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If you watched X Factor yesterday, you probably saw the very much anticipated new music video for “Scream & Shout” from featuring Britney Spears…

I don’t like it at all! Do you?

I think the song is very “déjà vu” … the beat sucks, the lyrics make me want to puke and I don’t get their looks either! I remember few years ago when stars were launching fashion trends, now they all look sooooo 2005. The studs, the gold accessories, the gloves, Britney’s hair….C’mon! These people have millions in bank, they totally have the budget to get the most gorgeous outfits, hair, makeup, jewel… And this is what they came up with? They need to change their stylist!

I also don’t get the incessant product placement of the technology throughout the entire clip. Music videos are now commercial banner ads?

I hate it, hate it, hate it! Britney looks like a Drag Queen and (did I mention that I don’t like this guy?) looks like a Michael Jackson wannabe with his robot dance moves and his tailcoat.

I feel like pop music is in a bad mood. Everybody sounds the same…I can’t wait for new fresh stuff!

Check out the video after the jump and let me know your thoughts!


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  1. OnlyTellThreeTruth

    WOW, Blog! I’m just laughing because liked that circuit fluff that Cher put out, but don’t like this, which is actually more in tune with the times and actually hot. This will be a number #1 hit.

    With that being said, everyone has their preferences. 🙂

    • blog

      OnlyTellThreeTruth : Yes but Cher is 66 years old. She is tacky for ever…. but good tacky. lol
      Britney is suppose to be on trend and cool … and she is not…

  2. Ben

    I disagree. I think the song is catchy, has a good beat, and Britney looks great. My one complaint is that Britney doesn’t sing enough in it. She should have been given more lyrics and maybe a verse instead of just singing in the chorus.

  3. Mark

    I personally get this vibe from Will I am that he is gay, I feel like he should just come out and do something in fashion. He rap in this song sounds very much like every other rap he’s done. Very un original. Dislike

  4. Trent

    I like the song actually I think britney looks good,,,and I always thought will had a unique sense of fashion sense…however it would have been cool if britney had a actual verse instead of doing background

  5. Truth

    Will I am needs to realize that He will never have a successful solo career like that one girl that left that one group, I think it was Nicole something.

  6. Mixed_PJ

    Yet you like none singing Cher? Who cares about age she knows better being in the business for longer then I, Britney and Will Ian been in the business. The song is fun, for the clubs and the product placement is for his new line. I see lots if it on this site so why is that even something to bring up? Move along now.

  7. happyramy

    I think everyone is optioned to their own opinion and i think that this is a super hot for the two mostly Britney even though she did not sing a lot. will be banging to this hit.

  8. Matt

    Cool but dated, like I have heard this before in several other songs. And it sounds like Britney has some accent now? She must be hanging around Madonna.

  9. briankeith

    I like the beat. The lyrics .. not so much. They fifth time they sang “it goes on and on and on and on” im all ‘you’re right. It really does.’

    As for product placement, companies have been tryong sonce the 80s to get their products endorsed in music videos, but MTV refused to play them if there were product or wpuld bluR out the logos. Sinc TV no longer playsmusoc videos, artists are able to fund their videoswith endorsement deals. Ask JLo. Her video for Papi (i believethat was the song) was a 4 minute fiat commercial.

  10. erick

    i agree with the blog on this post about this particular song by will and britney.everything is so recycled they didn’t do nothing new or the other hand if you want to look at something different go see MONICA NARANJO ( spanish pop sensation)video is called ”rock you”she has the most powerful vocals and creative videos since 1994 and particular that song that just came out!she will take the usa market by storm!!

  11. Egypt. W

    The song is okay, I have never even liked Britney Spears… But her look in this video is sick-O-ning/fierce!!! Probably the best she has ever looked in my personal opinion!! 😉

  12. Hunter

    Fine. Good. But it’s nothing more than the stereotypical gay (“the crowrd!” “the gay world” “the gay coooooomunity”) pushes as what “WE” are all about.

    Can we take a what what “WE” are, please? Thank you.

  13. JaysonIL

    Dave, I think your personal dislike of W.I.A is affecting your opinion of his music and the video. Its not a great video, but its no worse than Cher’s which you raved about. A bit inconsistent in my opinion. I liked them both equally as well.

    • blog

      JaysonIL : OK I’ll repeat myself again…
      I like Cher’s track because it is CHER….I respect that old lady, she’s been there for ever, and her voice is nice and strong…
      Yes she is tacky but it’s Cher, it is ok….

  14. BirtneyBitch

    I;m sorry but product placement is apart of the 21st century, deal with it. It’s not tacky, its good business. If ads weren’t on this site, it wouldn’t be free to it’s members and would be limited in features. The song is a HOT “Club” Track. It is unique because its the original version not one that has been remixed by DJ’s and played in clubs. Her Swag is on 1000% in the video…… She looks like a Boss. She doesn’t have to dance….. because she Britney BITCH

  15. Phine50

    I like the visuals. Will-I-Am looks cute singing. Don’t like the music. Does Brittany’s “Brittany Bitch” line mean “I’m Brittany, Bitch” or “I’m Bitch Brittany”?

  16. Mixed_PJ

    Do you pay for their videos? Oh ok. I buy CDs not from iTunes yet your point was yet to be made. Anywho I rather be stuck on a island with this song then Cher new music anyday. Next

    • blog

      Mixed_PJ : I like Cher’s track because it’s Cher and I respect her, because she’s Cher… if a newbie would come out with her latest song, I would probably not like it….
      I like Cher’s voice, her personage…that’s all….

