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I was nervous, heart racing as I drove the few miles down the road from where I lived in Maryland to his house. I was not the most confident; describing myself as average when I pulled up to the address I had been given. I sent a text message to him that I had arrived, and slowly walked up to the door, my chest pounding. He was my height with broad shoulders, short dark hair and eyes. He smiled at me and motioned for me to follow up the stairs and into a small bedroom on the right. The door closed behind us as I handed him the six pack he had asked me to bring.  There was a small tv on a stand nearby playing a movie; nothing special, just one of those made for tv movies that allot of the networks played at that time of night. He was wearing small shorts and a tank top showing off his smooth legs and chest. I was in jeans and a t shirt and could feel my cock stirring as I watched him open one of the bottles and raise it to his lips.

He smiled at me and pulled me down onto the bed, I could feel the warmth of his body as I pulled him close to me. Soon, clothes hit the floor as we explored each other’s body. I loved his mouth on me as we devoured each other; teasing every inch of flesh, twisting and contorting as we both were eager to explore the other one. Pushing me onto my back I felt his mouth engorge my cock, sliding all nine inches down his willing and eager throat, sucking furiously. I moaned as his tongue and mouth slurped and teased the sensitive flesh of my organ. Flipping around I spread his legs for my pleasure as he enjoyed sliding my cock in and out of his expert mouth. I reached spreading his ass apart and enjoyed the sight of his smooth ripe cherry. I buried my mouth onto his exposed hole, taking long strokes of my tongue licking it, nibbling at the tender flesh. My hands exploring his tight, smooth body as we orally enjoyed each other.

His moans only fueled my enthusiasm as I probed the tender flesh with my tongue; pushing as deep as my tongue and jaw would allow. I wanted him so badly; I could feel my cock rage and strain, pulsing in anticipation of his sweet hole. His moans changed to quiet pleas, wanting what I have been wanting since arrival. Pushing his smooth body onto his stomach, I climbed behind him on the bed, rubbing my cock on the spit soaked hole, hearing him moan louder in anticipation. As the head penetrated into him, he pushed back, swallowing the length of my engorged cock, taking all nine inches down to the root inside of his tight hole. I moaned as I was thrust balls deep into his cavity. “Oh god,” we both moaned as I could feel the muscles gripping me tightly, and he felt his insides stretched in wonder of how he was able to consume it all. Gripping his hips, I began to thrust into his round bubble ass, loving the contrast of his tan skin and pale ass as I slithered in and out of his hole, hearing him gasp and beg for more.

I could not help but become greedy looking down at this handsome man impaled on my cock, my plaything as I pulled him up, tightly against my body. One of my hands, I slide down his torso gripping his cock while my other moved his head back wanting to enjoy his sweet pouty lips; as I pounded his delicious ass. Thrusting wildly, his moans grew louder as he pushed back in time with every thrust. “Oh,” I moaned, “I’m getting close…” feeling my balls tighten up as I continued to stroke him. He reached down gripping himself in place of my hand, “Don’t pull out. I want to cum when you do,” his low voice exhausted from our encounter only fueled my want of him more as I hammered deeply bouncing off his ass. I could feel it churning and knew I would explode. He could feel my cock head flare inside of him, knowing that I was going to cum, pushing me back against the wall as he kept it firmly, deeply inside of him. He was stroking furiously as I let go inside of him, moaning loudly as he gripped me that much tighter.  I felt the spasms of his cavity as he exploded shooting streams across the bed.

Almost instinctively my hands wrapped around him, feeling his racing heartbeat under my palm as I wondered what to do next. I didn’t even know his name. He grabbed a towel and wiped himself off. Then he glanced over his shoulder smiling, “You’re still hard.” The way he said it almost under his breath, caused my heart to race again, feeling the blood racing through my body. He started grinding back into me, still keeping me pinned to the wall. “You like that ass don’t you?” his smile was somehow like a playful child’s, somehow sweet and innocent but at the same time mischievous.

“Yeah,” I returned the smile. Somehow I knew it was more than that. I wanted to touch him, to feel him. In my own head it sounded crazy

“Then take it,” He laughed playfully as he released me from the wall, pulling me down on top of him as he lay down on his stomach. I was captivated, as I began to thrust in and out of that perfect bubble again. This time he was more vocal, not just moaning but begging me to use him as I pleased. “Oh god,” me moaned, a guttural cry raising out of him, causing me to get light headed, “You know how to fuck an ass don’t you.” He pushed back, grinding into me again as I impaled him on my cock over and over again.

My knee pushed behind his, opening his hole up more. I wanted all of him and could not help myself. I kissed along his neck, my arms wrapping around him as I continued to push and pull, loving how he griped me and writhed under me. All the words got caught in my throat. I knew I would say something stupid if I tried to make words come out. All I could do was moan. Bodies glittering from sweat as we continued to thrust and moan. Soon I was at a climax again.

He realized it, grinding back hard against me, almost knocking me off the bed. “Yeah, give me that hot seed of yours.” Flipping onto his back and locking his legs around me, pulling my mouth to his, as though to suck the breath out of me. I began to explode, this time my whole body trembling as I realized deeply into him. My moaning into his open mouth muffled by his advancing tongue as I sucked furiously and struggled for air at the same time. We lay there for a few moments, me on top of him. Then he gently pulled off of me, and got off the bed. I reluctantly turned over and sat up. He walked back in while I was still looking for my jeans, with a warm wash cloth, pushing me onto my back as he wiped me down with it, cleaning me up. He smiled the entire time.

