News: Barack Is Back!


Obama has been re-elected for another 4 years!  I’m happy for all my fellow Americans! Now he will have the time he needs to do more than just fix the things left over from the Bush administration!

More amazing news for the gay community:

  • Maine and Maryland became the first states to approve same-sex unions by popular vote, they will become the seventh and eighth states to allow same-sex couples to marry.
  • Washington state also voted on a measure to legalize same-sex marriage, though final results are not expected until later today at the soonest.
  • Minnesota  became the first state to reject a constitutional gay marriage ban. Similar measures were approved in 30 other states, most recently in North Carolina in May.
  • Tammy Baldwin became the first openly gay person to be elected in the US senate!

The changes in same-sex marriage laws at the state level will provide additional pressure to the U.S. Supreme Court, which will soon consider whether to take up cases challenging the law that denies the federal recognition of same-sex marriages.

These victories reflect the many national polls that, for the first time, show a majority of Americans supporting same-sex marriage.

Maine should begin granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples in mid-December, according to same-sex marriage supporters at Freedom to Marry.

That is awesome ! Choose your ring !

Sooooooooooo proud of you America!!!!!

But… we cannot afford to sit idle, the fight for marriage equality is no where near over as 38 states have passed bans on marriages between people of the same gender, mostly by amending their constitutions to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.


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  1. Jayson

    Nice to see USA starting to climb it’s way into this day and age. For such a “progressive” country, it’s interesting how such a thing as Gay Marriage has caused such an issue. (I’m in Canada, where gay marriage has been legal for some time now.) Like other countries in the world who have legalized gay marriage – it didn’t bring us (them) to our knees 🙂 These other 38 States in the USA need to sharpen up a bit.

    However, congrats to my US neighbours on the re-election of Obama, who seems to be a very decent President indeed!

  2. Tomas

    Wow, because I am gay I am suppose to be happy about Obama? Gay Rights? I am a Constitutionalist, and Obama is not about the Constitution. Obama like Romney are run by Israel, and their Zionist Masters. Incredible that Americans are so easily led. They have no clue that Oklahoma and 9-11 was done by the US Government and the Mossad. Nor do they care. I am waiting for Jesus or the Ascension. This is definitely not Heaven. Once again, why did people vote for the figure head Obama? Only hypocrites will lie about their answer.


  3. ohlala

    for me , could be either one among two of them.. But i still prefer mr. Obama… My wished to him , i hoped he stronger with china ,,,

  4. ohlala

    for me , could be either one among two of them.. But i still prefer mr. Obama… My hoped to him , i hoped he stronger with china ,,,

  5. Todd

    Well next I want my rights!! Damn it! I am single and plan on staying single and I want the same tax advantages and rights of the married people. Also, its not fair that I have to pay taxes for other peoples kids. I want my damn rights too!!

    Fuck all ya’ll married and want to be married peeps. I am getting mine too!

  6. Jimy

    Living in Maryland I am so happy not only was Pres.Obama elected to another term but i can get Married, now if I can fine a Good Man

  7. Billy Curtis ll

    Finally I’m proud to say that I’m an American. l know that now I will be able to see the change come. Life is great……Congratulations to the Obamas and thank you Michelle for being that Grand First Lady ( again ) and giving us your hubby for another 4 years, to make sure that the World see his dream blend in with Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream and turn my dream for a better America into a reality…God Bless You…

  8. Drake

    Another 4 years of Obama saddens and deeply disappoints me to no end. A president who does not have a handle nor a clue on the situations that The United States is dealing with. Obama lays blame, passes the buck, and makes false promises. He was going to reduce the deficit in his first term? He has lied and covered up Benghazi, acts more like a wanna-be-rock star than the President of The United States should act.
    Obama has done nothing for gay marriage. He was against it at the beginning of his term. Only when he needed the votes from gay community, did he say he supported gay marriage…and that was 3.5 years into his term and election time. He has played the gay community for votes. All he did was verbage. Did nothing on the rederal level. I think it is called blowing smoke?
    I for one did NOT vote for Obama…last election or this one. I find him very fraudulent.
    We are about to embark on 4 more years of what we have just been through. Little, if anything will change.