  17. Tic-Toc

    Ehh … I can’t get behind this …
    It has it’s moments, but the majority of it just sucks … it’s a shame, too. I listened to Black Eyed Peas a lot and enjoyed their music …
    I want to say it’s mostly because of that terrible sound they use starting at 1:13 …

  18. Mixed_PJ

    Hunter do you ever stop bitching? STFU! Start a blog, do some work to change the community that you seem to hate. I do what I want to do with no mind to what the gay community is thinking in regards to your rant about the glory hole story that was posted. When I see something that I feel is wrong I try to make a change by getting out there not bitching on a “hook up site”. I hope you find some happiness because you seem as your lacking it from all the comments you leave.

  19. imbckbtchxo

    I agree with the blog only in the respect that it isn’t new or original and Britney has come up with way better things. To the guy talking about Nicole Scherzinger, “that’s too funny!” She is part of the PussyCat Dolls and had at least two #1 hits she did fine on her own. Oh plus Will I Am is more of techno artist which for him the song is in his genre. I also think Britney looks great and pretty fierce. The song wasn’t really a song though but they made it their own…

  20. Coco Drilo

    This tune is awesome no matter what. I mean, everything in this life has to evolve, haters! These are the times of money making-product placement-no talent required-autotune-electropoppy music. I will have to grin and bear it when in 10 years my children are jamming to HAL-PBX9650’s 20th Billboard number 1 hit and what can I do about it? Just remember those great times when humans used to write and sing their own music? Let’s just relax and listen to what we like and avoid whinning about and listening to what is supposedly making our lives miserable.

  21. averagek

    So sorry you old ppl dont realize this is what music is right now. I know you old queens are stuck on madonna and chers new music which is old and faded. Both look like men. Just to much hatin on todays music. You queens were older generations you open doors. Now sit back and let us new kids take charge. Great hook and beat…. surpised no dubstep though

    • blog

      Averagek, I’m 30 !!!
      If you are 16 years old, maybe you like it….
      But if you’re a grown up…I doubt it. is 37 years old…I cant believe he really does this kind of music lolll

  22. Hatefulhomo

    Okay this is a terrible song, but if i get a britney song that i can dance too im happy. yes its a tacky tasteless and brainless but its music its supposed to fun and dumb…this will be played in every bar and club in ny

  23. Sucker

    I was unimpressed… Twas boring… What “product placement” are you talking about? If I never hear the song again, it’ll be too soon.

  24. robert

    she be struggling to REBOUND….. who doing the music, its like they pull shit from the sky, trying to make snow out of rain, instead they get shit i mean sleet…… any ways she is lookin good, but there a lot a pretty people….. you need more than that….. AND CHER SAME SHIT TOO least she has earned her way…… and dont need help 🙂 enuff said bout this venture GOODDAY

  25. CB for free

    ok it is still Britney (bitch) but the beat is good, but oh so repetitive on the lyrics — up to par for these two…will be a hit in every gay club, though

  26. Kristopher Lee

    I think the track is very catchy. I think Britney is doing well lately. So proud of her pulling herself together(mostly). Wish she had more lyrics in the song but it’s mainly a track. She’s just featured on it. It’s only meant to be a fun pop track, people…. it’s not meant to change the world/soundscape of music. Just take it for what it is… another radio friendly club banger and enjoy it.

  27. Tyler

    Idk what youre talking about OP but this song is simply amazing. The video is amazing. You must be blind if you dont see it.
    Yes Britney has a cute british accent. It’s nothing new though! She’s done that accent before for many years to the paps and have dont it in songs before this.

    As in Britney’s looks, she looks so amazing right now. Much better than she has been looking.
    The song is doing very well too on iTunes so they did something right!

  28. junior

    Wow what has music come too!!! First Britney could never sing to began with and on this track she doesnt even have a verse so its not really her song right? As far as lyrics and beat go I could care less… people will dance to anything, so this could be another commercial success. Bleak Not my taste at all and definately not worth my money.
    I wish we had more music artist that were passionate about their real vocals and not trying to be creative about a new sound.

  29. Just_Nate

    if they hack it up and use it for stadium sports intermissions and commercials, then it just might work. but uhm…this is what i call a polished turd.

  30. reesecaywood

    Omg I totally want to go buy an iPhone now and play with all the pretty icons! Bahaaaa wholeheartedly agree with author of post. Horrible stopped it halfway through and I usually give everything that first chance. And as much as I hate apple the product placement may actually be the least of my concerns …. 🙂 *sent from his superior android tablet* 😉

  31. J 1-2

    How else do you think music videos are paid for nowadays? I’m sure once Cher puts out a video, she’ll have the same product placement. Wasn’t it over 25 products that Gaga had in the video for “Telephone”? No one watches music videos unless its on demand on YouTube. This song is perfect for the future and AMAZING for the clubs. Can’t wait until I get to dance to it!

  32. LarryinWaikiki

    Went out last night to our Gay Club here in Waikiki and they played the song twice. It kind of grows on you. I love Britney so almost anything she is in I like. It sounds better in the club than it does sitting at home. Britney looks great in the video, but it does look like a commercial for gadgets? Aloha

    PS It’s already #1 on iTunes

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