A4A : Today, Vote!


Good day my lovely american friends!

Today is a big day for you guys. I just thought I would remind you that the head of my country (Canada) is an ass – so if you elect one too, North America will be led by two asses. Is that what we want? Nope.

So please, please make the right decision. Most important, you need to vote, because if you don’t somebody else might win and that is not what you want right?

Have a great day and go VOTE !


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  1. Charlie

    What ever the outcome we will have an ass running the show but I hope it is the new guy. Not sure of either one but I do know we can’t afford to let obuma have another four years. In the last four years I have had very little work and if I make a $$4 it goes to the gov for their wasteful ways. Very hard to be a proud American for the first time in my life.

  2. phoenix flight

    I love it that people voice their opinion. Though i find it odd that people would choose to elect somone that looks poorly on a group of people based off their sexual preference. We vote for representation not discrimination.

  3. Ron

    I proudly casted my vote for the Romney/Ryan Team. Remember, the economy is a gay issue too. Without fiscal responsibility, our country cannot last.

  4. Rob

    I can not vote for Obama-Biden. Obama had no executive experience and it shows! The country is in a mess!! Obama is the worst president since LBJ.

    I look forward to living in Amarica with President Romney who will not apologize for America’s greatness as he visits other countries.

  5. Todd

    Hell Ya!

    I voted!! Ready for a new start!!! Can’t wait to get to look at them Romney HOT ASS Son’s. I want to fuck them all!!

  6. Ryan

    I voted for Mickey Mouse.


    Because a cartoon created by a Nazi is STILL a better decision than anything we had to choose from.

  7. Eric

    I want that hottie Paul Ryan to win as VP. If I’m going to have to watch these asses/politicians on TV all the time, might as well have a sexy guy to look at.

  8. Craig

    Voted for Romney, the “Change” that was suppose to start 4 years ago, never happened and it’s doubtfull that moron would do anything different if he was re-elected.

  9. Phine50

    I voted Obama, but not enthusiastically like 2008. This time he’s just the lesser of two evils. If Democrats had supported him between 2008 and 2010 when they fully controlled the house and senate, he would have been much more successful and this country would be much better off.

  10. hayjude

    As a Black male in America it was really important that Obama won this term because a win for meant some really hott wht ass for me this weekend…. and the issues ofcourse. 😉

  11. Romoni D'Aubigne

    So proud of my POTUS, he’s in for 4 more years. Any gay man who voted for Romney should have his gay card revoked.

  12. Charlie

    Another four years of hard sledding. I think after 54 years it is time I get into his welfare line and start taking. No more to give them to throw into the wind. 🙁

  13. Jay in Chicago

    As much as I respect those who said they looked toward Romney because of the economy, I still find it interesting folks were so willing to give him an automatic gimme because of his supposed good business experience. The man wasn’t even willing to tell you what the hell he wanted to do economically until AFTER the election and IF he got elected. What businessman in their right mind would think that’s a good deal if given those terms during an actual business transaction. NONE. If anything they would think you a lunatic and shoot down whatever business you were heading and killed your chances at getting your business really running faster than you can blink. And let’s say if you did see your pockets overflowing under a Romney administration, he and the rest of the Republican Party would make your life so much of a living hell as a gay man that you’d all have to jump back in the closet again for some since at escaping. You could forget any gay marriage fight because you all would be fighting just for the right to exist in this society as a proud gay man. And I would be careful of the welfare rhetoric that a few of you are too comfortable using and think long and hard about the underlying undertones you project with using such rhetoric and how you may find yourself rebuffed in future trolling for black dick or yearn for some black ass. Let’s just say if you one of those misguided folks who actually believe that bullshit about this election was about the socalled makers vs the takers then you’re already an automatic turnoff. Some of you don’t even have a pot to piss in so what exactly could anyone possibly want to take from you?

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