  9. Craig

    I’m with Thomas. The majority of people don’t have a clue what this man has done to eat away at our bill of rights (And don’t think for a minute that he is going to do ANYTHING officially about same sex marriges, that was to get our votes and nothing more). If he was serious about same sex marriges, why did he wait until just before the election to say ANYTHING about it???

    He is doing a lot of the same things that Hitler did, INCLUDING “Obama Youth” Using spy planes INSIDE the US, Indefiante Detention, among others.



  10. James

    I don’t think Obama getting re-elected is a good thing! Now he has four more years to tear down and screw over America. Four more years of broken promises and taking credit for things other people have done. Four more years of saying he’s sorry for the American people, and refusing to salute the flag that stands for this great nation! I just hope and pray America can survive another four years of him being president!

  11. Daniel

    If we could get all the guys out of the closet and into the fight for equal rights, we’d be farther ahead of where we are now. Closet cases only serve to hurt our cause. GET OUT OF THE FUCKING CLOSET!

  12. Brad Whyms

    We all saw how the stock market reacted to Obama today. How much money was lost in peoples’ retirement plans.
    Obama still has no plan to create jobs, which is what so many need. Taxing businesses at a higher rate will not create jobs; it will only cause companies of all sizes to lay off people or reduce salaries.

  13. Brad Whyms

    It’s great we can get married in NY state, but we can’t file federal taxes as married filing jointly. What has Obama done for gay marriage in his almost 4 years in office? (other than preach a fair amount)

  14. Brad Whyms

    Would have been nice to see a new vision from a pro business President whose focus was on job creation and the economy – not bashing business and redistributing wealth. We live in a capitalist country, which is why America gained its freedom from the Brits more than 200 years ago.

  15. Corwyn

    President Obama has been, and will continue to be, the ONLY president in U.S. history to support and fight for equal status in marriage. Overall, the President has been our most productive head of state in contemporary history. In spite of his achievements, he is also the most abused and disrespected president.

    We all recall in his first State of the Union address the little Representative from somewhere in the Dirty South who yelled at Mr. Obama saying, “You lie!”. Many may also recall Texas Governor and former presidential contender Rick Perry and his ownership of the wild game preserve called, “Niggers Head Ranch”. It wasn’t until information about the ranch’s name was made public that Perry removed the ‘Niggers Head Ranch’ sign from the main entrance. The name remains, but it’s just not so conspicuous these days.

    Very little has changed on the Hill. Racists – some of them our elected officials – still walk those hallowed but dirty corridors in the nations capitol. The House maintains its majority. The Good Ol’ White Boy Club is alive and kickin’. But know this, President Obama has the support and profound respect of hundreds of millions of people all over the world, especially from those of us in the LGBTQ community.

    You had our back, Mr. President. We’ve got yours.

  16. Junior

    Well thank God the Haters did not get their way! *I lift you up in spirit Obama* VERY VERY HAPPY FOR ANOTHER 4 YEARS!!! Glad the majority of the world voted in Victory that is why we have the right to vote! A FAVORABLE OUTCOME AND A WIN FOR OBAMA IS GREAT!!!!

  17. Jay

    I am very happy to see that other guys aren’t automatically pro-Obama. We are frequently made to feel like we did when we all hid in the closets only this time its not because we are gay…its because we are conservatives! Not fair. Remember, we are all Humans, and that we should be nice and non-judgemental. I don’t care for President Obama, but you that do, please quit shoving him and his politics down our throats. Shouldn’t we have something there anyway…

  18. Junior

    I AGREE ALEJANDRO!!! Its a shame but oh well… The Fact is OBAMA won and thats a good thing for everyone involved even if they dont know any better.

