Stories : Absolution At The Gloryhole

Just as it should be there was nothing but a couple of old white men who perked up when they saw me enter the dark video booth area.  I immediately turned on my heel and was preparing to leave the sex store and try another location.  There are four such stores within less than a mile radius for me to pick from.  I’ve hit them all many times.  I never know which place holds my envisioned fantasy until it smacks me in the face.

Wait a minute.  I hear the door open and see just what I want.  I’ll call him Tavis. He has that squared jaw and serious investigative look like Tavis Smiley.   He’s wearing   a grey pinstripe suit, walking with sure intent for sexual release.  He passed by me and our eyes met with that secret code. It was all I could do not to stare at his pleated pants.  That’s gotta be Mr. Smiley and he’s carrying his big mic in his pants.  I’m fuckin ready to give him an interview.   

After scoping out the booths like a secret service man, he walked past me and left the store.  Maybe I’m just tired. But, I guess I read that one wrong.  It happens sometimes even when you’re at the top of your game.  I go over to look at the latest video offerings and feel the cold air from outside as the door swings open.  My eyes turn and see a cool brother with dreads falling out from under a slightly turned lid.  It’s not my Tavis, but damn I hope he’s ready to bestow some sexual healing.  He’s taller about six feet four, I’m guessing, with an air of youthful innocence.  He’s not at all clockable mind you.  I like a real man versus a feminine wannabe.  Moving rhythmically in his burgundy Tims and black faded jeans, he passes by and sort of bumps into me with that glint in his eyes.

“Yo, sorry man,” he grunted.

“It’s awight,” I said.

Nice voice, too. There’s nothing worse than a hot, masculine bro who sounds like a sissy.  I turn to follow him into the booth area and hear the door open again.  It’s my Tavis man coming back.   My creation is much better than I had energy to fulfill.  I walk past both of them and enter a private area with two booths.  I do my usual laid back, one foot on the wall stance while I try and read how this is goin down.  Sometimes, I’ve used that area to give head to two dudes without having to go into a booth and have a wall between us.  It can only happen if both are game and one watches out while the other gets his pleasure.  I’ve been kicked out of this place before trying to pull off a double dip in public view.

They both follow me back there but Tavis seems nervous and communicates that to the younger guy with a serious glance.  If I didn’t know better, I’d almost think they knew each other.  Could it be that Mr. Tavis is there to facilitate this sexual activity for the good looking young man?  My fantasy world is really spinning out of control.  I can get crazy with this world of anonymous sex.  Already I’m thinking bodyguard for an NBA star.  But, I’m an avid basketball hound and the kid doesn’t look like anyone I’ve seen college or professional.

I stand observing patiently when the star grabs his crotch and lets me know he’s carrying a nice package.  I wanted to say to the light skinned brother you had me from the first bump, but I just smiled devilishly in return.  His face is perfectly masculine with a slim nose and eyes the shade of golden brown.  I like his confident swagger.  It’s not a pimp walk, but a strong pace with a beat.  I bet he has very full thighs and a nice rounded bootie under those Sean Johns.  He moves closer to me and reaches out to grab my full ass.

Mr. Tavis steps between us and motions for me to move around the corner to an open booth.  He’s not letting anything happen in this public zone and he’s determined to stay in control.  His suit jacket has become unbuttoned for easy manipulation of his member, but I’m always careful to watch out for the unexpected grab of some other type of piece.  I’m here to be beat down by two big dicks not pistol whipped by a glock.

I enter the single booth and lock the door.  I place a five spot in the video machine and ready myself to be absolved.  Mr. Tavis enters the booth adjacent and pulls out a handkerchief and small bottle of antibacterial soap.  He thoroughly cleans the glory hole of any remnants of sinful pleasure.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before.  Most horny men will stick their dicks just about any place to get a nut.  I’m on my knees and ready for him when he leaves the booth.

There’s a moment when I hear a bit of arguing between the star and his protector.  I can’t decipher what’s being said but I feel the young man wanted more interaction without a barrier.  Apparently, he concedes and enters the booth readied for his pleasure.  It’s my duty to bring intimacy and soulful connection through a hole in the wall.  I’m very good at what I do, after lots of practice.

