Hot or Not : Justin Bieber

I really can’t stand this guy… I guess it’s because I’m not into young twinks…

Why are all the girls and gays in love with him? Is he thaaaaaat good and thaaaaaat beautiful?

I think I’ll just stop writing now or some fans might tell me I’m a hater again.

So for all you Bieber lovers, I suggest the Bever Doll (picture after the jump), have fun !

Oh I forgot, I need to ask you the question: Justin Bieber, Hot or Not ?


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  1. averagek

    No she is a pretty girl without a doubt. Cant argue he is a cute kid. But way to female for me. As far as his music most can say hate it. but hate it or not it will stay in your head all day. He has catch phrases and pretty good track music. But not my taste

  2. William Austin

    Justin Bieber is nice looking, but not hot, very not hot!
    All his dance moves are warmed over Michael Jacksom!
    And he doesn’t have a style or how to dress!

  3. James

    I’m not into his music, and I don’t think he’s the hottest guy on earth, but I would fuck the hell out of him if I got the chance.

  4. PokemonDude21

    To me he looks like a lesbian lol he seriously looks like a girl trying to look like a boy
    he is sort of cute but at the same time not really

  5. Marty

    Sorry, not!
    He is just one creepy looking girl. Sorry to be hating on him, but something just ain’t right about that little boy. Not to mention his musical contribution to society. lmao

  6. Skagitguy27

    In a word: no. He’s also voiced anti-gay sentiments in the past. While I don’t doubt his talents that he’s letting go to waste, not hot and nnot worth my radio time.

  7. Micho

    I’d fuck him, just to say I fucked him. But I’m not attracted to him. It’s like rihanna, both talentless yet everybody’s in love with them.

  8. Rob

    Hey Dave,

    He is cute in a twink sense…I like a bucket of chicken now and then. What turns me off about Bieber is that his music is awful and he is a complete idiot. I have seen interviews with him and he is just an absolute moron. That is such a turn-off. I give him credit because he has done much for charity work, but he is such a boob. A cute smile only gets you so far.

  9. Shawty4Life

    NOT! He is so fake, so sick of hearing about him. News, internet, etc. the worst. And me as a gay dont want him the str8 ppl can have him.

  10. LightningStorm

    Hot? Not so much. But he is a very attractive young man. He once was an annoying ass little kid but now he is a man with a nice body and moderately good talent. Wentworth Miller, Chris Evans, Jason David Frank, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew Bomer- these are some people who cal be called hot.

  11. Mike

    He’s hot, I like other twinks like me. but everything douchy that he does is a HUGE turnoff especially his overalls encounter with the PM.

  12. edward


  13. dentonbi

    I wouldn’t say that he’s “hot” but he’s cute, and he’s put on some muscle/tone up recently. I’d suck his cock and bend over for him!

  14. Mark

    My opinion is she’s NOT hot, he needs a more meat on his bones, his douchy attitude is such a big turn off, I predict he has a breakdown soon due to, in his words, his haters. Blah blah blah. Him and taylor swift need to both fall off a cliff

  15. Dave

    Not! He would be much happier if he would come out of the closet! He is too effeminate for my taste. I like MEN; not a prissy, silly girlie guy!

  16. rk4you

    HOT… Id do him, the guy has talent. id like to see what talent hes hiding in the bed.. or maybe hes a virgin,, then i can teach him a thing or too. anyways hes worth it to me…

  17. Hunter

    He says he’s straight. Why is that not resepected? Why is he being considered for “do him”? The Loud and Proud, who claim to represent Gaydom, complain they’re not given the respect they deserve by society. This post totally disrespects Bieber. The Loud and Proud cannot demand respect when they don’t give it themselves.

  18. Not_so_ez

    He looks like a young lesbian. Not to my taste, and as for his music, I don’t think I could name a single one of his songs much less identify his voice. Very un-memorable!

  19. Shotzy812

    If I wanted to feel like a child molester ( yes I know he’s
    18.. But LOOKS 12) then .. Yeah.. Maybe I’d do him.. But
    I prefer MEN… Hot sweaty beefy men… Not boys

  20. Rubie

    He is a little cute and yeah like some one said i’d fuck just to say i had but he does look like a girl, maybe when he gets older he’ll look more manly but right now it is way to easy to mistake him for a lesbian (sorry ladies). And his music is meh at best.

  21. edgar_truth

    @ Rob, lol, “a cute smile only get’s you so far.” I wish this was true but come on, how many times have deeply stupid empty devoid of personality people gotten ahead in life just by being pretty? This is america and lets not even get into how well that skill set works in the gay community. Anyways, enough of my bitter pill. So i can see why some would think he’s cute, but i’m waiting for him to actually go through puberty and start looking like a man and not a silly lil 18 yr old. Remember Justin Timberlake before his solo career, now look at him. Hope he ages well.

