A4A : We Are Looking For New Blog Contributors

Think you’ve got what it takes to become a contributor on A4A blog? Are you good with words and have the ability to incite conversation? Do you often find yourself on the breaking edge of gay culture? Do you consider yourself a trend-setter? Are you a health specialist? Then we want you! Currently we are looking for writers or experts in the following fields:

  • LIFESTYLE (music, art, entertainment,photography…)
  • SEX STORIES (realistic or fictional stories)
  • NEWS (politics, gay news, event coverage …)
  • HEALTH (HIV and STDs – specialist, doctors…)

Please send a brief cover letter and 2 writing samples to blog at and maybe you’ll become one of our regular blogger !

Take note that this is not a paying opportunity.

Thanks guys


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  1. Izzy

    I am an Aries child at heart having been born on March 27th and at my 31 yrs of life in this crazy world, I have experienced my own share of sexual escapades that could entertain and inspire the most dormant of souls. If you’re interested to know more then just let me know.
    Yours truly,
    Isidoro Leon

  2. Josh

    I don’t have a resume but, I do have 2 stories both fictional one is sexual the other is not, as for a cover letter I don’t really know what you mean by that..

  3. Elias

    Sent mine in Dave! Been a big fan of your blogs and hope the a4a team will do so too! I’m speaking out for the young guys out there! Look out for me!

  4. Hunter

    It’d be great to see a blog that didn’t promote stereotypical gays. This is 2012, almost 2013, not the 1970s or 1980s. Gay men are no longer soley young, urban, narcicist, effeminate, flaming, nymphos, with an eye for fashion trends, and hooked on Lady Gaga. Gay guys come in all ages and races. Many of them fly totally through gaydar without detection. They are doctors and lawyers, but also are service techs, materials handlers, and truck drivers. When you see them at the hardware store, you’d not think them gay. They participate in all aspects of society without brandishing gay. It’s just who they are. Now, many are or have been married. To one woman for decades. They’re fathers and grandfathers. They are guys who just happen to also like mansex. Even without a hot, fat free body, they have great sex with guy friends. “Poker night” may have a new meaning. What goes on in the hunting shack or while “fishing” would surprise some. The point is, they’re not the pinks people think of when they think of gay. It’d be great to see a blog for all gay guys, a blog that dealt with issues the wide range of gay guys could relate to. Look at the men on A4A, how many of them fit the pink mold? Few. Where’s the blog for all gay guys not nust the pink ones?

    • blog

      Hunter thanks for your comments, why don’t you apply for the position if you are sooooooo different and cool and edgy …. ?
      Or are you only a guy criticizing what others do?
      Feel free to send your stuff….

  5. Jose

    Well for just turning 20 I can say I’ve had my share of crazy incounters aswell also being young and still trying to find out what it is that I want in life, and trying to balance school work and guys, I can confidently say that I would be a great contributier to the blog byconnecting to gay youth who are going through the same things that I myself are going through, and who are looking for advice in these same situations.
    Sincerely ,

  6. edud01

    I wonder if this is a paid contributorship or voluntary. If voluntary, it seems a bit much for someone to expose themselves by submitting a resume, cover letter, writing examples, etc. It would be easier to allow voluntary contributors and give a disclaimer to readers(Non-professional poster/blogger, etc). Coincidenly, I was just preparing to contact A4A about writing a piece when I spotted their post. Not keen on providing personal information, but would love to post on different issues.

  7. Jake

    This is true if Adam4Adam is asking for personal info and this just a volunteer position then that’s asking a lot. If it was a paid position then it would make sense. This economy is rough and if the bloggers can make a little extra cash can make a difference. But blogging for free not cool.

  8. KN914

    I would actually like to hear from more voices like Hunter, he makes a lot of sense and I can really relate to what he just said. I hope you go for it Hunter.

  9. Hunter

    Thanks, KN914. I don’t corner the market on being a non-sterotypical gay guy. There’s thousands of guys that don’t fit the perpetuated mold. They’re just not evident. They don’t want to be. They just want to be who they are without a need to be in spotlights. Fine for those who feel they need that. It’s their choice. But they’re not representative of the whole.

  10. Hunter

    Dave, no thanks to a formal position. My time for volunteerism is already consumed by two organizations. Will continue to post on relevant topics as time permits.

  11. Josh

    Dave if you like the stories than email me and i will write more just give me a topic and i’ll go from there, i don’t even care if i get the position i just love writing, its a passion and a great outlet for personal and non-personal events and aggressions let the reigns of depression seep through the molds and let peace and creationism unfold…

  12. Cj

    hi, as a gay man from west africa now living and studying in europe, i believe i have a lot of issues to bring to the table. no, i am not going to join some highly publicised gay rights campaign for equality in Africa, but i intend to open the eyes of gay westerners to some of the issues faced by gay men in many parts of Africa, issues which they might ordinarily take for granted. I also wish to give them more insight on what it actually means to be gay in many parts of africa, then similarities, benefits, differences etc.
    I do not have a writing sample for now, but i will as soon as time permits, produce a sample.

  13. Robert

    As a middleaged gay man, I might be able to offer insight to what it was like in the 70’s-90’s. Poor Hunter thinks Lady GaGa was from that era I think. I will pull a few things out of my hat. And I will put a few things to thought.
    This could be fun.

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