was in this sauna of a upscale hotel in Cairo and there was another guy. We started eyeing each other and then he came and sat next to me and without asking anything, he pushed his dick into my mouth. Then he positioned me and fucked me bareback for a solid 15 mins. He was a hot young arabic guy and had an 8″ thick cut cock. He was kissing me and then he shot his load inside me and kissed me and left. I went to my room satisfied. No one came during that fuck session.

  87. John

    I sucked a guy off at the very front of the #6 train platform at Grand Central just before early am rush hour – this was a long time ago. Our eyes met while riding uptown on the train and I followed him out at 42nd St. We were in the front car, so we found ourselves alone on the platform after the train pulled out. He rubbed his crotch, I didn’t need any additional encouragement to drop to my knees and take his 8″ dick in my mouth. I gave him a great blow job. He came fairly quickly, and was zipped back up just as we heard the next train pulling in. I met up with him a couple more times after that, but then he must have changed jobs or something.

  88. Meatymike

    The place where i got a full blowjob was at a kmart garden center. My buddy , no were not lovers, both bi tho. We were at kmart in a poor side of town. Was pretty messy in garden center. This was outdoors but they store pallets and shit out there covered in tarps. Anyway i had some loose nike shorts on and no undies. Summer time. My buddy noticed my cock was semi hard and it was. Free ballin does that. He has sucked it before but not on spur of moment in public. Anyway, we went outside and there was nobody out there. We went between pallets and droped my shorts to ankles. He grabbed my ass cheeks and took my hardon like a champ. It doesnt take me long to cum, maybe 5 minutes? He just sucked it fast as my balls slapped his chin. The risk made it more exciting and the orgasm very intense. I told him i was cumming…he normaly dont want cum in mouth….i kept telling him im cumming and cant hold it no more…..i came in his mouth for first time. He actually swallowed it….oh so hot and it felt so good. Wish he could suck to root but im 8 cut pretty thick and he dont have deep throat skills… light special in garden center!

  89. Dylan

    Wow like many others the list is EXTREEMLY long. I guess my two favorites were on a train coming out of a Yankee game in NY. This kid holding the rail and I were staring at each other and out hands slid together on the vertical hand rail. He had “bumped” in to my cock a few times to know he wanted it. The train stopped in a tunnel and lost power. As soon as the light went out I’m cock was out. He pulled down his pants just enough where I could get in him. The train was packed standing room only. The only thing you could see were ppls cell phones. The guy next to us could kinda see and whispered in my ear, when you are done move over. I shot so deep in to this kid it was awesome! Quick but awesome!!! The power came back on and we were moving and all he could do was smile. Got off the next stop and so did the other guy never to be seen again.

    My other favorite time was at overlooking Bourbon st in New Orleans during Fat Tuesday. The ADONIS was standing on the balcony and I was staring at him he stared back. He came over to me and we started making out, then he starts blowing me with like 1/2 a million ppl right below us. He stood up and dropped he draws and leaned against the rail I started fucking him. I did him right and his moans and the crowd also made me shoot a lil faster then i was use to. Security was coming over by my friend got in between us. The guard was pissed so flipped him a 20 when we left. On the way out the cops were on the way up. It was close !

  90. Jmc

    I had sex with a hot bartender in my car in a grave yard at dawn. I found out after we were finished that the grave yard was used for some filming in the old 80’s return of the living dead movie. I can’t watch return of the living dead to this day with out laughing.

  91. Jim

    In a guy’s garage whom I met online while his wife was in the kitchen making supper. He fucked me silly, even knocked over a garbage can as we squirmed around. And she didn’t cum out looking for her Honey. He shot deep in my ass and wiped it off on my chin before I left through the kitchen door saying goodbye to the Mrs (I pretended to be a contractor coming by to give advise on some repairs).

  92. Rodger

    I had a strange situation as well as strange place. I drove over to my ex’s house and parked in front. He wasn’t there, but his sister pulled in behind me, he got out and got in my car. His sister stayed in the car because he was going somewhere else with her. I had been to a local park (to jack off) and was only wearing shorts and flip flops. He was turned on when I told him where I had been and done and reached into my shorts, pulled my dick out and jerked on it. He continued to jack me off, in broad daylight with his sister being able to see us. (Also, the neighbor’s house across the street was up on a hill so who knows who else was watching.) It was so hot I came again, the second time in 20 minutes, in no time!! (Not a big deal for most peeps but I was 53 at the time.

  93. Big Ray

    The back of a Greyhound Bus going to Vegas while three passengers watched. The restroom on a plane to Hawaii. The rectory at my church by priest at age 15 just oral for first three times. Taxi Cab while driver watched, while taking flying lessons in priv plane, on a surfboard, furniture store (got a great deal on sofa and love seat)in a classroom, and in a library.

  94. wildman

    few years ago , i ment a sexy hot bottom , he wanted me to meet him in a bathroom at the fast food restaurant , he was siting in a bathroom stall all i need to do was knock on the door, and he got up, and i pound his nice ass real good. real nice big mac 😉
    that my wild place i had sex at:)

  95. Matt

    Always something hot about public sex. One time in a Banana Republic, I was feeling really horny and I told my partner I wanted to suck his cock. So we found some clothes to “try on” and once in the room, got naked and his cock was immediately in my mouth. I was really sucking his cock when there was a knock on the door. One of the cute male workers asks “Do you guys need a different size?” With his cock still in my mouth, I reply, “Nope, we’re all good in here. Thanks!” It wasn’t too much longer after that, he shot his load down my throat and we quickly put our clothes back on and left the store.