  22. edgar_truth

    also, most of the people i know say they’d fuck him just to hate-fuck him or that they’re into twinks like him and then they just go into deeply graphic and terrible detail about what they’d do to him even though he still looks like a minor.

  23. David

    I like him– love to see him shirtless! love shirtless twinks!! be better seeing nude pic of him– wonder if there are any nudes of him floating around in cyberspace? I’d so fuck him too!!

  24. LJ

    When he grows up and becomes a man they’ll be a big difference in his looks. He’ll be one of the lucky ones who grows older gracefully. As for his music (having been a professional musician) he’s guy a nice voice. What irks me is the attempt to look like a white Ice gangsta boy.

  25. kdoty1983

    I think he’s hot and I would definitely fuck him, I’d fuck the shit out of him lol … but he’s not really my type and I too am waiting for him to strut right out the closet!

  26. Lorenzo

    not into boi’s that look like gurls, he make a pretty gurl and thats all, he/she probably has a little pink teenie weenie, in any case he might be a good fuck but I do not think he could handle my big thick cut cock….no way he has a teeniee weenie ass hole just like his teenie weenie cock.

  27. Martarius Foster

    I like sex with men not lesbians. Sure he has a certain cuteness, like other 12 year old middle-school kids wanting a date to the dance. For me i like a MAN not a little girly-boy !!!

  28. Eternal Dawn

    Unh uh, that doll is the fool. Anyway, I would have a nasty, sloppy threesome with Kenny Dope and Louie Vega before I let homegirl anywhere near my bedroom.,

  29. ometto

    He’s a girlboi raised by a mom. Go figure! So many of the younger guys who are coming up and are being raised by “moms” are coming out girl-like. These boys need a man in the house. How sad for our future…

  30. Enzo

    I read this post and thought “…all the gays love him? Which gays?”. Then i read the responses, assuring me i am not insane. The definition for “hot” may be relative but, no. Hell no. He may be cute to some, but so are most 12 year old girls. Handsome? Sexy? Manly? No way.

  31. RichieRich

    NOT!!! I have encountered him and his bodyguards he is a total ASS HOLE, I gave him a chance and he blew it so I have lost respect for him and I feel sorry for anyone that has to work with him.

  32. tentpole30

    Just another hyped up pretty boy. His music and his style are just warmed over somebody-else-from-the-past. The young people have to have a current focus and he seems to be the lucky one. He’ll crash when his 15 minutes is over, since there’s no basic talent to tide him over, and publicists will find a new flash.

  33. Real Men Eat Anything

    It’s sad when we cannibalize our own. Why must so many gay men demonize someone who is a bit afeminate. Guys, the gay (and straight) world of men contains the whole range of masculinity and femeninity. Everyone has his own tastes, and this guy is pretty but doesn’t attract me (and I wouldn’t know his music if it bit me) but there’s nothing honorable in bashing someone for not being as masculine as some homophobic redneck would want him to be.

  34. cntryman09

    he is a cute enough boy, but that’s also the problem with him….he isn’t a man. Men are hot, boys are not, unless you’re a pedofile. I agree with the posts that say he will be hot in 10 or so years, maybe if he lives that long. But hot now, no damn way ! Just no, not ever ever ever ! Now, don’t be hating on Taylor, she’s a doll !

  35. akali

    I dont think hes hot or tallented. Even a dog can make a hit record with the right backing, and voice-overs. Also, he is just about the only male artist in his age group. Who else is young,white,teenage groupy girls going to follow?

  36. Gringo83

    I will say he IS cute, but not OMG hot. The only way I’d change my opinion is if it’s revealed that he has like a 12 inch cock and huge low hanging balls. Other than that not so hot no.

  37. big bob

    looks like a q tip…. I would fuck him just to make him squeal,,, it would be a def. grudge fuck,, a brutal no mercy ass slamming them send him home to cry,,,, he will fade away soon enough,,, his i am GREAt attitude is why i would no mercy fuck his prissy little sissy ass

  38. Ken

    NOT! I just don’t get what people see in him. I’m glad the guys on here feel the same as me. I was beginning to think I was going crazy.

  39. Darby

    There is a God. I thought I was the only one who thought he was all that a bad voice. They must hire 10 people to surround him all the time and tell him how good he is. That is one sad dude that Usher id trying to mold into someone he will never be.

