News : UPS Stands Up For Gay Rights!

United Parcel Service (UPS) won’t be sponsoring the Boy Scouts of America until the group changes its anti-gay policy.

After more than 80,000 people joined Scouts for Equality founder Zach Wahls’ campaign urging UPS to stop funding the Boy Scouts.

UPS has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars overs the year to the Boy Scouts but in a statement, UPS announced it would “cease all future funding to the Boy Scouts until gay Scouts and leaders are welcome within the organization.”

“UPS and The UPS Foundation do not discriminate against any person or organization … These include, but are not limited to race, gender, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran or military status, pregnancy, age and religion,”

The Boy Scouts found this decision very disappointing. The organization said it “respects everyone’s right to have and express a different opinion. Unfortunately, this decision will have a direct impact on the youth we serve in local communities.”

Bravo UPS ! Just because of that, I will make sure to use your service next time I’m delivering a package!

Thank for standing with LGBT Americans.


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  1. Joshua Randall

    BRAVO UPS its high time that people start making a stands towards the rights of gay people. Maybe just maybe if more people would stand up and be heard the the world might could become more free. Instead of free with the condition that you can’t be gay.

  2. ohlala

    before we stand up fight for skin color, race equal right , and now for equal sex gender …. Proud of it , people stand up for it,,, today wonderring people still sleep , behind , concernvative…..

  3. Darkiori

    Ok so here is one thing that I don’t understand. Yes it is good that UPS has stood up to the LGBT community, however, I’m quite content with the decision Boy Scouts have taken. They have decided to now allow LGBT into their community. Why should they be punished/persecuted for saying so? Is not everyone entitled to their own opinion and community? It would be great if they did allow he LGBT community into their doors, but they don’t want to. If they really are as religious as they say, and are founded on religious belief then they are doing it right. Why are we trying to change them. Make another group, one that allows all types of people into it then. I don’t see why we are trying to force ourselves unto people that do not want it. That kind of reminds me of the religious crazy guy shouting in the middle of the street trying to force his belief upon everyone. Is the LGBT community becoming that guy?

    • blog

      Darkiori, I almost don’t want to publish your comment but I’ll publish it….
      I just don’t get your statement…
      If a restaurant say ” no asians ” on the door, you won’t be offended ?
      Even if the owner of the restauramt claims not to like asians, it is NOT right to do such discrimination!!!!!
      Whatever it is, religious or not…it is wrong!
      Wake up !

  4. botboylars

    Good for you UPS. The Boy Scouts permitted child molesters run their organization over many years, but continue to discriminate against the LGBT Americans.

  5. kevin

    Promlem is so many sexy offenders have been doing damage already, so they have that reason not to trust gays. The hidden gays that have been in boys scout need to come out. And show not gay is a pedofile. Good for ups. Boys scout just needs to do background searches

  6. Roman

    They should be separated. We could take over. Gays..for the most part are extremely adaptable. We more than likely hold the edge over the competition ..easy. we would be doing ourselves the favor. Plus…it is kinda weird..gays and straights at those tender ages… you kinda have to be proactive, why give it a chance… ??

  7. Sean

    Darkiori shouldn’t be attacked for having his opinion on the issue. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution allows us freedom of speech. That’s the wonderful thing about America. We’re all entitled to opinions, whether we agree with them or not. 🙂

  8. guest111


    Its not about punishment. Its more about appearence. UPS isn’t sending the boy scouts to their room. They’re making a public statement that they don’t agree with them, so they won’t fund them……people who aren’t racist don’t give money to the KKK. that was dramatic, but you get my gist. They don’t want to be associated with them because it gives the appearence that they agree with the policy.

  9. Eternal Dawn

    Unfortunately, The BSA received a green light from the Supreme Court in the start of the century that allows them to discriminate against whomever they want to. It was a close decision, so if they brought it up again today, it may not stand.

    I don’t get the backlash against UPS, however. If the BSA, as a private organization can discriminate, then another private organization can choose to discriminate against them. Good job UPS for upholding your mission statement.