  19. mike

    after 4 years of obama things have got worse for the country. i cant imagine him haveing the balls to actually be the President, as for gays getting married so many dont have the maturity for 50 years with one man. if they want to go to court for a divorce every 6 months, more power to em! the country as a whole needs something more than obama can for blaming bush, hey folks its been 4 years of hope and change LOLOLOL

  20. kaygee

    Corwyn, loved what you said. I must say, again, no one is perfect and Pres. Obama is not. However he truly cares about the middle class. People voted for him because he is better than voting for a candidate that does not support minorites, the gay community nor women. They want to apply Mad Men mentality on a Modern Family world. This is not the 1960s. Our country is evolving and becoming more culturally diverse. If Romney was talking right and speaking the truth instead of lying, I would listen. He ran a horrible campaign. At least I had respect for John McCain when he was running four years ago. A campaign at the grassroots level and not elitist, condescending, uppity and lacking credibility. Like I said from the beginining, if you want to keep Pres. Obama from having a second term, bring me some fucking competition!!! And that sure as hell did not happen!

  21. ometto

    Wow! I can see that our gay community has the same percentage of crazies and paranoids as the general public. Thanks for reminding us, guys!
    Wow…what a sad sack of Americans.

  22. Charles G.

    First of all…the English grammar used on this site by many of you is deplorable…the spelling is even worse…if you’d paid more attention to your schooling instead of the shower room you’d probably have a better job and benefits. Stop your bitching and moaning or move to Iraq and do something useful….like being a target for shooting practice….

  23. Craig


    Just what has he actually DONE for the LGBTQ Community?? Other than say he supports same sex marriges, and why wouldn’t he say and/or DO something about it when he first got into office instead of waiting till close to the election to get the gay vote??


  24. dawgit01

    I agree with Drake… What will u guys say when Obama has written his own law to go into ur personal savings account and take what he wants.. the grief is overwhelming.. I think Obama was hand picked and groomed for this position of the New World Order..America has slammed the door on Israel so there is no stopping this train now,,, Sadly we will ALL pay. we should not give up though.. May God Bless us with love wisdom and strength,, God Bless America..

  25. Phine50

    I’m very happy that President Obama won reelection! I feel safer with him than Romney, who was clearly the more evil of the two. I’m a Same-Gender-Loving, (SGL) man, but I don’t understand the big push for allowing same-sex marriage. It only benefits a small segment of the people. It’s only for SGL folks and even all of us don’t want to be married. It’s not like the civil rights movement which ended racial segregation and discrimination. That benefits all races. Knowing American politics there must be some hidden financial gain to be had. Our government does nothing just for the common good really.

  26. Dani

    It such a shame that most of the people making comments here are saying negative things. I assume all of you are gay, bi, or at least questioning. Sexuality is not number 1 on the government’s agenda, but it can be used as a scapegoat to avoid more pertinent topics. I hope that we all can unite and find solutions to our problems regardless of who the president is.
    And if you don’t like it, GET THE FUCK OUT OF AMERICA!! Go somewhere where you aren’t allowed to express who you are or complain ALL THE FUCKING TIME ABOUT WHAT ISN’T RIGHT!!
    Unless your name is on the ballot, I encourage you to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

  27. Stan

    I for one am very happy to have President Obama re-elected for four more years! For those of you who either indentify as gay, bisexual or queer on this site I cannot believe you would think you would be better off with Mitt Romney as our president. He would try to take back any rights with we have either with marriage, employment, or even the military. He is not supportive of our community and would not help make our lives any better in the next four years!! I am amazed that so many of you are against a president who I believe has done more for our GLBT community that any other president. Let’s try to come together and make this country better and support a president who does support us!

  28. Chris

    It’s good to see that heterosexuals don’t have a monopoly on stupidity under the banner of freedom of speech. As usual the dim witted part of the gay community stepped to the plate in full regalia, Obama won GET OVER IT!!

