Hot or Not : Matt Damon

I think I already know your answer, but personally I’ll pass….

He is not my type… For me, he falls in the same category as the other guy…what’s his name…..sexiest man alive…. (right, whatever lol!)….Channing Tatum.

I read in Playboy Magazine that Matt will do few hot nude (gay) scenes in Behind the Candelabra, a movie in which he is playing the long-term partner of Liberace, Scott Thorson.

I might change my mind when the movie comes out, I’ll try to get you some pictures.

So let me know what you think of Matt, is it a Yes or a No ? Hot or Not ?




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  1. BryBry

    Although I admire his acting abilities, and the writing in “Good Will Hunting” was stellar, and I think as a humanitarian he is very forward thinking, I’ve never considered him sexy. He does actually looks sexy in this pic though. I say, “Go get ’em, Matt!”

  2. Rodney Davis

    Yes I think Matt Damon is a hunk from hell he is fine as hell I would be with him in a heart beat would marry him to till I die if he ask me if he fell in love with me because I think he is fine but he does have a pure a heart in my opinion but oh well that is all but I do have this to say about Matt I like to suck him dry and for him to fuck me like a wild stallon for 29 hours until I can’t take it no more then start eating me out then make me have more oragazams possibles ok that is what I want

  3. jockfever

    As an actor, especially Bourne, he’s cool. When he opens his mouth about political matters, he’s a loser in my opinion. I’ll pass, big time.

  4. tony

    Yes for Matt Damon…but Dave u will not disrespect Channing Tatum U REMEMBER HIS NAME 😉 He is sexy..He was all that before the “title” 🙂

  5. dm

    First of all, I think these ‘hot or not’ sections are silly, but since it is snowing outside and I’m waiting for the floors to dry in here, I will play along. I go with hot. However, after reading what Rodney Davies has had to say on this ever-important matter, I don’t believe any other post will do.

  6. Rob

    He is cute in a boy next door kind of way, and has a great smile. Not sure if I’d go so far as “hot”…mind you I wouldn’t turn him down. That being said, I def respect his talent as a writer, director and actor. That adds a level to the sexiness.

  7. Dylan

    WOW…where do you start on MATT? I actually met him in Boston as I was working. He was in a limo heading out o the city and his car stopped and he got out to thank us for the work we were doing. He shook hands and hugged my guys and all I could think about was I bet this guy is hung like a horse. He smelled GREAT! I couldn’t believe he was standing there an when he made his way towards me I had to tell myself to behave. He did that shake hands bro hug kinda thing with everyone else and I thought not gonna happen (when is this opportunity ever going to happen again) he got the full hug, arms wrapped around him, lift off the ground grope. His back is very powerful (he may have tried to pull away just a lil) but I got my tight squeeze in. He gave me that “well ok then” kinda look that he is famous for and I fuckin just about died. He has a great smile, and I’ll never forget it. So in answer to your question..hell YES! I’d eat his ass in the middle of Times Square on new years and swallow his load right there for everyone to see. I’m a total top but if he knocked on my door and felt like fucking my pants would catch fire they’d be off so fast. God he smelt Great!

  8. Darby

    I could see having wild funny sex with him one time. You know the type, married guy, untouchable, don’t want to screw up his marriage. He seems very passionate and would be willing to get down and dirty with a guy. He has the face and mouth I would want on my cock.

  9. Michael

    Yes I think Matt Damon is hot and yes I would go to bed with at anytime he is always been on my radar even when he played an ugly WASP in School Ties and we got to see his hot naked ass. Matt has always been huge turn on for me. It true is a good actor which is rare to be so damn good looking and talented Actor…

  10. n2latnos

    sheesh rodney…take a breath. hehe. while matt doesnt really fit into the hollywood hunk category there is something extremely sexy about him. he’s got sort of a clark kent thing goin’ on. i’d totally do him!

  11. Eric

    Used to be, but there’s just something about him that didn’t age well. So a no alfa but still could be fun to see him doing the nude scene.

  12. Eric

    Not a 10 but not a 2 either. I think he could be one of those friends you have that you hook up with once in a while when you are horned up but nothing regular. I would do him, sure but then again I would do most men, LMAO. Not all, just most. He is not as “hot” as he used to be but he could be fun I think.

  13. Bobby

    Yea he’s definitely my type..its not that he’s gorgeous,its just seems like he’s got a great personality,he’s funny,he seems like a good guy,so the fact he’s got a hot body is just a huge extra!..I just wonder how hung he is lol…but u can’t compare him to Channing,yea Channing looks hot,but he seems boring and can’t act for shit either..Matt is a great actor..

  14. Hunter

    As long as any gay … member of the “Gay Community” or part of the “Loud and Proud” … totally disrespect someone like Matt Damon (who is purported to be straight) by asking “is he hot or not?” (code words: I want him to do me and I want to do him), they cannot at any time whine that the straight community does not respect their sexual orientation. This is exactly the kind of behavior that keeps gays from getting the respect they claim they so much deserve.

