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There’s is a lot of pressure when figuring out what to do about skincare. IF the female patients feel that way, I can only imagine what it would be like for a man that doesn’t know what to get when shopping for skincare.

With the intention of making your life and the life of your loved one easier this holiday season I have a few tips for you;

1- Proper cleansing – You need a cleanser that’s appropriate for your skin type and condition. Most of us men have thicker and oily skin. My rule of thumb is the darker the skin the thicker it is. IF you fall into this category you want a foaming cleanser that’s clear and clean.

If you have more fair skin you want a cleanser that’s creamy like a shampoo for example, it helps with some hydration and prepares for the next step.

2- Daily topical use of vitamin C – Vitamin C if applied topically is a very power antioxidant and aids in fighting the free radical damage – Free radicals cause pre-mature aging and can lead to more serious medical conditions leading up to skin cancer.

3- Moisturizer with SPF. Since its winter in the USA, its ok to rely on a moisturizer without having to apply another product. Make sure you are getting protected. The cold, wind and snow can make things miserable for your skin. And if you are planning a ski trip make sure you get a physical block of 30 or higher. Cold burns are not pretty and can be worse than a sun burn.

4- Last but not least, Retin-a – The # 1 antiaging cream – to be used at night only – there are versions over the counter- This very powerful antiaging cream will improve skin texture, help to shrink pore sizes, help to correct pigmentation and overall give you a glowing skin that’s sexy and healthy!

Of course you are what you eat, so eating healthy, exercising and drinking water can only help your largest organ function at its best – Your skin! 🙂

Claudio Pinto, MMA
Master Medical Aesthetician

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  1. jace

    humm nota nto neesesy true i no white peoepole who have thicker skin im one them thaty weerll guys alays were sinscreen even in winserr ti wll help thayt rmebere tow dinmk penty if water tow that if you have are you prone to barake outs like i a am case iahve ionly snk and stuf you going to have ebe verry carefull that well siung a mud mask can help tha if you also exfpoitae you sink that will help tow

  2. Rob

    I have a skin condition called psoriasis. Basically, my skin cells make more than they need in certain areas. It is not attractive…furthermore it leads to low self-esteem because it is embarrasing to take off your clothes and have others observe it. It is not my fault. It is NOT contagious, it is genetic.

    As a result, I buy a ton of skin products: staying moisturized prevents the onset of outbreaks of psoriasis and other skin problems. I soooooo (a lot of ‘o’s there) recommend Neutogena products. They are very good for anyone with any kind of a skin problem.

    Sun and salt water are also great for the skin. So, let’s all go to Aruba, hang naked, get our skin healthy and mingle!

  3. leo8775

    I have to say Burt’s Bees products are the best crap I ever found!!! Almost100% natural. Junk with high fragrance tend to irritate my skin. Not too expensive and found at drug stores. Now only if my dog would stay away from my lip balm. It is not a doggy treat!!

  4. Hunter

    For some men, winter is all about skincare.

    For many men, skincare is nothing that a bar of Dial or hypoallegenic soap (my preference) can take care of. These men are more concerned with taking steps needed to protect their castles and chariots from the onslaught of winter:
    – unless you have frost-proof faucets, shut off and drain all outside faucets.
    – take a look at outside furniture. To ensure its longevity, move it inside. At a minimum, stack and cover it.
    – throw the circuit breakers on your A/C unit to OFF. A/C units generate heat. Small critters find your $2000 unit a perfect winter hide-away. Hoever, when they move in, they enjoy chewing on wires, causing you expense in the spring to have the unit repaired.
    – prep your lawn mower and other equipment with engines. Give them a good cleaning before putting them up for the winter. At minimum, run them out of gas. Some guys add stabilizer to the gas. That’s a personal choice.
    – while some guys are trimming their body hair, others make sure that all annuals yard plants are cut back or thrown away and once all perennial plantns are done they are cut back, too.
    – in late fall, get your car prepped for winter. have all its systems checked and be sure the antifreeze can deliver the winter protection the engine needs. Make sure the battery is tested. Cold temperatures and batteries don’t mix. Avoid having the coldest night of the year be the one you find you really really should have replaced you battery several weeks ago.

    A few simple steps ahead of time makes winter a piece of cake. Who needs to move to Florida or Arizona!