  10. Leo

    Darkiori, I would like to begin by saying the LGBT community has not become a group that forces themselves onto society. Had Abraham Lincoln simply allowed colored people and the rest of society to co-exist with the restrictions of that era, where would we be today. We are simply saying, you don’t have to like us but we do deserve everynes respect, and if certain groups can’t accept that then why should groups who deem it wrong be entitled to fund them. Why should we create another community when such a comunity exists. You fix a problem through trial and error, not by discarding of it all together.

  11. drizzle

    I think it’s time to fight fire with fire and use the power of Corporate Authority more often to combat the ignorance of such organizations as the Scouts. It’s awful to think this sort of suppression is still going on in this day and age; think of all the gay kids out there that feel they need to hide or moderate who they are. Either BSA fixes their policies to be in-line with the times or perhaps a greater association forms and elbows out BSA and discrimation altogether.

  12. excopinlv

    @Darkiori. Brilliant! The right of free association, a basic right we all enjoy, or should enjoy. We have the right to associate with whomever we want. As does everyone else. Bullying people and organizations into forced association breeds resentment and resistance. And that resistance turns into Chik Fil A appreciation days… How many of you listen to the Westboro Baptist Church freaks? How many of you take them seriously? Yeah, that’s what I thought…

    Yippee for UPS, they are exercising their right.

  13. Michael

    While I am happy to hear this news from UPS… I can “partly” agree with Darkiori. My view stems from the view point of private vs. public organizations or groups. If a private group, that is privately funded by members and their fundraising actions… no matter how much I don’t agree with it – they are allowed to with hold membership from whomever they wish. If it’s a public group, that is funded by tax payer dollars… ANY and EVERYONE should be allowed.

    Discrimination is something that will ALWAYS exist in the world… on any level. To the best of my knowledge (and I could certainly be incorrect) – the Boy Scouts are privately funded… people make donations to them of their own free will, but tax payer money is not sent to the Boy Scouts from any governmental offices. Because they are privately funded (though I do not agree with it) – they should be allowed to discriminate against whomever they want… that’s their right as a private organization.

    If a restaurant want’s to post a sign saying “no Asians”… they’re legally allowed to do it… but… they need to be willing to face the public out lash they will receive for such discrimination. (As with the semi-recent Chic-fil-a controversy.)

    Even though this is 2012… civilization/society has a LONG way to go towards unity and understanding of differences. Forcing people to accept what they do not want to accept is futile… and will continue to be an up hill battle. Gay rights have certainly been improving over the last few years… but… I doubt we will see FULL equal rights for the gay community in my lifetime.

  14. jockfever

    A private organization should be free to not publish Darkiori’s comment.

    UPS is free to handle its donations as it sees fit.

    The Boy Scouts are also a private organization.

    The comparison to a restaurant discriminating against Asians is off-target, in my opinion, because minors are involved in the Boy Scouts, and parents are entitled to some say about their children’s exposure to openly gay people and behavior.

    The question could be: Should parents be forced to allow openly gay adults to take their 12-year-old boys camping?

    Would the above policy ultimately lead to the Boy Scouts being disbanded?

    Yes, I’m a former Boy Scout.

  15. hotrod58

    I totally agree with you darkiori… you shouldn’t force your beliefs on someone just cuz they don’t have the same feelings you do. Just cuz you belvieve in something or feel a certain way doesn’t meen everyone should feel the same way. Its not discrimination its just the way it is. If you don’t like it don’t join the boyscouts.

  16. Hunter

    The United Way dropped its sponsorship of the Boy Scout organization because of the Scouts anti-homosexual stance several years ago. With that and the current news about the Perversion Files, Scouting is in jeopardy. Who comes out on the short end? Scouts. Sad for those kids for whom the organization is (was) a place of stability and encouragement.

    Is it right or wise for a business to take a pro or con stance on social issues? Whenever they do, they draw a line. Some people will applaud the decision, others will not support it. Pro-gays will applaud UPS. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s any news of an anti-gay response. Will any other businesses drop UPS as their contracted shipper due to UPS’s pro-gay position?