  40. monarchy79

    Everyone hasa type, but I know that guys who like delicate looking effenimate twinks probably drool over Beiber (and there’s nothing wrong with that. It did take me a long time to be conveinced that Beiber was actually male, because he still looks like Hillary Swank from the movie “Boys Don’t Cry”

  41. yoshikun1980

    I’m not really a fan of the Biebs’ music, but it cannot be denied that he’s a cutie patootie. As long as he wears his cloths properly… can’t stand all that sideways hat and droopy pants bullshit. But, if I had the opportunity… I would fuck him silly and back again.

  42. William Austin

    I’m relived to read here, that I’m not the only one who is not TRANCED by Justin Bieber! I was beginning to think I was loosing it, or experiencing testerosin failure because Justin Bieber seemed to be pretty much about nothing luke warm and constantly staying that way! And people like Ofera calling him: rock-n-roll entertainer of all time? Even the charts rank Justin Bieber in the bottom 10 of music sales! And it doesn’t help that girls scream now, every TV show…..I must say Justin Bieber is less bland than the XXXXX Brothers – I can never remember their name or music?

  43. Paul

    Although he’s not personally appealing to me (for a number of reasons) the lookism and sexist remarks here are way more appalling than Bieber, not to mention the awful internalized homophobia from gay men calling him a “girl” and effeminate. So what if he has a strong feminine side? Young girls find that safe and appealing as they grow into their adult selves; Bieber was never meant for adult audiences. The question is: do you find him hot? Not: what can you find in this human being to deny his essence?

  44. UptownCharlotte

    Not hot at all and I can’t see how he could have made a baby. I don’t think SHE has the right body parts for that.

  45. Jake

    Justin is weird in the sense he’s 18 he’s a legal adult yet it just looks like he just started puberty. Why hasn’t Justin grown any facial hair. I hear Justin’s voice is just starting to get deeper. He looks TOO YOUNG maybe in five years he will look like a man.

  46. Dred

    I doubt he could ever be hot he has nice qualities but i would never ever do anything with him aside from slow painful unsatisfying torture.

  47. My name is what?

    Who? What? He is cute or hot? Are you kidding me? He is the biggest pussy doll I have ever seen. I don’t hate him. Since day one I saw him I know he is going to be popular, I actually thought he was fucked first to get so popular, still I would not doubt at. Ha ha ha – because he is “girly” cute and girls like that, and as for guys if you like kids go for. Yaks!

  48. ZZUWS

    Kid is dumb with a capital D. Google Justin Bieber and German basketball and you’ll see what I mean. He’s cute but dumb as a sack of dildos.

  49. David

    Two words “EWWWW” and “NO”… Can we change subject already how about Mathew McConaughey- Joe Mangianello or Chris Evans .. Those are my type of men….I’m so HOT thinking of them right now. Lol !!

  50. jsing1

    if he wore some tight jeans, sexy sneakers and a muscle shirt he would be ok with me an if he sang some good old country music LOL other wise id eat his hutt an suck his dic once maybe twice but not as a reuglar thing

  51. Cravenmoorhead

    Your a hater Dave. Ha! Love you! and just keep wondering How the Hell you keep coming up with your Stuff, I love your Blog and all the Comments, I Kinda owe you a thanks! THANKS! and Justin is Great for he’s got Humor! So Make sure you Laugh for that Blow up Doll of him was Kinda Freaky! When did that Cum Out? you think he Knows about it???

  52. kyle

    Fuck yes he’s hot. Has anyone seen this guys bulge in his underwear getting out of that hot tub – or that stomach?! His abs are hot as shit. Not gonna lie, I’ve jerked off to him quite a few times.

  53. Hazonkoj

    ok. here’s the thing. i love twinks!! freaking love them! but i do not think justin beiber is hot. at all. the attraction just isn’t there. consciously. i DID have dream-sex with him once and his cock was, like, 8 or 8.5 inches and uncut. didn’t get to see it all the way through because something woke me up. but since then, i’ve wondered what he’s like in bed. or even naked. so, do i think he’s hot? No. do i want to see him naked? i think so.

  54. Reggie

    I don’t think he’s hott at all. Some stars little fuck toy.(Usher) who decided he wanted to make him a star. We already know he can’t keep a woman, so maybe he is gay. Not that he has lot of talent or gay fans. Maybe he should go back in the closet, til he grows up and become a real man. Can’t believe he told Oprah he wanted to get married before he turned 25. What woman would want him, money or not!!

  55. Mike

    Sure, I love slim cute twinks, as well as “bois” that look like girls. I disagree with those that say he resembles a lesbian. He’s NOT butch at all !