He loosens his large, studded belt buckle and his jeans fall to the floor.  This glory hole is large enough for me to get my hand through, so I reach out and touch his cotton boxers.  I reach down as far as I can and caress his smooth thigh.  Just as I thought, a very well toned leg that is turning me on.  It’s very important to communicate that it’s not all about the dick even though that is the ultimate prize.  His hand grabs mine and he bends down to let me feel his face.  This is one sexy brother who knows what he wants.  I touch his brow and his dreads tickle my hand.  Slowly, I caress his high cheek bones and feel a smooth face not yet battered by the harshness of this world.  I’m nicely surprised when his lips engulf my index finger and begin to suck.

Fuck it! I’m thinking I’m ready to tear down this wall and passionately kiss this sensual brother.  I’m sure he would return it.  However, he stands and pulls his cock out of his boxers and allows me to inspect it with my hand first. Nice, thick and solid is his cut member.  My mouth begins to water and I’m ready to have him fuck my face with his ten or so inches.  I pull his dick through the glory hole and see a fatty head with a large slit.  I love to suck this kind of dick and tongue it fiercely around the head.  I begin tasting his salty pre-cum and work my way down to the base applying suction as I go.  He responds by allowing his dick to enlarge with his muscle control.  I can imagine his sphincter strongly clenching.  I think he’s trying to prolong his orgasm even though he’s very turned on.

Suddenly, he pulls his cock back to his side and wipes off a lot of pre-cum on his middle finger.  He sticks his finger through and offers me a sample of what’s to come.  I suck on his long finger as if it were his dick; cleaning off that salty, clear fluid.  He bends down and whispers to me through the glory hole.

“Shit boi you good.  Now, let me see your ass,” he demands.

Without a word, I drop my jeans and boxers and bend over as close as I can get to the glory hole.  He finally gets to grab my smooth ass and caresses it with his fingers.  This star knows what to do, at least for me.  I have very sensitive skin on my ass and lightly running your fingers over it drives me wild.  This innocent kid has technique and knows how to use it.  He pulls my ass tight against the glory hole and starts to put his tongue against my soft skin.  Struggling with the barrier between us, he sticks his tongue as far as it will go between my cheeks.  Unfortunately, he cannot reach the target, so it’s my turn to thank him for his efforts.  I turn around and get back in the kneeling position.  He bends down and asks me a hopeful question.

“Hey man, you want my pimp juice?” he whispers.

“Yeah, I like it that way.  Just face fuck as long and hard as you need and when you’re ready to cum pull back, so I can suck your sweetness straight from the head,” I instructed.

“Damn! I knew you’d be a fuckin freak,” he chuckled.

That pretty dick comes through the hole and my mouth is opening wide to let it go deep.  I like what he’s doing, slowly grinding the head deeper so I don’t gag.  He picks up the pace and my salivary glands start to work overtime.  You can hear the wet, hot slurping that is soon to get him off.  He’s weakening and gives me two deep thrusts that cause me to gag. I back off this pretty dick because I want to see it cum.  It’s so wet that it slides in my hand with ease.  I feel his load rising through his cock as he taps on the wall.  I stick out my tongue and watch as the first powerful shot unloads in my mouth.  Without hesitation I clasp my mouth around the head of his dick and suck until he can take no more.  He pulls out of my mouth and doesn’t move.  His hard cock is starting that downward droop and I just want to suck it some more.  Suddenly, it jumps and more cum dribbles out.  Simultaneously, I start sucking that petty dick again as he taps the wall.

Shit that was hot! I almost came without touching my own dick.  And I’m no kid.  The star slowly pulls his jeans up knocking his belt buckle against the wall.  I can hear his deep breathing through the glory hole.  I bet he’s hot and sweaty, too.  I’d love to be the one to wipe off the sweat and help him relax.  But, Mr. Tavis is right on top of things.

“Hey are you alright in there?  Come on out and get some air,” prods Tavis.

“Man, just slow your roll.  I’m out when I’m out,” demanded the star.

I was pulling myself together and felt his hand through the glory hole.  It sorta startled me and he laughed.  I bent down to say something silly, but he beat me to the punch.

“Damn. I didn’t know I had it like dat.  One touch and you loose your load,” he bragged.