  17. domtopman2013

    UPS did stand for United Parcel Service…now it stands for United People Service…one day at a time…one company and one heart at a time…we are getting there …

  18. Hunter

    Dave, Darkiori’s post is interesting perhaps troubling but lets look into it. Is this situation like Asian/Black discrimination? We don’t see Asians or Black promoting a lifestyle. Asians or Blacks just are who they are. Would LGBTs be more readily accepted by non-gays if many of them weren’t in the media with a stereotypical “we’re here, we’re queer, we’re in your face, and like it or not you have to accept us” banner? What if LGBTs just lived their lives outside of the spotlight? What if they just were part a of society not seeking special recognition or acceptance? Isn’t that true equality?

    • blog

      Hunter, you are even discriminating gays lol….
      You think that all gays are “in the spotlight” ??
      Some are lawyers, some or home dads and yes, some are loud and proud. Who cares ? So are straight people….
      Maybe you need to re-evaluate your last comment.

  19. Ernest

    Im sorry to say this but What about the kids? Everyone is saying Its a victory but for WHO? No one is thinging about the kids in all of this. Im not talking about rich Little quite kids. Im talking about the poor spanish and blackand poor white kids are the ones WHO have to live with It. I was in boys scoutsand we never went anywhere because we didnt have the money to go placesThe boys scouts will find away to make that money up or down size or raise prices on things that most poor people can’t buy anyway. I just want people to think about the kids thats all. If Its thst big of a deal then start something of there own.

  20. Charles

    UPS is great…..there’s a distribution near my job and every morning the trucks just pour out of the facility with many hot UPS men driving…..Nice eye candy when I am waiting to in line for them to pass…….One guy even winked at me when I let him pull out in front of me……what a cutie!!!!!!!!

  21. Hotniqqa

    I use to be a boy scout in the 90’s it was fun. I’m gay now and think that it’s crazy that Boy Scouts of America look at what they consider actually is appropriate due to sexuality. There’s men that serve our country in the military now freely. However, Boy Scouts of America should also be a healing mechanism for those with low self-esteem or bullying. It’s almost as if there promoting discrimination. Also Darkiori I understand that people are free to have their opinion. However, to be a national organization that supposedly helps to build good guys. It’s quite weird that they would not accept a gay child. I didn’t ask to be gay or trying to influence others. With society today the child would have a culture shock if they were kept away from non-damaging individuals.

  22. Flooby

    I applaud UPS. Maybe Chick-fil-a can fill in the gaps. HOWEVER, the Boy Scouts are NOT promoting hate against the LGBT community, they just prefer to exclude the lifestyle and that’s their perogitive. The BSA isn’t a business, they don’t have a product and, to me they’re not very visable. Even as a gay man I am tired of the gay agenda being forced upon everyone in every facet of life. Seriously? The Boy Scouts? Who fucking cares.

  23. ernest

    You are all missing the point. None of you are talking about the kids. I really don’t care about gays being let in. Yes I’m gay and I have two kids and your missing the point. Everything I do is for my kids.

  24. truckercouple

    ppl don’t get to caught in this media hype, YES media hype,, UPS doesn’t give a rats ass about gay rights,, what they are into is PRESS and making money,,, by doing so, they put themselves up above FEDex, DHL, etc and so on and I AGREE w/ darkoiri…. NOT EVERYONE has to APPROVE or ACCEPT gay ppl INTO THEIR organizations and lives…. boy scouts was founded as a religious group and should HAVE the right to stay that way,,, if GAY men want to be around young boys and counsel them and help them, then form your OWN damn organization…… fucking gay idiots trying to FORCE everyone to LOVE them, be around them, accept them.. fucking bullshit desperate ass ignorant gay folk is all it is….. it’s ONE thing to be passed over for a job for being gay or fired, etc etc etc… but WHAT NEXT, FORCING churches to accept gay ppl as members……. PPL have the fucking RIGHT to not agree w/ homosexuality….. if gay men don’t want to be FORCED to be straight or act straight then STOP FUCKING MAKING STRAIGHT PPL HAVE To accept and be around you…..

