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Georges St-Pierre, often referred to as GSP, is a Canadian UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) champion and he is from my own town, Montréal! He is the most popular Canadian athlete today!

He is definitely the kind of guy I’d “eye-suck” while waiting in line at the bank! I like his chiseled face, his toned body and I bet he has a nice bulge in his shorts…

So are you in love too?

D’you find him Hot or Not ?


(PS: I don’t know if it’s because we are from the same town, but I think I found my new favorite man)

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  1. Jake

    He’s ok, deff hot, one cannot deny, but I am not falling all over his looks. He is an 8 in my eyes, but I can see someone else having him as a 9. He’s out of my league either way.

  2. marc

    He is hot! I love Canadian men: sexy, courteous, friendly, good looking. I live three hours from the Canadian border and check out the hot Canadian men every chance I get.

  3. dave

    I’d suck a load out of his ballsack and eat it ANYTIME!!! I’d eat his ass out DEEEEP as well! He can spit on me and piss down my neck also. After all that i would give him a bubble bath and then cook a grommet meal followed by deep tissue massage and a good nights sleep.

  4. Bottom Q.Easy

    At first i was like no….thank you! But knowing he’s UFC makes all the difference! Funny how someone’s occupation can change everything! Seriously!!! So yeah,a man who kicks ass is hot!!!! He’s hot!

  5. txchamo

    not only is he HOT but a real nice guy at that…I follow the sport and he is truly a gentleman…not cocky, not rude, never talks trash about any other UFC fighter…BTW he has been my favorite man for awhile now…

  6. blk9stud

    I see him on the under armour signs and wonder what he looks like under those shorts…nice body…face a little to hard…but hey my face isn’t the softest either…would diff bang and let him bang…

  7. Queenb21

    I’d love me some GSP! He could just talk me out of my pants…
    his chiselled face, and his f*** me stupid body would make a great Christmas present! Thanks A4A!

  8. Bimascjock

    I think GSP is Very hot……just not in this pic. He doesn’t even look attractive in this one but he is a total hottie!!! You should post a better pic of him

  9. BigD

    I wouldn’t mind someone as chiseled and very well put together as he is, whatsoever(: he is an accomplished UFC Fighter, next to, a man who loves his fanbase. His accent with his charm would definitely win me over. Knowing he can kick some ass with the ability to teach me certainly earns points with me. Yes, he is definitely hot in my book.

  10. cntryman

    I honestly have never seen him before and can’t see enough here to make a good judgement call on whether or not I find him hot ! I guess he might be if I could see more of his body.

  11. Bobby

    Yea he’s definitely hot like a lot of MMA fighters only issue is whether or not his dick can get hard,cuz these guys get their dick and nuts kicked in a lot I’m sure lol..oh yea,and the cauliflower ear thing is kinda gross,but id get over it,no ones perfect..

  12. Hulklincoln

    if you watch some of his earlier fights from a few years back, you always see him getting up and rearranging his “junk” – very NICE bulge on him for sure !! best ass and legs on the mat!

  13. Andrew

    GSP is the most attractive man in UFC. Everything about him is sexy, from his body, his fighting skills and accent makes me melt. A definite yes in my book

  14. oxfordmsguy1

    Yes, GSP is hot. Would love to give him some mouth. I wonder if he is uncut? How does that work in Canada. He one Canadian I hooked up with from British Columbia had a huge uncut cock. I love huge dicked bottoms.

  15. edgar_truth

    Yes… he’s gorgeous, kicks ass, is nice in person and isn’t full of himself. So yeah, a lot of hot guys could follow suit.

  16. Guy8301

    his well taken care off in terms of hitting the gym and the bad boy look with the tattoo and prolly will kick my ass but surely is not my type. Though I have a tendency to just hook up with anyone(shhh). Aren’t we all sluts. Well for him in the category of hotness- that neckline seems to be getting me… something is not right. Plus he could definitively change that name, feel like he is trying to hard.

  17. T

    Considering his absolute DONINANCE in the UFC and those sexy shorts…. GSP could get it.. All day, Any day, Every day!!!!! Motvto mention he is FOINE!!!!

  18. Darryl

    There’s something sexy about a Man who’s comfortable with his legs wrapped around another. Gotta wonder what’s going on in their head when they end up flat on their back with some guy on top of them trying to choke them out. Talk about rough forplay 🙂 So he’s sexy in a fight club sort of way. I’d love to see him in the shower after his fight.

    • blog

      MSredhead05 : Yes you are correct, I don’t find Channing sexy at all….but Georges is…But hey, that’s my persponal taste 🙂

  19. Mikey

    He’s hot but his looks are a dime a dozen really. Very….how shall I say “commercial”. Nothing that gives him that pop.

    This also applies to channing. Albeit less so.

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