    Damon, hot or not? No, he’s straright.

  15. Mike

    NOT! Never was, Never will be… He’s not ugly, but he’s def NOT all hes cracked up to be… In some films, he’s better looking then in others… But overall, Matt Damon is NOT HOT…. Chanum Tating, he’s hot, but again not as hot everyone makes him out to be, but more importantly, HE SUCKS AT ACTING! I dont know how that guy gets these roles, I dont know who he’s fucking/sucking off but Chanum Tating can NOT act. Matt Damon, NOT HOT.

  16. kaygee

    Not drop dead georgeous, but would not turn him away. He seems to have a great personality which gives him high points. In addition to the fact that I truly think he has a huge dick. He always seem to have bulge in every pic I have seen of him. So yeah, I would jump in bed with him!

  17. Gay Tony

    Nah. Have any of you see his face up close, without his makeup? (Yes, wears tons of makeup). His face is so busted. Terrible skin. I’ve never seen so many moles per inch on a guy’s face.

  18. Dylan

    Ok, it seem most guys would do him or vise-a-versa. Lets just pretend (or dream) the MATT was on a talk show (the view?, Anderson cooper 360?) and he say Barb (Anderson) I just have one more thing I’d like to tell your audience….I like men, yes I’m gay!!! (getting hard thinking about this) after the audience rips apart the studio and the dust settles down….

    What do you think MATT would be in to? I’ll save mine for later.

  19. Jake

    I think Matt is alright he looks good for his age the guy is 42 years old now. I love the scene from School Ties, when Matt and Brendan Fraser have the naked fight scene in the showers and you can see Matt’s tight white ass! He still looks good no he isn’t a super stud but I would hit it, if I had the opportunity I think he’s attractive.

    And another good thing about Matt Damon unlike some celebrities he actually is intelligent and he’s supportive of gay rights.

  20. zaq

    Matt is so fukkin hot I burned my hands grabbing my phone to type this message. I have been in love with Mr. Damon since Good Will Hunting. And Matt played a cool ass nerdy gay guy in The Talented Mr. Ripley.
    Spread those cheeks cause my tongue is gonna get some of his HOT ass (in my mind lol)

  21. cntryman09

    Matt Damon, not hot to me, but don’t put him in the same catagory with Channing Tatum. Channing is so much hotter to me, there is NO COMPARISON ! Channing’s body is so much hotter. I’d do anything to him or let him do anything to me he could ever want to do. The pic above is about the best I’ve ever seen of Matt. But I am looking forward to seeing him in the Liberace movie, just the same.

  22. Brad

    I would only do him if his boyfriend, Ben Affleck, was present, too. I’d be the meat in their man sandwich. Ben is infinitely hotter than Matt.

  23. tentpole30

    He’s certainly hot, and I’ve admired him since the start of his career. He’s definitely a better choice for “sexiest man” than Channing Tatum, but, then, I can think of several others who also would be better choices.

  24. Jeremy

    Since Dogma, the Oceans movies, and the Bourne movies, hell yes. Then I found out what his political stands were, and that made him that much hotter. Dear fuzzy Buddha, YES.

  25. T2h2e0

    I have always loved Mr. Damon, and would love to become Mrs. Damon. I fell in love with him in the Bourne Triology, Good Will hunting was a little before my time.

  26. Dane

    I wouldn’t consider Matt hot, but he is boyishly handsome in a way and comes across intelligent enough that it makes him sexy. Sexier than his buddy, Ben.

  27. edgar_truth

    yes and no… i think just based body wise he’s sexually hot. Face wise, meh, but i could learn to love it if i got to sit on it. But i think most of his attractiveness comes from the fact that he is very intelligent, loves his mama, and isn’t afraid to voice his opinion on things in a respectful manner. for all intents and purposes he’s a very attractive man just on his personality and intelligence. also, am i the only one who thinks matt damon looks like a tall peter dinklage?

  28. Jason

    I think he is fucking sexy. I don’t think i’ve seen a movie that he isn’t attractive in. Even in we bought a zoo I was turned on.

  29. Christian

    Watch Matt Damon in “The Talented Mr. Ripley” and then try to tell me he is not super sexy and super talented! That movie also features Jude Law at his sexiest and has some very homoerotic scenes.

  30. William Austin

    Matt Damon , for sure was hot-hot1 In his early movie days , seemed very close to his producing partner-almost never seen apart, and they were long time room mates! Both have married since and have families, but partners that close are always bonded!
    On a college interview show Mat was asked who he would like as a dream date, and his answer was : “I already have the best!” Looking at his partner by his side….
    Matt Damon – is just not a gym rat, he is progressing to a mature actor and looks the parts! Both of them have added much to the generally boring movie industry….

  31. cooggrad

    Matt is EXTREMELY hot and sweet! Now if we can just get some diversity into the “hot or not” list. Like some footballers (soccer players to you yanks) and some Latin, black or Asian men!