“Naw. It’s more like I got it going on. One head job and you loose two loads,” I countered.

“Shit. I’m just getting started.  Thanks for the warm-up. Man,” he smirks.

“No prob.  I ‘m ready whenever you want to hook up again, but leave your Dad at home next time,” I jokingly suggested.

“Naw, you wrong on that.  I should crab that ass and beat it down,” he grumbled.

I wasn’t sure if he was mad or just upset at this bizarre interaction.  Top it off, it was being watched over by a hawk.  Mr. Tavis was getting antsy and started to sigh heavily.  It almost sounded like jealously.  But, bodyguards are only there to protect and work for their star, right?

“I’m gonna find you again and it’ll be on. I gotta get outta here, though,” he said leaving the booth.

“I’ll be ready man. Peace,” I said as I gave the sign through the glory hole.

David W. Bradburn alias dwb42461


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  1. Dylan

    HOT story!!! I love glory holes. I think every hotel and park should have at least one. We had four by my house in NH but the board of health and some fucked up politicians got in the way. Now there is only one left.

    And in that one that’s left….I had to stop in one night on my way home from work. Holidays were upon us and I was going to be bombarded with family for a week and I needed to blow off “steam”. I had family coming in from everywhere and would be trapped with the str8s all week with out any relief in sight. I was getting mine!! I was in the booth and it was quiet, me and some 70yo who is in there everyday(god bless him for trying). Him not being my type, I was watching some porn and stroking my cock. I heard someone come in and go to the old mans booth, he quickly left. I saw the light from underneath the booth next to mine go dark. The GH (or communication portal in this place for legal reasons) is a lil bit smaller then a coke can. I knelt down and instantly there was this hunk of cut meat hanging in my booth from the other side. I jumped to my knees and started in sucking that cock. All I could see other than that cock was a folded down pair of 2(x)ist underwear and black and white jeans. The smell coming from the other side was Gio or IZZY so I figured a younger guy. I sucked and deep throated that cock for a long time and never took my mouth off it. The guy on the other side was def loving it as per the moans and constant slamming his face in to the wall. I could feel his cock begin to swell. the taste in my mouth had begun to change. He tightened up and was pounding lightly with a fist. I knew it was time. I remember going all the way through the GH with my teeth to get all of his cock down my throat (guessing 8.5 – 9″). Then I heard him ever so quietly say,”OMG please don’t stop!” I worked it harder and I could feel it explode down my throat. I kept my head buried down on his shaft and he was loving every second of it. I felt 4 long strong pumps of cum then came up for the left over so I could actually taste it. It was so salty sweet! I didn’t waste a drop, I licked that tip clean and he put it back through cause he worked up a few drops from the base. I was in heaven. I watched him get dressed and I was figuring he was going to thank me for the best head he ever received. I noticed his sweat shirt had a black and white print on it with a large tear by the hood. I thought to my self who a man dressed all in black, how ninja like(stealth str8 looking for head). I hung around for another 20 min, no one else showed up so I jerked off. On my way home I did some food shopping remembering the big party at my place. That night when family started to show up I hear from the front door hey uncle Dylan, I’m here. I came out to hug my nephew I haven’t seen in two years and while I was hugging him the smell of cologne over took me. I stepped back to look at him and he was dressed in black, tear in the hood and all. If my brother only knew!

  2. Hunter

    Nameless, faceless, unsafe sex. Yeh, that’s good. Just what EVERY gay guy gets lathered up about.

    And gays wonder why they don’t get the respect they “deserve” from an “unfair, bigotted” society. We’re “loud and proud!!!” about this? Really?

    If a guy can’t relate to other guys well enough to get (and preferably give in return) a face-to-face blowjob every now and again, he has major issues that he should seek professional help for.

    This story is EXACTLY how those who supposedly promote gays shoot themselves in the foot over.

  3. edgar_truth

    so you blew your nephew? that’s not sexy…. i mean if you must do incest, you should do it with a cousin or brother… just saying.

  4. Mark

    OMG!! Posted story is phenomenal (got all kinds of hard reading that), but Dylan…your story is just UNBELIEVABLE hahahahaa. Holy shit? That can’t be true man, can it?