  29. bayedge

    Four more years of this wimp to cry about everything being somebody else’s fault. I fully expect to see this poor excuse for a president to begin stamping his feet & holding his breath like an immature 5 year old who doesn’t get his way. Hang onto you wallets, you’re about to be raped.
    BTW, there are plenty of conservative gay republicans, be a little more inclusive!

  30. Hunter

    A divided country. A divided Congress, A President who cannot lead domestically or on the foreign front. A stagnant economy in which business leaders are on hold not knowing what their costs for healthcare, taxes, and energy are going to be. An eroding middleclass due to higher taxes, skyrocketing healthcare costs, and a continued lack of good-paying, longterm, career jobs. Four more years.

    What did he really deliver to Blacks, Latinos, and Gays in hise first four years? Nothing substantial. He pandered to them to get re-elected. He looked into the camera and said everything they wanted to hear to get their votes. They took the bait.

    This President is what a fraction more than half of the voters wanted so the deal is done. Not a resounding win because a fraction less than half of voters recognized he didn’t lead the country in his first term and he won’t in his second because he does not have the needed skills and abilities.

    “We’ve got work to do” And “The best is yet to come” the President says. The truth, finally! He didn’t accomplish much in the past four years so that leaves plenty of room for improvement.

  31. Charlie

    WOW! He just had four years to make it the worst ever. What is going to be left of America after eight years? Not really expecting him to change mid stream. Down we go and you obummers will just be shocked when it happens

  32. Charles

    Good news about gay marriage…Real Bad News for America….Obama will only cause more damage to this country over the next four years…The only good thing is that he can’t continue to blame Bush…..It’s all his now….In a year when things aren’t any better and people complain I will ask them who they voted for….Most likely the answer will be OBMAMA……

  33. kymarcin

    Obama created a welfare state of food-stamp and Obamaphone using bums that got him elected for a 2nd term. If he really was for gay rights, don’t you think he could have done something during his first term?

  34. johnnyboy


  35. PacificRimmer

    Of all of the Obama agendas, the gay agenda is the least satisfied and the least fulfilled. When the Democratic Party controlled both houses of Congress and the White House between 2009-11, they ignored gays. DOMA (signed to assure Bill Clinton’s reelection) is still in place, ENDA never made it out of committee, and pressure for DADT repeal came from inside the Pentagon. After the Dems were sure that the Republican leadership of the House would not be passing these issues, Lo and behold, we get Good Ol Joe Biden saying he’s all for Gay Marriage only months before the election and backing Obama into an embrace of the position because Axelrod proved its a painless policy position: all attitude and no substance. The fact is that the President dealt with Gay Marriage and the rights of gay men the same way they did in 1996 – we’ll use their constitutional and human rights as oblique wedges on the larger population. Gay men received nothing of substance from Obama aside from some attitude. I happen to be a Chicago White Sox fan; Obama is too and yaps on about it a lot with little insight about the team. My life isn’t changed by him being a fan, only legal change helps that.

  36. Starcruiser

    Well you know when Obama first walked into the office there was a lot of mess that he didn’t create that he had to clean up & yes he hasn’t covered much ground since he’s been in the office however I do believe he is trying his best in spite of although he is the president he still has to send those bills to congress to be passed the conservatives dominate majority of the seats in congress making it harder for Obama to do his job because they ( conservatives) are working against him I say give the man a chance I personally fell like Obama is the most sincere president of our time he’s also the most personalable which I highly believe that those are traits that a president should have no disrespect to those in the conservative party but let’s not forget about that man who was all about Anti gay this anti gay that but got caught in the bathroom stall performing lewd acts with another man & I know y’all can’t forget about miss Sarah Palin all that money the conservatives spent on her to look spiffy against her run for the election 4 years ago & they said she had to give that stuff back & I heard she ain’t even do that the money they spent on her was ridiculous that money could of went to help America out but I see some of y’all are still very optimistic about the republican party which I really don’t understand why cause I personally believe that the republican party is full of bullshitters .

