Would You Do Him : Channing Tatum

The title of ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ will be officially announced on November 14 and seems like Channing Tatum is the frontrunner to take the honors this year.

I don’t know for you but I don’t quite get it?! He has a OK body but a very average face no? And is acting is…… bad! Of course with the makeup and all the photoshopping, he looks fine on a magazine cover …

Why is everybody so in love with him? Would you do him? I would not …

I would rather suck my average neighbour’s cock than his….

Let me know your thoughts on Tatum below!



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  1. chiboy79

    oh hands down I would bend him over or let him bend me over anytime, anywhere, and no limits of the number of times!! Its the moves he has and the way he dances! mmmm

  2. Manny

    How can you not be into him?!?
    He’s gorgeous, so masculine, his lips, and eyes..
    An ok body??
    I’m not even a top but his ass looks amazing on Magic Mike..
    I think the only thing that could ruin his yummyness would be if his dick is small..

  3. Eric

    Absolutely I would let him fuck me anywhere, anyplace, anytime and anyway he wanted. He is not “perfect” and that is precisely what makes him so sexy. Shit, I jerk off to him at least once a day!

  4. whereangelsdare

    He is ok.. I liked the vow.. Magic mike was so horrible if it weren’t for the naked men and Matthew i wouldn’t have gotten through it. He reminds me of my roommate maybe that is the problem

  5. Bob

    Maybe after 3 dates and finding out really what type of guy he is I would take it from there.
    After all looks are 1/2 of the attraction to me. Finding out what they are all about is the the other half. To me finding out what ticks from the inside out is what’s most important.
    Just a country boy that still believes in courting (dating) a man to see just how well we tick.

  6. Keith

    Absolutely! He has been a favorite dream of mine for years. That movie where he dances for a ghetto school and you can see his big flopping cock bouncing around drove me to many a great jo session!

  7. Haywood Jablome

    Would I do him? Chee-yah! I would do him six ways from Sunday, after doing him all day and night on Saturday, doh! MORE PICS OF THIS HOT STUDMEAT PLEASE! kthxbai

  8. suckitup386

    id rather find a twin of my own self an suck my own dic an eat my own ass or some one more like me LOL but no not to much into the dud e

  9. Diamondcrowned

    Yes, in a heart beat, quicker than what it would take to even think about it. Here is why,…. He is the classic boy next door type to me. He has a persona about him that makes it hard not to watch him. Yes he is a bad actor, but he just has that willing to try anything to get the job done attitude, that i think he would carry over in to the bed!

    • outdoorman

      Billie, I’m with you. I would do anything he’d want me to do to please him. He is one gorgeous man to me ! I could spend hours on his chest alone, not to mention the really hot area ! Fuck yeah, I’d do him ……..him do me….whatever !

  10. tigga

    I would love to be done by him in any position known to man. Let’s get it on, get freaky, pass out exhausted, and do it again in the morning.

  11. Rock Afella

    Even though 70% of the guys I’ve dated looked like this, it never gets boring. There’s something wholesome and comforting in the way he looks. I’d have him climbing the walls and hanging upside down from the ceiling, begging for mercy. 😉

  12. marc

    One whole night with Tatum — and fucked in 39 different positions — and he’s cum up my ass five times — then I would gladly die.

  13. dan

    Good looking guy but his eyes are way too slanty and small. Nice bod but I would rather get to now him first to see if we click. Quality over quantity.

  14. loverboy32

    would I do him ? If I had chance I would but I like to get to know him first. To all the guys who want to use him as a used piece of meat the question is would he do you?

  15. Robert

    I love Channing Tatum… A majority of us have seen his career from the start and fell in love with him since his first ad or Step Up. He is a very charismatic person and I love his laugh. He is just so damn sexy and deserves that title of Sexiest Man Alive.

    Besides, didn’t we all get a little excited when we confirmed he was bisexual?

  16. Jack

    you wouldnt do him? are u fucking kidding me. average body? WTF where the hell are you hanging out where that is average. I would love to fuck that stud. just looking at his ass gets my precum juices flowing.

  17. oldstoner

    To be honest, I’d rather do some one a little more ordinary. Yeah, he’s hot and ripped, but give me a blue collar dude any day.

  18. lik2lic

    a man that looks like that can dance and looks good in everything he wears including a thong i would suck the sweat off his ball sack and that is just the beginning yes he should be if not the sexiest man alive then at least in the top 5

  19. Mixed_PJ

    He is hot ass hell and I have a crush on him for his looks, how he worked hard to get where he is at, he is a southern boy, he is sweet and can dance. But I have a bigger crush on Christian Mann from Verbotene Liebe who is played by Thore Schölermann he is hot!!! Also Adam Rodríguez from Miami CSI. If I could have all three at the same time….I think I need a few mins alone at the though lol.

