Stories : Just as I Am Is My New Year’s Resolution


     Just as I am just ain’t good enough.  My version of that old hymn is driving me crazy today.  I need to be writing a new song and all I can think about is that hot session I had with the Latino brother at XXX videos.  I had seen him before online showing his stuff to the brothers and couldn’t fuckin’ believe I would find him that easy.  I didn’t realize it was him until I tripped and almost fell into him.  If Bernard, my watchdog, hadn’t been there, I would’ve run up in him like I wanted to.  I could’ve held that cute ass and worked that hole until he couldn’t take it anymore.  Maybe next time, if I run into him again, hell to the nah, I will run into him again.

If only there had been a fat booty brother in there to play with Bernard and bring out his shameful nature.  He acts like he can’t stand to be there.  His holier than thou attitude can’t hide his big cock when he sees what he likes.  I’ve never seen a guy get so hard so quick.  If a gust of wind blows by him, he’s hard.  And on several occasions he’s let me know that his dick is at least twelve inches.  I really couldn’t give a damn, but it’s freaky to watch him readjust his cock in those bleated suit pants when he sees a nigga with a bubble butt.  He can’t even control his hard urges when he’s at church.  The sisters all think he lusts after their fat booties, but if they only knew the truth.

The truth could set my ass free. Tru dat!  The only reason Bernard and I are handcuffed together is that my Pops doesn’t want my truth to destroy his kingdom and the riches that goes with it.  He happens to be the Bishop of one of the largest churches in the ATL.  I guess he thought I wouldn’t figure out that Bernard isn’t there to protect me from my fans.  But, he’s there to protect me from myself.  How could a good-looking, hot, gospel artist want to fuck boys instead of big booty girls, who throw themselves on him at every church concert?

It’s not that I don’t enjoy the gospel music scene, but I hate the down low.  I despise it.  Some people think there’s power in holding a secret over others.  Nah, after a while you feel powerless.  You have no control over what your heart feels is right and what the institution of the brotherhood tells you is right.  Without a doubt, there is a brotherhood of so-called religious leaders who are on the down low and won’t let you stray away even when they have decided you have become a liability.  One of God’s simplest lessons is that honesty is the best policy.  Fuck honesty though, when it endangers the institution of a male dominated church.  This institution has never really served the peeps; except to give them a falsely, glorified message that if they stay tied to the church they won’t be demonized, but uplifted by the powerful male hierarchy who decides what is right and what is wrong.

Since we survived the end of the world and my Pop’s is on vacation, I am in charge of the New Year’s Eve celebration at our church.  What I’m most excited about is the get together after the church function.  We have a new Latin brother to deaconize or rather initiate into our brotherhood of men who love to play with men they meet at our church functions.  This is more of a demonic event full of ritualistic sexual pleasures which takes place in my Pop’s small apartment study behind the Church.  There will be candles burning, incense wafting throughout the plush leather study and, most importantly, sexual fluids shared with the new member, almost like he has to sign over his freedom to the secrecy so extremely important to keep this brotherhood alive and prosperous.  All members have to renew their vows of cleanliness by way of supplying their HIV and STD test results before they can continue on or become a new member.  Since this is on sacred ground, we do not adhere to commonly known, safe sex, practices that limit skin-to-skin, brotherly love.

Bernard is in charge of the initiation and assures me that at least six brothers will be in attendance which is half of all the membership.  We only allow a new member to join when we lose one to leaving our church or moving away or not keeping himself clean and rid of those nasty diseases.  We lost Brother Burton to his gluttony for food.  His overweight countenance, which caused him to get diabetes, and kept his dick softer, more often than not, booted him out of this select group.  This is a brotherhood of proudly hard men who maintain their potency at all costs.

After ushering in the New Year, seven men stay behind for a special meeting.  The candles are lit, the incense is burning an aromatic favorite of mine, Dragon Fire Sandalwood and we have finished three, fine, full-bodied cabernets, just like the blood.  The new Latin brother, Antonio, is blindfolded and placed in the center of our circle.  He is completely nude and on his knees, subservient to our ritualistic desires.  Deacon Bernard gives us the sign to get naked.  Being the Bishop’s son, it is my honor to start the first round which is simply the first fluid.  I step in front of Antonio with his mouth wide open and spit into it as he swallows eagerly.  Bernard is next, followed by Deacon Lamar, in clockwise order Deacon Brent, Deacon Hampton and Deacon Lucas make the initiate drink their spittle.