  5. George

    Adult book stores/ glory holes are the best. They like you/ you like them, and suck suck suck. All these online squirt are great but these guys profiles,u must this and u must that. Or you just look at their profile and they block you. ” What’s with that? How immature. So much time is wasted when you can go in get what you want and leave.

  6. David W. Bradburn

    Dylan thanks for taking time to ad your own spin on GH anonymous sex which in your case was not all that anonymous. I will be posting stories once a week on this blog, so look out for my next one which deals with sex at the gym. I know some will not like stories that are dealing with P.S.E.’s (public sex environments) but truth is they still exist and have been around for thousands of years. Gay men don’t have total ownership over this type of sexual expression. Look at the new swingers clubs that are sprouting up all around the country which are predominately straight, married folks. Whatever the story, if it warms us up as winter sets in, then I say just enjoy it. Look at the bestseller, Shades of Gray, people love stories about sexual activity no matter what their proclivities. Peace and have a sex positive evening. David W. Bradburn

  7. Mixed_PJ

    Liked both stories but Dylan story better because its not as busy with the security guard. But it’s also kind of gross yet it happens since you never know who is on the other side of the glory hole. 🙂

  8. Eric

    Hunter – it’s fantasy dude. Lighten up. If you don’t like it, don’t read the fucking story. Move on. It’s really simple even for a simpleton.

    As for the nephew story. Hot. Very hot. Been known to play family games in the past (present too, lol) and based on experiences with other A4A members it’s much more common than people think. As long as all parties are consenting then I don’t see the problem.

  9. Hunter

    BLOG, as a matter of fact, I DON’T think about my straight friends having sex. Why the hell would I? How does straights maybe having unsafe sex justify it for gays? It doesn’t. A recent post was “Hepatitis C, the new epidemic” and then we turn around and promote unsafe sex saying it’s hot?? And then in a heartbeat some gays will complain that they just don’t get the respect they deserve from a “biggotted and unfair” society.

    • blog

      Hunter : “promote” jeez….everybody is responsible for his own actions dude….
      The story is a fantasy that a member wrote….you don’t need to read it….

  10. Luke Jameson

    One of many masterpieces that this intuitive writer has up his sleeve…thanks for sharing your inner healing balm with us!!! Great write!!!….:)…

  11. David W. Bradburn

    Hunter, I wrote the original blog story and I believe that most gay men realize the risks of oral sex are very low for HIV. And really man, since the beginning of safer sex practices how many gay men have been wearing condoms for oral sex…I bet very, very few. Have you always worn condoms when giving or receiving head? Yes, other STD’s can be shared by oral sex but risk reduction has always been the plan, not total compliance with what the CDC would prefer we do when having sex. It’s just not realistic. I feel perhaps you have other underlying issues about public sex, anonymous or not, than just whether it’s sexually safe or not. You are going back in time worrying about how we are perceived by the straight community. It’s like telling black folks they have to work ten times harder and smarter than their white counterparts to get what they deserve in the workplace. Nope, we gay folks should not move backwards and worry about what straight folks think about us. Check your internalized homophobia and live life as you choose and let others do the same. Respect isn’t given, it’s taken, by living your life honestly and proudly without any apologies.

  12. Sjon

    Hunter –

    The way you talk about “gays” it’s as if you were some neo-con fundie trolling the site. But, you’re just a bitter bitch. A critic, no less.

    Wise up, asshole. EVERYONE is a critic these days.

    Got a better story? Do you write anything other than pseudo-pop-psych-laden diatribes?

    “Has major issues?” What a crock. An issue is a point of contention between TWO parties. ONE person cannot “have an issue,” unless it is “a discharge,” such as your little spew.

    CAN you write a story that is an example of what you’d like to see? If so, whip it out. If not, go fuck yourself (I’d suggest “with a toothpick – because your ass seems too tight for anything with a larger diameter,” but that would be a compliment, as it’s obvious that your rectum is loose enough to accommodate your entire head, which is firmly lodged up it).

  13. bi_in_levis

    for fucks sake, it’s Glock, not glock. One of the sorriest most dick wilting stories I’ve ever read. You can do better, I’m sure.

  14. goldenloverinmym

    omfg both stories r hot but I like dylans better 2 and have a hot nephew,would do him n all his jock buddies in a new York minute…..DDDD

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