Music : Cher Is Back !!!!

Cher is back, yes she is….

Cher decided to share her latest single with her fans last week and I want to share it with you today… here is “Woman’s World” !

The empowering dance track is totally Cher! The flavor is a bit 90’s with tons of voice effects, but It’s great! I will definitely be listening to this poweful and fun track before going out.  On twitter, Cher said “it’s an anthem for everyone”! And I’m pretty sure there will be amazing remixes for us gays!!! Meanwhile, she hasn’t released the date of her upcoming album yet, but I’ll keep you posted…

Ohhhh … I love to be tacky sometimes 🙂

Check out the full song after the jump !





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  1. VINNY

    Cher has done it once again u ROCK CHER luv the track it’s def gunna b a track 2 go clubbing 2. In my opinion u will b listening 2 this track as u get ready and danceing your ass off at da club…

  2. Haywood Jablome

    It’s so great to see such an accomplished artist like Cher break new ground and do something totally unlike anything she has even done before. This really sounds like something brand new, unlike any music she or anyone else has ever made before……………..NOT!

  3. jace

    wow this tgis great and at gregz you wound know good muich she soundnot like tayor stif you obvios have not respcoent for woewn and gay men

  4. 1versfucker

    This type of ‘pop’ is why I don’t go to gay clubs anymore. Trying too hard, cookie-cutter, ‘synthed to death, repetitive hooks…the usual crap. I admire Cher as a person, she was fantastic in some movies, her early music was redeeming but got worse with each album. At least the song is a nod to girl power, but it does nothing for me as a man, and the production is just so lame. Anyone with her kind of money behind them should put out something way better…or retire.

  5. LarryinWaikiki

    I can already see the drag queens rehearsing this in my head! LOL Will be fun at the club and with some good remix’s! I hope she tours for the new album!

  6. baywolf

    I will hand it to her managers to land this computer generated synthopop tune..instead of it going to the highest contract bidder such as gaga or the plethora of blond gyrating bimbo’s flooding the market for the past years.

    She does sound well polished and the auto-voice is almost nu-noticeble…and a face a mortician’s make up artist would win an academy for…(hmmm didn’t she play one?)

    Bottom go Cher. You and your team know what and how it needs to be done. Good for you!

  7. Brian

    If she feels like she still needs to be a part of the music industry for her life to have meaning, then more power to her. But I can’t say I’m the slightest bit interested.

  8. JAK

    I am, and will forever be, a Cher fan. But I do hope her new album is not entirely like this. The meaning is great but the beat lacks. Danceable, yes, but sounds old and just doesn’t grab me. I hope to hear more like song from Burlesque, “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” or a new type of beat.

  9. New Music

    With music artists like Rihanna, Chris Brown, NeYo, Bruno Mars, whom are all now creating/singing more club-style or house-music style tunes, I just don’t see where this song would find a place. Kudos to Cher for putting it out though. However, I’m still not too sure why she’s intent on having a presence in the music industry at her age. Let the young inexperienced ones have a shot, will ya?

  10. Robert

    Anyone who thinks Madonna is more of a success story is a complete moron, Cher is older than her by a lot therefore has more singing experience than the heifer that Madonna is. If it wasn’t for Cher, Madonna wouldn’t even exist. Its women like Cher and Tina Turner that have set the bar for the lastest singers.

  11. Nickalick

    Mr Scott cher was around long before madonna and will be here after she leaves…cher can still sell out coliseums anywhere she goes…she has supported the gay community a hell of a lot more times than madonna…cher=success

  12. Dan

    LOVE that she is “back.” Agree, the she was never “gone.” I don’t buy many albums but this one IS on my list! To EVEN compare her to some of the pop trash out there is SACRILEGE! Unlike Madonna, Cher has never gotten too full of herself. Perhaps once Madonna stops liking herself so damn much she might make decent music again. Cher, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston and others PAVED the road for the wannabe’s that came after them. Lady Gaga and the rest ALL need to attribute their “success” to the great diva’s such as Cher!

  13. Brian


    No one “needs” to do anything. People like Lady Gaga owe their success to their hard work and dedication, not to who you think is better.

  14. Chris

    Unlike true GREAT singers… (like Streisand, Aretha etc.,) She was always on the outside looking in with her below standard vocals

  15. Just_Nate

    if anyone other than Cher had done this, i don’t know if i’d be able to dig it. but it’s Cher. say what you will, but she’s a staple and a force. i do hope, however, that the new album has more of the classic rock Cher. you know, the stuff that you can stand in front of the mirror and sing your ass off to.

  16. Brian

    I think a lot of people are liking the song because of who it’s by and not for what it is. Personally, I’d rather listen to nails on a chalkboard. But that’s just me.

  17. truckercouple

    as a 39 old man, i can say, i’ve seen Cher for awhile now, and I do love her music but I miss when she wasn’t trying to hard to cater JUST TO THE GAY fans…. I thought, “Believe,” was an awesome album but the success of that “sound” she has kept to it and one reason is her voice isn’t what it was once, and laying her voice and over synthesizing HIDES it, just like every other COOKIE CUTTER female singer out there…

    this song has a great beat but the lyrics are HIGHLY limited, but then again that’s what gay boys like in the clubs.. I like club music, but COME ON….I also find it sad that most younger gay men find us older guys to be OUT of TOUCH…. ummm well to all you young (for now) guys…. club music is for morons who can’t put more than a few abbreviated lines together in a text message or HERE, whose minds can’t stay focused long enough to enjoy anything other than themselves…..

    and before anyone goes off on me, i could care less, i’m 39 and hotter than most guys HALF my age, as well as I could kick their ass physically and mentally, so your pissy remarks won’t do anything to me but give me something to laugh about….

    BRING back REAL songs, REAL lyrics, and REAL artist like what Cher once was…… I LOVe a good dance song but OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER… seriously gives me a headache…… FIND SOME WORDS and write a WHOLE damn song, not just ONE line and repeat it OVER AND OVER AND OVER. w/ some BORROWED dance beats that have been used OVER AND OVER AND OVER……

    and what’s the point anyone, u play all this crap at a club and STILL gay guys CAN’t dance.. and I can’t figure out why,, CLUB music has the BEAT constantly going, HOW can you NOT find a pace to dance at… if it’s NOT the boys dancing like go go boys, WHICH ARE THE WORSE dancers on the dance floor, swinging their arms, it’s the guys who are dancing as if they are on a dirty subway and afraid to put their arms down past their chest and are just stepping back n forth,,, well some clubs do look and smell like nasty subways but STILL……. club music makes dancing like those BOOKS FOR DUMMIES,,,,, this music makes dancing so easy, yet dance floors across the country look like a rec room for the mentally handicapped….

  18. truckercouple

    FYI all u guys who think this is 90’s,, ummmmm were you like 10 in the 90’s or younger, THIS IS NOT 90’s sounding music… 90’s was when female singers SANG, not warbled or were the back up singers for the BEAT like today’s music…. 90’s were PRE CRACK Whitney, Mariah, Celine, EN VOGUE, Janet and many other SINGERS….. plus Hip hop and rap hitting their strides…. the whole DANCE beat,club mixes and remixes is more of a newer concept as a way to MARKET original or so called original material right from the START….

  19. Zargon

    I LOVE Cher, but I am really disappointed in this. I miss the rock stuff she used to do. She needs to move past the dance music. Maybe it will grow on me.

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