    this is the SAME DAMN thing that women do when they are denied into a male gym or a all male school.. FORCE FORCE FORCE FORCE,,,,, yet WHEN A MAN WANTS TO JOIN AN ALL FEMALE GYM, OH HELL NO, THEY WON’T LET YOU IN….. and gay ppl get annoyed when straight ppl want to be a part of gay functions or organization… i’ve even heard gay men get pissed when straight ppl/couples show up at gay bars

    gay men, in general, are a pissy group and can’t handle when they are shunned, YES YES, i get it, discrimination and all that jazz, I GET IT, but some areas, ppl, organization NEED TO BE LEFT TO THEIR OWN and just START YOUR OWN

  25. truckercouple

    and before anyone jumps my ass for my comments, I know PLENTY of butch gay business types, lawyers, doctors, etc…. who are gay and no matter what the job or career a gay man is a GAY man and will turn into a queen on a DIME and somehow even on anything SMALLER than a dime and for those of you who didn’t get that statement, it means QUICK, REAL QUICK, when they are not the center of attention or feel shunned, ignored, FILL IN THE GAP by anyone…….i swear a gay man would try to sue the Vatican for not being considered for the next pope position when the current one ever dies

  26. Hunter

    Dave, we agreed that not all gays are in the spotlight. Yet those that are seen in the media promote only the “loud and proud” lifestyle. It’s these that organizations like the Scouts envision when they think “homo? NO! NO!” Yes, “loud and proud” SOME gays are. Fine, that’s who they are, but they show great resistance about recognizing those gays who are not like them, as evidenced from time to time even in this blog. All gays are not created equal, yet the loud and proud demand a high level of superiority, maybe exclusivity for the gay “brand”. If all gays won’t recognize and respect each other, they can’t expect the rest of society to respect them.

  27. Josh

    Thank you UPS I too was a boy scout but didn’t know i was gay at that point in my life, even though most of my fellow scouts were really cute, i don’t believe that the boy scouts should do what they do but they are a Christian organization but they still have no right to judge we can’t help that we were born attracted to the same sex, we don’t try to force our sexuality on people, so we aren’t doing anything wrong but they are, they are discriminating us because we are gay or lesbian or trans but its still wrong and illegal cause any form of of discrimination is illegal

  28. Jorge

    Oh my! Where do I begin. Well, before I address the UPS thing, let me say that I was surprised that this BLOG was actually considering not putting up Darkiori’s comment simply because it was an opposing view. He wasn’t being nasty at all. So, others need to accept us even if they disagree with us but we if we disagree with someone then we seriously consider not even posting their comments on a blog. Very disappointing. I hope I don’t get censored. I had a great post for Chick Fil A blog that got censored.

    Not back to UPS. Did UPS all of a sudden see the light of day or was it because, according to the blog 80,000 people joined to basically harass UPS and these corporations don’t want that publicity and cave in. Hurray to UPS for “caring” about gay rights after arm twisting by 80,000.

    Now, on to the real issue. I want to be accepted just as much as the next person BUT, if I want to be accepted, I also have to accept others. Not everyone will agree with me. I accept their right not to. But I can’t expect to be given that courtesy if I’m not willing to offer it. It only breeds resentment.

    The boy scouts are not actively harassing gays. They are a private “religious” or religiously motivated, centered, whatever organization that does not accept the gay lifestyle. Call them, ignorant or whatever, but they have the right to associate with whom they wish. And people (or companies) should be allowed to support them if they wish without being harassed by others. I know I don’t like to be harassed for being gay. Do you? So then, why should I harass someone for not wanting to associate with me? Can we just respect their religious sensitivity? When you don’t it only sets back your own cause. It only creates resentment and you get push back like someone mentioned chick fill a appreciation day to get back in YOUR face and to shit on your parade. What does that accomplish? I just don’t get it. All I know is that consistently I’ve seen that those who demand the loudest tolerance are the most intolerant of all (and not just with a gay issue). I don’t know why that is. It just is. Sad, isn’t it?

    Lastly, I’m glad someone actually mentioned that Kids which are the ones that suffer when their funding gets taken away just because of someone else’s agenda. Truly sad indeed.

    And by the way, judging from some of the comments in these blogs, if I were a parent, I wouldn’t want those people anywhere near son. For the same reason I wouldn’t want those depraved heterosexual men camping overnight with a daughter of mine. Are you kidding? No one here understands that? Do the girl scouts have a group of single guys taking out those girls camping alone? Why do you think not?

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