Hot or Not : Daniel Craig AKA James Bond

James Bond Skyfall just came out, have you seen it?

Daniel Craig, for the 3rd time,  is playing the main character , James Bond.

What do you think of the man? I think he is so HOT !

I like mature men that really take care of themselves you know, gym, healthy lifestyle, good looking…

I would definitely take him as my “big bro” !

What about you? Check out more sexy pictures after the jump…






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  1. edgar_truth

    yeah, from certain angles. I do like his portrayal as James Bond because he really does play the “i’ve killed so much/government assassin” shell shock well.

  2. geminimage

    DEFINITELY sexy. Those piercing blue eyes rugged good looks and a body to die for. No wonder the bond chicks cant resist him lol

  3. Parker

    Craig is the man of my dreams!! Everything about him is hot! Hot!! HOT!!! Love him as James Bond, direct, down to earth and not over the top English. His eyes melt me, his voice takes my breath and his body. . . well I would lay down on the altar for him!!!!!!

  4. Alan

    I’m typically interested in hot fit young guys, but couldnt help noticing I was sportin wood through all of Casino Royale. Not too many guys his age turn me on, but I’d lick all kinds of him.

  5. Matteo

    Excellent actor and love a blond Bond.
    Wish he has more body hair but his facial expressions and composure make him the best choice for Bond.
    Very kissable!

  6. djuannonly

    I don’t generally weigh in on these questions of who is sexy and who isn’t; I think because my notions of sexy generally lean toward a combination of brains and physicality, heavy on the brains. I will say that I find Daniel Craig full to the brim with sex appeal. Dave, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the film “Love Is the Devil,” Mr. Craig plays a gay man in love with the artist, Francis Bacon, played wonderfully by the great gay actor Derek Jacoby. There is a scene in which Craig is taking a bath in an un-soapy tub, the camera is above him and the shot is full frontal. Daniel Craig is a stunning example of masculine sensuality; who doesn’t love that!?

  7. Mikiey

    Between Sean Connery and all the others down to Daniel Craig, I think that Daniel comes in at a second in my books. Sean Connery is still at the top of my list of James Bond’s. But Daniel Craig, being and Oz guy is hot, sexy and carries his bod like he means it. I would do him just as well as I would do Sean Connery (younger years).

  8. Patrick

    They all are WHITE! Time for a chinese, latino or black Bond. Daniel acting is good give him credit but they are so behind the changing times!

  9. charles

    I think he has an extremely hot body and love the swimming trunks but from his neck up he is so ugly and old looking. if i was just a body guy and didnt care about his face id let him fuck me til i couldnt possibly take it anymore til i begged for mercy but i cant get past his face….

  10. Dave

    He’s ok, but I don’t think i would be disappointed if he had a choice to pick from me and another guy to go home with and he’d pick the other guy instead

  11. Hansel

    He’s definitely good looking and he takes care of his body, but truthfully he has a haggard look always. I think there are some inner demons in there tormenting him…

  12. Rob

    He is very Hot. However I agree. He is not forJames Bond.
    He needs to either darken his hair or take anothermanly role.
    He looks great in Munich in those tight fitted jeans he wore….yum!

  13. FrickFrack

    I wasn’t really into him until he took his shirt off in one of the previous Bond movie scenes; then, I just melted.

    He’s rugged, athletic and sexy, just what the producers were looking for. They wanted a different type of James Bond. Daniel combines sophistication, masculinity, ruggedness, athleticism all in one, and he’s blond. They haven’t had that before.

    Pierce Brosnan was too feminine in my opinion.

  14. gw

    great body for a guy his age but a little long in the tooth. i would probably do him if he had a big dick but no one has ever taken sean connery’s place as james bond. he was and always be the sexest james bond ever. you just can’t beat a guy with a hairy chest like that no matter how big your dick is.

  15. Paul

    Daniel Craig is hot because he’s authentic, He’s the best Bond for the 21st century because he’s multi-layered and fascinating to watch as an actor.

  16. blond511

    yes! my favorite Bond, he is masculine and a bit on the rough side, sort of unrefined, rugged. he is aging tho,, and his new haircut I don’t like, but other than that he is the man.

  17. juran

    Yes he is hot – how many 44 year old men are in that good of shape? I don’t imagine any guy passing him up given the opportunity.

  18. Jimmy

    I find him very unattractive. There’s really nothing about him I like.
    He has a nice body, I’ll give him that, but he’s a butter-face, to the max

  19. Clif

    He’s so hot. I swooned over him in GIRL with the DRAGON TATTOO. Just saw him as the builder in THE MOTHER (2003) HE is so hot! He goes commando and when he opens his jeans for a blow job I truly fainted and had to watch it again and again and again… He was cute in COWBOYS and ALIENS, too!

  20. Hunter

    Many, especially the most militant, gays complain that too much of soiciety does not understand them and does not give them the respect they so truly deserve. Then we have a gay blog that totally disrespects a staight guy, turns him into a Jack-Off Moment by promoting him an object of male sex instead of understanding him and giving him the respect he deserves. A double standard?

  21. Jimy

    nice body, but his face doesn’t same to go with his body, would luv to have sex with him but I would be scare he would beat me after.

  22. truckercouple

    love a man who takes care of his body while he ages, but not a fan of blond guys… I’m more of a Pierce Bronson kind of guy…. but growing up Sean Connery was a great Bond.. the voice, the eye movement…….I’ve not seen any of the new bond movies,,, I stopped watching after Bronson was let go…

  23. Eric

    No he is not hot!……………dark haired bonds were sexy has hell……… the bond should be a blk guy since the tend is to keep it modern…………since they already had a blk bond girl…………should have kept it dark haired and talk guy not a blond haired munckin with blue eyes ruined the whole bond i wont go see the flick for that reason………..end of a legancy!

  24. William Austin

    Supremely Cool Daniel Craig is more than sexy! He has the matured quality of Brad Pit all grown up-Plus! All Man Daniel Craig, no more boy! Even his flaws are charming, always fun to look at, and doesn’t need words, he just exudes pure masculine charisma, but with venerable blue eyes! I want to touch him, I want him to be my friend !
    Would I have sex with him? He would have to make the first move! And then I would do everything I could to please him and see him smile! A Climatic Treasure he has already aged well like a fine wine, just getting better and better! With clothes or without he makes a strong statement! Strong, but intelligent first! And as the adds say: ” BEST BOND YET!”

  25. blu

    You are a very sexy man it took me a while to come clean with my perents because i come from a cristrine home but all my mom said all i want you to do be safe.

  26. Chris Long

    He is one of the sexiest and hottest men on earth..I only wish he was gay …I would have a hard on every minute of every day if I was with him..Love the bathing much more sexy than a speedo…

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