A4A : Plan-A-Trip

Guys, did you know that you can use our free Plan-A-Trip feature whenever you are traveling? Your profile will then be visible in the Visitors section of the city you will be visiting and it will be easy to meet locals once you are there.

It is very easy to use, follow these steps:

First of all, click on MY ACCOUNT.

Then select PLAN-A-TRIP.

Then enter the city you will be visiting and the dates and click on “save this trip” !




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  1. Jman142

    There are few people in meridian, ms so it would be a miracal if some guys from other cities in ms would visit… I can’t host if they do but it would be nice, if someone in another city visited…


  2. zaq

    I use this feature whenever I travel and it’s a big help. I’m not looking at the last moment for a hookup, instead I have in mind those I want to meet in advance.
    I do find it annoying when visitors come to my city unannounced and expect me to drop my plans just to have sex with them because they’re here for a day or two.

  3. G90814

    This feature also works if you want to have your profile appear in a nearby area… the locations in A4A near me are mixed up a bit, not arranged logically, so it helps find guys who are still close by but might otherwise not see your profile.

  4. Caramelo

    I’ve been trying to hook up in the general area that I’m in now with no luck. I’m gonna use this feature to see if I get lucky when I go to PA to visit.
    Hope it works, I’d like to get more a little more fun than just seeing family

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