  20. Lorenzo

    NO I have hotter men here in Palm Springs CA, blond blue eyes, hairy chest buff guy with bubble butt ass for me to eat and a big 9″ cut cock for me to suck and for him to fuck my hot tight latino ass….so fucking good in every way.

  21. Leo

    Sure, I guess. He’s attractive, young and active. Saw his interview in “Details” a while back. A real charmer, but perhaps not for me.

  22. Derek

    Channing is a total dream boat. I would let him have his way with me any day! Totally my type! Watching the Vow, I wished he was mine. 🙂

  23. Vinny

    Of course I would it’s Channing Tatum who amist us is perfect we all have a flaw he is amzing and I could only dreram 2 b near someone like him…

  24. Daniel Carman

    Yes! Absolutely. My biggest fantasy is him to beat my ass rape me and dance out of the room! I cant look at him without a boner. His ass is amazing. And those lips!…. God i want those lips!

  25. storm

    HELL YES !!!! Constantly and to those hatred…yes I have met him in person, yes he really is as beautiful of a person both physically and charismatically ….and maybe if some on here would PhotoShop themselves they could get laid and not live on the site creeping people out.

  26. ThaCharmedOne

    HELL FUCKIN YES!… He is without a doubt, my top pick!…next only to William Levy!!! I’ve never seen a white guy with more swag than channing tatum! If you have any doubt that Channing Tatum is not one of the sexiest men ON EARTH, you have clearly not seen Magic Mike!…or any other movies with him in it for that matter….He could get it any way he wants it and i do mean ANY WAY!

  27. ajbbincubus

    DAVE!!.. You hit the nail-on-the-head. I mean, I don’t get it either. I don’t find him very attractive, he’s not an ugly guy at all I just don’t see anything special about him. I don’t understand it either. Oh well… to each his own..

  28. alejandro

    I used to think he was super hot until he bulked up too much,I don’t find him hot anymore he has gotten too big for my taste ,id still do him of course ,two years ago in my opinion deserved the title better,some guys think they look better when they bulk up but I don’t find that attractive at all ,he looks like a robot now

  29. Steve

    Nah, no attraction.

    On the other hand, I’ve seen him on talk shows and he comes off as one of the most genuine, humble, unaffected guys in the entertainment industry and, gotta say, that’s kinda sexy …

  30. Darryl

    Oh hell yeah i’d do him. Sure his acting may be a tad rough, but he has a quality that’s pretty sexy. It’s the way he looks on screen. Plus he does have the ass of a dancer. And i’am a huge fan of man ass.

  31. Kevin

    Hell yeah!!! Bout to purchase Magic Mike!! Can’t wait to see all the nudity, & sexiness!! Been filling CT since he was making low budget movies!!!

  32. listener79

    I would do him in a heart beat. He is sexy as hell. His eyes are very sexy, his body and his lips as well. The way he dances makes my heart ache. Ugh…

  33. levi

    Can’t see how anyone would call him ugly. even if he wasn’t there type. He is stunningly gorgeous to me. Probably couldn’t think of anyone better looking.

    • blog

      levi: I seriously swear that I would not get hard if he was naked in front of me. More chance that I get hard with a hot chick naked than this guy lolll

  34. johnny nc

    I was hooked in “She’s the Man”! I so wanted to be his roommate or brother or best friend! Hell, I’d just love to cuddle with him or get spanked over his lap!

  35. Sean

    What? No pics after the jump? LOL

    And I have to say that other than Zac Efron, Channing Tatum is the hottest man in Hollywood. There’s something very “average” about his looks, and I mean that in a good way. He definitely does it for me! 😉

    Maybe if he is named the “Sexiest Man Alive,” you’ll post pics for us instead of just one. 🙂

  36. Osei

    No. He does absolutely nothing for me. His teeth are horrible and his eyes give the impression of someone who may not be able to hold an indepth intelligent conversation.

  37. Sheletha Ragsdale

    Fuck yes I would do him. I watch his horrible movies just to look at him. I think he is a beautiful man with a great body. He is nearly perfect.

