Pornstar : Austin Wolf

We hate Austin Wolf. Well, not really. But when he said he never works his abs and you see how chiseled they are you just cannot help but feel a twinge of jealousy. But that fades quickly when you gaze upon his adorable face, see him slip out of his clothes so you can enjoy his lightly hairy body. This sexy New Yorker is such a horny guy, he loves getting off as much as he can. You can tell by the way he gently twists and pulls his nipples, giving him a rock hard boner. He loves running his hands over his muscular pecs and down to his cock, giving it nice long strokes. Then he flips over and you see his nice firm ass, hole open and inviting. He runs his finger over the opening and before you can even wonder if he will venture inside he slips his finger in and totally gets off on how good it feels. He takes a good long while working his hole, making his need to cum grow stronger and stronger. Finally, he lays down on his back and goes right for home stretch. And Austin does not have an orgasm, the orgasm has him. His whole body tenses and his hand squeezes his cockhead as if to catch the sexual energy and shoot it back up through his body. And the look on his face when he is finished is not so much one of contentmen……

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  1. HolePunchSD

    AVERAGE, at best. He has okay looks, an average-sized dick and an alright ass. To me, he lacks edginess & swagger that I expect porn stars to have.

  2. Lorenzo

    Wish he had a hairy chest. I would love to suck his big cut cock and eat his fine squeky clean ass and I would let him fuck my hot tight latino ass any time he wants it.

  3. Mixed_PJ

    I don’t kniw about you guys but he is hot to me. He has something about him that makes me want to know more about him other then being hot, bad tattoos and a porn star. Thank you for this post Blog. 🙂

    Gosh he is hot!

  4. William Austin

    Austin Wolf: What’s not to like!? My concern is; that he would be more interested in himself than in me? One does not look like that without constant obsession of workout & diet! Narcissism!…..Stop look”n in the mirror!

  5. blk9stud

    To many guys complaining about the petty stuff…I think comments should be left to the ones in favor of the post….personally the man is good looking with a nice body…we could do each other all day…hope he isn’t the cocky type…or THAT would be the upsetting thing…

  6. OnlyTellThreeTruth

    I think he’s attractive, but the dick doesn’t do it for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about the size, I just like pretty dicks and his is meh!

  7. Wayne

    I have to agree that while he is a hot guy that stomach tat is tacky and a bit trashy and not in the good way. I’d still ride his cock, don’t get me wrong but what the hell was he thinking when we got that tat?

  8. moonlovergone

    he is hot!!!! enough hair on the body to make him sexy would like to be in his bed and his tight butt give me a chance stud

  9. Jim

    I Bet if you put a uniform on him with some big ole leather boots,,, he’s stand out like stoplight.. Id take him in a heartbeat and do whatever he wanted me to do…. his call.yum

  10. Darryl

    I haven’t seen this person yet to have a major judgement yay or nay. Looks good to me, i’d have to inspect him up close to get a real feel for who he is 🙂

  11. Mike

    Austin’s a really nice guy. I met him a few times. Although. the last couple of times, he was’nt as friendly to me, I sensed that he may have been going through some personal issues (everyone does at some point). I still think he’s hot!!! And as for you size queens, it’s not how big it is, but what they can do with what they have.I prefer quality over quantity.

  12. Tony

    Mr. blogger keep doing what you do. You must remember that there are some very bitter and I do mean bitter Queens on here that would not be happy even if they took a happy pill. You can satisfy every one all the time, So just keep doing what you bo Mr. Blogger you are doing a great job.

  13. Mark

    I just wish all these porn stars stop shaving their balls. It’s not natural. I didn’t grow up with men shaving the balls why should I start now. Stop shaving your balls and your balls would hang lower.

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