  5. Trousersdown

    I appreciate this article, and while I realize it’d be endorsing something and that’d be I dunno…endorsement.

    But are there specific products that could be recommended. Brands and or lines that are actually good?

    Take retin-A. There are a number of creams and products with retin-a, but what is the percentage/consentration range that is most effective? Ive also heard that retin-A is a very unstable compound and often breaks down so that it is less effective and this can happen based on how it is packaged/stored. Are there products that have figured out how to supply the ingredient well?

    Also, most skin care products widely available are formulated for women. I realize we aren’t a different species or anything, but…men and women in general have different needs and balances of elements that are effectively beneficial…what are they? You certainly don’t have to know this, but boy howdy it’d be great to get some real insight into it.

  6. Tom

    Rob, I’ve been to Aruba…..many times. In the mean time, check with your doctor to see if he can prescribe something. Good luck.

  7. truckercouple

    as a licensed cosmetologist, there is no proof darker skin is thicker, just as black men have bigger cocks, lol…so not sure where the hell that RULE of thumb came from lol

    men make two mistakes when it comes to skin care

    1. they don’t wash their face
    2. they over wash their face

    the other examples are good and should be used…. but one of the biggest things especially for the young guys, DON’T tan, u won’t notice for awhile but come around to your 30’s, BOOM your skin will change and you won’t be happy, so if you’re vain now, you will be vain then and you’ll wish u hadn’t..

  8. Dylan

    There is another fine product out on the market called “creamofsomyoungguy” it is not that hard to find and i perfer the younger vintages such as a 23-26 years. it takes a lil work to get it out of the tube and apply it correctly. You can use the tube as an applicator by smearing it back and forth and rubbing it in well. I like to do this when I wake up and right before I go to bed. Caution though, not all products out there are the same so you may have to sample a few to see which ones you like the best. A friend of mine is bring by a 27 yo vintage in a lil while and we will both sample this fine product. I’ll let you know how my skin feels a lil later on.

  9. AJ

    Wow Dylan, that was so amusingly subtle….NOT.

    Here’s the easiest thing — go to a cosmetics counter, ask for an assessment of your skin. There’s always someone representing some product line who will be more than happy to analyze your skin type and make some suggestions about a product (namely theirs). Just take note of what they say about your skin being too dry or oily, or what sections need more or less attention and then leave. Do some research online for men’s skincare products and there you are.

  10. Shorn

    Reading the above comments, I realize how misinformed most men are. Having been in the skin care business for over 30 years, I can recommend Clarins for Men. It’s number one in Europe for treatment products, both male and female, and the active ingrediants are primarily plant botanicals. Stay away from Clinique for Men unless you want to rub alcohol and vaseline products into your skin. The same with Lab Series. For those of you who have skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema, Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream is a god send. It’s been around since 1948 and is even used by the Cleveland Clinic. You’ll see a difference in as little as two days.

  11. Paulo

    There are many different treatment options for several different skin types. I recommend some type of gentle exfoliation daily rather than a harsh one 3 x per week. Also men typically prefer pumps then jars* known fact. Next I have noticed that guys typically go for a cleanser that is multi purposed to minimize clutter as well as steps. An all in 1 shaving cream/ cleanser/ and ph balancing toner does the trick! Although with dudes minimalism is the trick, I prefer to have a moisturizer w/0 SPF so that you can use the same one for your am and pm regimen. I prefer having a gorgeous glow and appear as tight as a virgin Boy Scout… So I use serums to expedite the process. There are several options as serums are mores or specific concerns. The most common serums reduce pigmentation, tighten, absorb oil giving you a matte finish, or hydrate. They are the most effective yet expensive investment in your skin. There’s one product I can’t live without and that’s my self tanner. I know it sounds risky, but definitely worth the investment. Eye creams are imperative yet solution specific as well. High Price point doesn’t always mean best. That goes To all skin care. I don’t care which eye creme you use.. You will see an instant plumping of the under eye area due to dehydration. So, I recommend a gel in the am and a heavier one for pm. All in all.. Seems crazy, but staying young isn’t easy nor inexpensive… Invest in your glow, and don’t make ugly faces at people. The more you do, the more it shows.

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