Watch This : Hot Man Taking A Shower

What is more exciting than seeing a hot athlete taking a shower ?


I’m speechless!
Check out the video taken by a hidden cam, and let me know your thoughts.

I’m hard, I need to jerk off !


(video after the jump, click on “movie 3” and then click again to watch)





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  1. jockfever

    short but sweet. goodlooking guy. great physique. very appealing buttocks. would like to help him out with his shower any time.

  2. Steve

    Christmas carol on the overhead is a nice touch … almost has me thinking this is genuine. Guy is definitely hot but I have to assume this is staged or you wouldn’t be posting it.

  3. William Austin

    So much good ass to bit! I’d get tongue cramps and squashed cheeks burses! Somebody gat’a do it!- And 10-1 nobody would stop you!

  4. BigwiL9

    I left a comment yesterday about the fetish thing, that I was surprised no one had a shower fetish, I guess I was wrong. I find group showers very erotic, I still miss the reform school group showers, its where I developed my shower fetish, and for watersports. Once I was showering and felt warm water on both my legs, I looked, and saw two guys, one on either side of me, they were pissing on my legs. They thought I’d get pissed off (no pun intended), instead I got instant wood, it was hot, ever since then I’ve had a love for group showers, but nothing was hotter than the group showers in prison (yes, I’ve led a troubled life, but I’m all better now LoL). Imagine a group shower filled with guys all pumped up and sweaty from the gym, washing their muscled chest, meaty thighs, washing their cock and balls, tight asses, I still jerk off to what I saw in reform school and prison.

  5. Caesars_son

    You can tell me real guys (str8 guys) do look at each other even get a lil hard. I once over heared two guys talk about get a woody in the shower at the gym. Claiming they were hard from working out. Every guy has had the thought….not every guy has acted on it.

  6. Hulklincoln

    he constantly flips his cock so that it fluff’s up a bit so when he is done drying off the guys will think he’s hung BIGGER than what he really is – NICE NICE BODY though !!!

  7. Lorenzo

    damn the guy in the shower has the nicest bubble butt, I would love to suck his cock, kiss his big white butt and eat his squeky clean ass for hours.

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