A4A : Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!


Hey guys, I hope you are having a fantastic day so far !

It’s that time of the year again, a new year is about to begin and it’s time to take new resolutions !

What are yours ? Spend more time with your family ? Stay fit at the gym ? Quit smoking ? Help others ?

Well this year we have lots of resolutions at A4A, and you will see many changes in the next few months !

But most of all, I just want to thank you all for being part of A4A and making A4A the biggest and most popular gay dating/hookup platform in the world !

Have a very Happy New Year with friends and family and see you all online !

Big kisses !

Dave and everybody at A4A !


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  1. Bimascjock

    My resolution is to improve myself in EVERY WAY possible. Forward progress that will make me the best person I can be. Working on all of my bad habits, addictions, and issues. Putting a strong emphasis on my health, making smarter decisions, and better choices. 2013 will be amazing!!!

  2. Starbucks

    Happy new year everyone! I will continue on my quest for my ultimate prince in this fabulous site in 2013! Wishing you all an ORGASMIC 2013!

  3. truckercouple

    I turn 40 in September and it seems that is lighting a fire under my ass to get in the best shape possible… As a truck driver it can be very difficult to stay in shape… not to bad at 6 ft, 200 lbs but the pounds are not in the places I’d like… heart disease runs on both sides of my family, so it’s truly time to get rid of a lot of bad eating habits and also lay off Diet Pepsi,,, THAT will be the hardest thing I’ve ever done in all honesty, i can’t LIVE without it but it’s time to make that change, as i don’t like the man in the mirror,,,, man in the mirror,,, ,,,,, chaannnnnnnnge…

  4. doug

    No its 1 of the worst days so far at midnite my ex n front of all r friends broke up with me then really embarassed me so nothin happy about the start of the year

  5. peter

    wishing everyone a safe & healthy new year-just remember when a guy says he is negative – dont believe him-make believe everyone is positive & stay healthy
    happy hunting

  6. Scarpien

    Happy New Year all. Here’s hoping everyone has a better 2013 than the previous year.
    As for me, I’m not too big on making New Years resolutions since most of the time the resolutions we make tend not get “resolved.” So I just take stock of improvements/goals continually throughout the year and take steps to make those improvements/goals a reality. I don’t think these improvements/goals should be identified a specific time of year.
    As for you Doug, that’s terrible what happened to you. But that act, which is inherently steeped in getting attention, makes me wonder what would make your ex do such a thing; we don’t operate in a vacuum so I’m inclined to believe someting you either did or didn’t do drove him to such a stunt.
    Since it takes “two to tango” maybe you both should sit down and talk to get to the root of the problem. Who knows, maybe all is not lost and he did it out of desperation. After all, what he did was designed to get your attention. So, now that he’s got it, what are you gonna do about it?

  7. jace

    humm norial i dont like making ruletisiuons andstuff that i tend no see the point of it and stuff but some goles are to conutide bellydainceing woch i have doing for about that to do prefroing again wheni can tht tlo look for the right guy whi is suprotive of mytalents andstuff

  8. Hunter0500

    Resolutions … things some people blow off for the better part of a year to suddenly make at the start of a new one. The results? Few and far between. Upgrading ourselves is an ongoing process that should have nothing to do with the date of January 1st.

    Happy New Year to A4A guys! This site, while having a painfully slow start for me for well over a yaer as far as connections with quality men goes, lit up the later half of 2012. I’ve met several good men that I’m keeping in contact with (on more than a textual basis heh heh heh). Thanks A4A!

  9. Bottom Q.Easy

    I’m way to thin,practically one sneeze away from see’n Jesus face to face! I wanna join a gym and gain 35lbs this year! Hell,i’m ready to take my place,and be crowned gym Queen of Reading,P.A.!!! Then i’ll move to Beverly Hills and marry Tom/George/ brad… Oprah!!! With all that money,i’ll stick her in the ass!!!! Lol Money is money!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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