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One mistake that many make is think that SPF is only for the summer months while going to the beach. SPF will always be your friend and help in protecting you against the harsh weather and winds.

Cleansers – Your first step – while in the summer months we were looking for more foaming and gels, during the winter months we are looking for more gentle cleansers because they offer a form of hydration to the skin – its to assist in the moisturizing process not a substitute.

Great time for a chemical exfoliation – This is the time when most patients want to get chemical peel treatments – there are many different types of chemical peels and ask about whats the proper one to address your particular skin conditions and concerns. Also a time when patients are not concerned with sun exposure or damage to the skin after having had a procedure. Its always a great time to repair and prepare the skin for the warmer months!

Substitute that clay mask you have for a nice soothing hydrating mask! It will soothe and calm the skin and again another means of protecting the skin against the harsh weather and providing with you much needed hydration.

Do not forget SPF – AND if you are going to be traveling to even colder climates or on SKI Trips you need an SPF that has a physical sunblock because the harsh wind and snow that you will be exposed to can cause even more damage than a sunburn from the beach does to your skin.

Claudio – Master Aesthetician

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  1. blond511

    good advice! Men need to take some time care for their skin. at any age. you would be surprised how much younger you can look if you cleanse and moisterize, stop smoking and get enough sleep. One of the tale tell signs of age is staying up and partying all night. I don’t like to use spf because it is too oily on my skin. I just stay out of the sun if I can.

  2. jace

    great artical concerder most men dont take care theere sink tjhat tend look older then they really are and stuff im late 30’s but becasr i stratred yong and stuff i still like im about 25 years old and people can guss my real age that well what will hel as well is you can aviod the sun an much as posibal that rembere to drink pleny of water guys ti re hirtated you skin as well tow that alos some i have found out jsut dread up on stuff if you need to exfouatte you snk shurge work really well un incog pores that take off eccess dead sink tht tend bild up when you sin get really dry and suff that of core morstrese wen you get up that ine you go bed tow ti really dose work to keep you self looking young that if tan rgar will case you to age faster boys for real

  3. DaviT

    I saw and heard from a very young looking black man for his actual age that he always washes his face with cold water ! Logically it kind of makes sense ?

  4. Desmond

    Cold water isn’t good for the face been reading it in my hair book …the water should be Luke warm and splash it in your face to give your face a fresh start lol I don’t know that’s what I read

  5. Hunter

    Exfoliate? Hydrate? Not in the tool box. Never will be. Clay? That’s for bricks or pots, not faces. Yes SPF if enjoying a winter activity on a bright sunny, cold day out hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, etc. for skin cancer reasons. For some guys, though, aging is not something they’ll spend hours of their lives trying to run away from. They’re too busy living to lay around under mud.

  6. Bobby

    @ DaviT,well actually just about ALL black people look young,lol..its just a part of their biology,and to Claudio the “master aesthetician” who wrote this article,I’m sure you are really trying to give out good advice,because you only know what you’re taught in your work,but slathering on SPF on your body is never good for your skin,there are plenty of toxic chemicals that are in sunscreen,and actually studies that have been made that many sunscreens contain ingredients like retinol and retinyl palmitate that are shown to be photocarcinogenic(become toxic when exposed to sunlight),it all comes down to making money. don’t wanna be too negative,so with skincare id say to stay away from smoking,don’t drink too much,don’t stay out in the sun for too long,use mild cleansers,and IF you’re gonna use sunscreen,make sure you read the ingredients and then do your research about what the ingredients are and how they affect you when exposed to informed! :)..btw I do appreciate the article.

  7. jonathancivil

    a nourishing CREAM should be used during the colder times because the skin reaps more benefits and keeps it heavily moisturized. this time is the PERFECT time to start using a vitamin a retinol cream to close pores, repair skin discoloration, and to get the natural occuring collagen running. gels are used more for under-eye circles.

  8. truckercouple

    as a licensed cosmetologist, hydration during the winter months is key but for a homeostasis body, meaning that everything is in balance and working for the overall good of your body, drink LOTS of water, don’t over wash your face, use cold(NOT ICE COLD) water after cleansing and shaving your face, to close your pores, don’t smoke PERIOD, and drink very very LIGHTLY if at all. Don’t eat greasy foods nor soda and if you do all this you’ll notice much better skin, better hair, and ur nails will be much healthier….

    fact::::: who the hell wants to live like that 100 percent of the time, NOT ME….. i have a HUGE addiction to diet pepsi, which is HORRIBLE for skin but luckily i got over acne a few years ago, but everything i said does and will help w/ skin issues….

  9. Todd

    All these damn gay men here and not one of you said anything about using your cum on your face. It works wonders. Mix cum and honey together and apply it to face after cleansing. Let it stay on for 15 min and then rinse with luke warm water and watch the magic of your skin.

  10. gs

    I’m sorry but I would never put Cum on my face regardless as a cleansing routine. It’s good men and guys start doing this now. I’ve been wearing spf everyday since i was in middle school. The key is not to smoke or drink but even if you are around friends who do its okay because its not you doing it. But I’ve hit my fourth year without drinking and smoking and I’m loving it. Even look great to.

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