  37. Tomas

    Craig, right on brother. All the comments here are about gay rights, excuse me I could care less about gay rights, while my REAL Rights are being taken away, freedom of speech, right to bear arms. NDAA he signed where the military can lock you up indefinitely, with no trill, no jury, no nothing. We have DRONES flying over our country just like they are doing in the middle east. How soon before the drones have missiles on them like in the middle east. Gays like most straights do not have a clue what is going on in this country. BTW Obama is gay along with his Zionist Demon Friend Rahm Emanuel. Do a search on Bob Sinclair. If Obama is so great, why can’t he come out of the closet? That is the least of our worries anyway. The presidents are just figure heads anyway. Obama is not running anything in the Oval Office , except for his shoes. His Zionist Masters are the ones running the show. Israel is the one running the show.

  38. Dre_in_the_City

    So,…NOW, can we talk about racism in the gay community? Look, unless you’ve spent years in active duty service as a gay man FORCED to not reveal your sexual orientation in order to serve (as I did for 6 years), I would imagine that the repeal of DADT amounts to the president doing “nothing”. It makes a difference when you’re on the same playing field as your counterparts whether it’s professionally, socially or personally. You Romney-thumpers are revealing far more than you intend, i think.

  39. Ivan

    Gay and conservative don’t go together you guys.. At least not when you come to a website to find a dick to suck.. Hypocrisy and irony at its best

  40. EDDIE

    To all the guys who think Obama’s re-election is a good thing, you’re just fooling yourselves. We are all in SERIOUS trouble. All you have to do is look at his record. Anyone who knows anything about economy will tell you it doesn’t take four years to ‘clean-up’ what Bush did, much less eight. Do you like paying $3.60 a gallon for gas? Wait until it reaches $5.00 to $6.00!! There are so many examples as to why he is one of the worst presidents ever. All I can say is go watch “2016: Obama’s America”. This man is not for us, he is against us; he thinks the USA is all that’s wrong in this world and we have to be stopped. Those of you who think he is for gay rights, guess again. He said what it took to get your vote and the gay community ‘got played’. At least Romney would’ve got the economy going. But we’ll be able to tell right away when he refuses to work with the House again. It’ll be more of the same: MORE spending, MORE taxes, MORE government bureaucracy, MORE DEBT. BLOG: you should worry more about 2nd Amendment rights than gay rights– once they try to take away your ability to defend yourself, guess what’s next!! And what about Benghazi? He just get a pass? Obama is responsible for the deaths of those four Americans. Not just him but he is Commander-in-chief, he is accountable for his State Department’s incompetence. We are so screwed. And not the good way.

  41. Corey

    Barry proved just how worthless he is during the past four years. The fact that people still voted for him, shows there are some seriously stupid people in this country. RIP USA!

  42. Brad Whyms

    I support the smart conservative men who have commented on this blog. They seem to be much more educated on all the important issues.
    Those who support Mr. Obama have discussed nothing other than they “like” him or spew vulgarities at the rest of us. Do you folks who support Obama ever pick up a newspaper or magazine and read about serious topics in depth? I have never been so political in all my life, but this year as a gay man, I made calls to NH, FL and CO to support Romney. He’s good for business and business is good for America so people have jobs. I even joined the Log Cabin Republicans to show support for those gay men who are also fiscally conservative.

  43. Dan

    Well said eddie, he is a worthless president for those who believe in the constitution and a free country. And someone please tell the ugly wench he’s married to that unfortunately he got elected not her, its not her place to play mommy to the country!! Are we really to the point that Americans can be lead around by those 2 like little kids?

  44. Eternal Dawn

    Did someone really just endorse “2016: Obama’s America”? Hmm… I guess it really does take a village. WE ARE that village.

