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This morning I came accross this amazing ad campaign video made from the Netherlands targeting LGBT youth with a very simple but powerful message : “Everyone is Different”.

The video follows few LGBT kids from from their birth to their teenage years, you see them struggling with their identity and having a hard time with friends and family but at the end of the clip, they are all together having fun and accepting and loving each other.

On the Dutch website,  young LGBT people can find information on how to talk to parents, friends and family about their feelings, how to meet other LGBT youth and where to find help if they’re not feeling well.

Bravo Netherlands!

Watch the video below!



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  1. sexybeast

    I absolutely love this video. I love to see people coming together to help each other out. I wish I had a group of friends like what we saw in the end.

  2. jace

    great comertialever need to watch this no es exaclty noral we all difernt in out own way eve the guys like call them selfs normal your not

  3. M

    Now that was a nice and good thing! Coming from a more sane and sensible country I’m not surprised. If only america wasn’t so full of right-wing types…

  4. Hunter

    The video, unfortunately, only promotes the difference between “us” and “them”. All of its examples were “us vs them”. The video does nothing to get anyone past that. It shows only “us” on one side of the line and “them” on another. Only when “us” promotes themselves as no different really than “them” will any progress toward “who cares!” be made. All this video did was say “we’ are “us” and “we” are special.

  5. Electro_Prince

    Bravo! Finally something positive on A4A. Post more of this and less vulgar sexual things. See this is what everyone should be watching. Is so sad how our own community hate among each other. Were all different gays and we should work together on projects like these.

  6. Straight supporter

    The problem in the us is that we chose a six pack and a cute face to represent you, rather than having someone who deserves the job. . get off your pretty kick gay boys 🙂

  7. Sjon

    RIGHT, Hunter. The video DEALS with the reality that “WE” ARE singled out for NEGATIVE special treatment – and presents hope. Remember “You’ve got to give ’em hope?” How about “It gets better?”
    Like it or not, after 25/30 years, “After the Ball’s” “We are no different really, than you – except that we are treated badly” hasn’t resonated well. And after 2010, ANYTHING that might keep a queer kid from offing him/herself here in “the land of the free” is welcome – and if the Netherlands continue to be leaders, we MIGHT just want to emulate their example, instead of making “American exceptionalism” pleadings. .

  8. Phine50

    That’s nice. The scene where the boy dressed in drag is busted by his father was funny. that kid looked a mess! His father should have been mad he was so ugly, not because he was in drag. LOL The boy of color was hottie.

  9. Chris

    That brought tears to my eyes. I just only wished people and my family would be so accepting in my sexual orientation. Maybe some day people will learn that we are no different than straight individuals. We all bleed red and we all have feelings that are often not taken into account in others opinions. I applaud the Dutch for releasing this wonderful video. We all should be accepted and loved we accept our family and friends that are straight and they should do the same in return.

  10. Bottom Q.Easy

    That video is so inspiring! Today gay is 90% o.k.,and that makes it a better world for everyone!!! Much better then the homophobic one i grew up in,way better then it used to be!!! We must continue to fight for our rights,the struggle’s not over! There are still people who will dismiss you,turn there back on you,and treat you like you shouldn’t exist just for who you choose to freak wit! We still have a long way to go,but change (he-he,so happy) has come!!!

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