  56. Mark

    Really not cool to see so much hate and disrespect here. The guy is only 18. He isn’t really my type but he is maturing nicely. I would take his dick.

  57. niceguylooking

    He is cute for a little boy. He can say he is ctraight and I can say I am a virgin doesn’t make either statement true. But it doesn’t matter. If I wanted a girl I would go out and find one. He is way too feminine and as for talent OPEN YOUR eyes boy you are a white boy sing act and dress like one and pull up your pants.He has done some really good things for charity but would I “do” him? not if I had the chance!

  58. leo8775

    No way!!! He reminds me of some spoiled punk ass kid that needs his ass beat. In that “girlfriend” song he talks about”swagger”. Really??? My dog has more swagger and he’s a Chihuahua. I can’t help but to laugh at Justin bieber. Throw him in drag.

  59. Hulklincoln

    he’s funny because he’s always got a boner and is always grabbbing his junk !! get’s old and irritating after a while . . . . .

  60. DomTopPapi

    Ahhh cum on…he is a pretty “girl”…I have fucked several “prettyboys”…bottoms that luv the dick…if he turned that smooth boy hole up, I would fuck and fill his tite little boypussy…then have him lick my thick cock clean…simple

  61. Daddy Bear

    NOT! Too pretty to be attractive to me. I like younger men, but he’s sooooo young and way too pretty… I’d feel like I was with a woman… ugh 🙁

  62. Jay

    I’m with you, I never understood why girls were crazy for him because to me he looks like a little girl. Sorry don’t mean to be mean but that’s just my opinion. Nor do I like his music. To me he is so NOOOT HOOT! or maybe I got immunized therefore; never got the “fever”. LOL

  63. Dylan

    He is a cute kid, but his music is garbage for my taste. I would love for him to spend a night in my dungeon chained to the wall. Maybe even invite a few of my friends over and run the gauntlet on him.i guarantee his voice would be different the next time you heard him sing having his vocal chords and hole stretched out all night!

    Hey 22uncutnhorny, If Justin isn’t available to come over I was wondering if you were…

  64. Bobby

    @Micho..Rihanna talentless?! R u out of your mind?she’s one of the best artists out there..anyway now with Bieber,yea of course he’s cute,but he’s a bit too young,I would say he prob seems like he’d be a lot of fun to be around though,and I wouldn’t consider him a “twink”,he only dresses and looks like he does because of his music and his stylist,and with your twink comment Dave,wow..u really can’t stand twinks?I’m not a twink,and not into em sexually,but I can deal with them..but yea ill admit especially nowadays with how more openminded society is..the boys are comin with handbags,makeup,skinny jeans,and pearls to match! LOL..but hey there’s always people in a certain “group” that are annoying. Anyway,sorry to get off track lol..I prefer men in the sack myself,but think Bieber would be fun in bed,so id say hell yea..and hell if he likes me enough ,he might buy me some shit too LOL…

  65. BryBry

    I have to agree with @Hunter’s post on here. One gets respect when one gives it. Pointing fingers at someone completely diminishes no one but the finger pointer. He says he’s straight so this post is moot, and the discussion, inappropriate. I guess my last post was deemed inappropriate to post, so who knows what will happen to this one? Maybe it will end up in the “Moderated” Black Hole!

  66. Jordan

    I’m with G90814
    If I ran into the Biebers I’d rather seduce his father.
    Who knows? Maybe there is a chance for Justin to develop some “hot” but it’s a loooong way off.

  67. james7890

    Well he just seems average to me, I wouldnt have sex with him thoe, but hes average but hes not the cutest twink boy ever thoe either, without is popularity and him being a celebrity or a hip hop pop star or whatever, he’d just be another average joe boy.

  68. William Austin

    Michael Jackson left a big hole-Justin Bieber seems to have fallen into that hole, but barely filling it! More of an ECHO! Girls are screaming! But I don’t hear anything memorable for music? Pop Stars come & go, Justin Bieber seems to be hanging around a bit longer…..Probably not much longer……

  69. Lorenzo

    I want a man with a big cut cock and a squeky clean bubble butt ass so he can fuck my hot tight hole and I could eat his squeky clean bubble butt ass.

  70. Hornyguy144

    I think Justin is very cute and everyone hates on him way to much so what if he is gay we are and he is making millions what do u have… I think he is extremely cute and would date him and do naughty thing hehe

  71. Thom_72

    He’s better than the red-neck troglodyte “Blake”, but that still doesn’t say much. He is not on my list of top 100 guys, nor even top 25 celebs. But if I had to, yeah; I could do him.

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