Stories : A Visit From Daddy

The dorm room door was unlocked, as instructed, and I noted the name “Dustin” at the top of the whiteboard on the door as I stepped inside, closing and locking the door behind me with a satisfying click. There was just enough moonlight filtering through the curtains to show a naked male figure kneeling in the dark room, hands clasped behind his back, eyes closed, head bowed just slightly. No words were spoken as I stepped forward, stripping off my shirt and unbuckling my belt. I popped open the buttons of my 501s and my cock bounced out, half-hard with anticipation, and I jabbed it toward Dustin’s face. His mouth dropped open, as if on command, but I used my cock as a club to slap his face, not too hard, just to let him know what he was about to receive. Now fully erect, I placed the head of my cut cock at Dustin’s lips and slipped it into his mouth. His lips closed over the end, but otherwise Dustin remained motionless, and I began sliding my cock in and out of his mouth, building in depth and intensity as I took more and more of his throat. About the third time I bottomed out in his mouth, balls against his chin, fiery red pubes in his nostrils, Dustin gagged a little, but I didn’t pull back. I took his nose like a handle, using it to tilt his head back a bit, and my cock slid in more easily until I could fuck his face with little or no gagging on Dustin’s part.

Sensing that he needed a breather, I released Dustin, withdrawing my cock, and stepped back to shuck my jeans and shoes, leaving me naked as well. He remained motionless other than his heavy breathing, and I took in the sight of this 21-year-old dark-haired college guy, slightly more visible now that my eyes had adjusted to the dark. His eyes were closed, but I knew from his face pic that they were dark. He had square shoulders and a smooth chest, not built, just trim. The underwear pic on his profile showed him cupping a nice bulge, and I now saw his full, smooth balls and thick cock revealed. His straight, hard shaft veered slightly to his right, pointing up above his ballsack, which I explored with my toes. This made Dustin jump a bit, though I could excuse it. Placing a foot up on the bed just behind him, I guided Dustin’s head between my legs, and he began licking at my balls, gently sucking each one into his hot, wet mouth and carefully rolling them over his tongue. I’d warned him of the consequences of mistreating me. Moving further forward, I gave Dustin access to my taint, and then lower, and he bathed the sensitive areas with his tongue before pointing the tip and diving into my pucker, rimming and licking to pleasure me. I stepped down and repositioned myself in front of him again, giving him free access to my cock as I placed my hands on his shoulders. This time, Dustin did the work, moving his mouth up and down as he sucked me, licking along my shaft, teasing the head, and suckling gently to taste the almost continuous stream of clear precome flowing from the tip.

Steadying myself as he sucked, I began toeing Dustin’s balls again, not roughly, just letting him know his pleasure wouldn’t be forgotten, beyond the pleasure of giving. He was good, actually, and was getting me close to coming each time his lips encircled just the head of my cock, his tongue ringing around my cut mark and making my cock jerk involuntarily as he hit the sensitive spots. Stepping back, I turned Dustin around so he was facing the bed, and I got my belt out of my jeans, using it to loosely bind his hands behind his back. Not that he’d moved them for an instant from their place behind his back, but I wanted Dustin to know he was mine. When I moved to the bed and rested on my elbows, my ass facing Dustin, he knew what to do. Inching forward on his knees to reach me, he planted his face in my ass. Without his arms to steady himself, Dustin was forced forward, and began rimming me deeply, tonguing my ass, his hot breath and a trickle of his saliva running down, tickling my sack. I pushed back against him after a while so he could kneel upright without falling forward, and I got up again, repositioning Dustin over the edge of the bed, facing forward. I spread his legs slightly, and drew his thick shaft downward so that it was tight against the mattress, pointing toward the floor, his balls likewise forced outward, and everything nicely exposed.

Moving alongside Dustin, I breathed in his ear, nibbling at the tip and placing some of my weight alongside him. I wanted Dustin to feel my heat and presence, and my hard, slick cock lay across his asscheek, hinting at what was to come. Dustin shivered at the sensation, and as I moved away, I trailed a hand down his side and across his butt, then past his hole and across his balls, all the way down his hard shaft. He shuddered, flinching as I flicked lightly at his balls and cock, teasing with a finger. I knelt behind him, placing my hands on his cheeks and lowering my head between his spread legs. Placing the tip of my tongue against his hot, hard shaft, I ran a line of heat up the shaft and over his balls before ending with a swipe along his right asscheek. I circled to the left and licked back down, very slowly, and Dustin was almost vibrating by the time I completed the circuit, cupping my tongue under the head of his cock and tasting the bit of precome he had dripping there. This slow, exquisite tongue torture went on until I could feel his knees shaking. Not wanting him to come, and I could feel his balls beginning to draw up, I moved to concentrate on his pucker, spreading his asscheeks with my hands and diving in to his hairless pink hole. Dustin was good and didn’t buck back into my ministrations, pushing forward instead against the bed, stretching his cock tighter against the mattress. He did make a noise, though, of extreme pleasure, but I decided to let him have that, as long as he wasn’t too loud.