    The first rule of life is that money never comes back to you as quickly as you can spend it. For those of us who think that it can take 4 years or 8 years to recover billions of dollars spent every week for 6-7 years on mayhem and foolishness, WHILE we continue to handle the perpetual issues that meet us year in and year out, pull a Rip van Winkle because your presence is no longer needed at the moment.

    2 more things: The unofficial deadline for the Kyoto Protocol is coming soon. Willard never would have mentioned it. Also, Willard supported NDAA. NDAA is more about increasing government control and the defense budget and regardless of what party you are, you can be sure that your president will choose government budget over your rights.

  45. Jason

    I am so surprised at the uninformed vitriol that is being spewed from my own community. Obama is not perfect but he has done a lot for us. Don’t ask don’t tell, anyone? (Romney has already said that he is anti gay marriage, now anyway he has been all over the map on every issue)If you knowing support Romney when he has stated that then you are voting against your own interests.

    Also Obama is not anti business. I mean really does anyone really believe that less regulation and tax cuts to millionaires is what the country really needs? If that’s true then the Bush tax cuts would have made millions of jobs by now. Instead they tanked the economy (not Obamas policies. People seem to have a bad long term memory) He wants the tax rates to go back to Clinton era numbers when we had a large surplus. Of course the Republicans are holding those hostage. Obama is not a god or a king. He is the head of one branch of government. I think that a lot of people on here are either misinformed, self hating or just being a contrarian.

  46. puftwaffe

    The basic tenets of political conservatism are incompatible with being gay? What a monumentally ignorant statement. Neither liberal nor conservative political philosophy in any way directly or implicitly address homosexuality or gay marriage, and neither is more or less suitable for homosexuals. Both are simply opposing views regarding the proper size and scope of government in a more general sense. Conservatism is not defined by the platform and actions of Republicans any more than liberalism is dependent on the whims of Democrats. If you want to make the case for or against a given political party, go right ahead, but at least do so by demonstrating a basic understanding of the difference between political philosophy and political parties.

  47. Tomas

    Blog I care about my freedoms, gay rights has nothing to do with my freedom of speech or other Constitutional Rights. Like most heteros, gay people have no clue about our government. Too much TV, too much entertainment, too much ignorance. I have been studying and researching FACTS about 9-11 since 9-11, and have found how much our government lies to us. Our freedoms are being taken away to keep us safe? Only terrorists I see are the ones in DC. Gay rights? Wake up…

  48. Jorge

    Yes, lets not worry about the $5 TRILLION in additional debt he gave us in 4 short years and the other $5 that he’ll give us in the next 4. Unconscionable!!!! He will plunge us into the economic abyss. And wait till obamacare kicks in completely. But who cares, he supported gay marriage near election time so he would have our vote but won’t do shit about it. Yaaay!!! OMG! how incredibly stupid!

  49. db

    um, everybody who talk married right… how about single right? yes? can we be single and get right? why we have be married to get the right to no tax. why we single no get right. eh? this seems not fair ok? any agree??

  50. navysoccerboi7 Justin Taylor

    I wished Obama would go back to IL and resign as President. He’s a complete overall disgrace to the office. I do support his “efforts” for gay rights, but he does play politics with our rights! NO, I ABSOLUTELY DISLIKE NOBAMA! Before you condemn me, 1) No, Im not racist. 2) I have a right to dislike him! and 3) Keep your negative comments about me public and open. Its all about respect!

  51. Justin navysoccerboi7

    Damn, I wished this guy got voted out of office!!!! He is a complete waste of this country’s money, time, and respect! I absolutely can not stand this Socialist asshole! CHANGE 2016 Thank God!

  52. John...


    Why pay for insurance when nothing may ever happen to you?

    Under Obama-care you can NOT be turned down because of an already existing condition. Given that why pay for insurance and not just wait until something happens to you to sign up?

    The fine for not signing up is only $75.00, which is cheaper to pay each year than it is to pay monthly for the insurance.

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