Watch This : Mariah Carey At Jimmy Fallon’s Show

In last night’s episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey, Jimmy and The Roots sang her legendary holiday classic  “All I Want For Christmas Is You” with instruments that you would find in a kindergarten. Following Carly Rae Jepsen and Christina Aguilera’s similar performances with toy drums and office supplies, Mimi and her flock of men reimagined the 1994 track with tiny xylophones, flutes, percussions, mini guitars etc. Mariah’s voice was top shape, sitting legs crossed, very classy, draped in a red gown, waving her finger around like she is known for.

If you are not in the Christmas mood yet, I promise that you will be after watching this, it is sooooo cute, and festive.

Check it out after the jump and let me know your thoughts! I love Mariahhhh!



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  1. jorge

    She is back!!! Better then ever!!! When i first saw her belting those high notes in the nbc xmas special bt now with ths live singing of all i want for xmas proves that she is back n will compete with the younger generation. I want another daydream album

  2. junior

    I am happy to hear a real live performance for once! Her voice is great because it sounds real!!! Even Mariah like many others have fallen to backtracks and lyp syching in their recent performances but this shows that without all the crap a song can still be sung and done well! Great Job MC!

  3. archel

    Every gay man has a diva they worship like aretha franklin, barbara streisand, celine dion, whitney houston, dianna ross, madonna, janet jackson, beyonce, lady gaga and ofourse the best selling female artist of all time mariah carey. Her voice has been in great shape since her pregnancy mostly for being well rested so her instrument has been taken care of. Shes my diva!!! Lamb for life 🙂

  4. Chris D

    Mariah is No. 1 again but I wish she would lose a few more lbs. because her cheeks look chubby still ! She’s still the best no matter what anyone says though

  5. Trizzy Troy

    YESSS!! Love MC. She is a melodious angel. That song prompted some serious pillow talk btwn me & my long distance love. I’ve seen her in concert & own all her CDs. Her music just enhances & uplifts any mood I happen to b in. Please grace us with another musical phenomenon asap!!

  6. Gboy

    Mariah is fabulous and a true singer unlike some so called popstars(Britney, Madonna…)who cannot belt a tune even if their life depends on it.

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