Once I’d made sure his hole was well-loosened up, I knelt back and tapped his balls again, lightly, then ran my hand down his shaft where some of my spit had dripped from the rim-job I’d given him. I circled the shaft and ended at the head, scooping the slick liquid to his hole and penetrating him with a finger. As he opened up further, I added a second finger and deepened my probing until I could feel his node inside, and I stroked it, causing Dusting to thrust against the bed, trying to get that last bit of sensation he needed to come. But I wasn’t ready for him to do that, and I stood, withdrawing my fingers from him slick ass. Taking my own dripping cock in hand, I bounced it against his ballsack, then worked the head up his crack, slapping my hardon against his asscheeks. Dustin squirmed a little on the bed, anticipating as I placed my cockhead against his hole, and then I drove into him. He let out a deep cry, muffled by the bedclothes, thankfully, and I stilled, feeling his ass spasm around my cock, waiting until he adjusted. Then I pulled halfway out and pistoned in again, building a rhythm that pushed him into the bed with each stroke, causing his swollen, sensitive shaft to slide against the side of the mattress. Dustin’s ass gripped my cock, increasing my sensation, and as I plowed into him, I leaned forward, releasing his wrists from the belt. Pulling out momentarily, I flipped Dustin onto his back and raised his legs, sliding my cock back inside him in a fluid movement and continuing to fuck him hard.

Dustin’s hands went over his head obediently, and I released one of his legs, allowing it to rest on my shoulder, dropping my hand to his cock, spreading the natural lube leaking from the head down the thick shaft and stroking in time with the pumping into his ass. Dustin moaned long and low, and I figured he was as close as I was, so I stepped up my stroking, trying to work out his load. He gritted his teeth, trying to hold back a scream as he came, streaming a fountain of pent-up come over my grip. I could feel Dustin’s ass tighten around my cock as he shot, pulsing with each pump of come, and this pulled me over the edge. My stroking into him became ragged and I shot deep inside his ass, still working his sensitive cock with my hand. He was shaking and jerking as I came yet, and I only stopped as I withdrew. Running my hand up his shaft one last time, I gathered some of his load, bringing it to Dustin’s lips, and his mouth opened for him to lick at his come. He cleaned my fingers eagerly, his eyes open now, grinning as he finished. I slid him up on the bed, then followed, lying between his parted legs, my lips to his ear, and I whispered, “Did you enjoy daddy’s visit?” He nodded vigorously, glancing away shyly as I looked him in the eye at last, and I lowered my lips to his, kissing, probing as they parted, tasting the sweet tang of his come that lingered there. Taking him in my arms, I spun us around so Dustin was on top of me, and he laid his head against my hairy chest, bringing his knees up on either side of me so our slick cocks were together. He ground his hips against mine and it felt like his cock hadn’t gone down at all, and now mine was reviving as well. It seemed the visit wasn’t over just yet.

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  1. Does it Matter?

    Really???? I find it ODD that for a “gay website” that I’ve sucked MORE STRAIGHT COCK than I have “gay men”.

    RIGHT ON! If gay men want to sit and troll all day behind a computer screen, I’m out sucking the sperm out of men’s cocks and they’re ALL “straight and married” (Like I didn’t know by the wedding rings?) *rolls eyes*

  2. Charlie

    Wow owie, I sure hope you and I both get a daddy like this for real for Christmas. Hard as rock now so excuse me for a minute while I go take a shower

  3. Hunter

    Random sex. Unsafe anal sex with no condom and vitually no lube so it could well be painful. Sex where one of the partners is humiliated. Not my thing, but guys who find that hot are welcome to it.

  4. Bill

    Awesome!!! A hot young man that craves the experience of a “daddy” is so sexy!! Great story, was stimulated beyond words from the very beginning

  5. Domtoppapi

    Being a Papi, or top Daddy, I have been in many situations like this…sweet tite bottom bois, giving me their holes…and if they were a bit slow in giving , I took it by force…and they luved it…my 8 inch thick cut cock fucking and filling their holes with hot thick loads of cum…pulling out and cum dripping from their sweet sore boicunt…and they luved it…anyone like to get fucked?…let me know

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