  32. rk4you

    I think Matt Damon is pure perfection..I would do him anyday and anywhere he wanted to. He is a good man with a heart as pure as gold. Love him

  33. Steve

    Handsome, Yes! Masculine Yes! Hot, a matter of opinion. Nice budy but would agree with a few of the others that as he has aged still sexy but not hot.

  34. jockn2cbt

    Are you freakin’ nuts?!? Matt is a god, and so is Channing Tattum. Apparently your tastes are in the minority opinion. Tough square-jawed blondes, I could eat them with a spoon. I’ll add that I personally hate when these beautiful guys mess themselves up, Brad Pitt and Aston Kucher with the stupid scraggely beards, Matt putting on all that weight for different roles to break his type-casting, Christian Bale dropping all his muscle for some emaciated look. They should all opt for leading man roles until time takes their looks, Tom Cruise is a good example. Plenty of time after 50 to play those every man roles.

  35. Joe

    I do not like these sorts of questions. We should never ever ask something where the answer is you are not hot and talk negatively about that person. We get enough of that just talking to someone on the site.

  36. OnlyTellThreeTruth

    I think Matt is hot. There is something very appealing about to me. He looks like the guy that will be faithful and NOT fall for that open relationship ridiculousness. You definitely don’t have to be a the typical “clone” to be hot.

  37. G-Ray

    I think he is good actor, nice guy, humanitarian but NO he is not hot. He is an attractive guy but not one I would visualize for a good J/O. And i agree with you, Tatum Channing is very over rated on all counts. Matt at least is an established actor

  38. Brian

    Definitely not. He doesn’t do a thing for me. There’s something about his face that turns me off. He kind of gives me the creeps. I always thought it was weird how so many people thought he was “hot” but that’s what makes the world go round, different strokes. I do however think that Channing Tatum is very attractive.

  39. Bax

    Matt is as hot as they come! I would love to have him under me in bed.
    I have seen his butt, and, WOW! Have not seen his package so no comment.

  40. Gary

    Matt Damon IS SEXY AS HELL!…. And so is Channing Tatum! They both age well for me! I Like younger men in their 30’s and 40’s….matured past a lot of the shallowness of youth and enough life experience to be open minded…..that’s sexy!

  41. Apollo

    Good grief! How does someone hug someone and then surmise he must be “hung like a horse.” That makes NO sense. Some gay men have the silliest points of view. It borders on infantile or arrested adolescence.

    No, Matt Damon is not “hot.” Never was, never will be. He’s an OK actor, seems like a nice, but in the gay lexicon, that does not make him “hot.” Again, these silly high school “who’s hot or not” nonsense.

  42. Casey A

    He’s a fairly nice guy, very approachable and then you get close and his feet smell terrible. Enough to make you wish you’d a gas mask on. The odor, sweat, stank off those puppies whoooooo not good. Yo Matt, ODOR EATERS bud! They work!

  43. Nick

    Oh yeah…I would love to spend a night with Matt Damon and maybe more. He is hot as ever. You guys who judge age should be more gracious…you most likely couldnt hold a candle to this dude at his age. Dave let’s get a pic of you on here and take some opinions on whether you are sexy.

  44. Ray

    Oh ya I think he is so hot, a boy next door look and a great personality, can’t wait to see him in a gay role. Would’nt mind helping him study for that part.

  45. j. Opobo

    Definitely HOT. Would give him an 8 however. Great personality, and if he turns up in Playboy, well, then we will see. maybe he can move up the scale, or not. And yes, would never kick him out of my bed.

  46. Hunter

    Blog, I’m not on any kind of drugs. Anyone who thinks it’s OK to lust over a straight while whining that straights don’t respect them for being gay is a two-faced ass.

  47. Boondock10

    Hell, No like nothing about him,,especially since he doesn’t like The President of the U.S. Barack Obama. he just another rich person who’s trying to hold on to his pocket change while the rest of you make his back account fatter.

  48. Rkfdguy

    I can’t look at him or think of him the same after Team America: World Police. If you haven’t seen it, look it up on youtube.

  49. flagdomdaddy

    Back in the mid 80’s I was an asst manager at this health food store on the west side in NYC. One day he come in our store and I waited on him, as he was looking to buy some vitamins…… At that time I did know who he was and I have got to say that my gaydar told me at the very least he was possibly BI….. very good looking and also very nice personality. Since then Ive always liked him in the movies hes been in and cannot wait to see him play a gay role in that movie playing Liberace’s lover

  50. Mike H.

    HE HAS A GOOD LOOKING CHEST THERE I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE REST OF HIS BODY LOOK LIKE? & WHAT IS HIS AGE ?. & where is he from? make me want to go to bed with him. do all those thing that gay man do in bed.

  51. Latinlust69

    Matt Damon hot? Heck yes! I would do him any which way he wants! Then anyway I want! I don’t care if he’s “straight”. I won’t tell.

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