I now know why Bernard allowed this new member into our lustful discipleship.  Antonio has a fine, full, plump ass which jiggles with every move he makes. He always wears the tightest of pants without any underwear causing lots of staring eyes to focus their attentions on his phat booty rather than listening to the Bishop’s message.  It shines almost white, smooth to the touch and has all of us rock hard.  The next round is testing the pain level of our new member.  I step behind him and get my feel of his ass.  One at a time, each of us kneel down spreading is cheeks open and place the head of our dicks at his hot hole.  Then we spank that ass with our bare hands, hard, feeling the vibrations on our hard heads as Antonio’s booty jiggles in red hot pain.

Bernard lights another incense stick and instructs Antonio to lick the pre-cum off the head of six large dicks.  He crawls to us, placing his hands on our muscular thighs for balance and then he licks and sucks each cockhead, tasting our saltiness and removing his ass sweat from our hot, hard dicks.  My dick is first as always, giving him a fat head with a wide slit to clean up.  Bernard is uncut and his pink hard head loves this tongue tingling sensation almost as much as what is coming next.  Lamar has a long thin dick which he smacks on the face of our newest member, then makes him gag as he shoves it deep down his throat.  Brent’s dick is as wide as it is long.  He’s always bragging that it is nine by eight inches, so fat that Antonio can barely wrap his mouth around the head to suck it hard.  Hampton’s dick is the most gorgeous to look at.  He’s a red-bone brother with eight inches of fine smooth skin that many have loved to suck deep down their throats.  Antonio is devouring it, too much, so Lucas grabs his head and makes him clean his dark-skinned, uncut dick, by having him pull on his plentiful foreskin with his teeth.  Sticking his tongue in deep and slurping on his head, causing Lucas to moan.

Antonio has been told by Bernard to make sure his ass is cleaned, thoroughly, ahead of time.  Painting our dicks is a sure fire way of getting booted from this cleanliness is next to Godliness organization.  That is one of our most important precepts for maintaining membership.  Starting this round, after each of us take a shot from the shared flask full of Patron, I move behind Antonio and pull his ass up, even with my face, I lick and spit into his fine booty, tonguing the tight hole.  When he is more than slippery wet with my spittle, I push my fat dickhead inside of him suddenly.  He feels perfectly smooth and, so good, as I pound his ass for the allotted time we are given by Bernard.  We each get fifteen minutes of fucking his ass and he takes it all pretty well until the two B’s, Bernard and Brent move into him.  He moans very loud as Brent’s fat dick spreads his hole wider than ever before.  He pushes his hole open wide, forcing all that nine by eight inches deep inside to the base of his cock.  Watching this is such a turn on for the rest of us as we line up by his open mouth and muffle his moans by forcing our dicks down his wet throat.  Bernard is last to pounce on that phat ass.  He long dicks him shoving all twelve inches in at once.  Pulling out slowly and then punching his opening with his dickhead, repeatedly, deeper each time, makes Antonio try to move and run from this sadistic pounding.  But, no one ever successfully runs as we see to it that they are held in place by our dicks gagging them deep down their throats.  If you want to be a full-fledged member, then you have to take the ass beating, no matter what the cost.

The final ritual is started and finished by me.  I light the last stick of incense and bless Antonio with its sandalwood smoke all over his body.  Once the fragrance is ever present, I put out the burning ember on the initiate’s heart chakra, leaving a red mark up above his navel and below his breastplate.  I open one last bottle of red wine and take a swig, moving right above his lips without touching them, sharing the wine with Antonio as it drizzles off my lips into his open mouth.  Grabbing my dick and jerking hard, I place my fat head on his tongue, shooting all my seed down his gulping throat.  I blow out my candle and turn to Bernard to share the wine and his seed with our newest member.  The other four deacons follow the same path and when Lucas has finished feeding him and blowing out his candle, I bend down and take Antonio’s dick in my mouth, sucking it deep with all my might. The newest dick being added to our group is at least nine inches long and has that pronounced, blue vein, running from its base to the head, which is cut, showing a line about two inches from the tip that separates the darker brown color from the very light brown head.  His balls are huge and have kept him leaking pre-cum throughout the initiation.  In just a matter of minutes, he lets go, shooting his large load into my hungry mouth.  Skeeting more cum than I can ever remember receiving, its creamy, thick and has powerful blasts that almost choke me as I try to hold all of it in my mouth.  Bernard hands me Antonio’s candle and I light it for him.  Handing it to him, he holds it with shaking hands, as I kiss his lips and feed him his own seed, tonguing it deep down his throat.  On this early morning, New Year’s Day, Antonio becomes our newest deacon.


David W. Bradburn aka dwb42461

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  1. Luke Jameson

    Oh my gosh that was good!! My dick is rock hard and it won’t go dwn…Damn I wanna put my 9.5 in Antonio. Better yet I think I got a crush on Bernard. That was a really great write. I admire how you continue to go against the grain in your erotic detailed disobedient back script! Dick still on hard!!

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