Member Of The Week : Fireboy900

I received so many requests for our first “Member of the Week” post, thank you all!

It’s fun to finally see the faces of guys who follow A4A blog and participate in the discussions.

This week, I selected a very cute twink from Starkville, Mississippi, his screen name is Fireboy900. He definitely has a lean athletic body, and I love the tats, very cool and fun!

Fireboy is only 21 years old but seems to be a very serious guy. He is mainly on A4A to find Mr. Right and I’m pretty sure he will be happy to chat with you guys if you send him a little message! Check out his profile!

If you would like to be featured in next week’s “Member of the Week”, send your photos and screen name to blog at !

Make sure to send at least one face pic and also take 2 minutes to update your profile because if you are selected, many guys will visit it !

All pictures I received this week will be kept in a file so don’t re-send. You might be featured in the next weeks to come….


(See below for more pictures of Fireboy900)




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    • blog

      Mark, it is the first time we do a “member of the week” …
      I am not picking guys I’m attracted to…only interesting cute guys…
      That’s all !

  1. Hunter

    Seems like a nice enough guy. Cute and all. Good luck to him, but he seems to be of that stereotypical ilk that just set off any alerts.

    Hey yo Blog, could you think about maybe picking 3, 2 of which are outside of your “zone” and ask for vote from the herd? Guys, not creepers, who look decent. Different builds. Different styles of clothing (should clothed shots be available). Fans of different music, entertainment, hobbies, etc. Like that.

  2. Mark

    I notice that some comments are being posted, what’s up with that? Isn’t this supposed to be a forum where we can discuss and interact with each other.

  3. Ariesk

    He iis absolutely adorable.
    Great choice to start this off David.
    You must have had a blast looking at all the pics.
    I’m slightly jealous…lol.

  4. Rafael

    I do think you should ask a few basic questions, something different than what is in their profiles. Make it a developed segment as you future these members of the week… Otherwise w why not jet least their name and be done with it… Lol

    • blog

      n2latnos: it means that I need to approve it before it gets online, because there are many spams so someone need to approva allllll comments.

  5. deviMay

    He is a cute young man. It amazes me how hard the LGBTQQ community work to eliminate judgments and stereotyping but the community itself is the most judging, critical and stereotypical than anyone else.

  6. BryBry

    Not my type, but so what…he’s still cute, and I’m sure he’s someone’s type. No one is everyone’s type, so bring all the different types over the course…It’s all just harmless fun i hope!

  7. Scarpien

    @R: I find it strange that the guys who say “no-strings” tend to hit up/go after the ones who are looking for something meaningful. And those who are looking for “Mr. Right” tend to put up pics that could lead others to suspect otherwise.

  8. Steve

    He is definitely no Goddess. I much rather have an average looking man who is not hung up on himself. How about showing some older men.Would like to see older hairy men.

  9. Neal

    Maybe instead of week long… Have Featured Even guys (on even days of the week)… or Featured Odd guys (on Odd days of week)… and Yes… the Odd guys could be the weird stuff too… LOL.

  10. Leo

    LMBO!!! It kills me how the “older” generation claims to be about respect, when from what I see, WE can be some of the rudest group. I know ya’lls mama’s told ya’ll, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. He is a very attractive YOUNG man. Great choice Dave. Look fwd to the picks in the weeks to come.

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