  96. Casey

    While I was in college I managed the layaway department of our local WalMart, and my boyfriend at the time worked for me. It was late one night and we were finishing putting the last of the packages in the trailers behind the store. We were both horny and had been making jokes to each other all night. While in the trailer I was actually working and he was playing around and finally he kissed me. We ended up having a great experience. There was a minor problem though “Hulk Hands” were really popular that year and a box kept screaming at me “Hulk Angry”. I can never see a “Hulk” cartoon, action figure, or even commercial without giggling. I guess some kid got a special gift that year!

  97. luv2eatcum

    It was in New Orleans….but what doesn’t happen there. Met this guy in the back of a bar while walking through. He motioned down that he was being blown. It was kinda dark. Well the other two guys next to us had their cocks out also. So we all took turns going down on each other. Well, back to the first guy I met, said he was going back to hotel. I said which one. Turned out we were in the same hotel, but we both were sharing a room with someone, so there was nowhere to finish our escapade. So I thought, not the elevator, but how about the stairs. We walked down all the way down to the bottom of stairs past he first floor. We made sure no cameras could see us. We blew each other and we both swallowed each others loads. Cum kissing afterwards. Hot. To this day we are still good friends.

  98. youknowwho

    Me n this guy were driving around looking for a dark area to fuck..finally we found a dark building..we parked rear end first into the park way..we fucked in the back of the car..he had his legs wrapped around my waist holding me tighter with every thrust..and as I’m busting a huge load inside of him I look up and look out the back window and notice the sign of the building said it was to the “CHP” I won’t say what city this was in but damn talk about risky..

  99. JEREMY












  100. Sterling

    When I was 19 me and my boyfriend went to see a movie. There were a lot of empty seats so we were free to suck and fuck each other to our hearts content.

  101. SparklePrince

    About 8 years ago I hooked up with this guy – an EMT – while he was on duty and we fucked in his ambulance! It was good, not even uncomfortable. I’d do it again. =)

  102. BearOKC69

    Back in my college days had sex in too many mens rooms to count…favorites were Sears, Target, Venture & Kmart. Down in Florida there was the manger at a Kmart that had this massively thick black cock…near coke can thick…so thick it wouldn’t fit thru the decent size glory hole in the stall…he was always trying to get that monster into my young tight hole…finally did one day and thought he was going to split me wide open…didnt stop until he shot 2 loads in me…my ass hurt for at least a week after.

    In college had met a guy in one of the cruisey but busy restrooms in the Student Union and he said he knew of a safe place. I followed him over to the Library and we went back to the Stacks where they had an older elevator with no camera that you could push the emergency stop without any alarms going off. He pushed the stop button and ordered me to strip. I did and sucked his cock some then he turned me around pushed me against the elevator wall and rammed his cock into my ass with only my spit as lube and proceeded to fuck the shit out of me…hard & rough. He shot his load and got pulled up his pants and pushed the Go button on the elevator. FTF? I never got dressed so fast in my life. Think my shoes were untied and my fly was open, but managed to get covered by the time the doors opened and there was a small group of people waiting for the elevator. Saw some knowing looks on the guys faces as I high-tailed it out of there. One of the best fucks I have ever had.

    Also have had sex many many times out in a seldom used wooded archery range back in the day. Sucking fucking rimming 1-on-1 group etc. Once I was sunbathing back in a wooded part on the other side of the park (with bathing suit on) and heard voices coming my way. Thought to myself, great, some group action. Open my eyes and there are 2 hunky uniformed cops standing over me wanting to know what the fuck i was doing. I stuttered out that I was just relaxing and they told me it wasn’t part of the park and I needed to get out of there and not come back. Fortunately I wasnt doing anything at the time even though I know I had a hardon that was easily seen thru the swim wear. Grabbed my lube & condoms that were under my towel and quickly left.

    About a month later was walking thru the same area of the Park when a uniformed cop was walking towards me in the heavily wooded trail. Pretty sure it was one of the same cops from before because he barked the same questions/instructions. Again wasn’t doing anything so he let me go.

    Those days are long gone for me as it is just too risky getting caught by a cop that isnt interested in letting you go. It would be their word against yours and here in Oklahoma, will cost you a minimum of $1,200 fine plus lawyers, court costs etc etc.

  103. bfddldude

    sucked my ex off in the dressing room at jc penny in the carousel mall in syracuse, fucked a funeral director in a cemetery, got my ass pounded one january night over the hood of my car on the side of the road (with the lights on and engine running.. good thing all the adjacent houses were dark and there wasn’t much traffic), 69-ed a hot little fucker about 50 feet off a busy hiking trail in the woods and sucked a bud off in the steam room at my gym.

  104. steve

    i just hooked up with a guy off here we walked to his place i sucked him good deep throating his 8.5 inch black cock then he benf me over amd rimmed my hole then fucked the shit out of me till hel blew his load deep in my ass..ill def be going back for more

  105. Jac-Baptiste

    My freshmen year at UPENN with three wrestlers at different times in the gym shower rooms. And my junior year at UPENN I had sex with baseball player after a winning game for him in his dorm room while a party was going on in the other room! Ivy League guys do it best! And always like it raw!

  106. dkbimd

    Behind the Old Memorial Church in Berlin during the Christmas Market. Enjoyed trading blow jobs with a hot local and then fucking his ass while he leaned on the railing to the church stairs.

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