“I was just going to get a shower when I got home,” I smiled not wanting to overstay my welcome. “But, thank you.”

The expression on his face looked like disappointment, “I thought you would spend the night.”

“Sure,” masking the excitement I felt as he offered. “I don’t see why not,” although I was nervous despite my nonchalant tones.

He pulled the covers back and lay down on his side inviting me to lay next to him. I lay on my back next to him as he pulled the covers over us both. Then, he reached over his shoulder, gripping my wrist and pulling my arm around him, as I moved onto my side against him, holding him through the night. I have stayed in this position for two years now, and still don’t want to leave.

D.W Price

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  1. David

    Now THAT is a realistic, cock hardening adult story. I know some worry about the bb/safe aspect of it, but I think the author was smart to leave it up to the reader’s imagination. Coincidentally, that’s EXACTLY how my current 2 year relationship started..only we knew I’d spend the night before I left my place!

  2. Darryl

    This story could be a throw back to the old days when men met, had major sex with wild abandon. Not thinking about anything but getting, and receiving pleasure. Many of us can remember back when hiv wasn’t an issue. In reality, you can still have incredible sex safely. With imagination it’s totally possible.

  3. Mark

    I got an A4A hit from a guy who lived a state away (roughly an hour). We had hooked up once years before at a hotel, but lost communication because he decided he wanted to remain ‘loyal’ to his BF. I respected that and left him alone for a season until the message. ” I would like to see you again,” He said in his message. Immediately my dick grew to full size as I read the message and looked at his ass pick (smooth as I remembered and sexy). I jumpled in my car and headed to his location. He texted me directions and said to come up stairs and he would be faced down and ass up! I literally TELEPORTED up the stairs like Nightcrawler from the X Men movie and began teasing him by kissing his beautiful ass cheeks and gently probing his man hole with my index finger while I reached over to the counter and grab a condom. It was ON!! He trembled with anticipation and kept looking over his shoulder to prepare for what was to come. I wrapped up and slowly began tapping his ass cheeks. I saw him dripping with pre-cum as I entered his anal cavity (about 1 inch in), then pulled out to re-tap the ass and check for cleanliness. He was clean as a whistle. My dick got ROCK hard until I couldnt stand it, then I slowly plunged into the mancave. About 40 strokes later he came hands free onto the carpet and left a puddle of lust liquid so massive that it deserved to be pornographed! Havent seen him since because he told me that he had to get it out of his system before fully committing to his life partner. He waited two years to reconnect with me. Did I miss out on something good? Should I have contended with his relationship or respected his wish and moved on? I’ve never met anyone so sexy in my life.

  4. Osei

    @Mark – You need an answer to that? LOL. He has the personality of a psychopath who uses people for his own pleasure and then dispatch them on the way. Did you ever verify that there was an actual boyfriend? That game must have worked with others, so why not pull the same trick on you.

  5. Commenter

    I’m with VAfratboy on this. It’s stupid to have unsafe sex in a hookup situation with someone you don’t even know. This ruined for me what would have otherwise been the hotness of this story.

  6. Hunter

    Yeh fine from a porn-story standpoint. Wee haw! But in reality? Does it happen? If and when it does (as has been asked already), is it safe? No. I had a great fist meeting for coffee with a new guy this week. We agreed in advance, no sex on the first date, and during the meeting safe sex when we do.

    Another stereotypical depiction in the media of gay life that isn’t safe and does not apply to all. Fantasy? Yes, but …

  7. Roberto

    Hey guys, I have a concern. I just hooked up. The guy penetrated me with no condoms, I am so freaking out right now. He did not cum inside though. Am I at risk of getting a disease? Please tell me your thoughts

  8. Commenter

    Yes, Roberto. You are at risk of contracting HIV (among other things). You need to see a doctor IMMEDIATELY and discuss the possibility of undergoing an HIV post-exposure prophylaxis regimen. This is a regimen of HIV medicine that can prevent you from becoming HIV-positive, if in fact you were exposed to the virus. The time window to do this, however, is very short, so you should do this IMMEDIATELY.

    To the moderator of this blog: Please email this information to Roberto right away, as he might not otherwise see it in time.

  9. Chuck

    For those who commented on “Not so safe sex” well, it’s just a story and a very Hot One at that. Bareback always makes a story, a real good story. For me, it was a great fantasy!!! Thank you Mr. Price!

  10. goldenloverinmym

    fuckin hot story,my lover n i started out playin safe, after talkin about it and discusing our test results,and my trust was rewarded with a test with neg- results again,and i’ve never been happier or more thrilled with our love life.DDDD

  11. WTF

    What’s with all the judgement on bb?
    In my experience it’s the guys who only “play safe” are the first ones slipping their bare cocks in a hole, “just this once”

  12. Jay

    I agree WTF. There’s too much casual sex anyhow. Trust is pretty much at 0% currently. Gone are the days where you could trust a guy to not be deceptive on health status.

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