  38. jef

    hmm… “Do”, I’d certainly would do whatever it’d take to make him moan and groan with pleasure. “Edge and service” Chaos men style…

  39. einathens

    put me in the ’emphatic yes’ column. physical attributes aside, i find him to be sweet, funny and goofy, which is very sexy to me.

    i get the feeling that he’d really be into exploratory sex, that he’d ‘awwww. man’ about how amazing my ass felt around his cock, that he would delight in both the physical and emotional sensations of being deeply penetrated, he’d be proud of what a natural cocksucker he is, that he gives mindblowing deep soft kisses, his body feels amazing (soft skin over hard muscle, and a light sheen of filmy fucksweat), he’s a cuddler and he’d wake up before i did and whip up a butch breakfast, which he would serve me in bed before shyly requesting to be fucked one more time. plus he’d ask for my number and actually call.
    not that i’ve thought about it much.

  40. Mikey

    I’d do him. But only a one night stand because I doubt he has much of an interesting personality.

    And please, he’s better looking than what most guys here can get.

  41. Josh

    I’m just throwing this out here, his acting is atrocious his style is demeaning and somewhat thugish, his dancing is however amazing as is his ass, and to those that wonder if his dick is small quite the contrary my abilities are good for allot of things, his is an absolutely thick and sexy 8.5″ his ass is so fuckable and his entire body face included is sexy.. SO YES!!! I would do him, i would facefuck him than give his ass a nice long pounding, than force him to swallow my load even if he already wanted to do so..

  42. Bobby

    Well hope he’d be “doing” me..but yea id definitely do him..he’s sexy,and kinda has that bad boy look..but a lot of “hot” guys aren’t great in bed so…

  43. Omar

    He is handsome and has a great personality but I don’t think he’s the sexiest man alive. There are other guys that are way sexier than he. But if he gets the title then he deserves it. His acting isn’t the best but his movies are great… yes, I would let him do me and then I’d turn around and do him.

  44. kris

    hell yes i would do channing i have always thought he was hot he has got moves that make me hotter thaan hell and i could he could do me any way he wanted i would drink his dirty bathwater

  45. Gringo83

    I see a lot of mixed opinions here. While i’m more into men of color Imust say i’m totaloy team Channing. To me everything on the outside looks on point, i would be his real life sex doll anyday. 🙂

  46. bruce

    He is an ok guy, besides Bradley Cooper will probably be the sexiest man. Now he has gorgeous eyes and body much better than Channing. Better personality too.

  47. John

    I would not do him but i sure and hel would let him do me in any position that he wanted and as hard as he wanted. I have always fantasied about him everysince i saw him in prison break.

  48. Charlie

    I agree with Steve (November 13) sometimes the personallty is just as sexy as his face and body…or more so…Also, I won’t or can’t point out his “Flaws” like his eyes or ears etc….because we all have our “flaws” but our sexiness or hotness comes from a lot more then physical perfection….In my opinion, I think it’s kinda shallow to go on about someone’s funny eyes and ears….

  49. gw

    well, he’s ok but to me you ain’t a real man unless you have at least some body hair. sexiest man alive? no way, what were they thinking?

  50. BearOKC69

    I don’t get the sexiest man alive pic either. Agree he is “ok” but nothing special. Can’t say if I would rather suck the average next door neighbors cock over his since I haven’t been able to compare, but if his cock was put before me or wanted in my back door, I wouldn’t refuse it either being the slut that I am.

  51. FreeRangeRadical

    Channing Tatum is definitely in the top tier of Hottest Men on the Planet. And one of the hottest things about him is that he’s a down-to-Earth, well-sorted guy.

  52. Steve

    I thought I was the only one–I don’t really get what all the fuss is about either. I ran into him once, he was in back of me at the security line at the airport and I only recognized him because I saw two of his movies on flights. He was extremely friendly though, I’ll give him that, very easy to talk to.

  53. Guy8301

    Hi Dave:::
    usually I dont reply but this one I had to as there was no sexual feeling however if he is next to me I will marry him. Every guy wants to be held like the bitch they are. For sure he seems a man that would deliver that. For looks he has that all American boy that is average which is perfect and plus for body wow, i do feel the urge to be in bed all day with him and not sexually but just been cuddled up…. love ZY

  54. tony

    I am a fan…i love this guy he is handsome in many ways to me. I personally think finally he gets the attention he deserves. I AM A FAN!!!

  55. Bill

    I would do that ALL night! The only way he could be any sexier is to have my thick load blown all over his sexy tummy and chest. And then let my tongue get busy cleaning it up for him!! HOT!!!!!

  56. John...

    Perhaps this contest is based on more than looks. No other information about the guy was provided here. I’m sure there is more to the guy than whether any of the desperate whores on Adam4Adam would do him or not.

  57. Karl Murphy

    Hell yes I would. I don’t care about his acting. His body is perfect. He is a very down to earth individual, he is very open minded. Now what more could any one ask for. I would cuddle with him and enjoy feeling his warm breath on my face, back, chest,,,you name it..

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