A4A : Dave Is “Coming Out” For You!

I’ve been blogging, posting on Facebook and tweeting for you guys for over 2 years now and it’s been great fun!

You have probably started to get to know me a bit from the posts and opinions I offer on this blog – even though I never really talk much about myself…

Over the last few years, many of you have asked me to show photos of myself or reveal myself to them …but I always refused…. because I’m a shy guy after all!

But last week, I decided to organize a “sexy” photoshoot of myself with a friend photographer and I decided it is time to show you who Dave is and let out a few pictures. But before showing you pictures, here is a little bit more about me:

I’m 30 years old, I live in Montreal but I like to call NYC my second home as I travel to NYC a lot and I love the energy of the city. I am somewhat outgoing ( taking a pause to laugh lol), I enjoy meeting new people, but I also have a great need for stability. I need to be loved by my friends and a lover.

I consider myself to be very open minded and I like to discover new ideas, thoughts, new foods and cultures, I’m very curious by nature.

Achieving a perfect balance is a big part of my life and a daily goal but I will probably never obtain that, but at least  I’ll die trying! Personal growth is a priority and my psychologist helps me to look at myself honeslty, grow and become a better man to myself and others….not easy!

I’m very driven, when I want something, I usually get it – sooner or later. I’m sporty, I love working out at the gym, playing volleyball and beach volleyball. I have a taste for luxury: I like design, nice clothes, fancy restaurants, expensive cars but I also enjoy a 12$ dinner with friends in the tackiest restaurant in town. (Does that make me a man of contradictions?)

I’m single, yeah I know it sucks… But I’m positive that I’ll find that special someone on A4A!

Ok enough already…. I know you all want to see what I look like! But, don’t be too judging when you see my pictures, because I’m not a model! It’s kinda hard to give the photographer the “model” attitude while wearing underwear but hey, “I gotta do what I gotta do”  for my A4A folks!

I think the photoshoot went great, we are still working on more pictures but below are some of my favorite so far…

Hope you like! Let me know!


(photo credit : Yori Daviyas)






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  1. A Z

    That’s not true. Everyone has their own circumstances and it’s honestly not all about looks.

    Also, you may be average looking when you compare yourself to guys YOU find attractive, but there are people out there will find you very attractive. It happens.


    Cute photos, Dave.

    • blog

      Alex, I’m a shy dude… even more with guys… so from what my friends told me, people see me as being snob…which doesn’t really help my case…
      But if you are tall/muscular and top, you can apply for the position, I’ll review your resumé! Kidding!

  2. Jungleboii

    Kudos to the photographer and yourself Dave for some great photos. I concur with the sentiments of the other posters – very handsome and may I add very gallant / brave of you to post your underwear shoot. I’m not that brave, so I tip my hat to you fine gentleman!

    And thankyou for your continuing diversity in blog posts – whether topics tittilate, inform or merely appease the sponsors (all equally important!), you do a fantastic job.

    Â bientôt

  3. James

    Dude ur sexy as fuck, you should have been posted pics of urself. You say ur the shy type I’m sure I can rid you of your shyness

  4. Gregory

    Dave… You’re incredibly sexy. I am from Vermont and visit Montreal all the time. I think the next time I’ll be up there will be for my birthday… maybe we can have a drink together. My screen name is bvt2181. Hit me up there!

  5. hayjude

    Very Sexy Dave… I guess I never gave it much thought to the face, but you’re WAYYYYYYYYY WAAAAYYYYYY hotter than U thought you’d be. I hope because now we’ve seen your face you don’t stop being as opinionated as you’ve always been. ;-jude

  6. Chad19

    what does being attractive have to do with being single and shyness? I don’t see the correlation, looks open up the door for a relationship but they don’t cement it.

    Regardless, you are a very attractive man.

  7. junior

    Wow im impressed… Thanks for sharing your personal info and pics. Its always good to put a face with someones views and personality. Of course u know your cute and sexy that is why you are single. You deserve a good man so keep your standards but stay nice and real!

  8. David B.

    Hi Dave its David or Dave. Very nice pics for a shy type. I think the shyness comes with our name. I have been told that I am stand offish when I feel like I could never meet a stranger. We are proud messengers though and love to write. I hope to publish my novel soon with pics for each chapter. Its very southern and deals with gay interracial relationships. Keep blogging and sending pics and I will let you know when my novel is published. Peace dwb42461.



  10. Joshua

    The guy in the pics is good looking. However, I’d be more than inclined to give more compliments if I’d have known that Dave’s friend was not a photographer. Aka..if Dave had taken a picture of himself in like a bathroom mirror, or a random, non photographer, friend had snapped a picture, like so many a4a profiles contain. I’m simply saying for all we know photoshop could have been used since a photographer was involved. I’m living proof that one can take an excellent pic with just a camera cell phone. David..we are all someone’s type, and while I’m not your because I’m not muscular, but instead slim/toned, I wish you the best when it comes to your love life!

  11. Enrique

    Omg Dave you a re a beautiful manaand if you are single is because your waiting for the right guy.
    Btw if you being so gorgeous still single
    I probable still have hope. Lol.

    Take care, XO XO XO

  12. steve

    i have a feeling your popularity just increased by a LOT! you are a very good looking man… very HOT! so when are you going to do a nude spread to show all of your fans?

  13. Eric

    You are a very attractive man physically and from what I have read in your blog intellectually as well. Is it that you are shy or is it that you are modest? Shy is cute but modest is sexy as hell. Thanks for sharing!

  14. DakotaDan

    NOT a model? you are the sexiest man I have seen on this blog in quite sometime. What a shame that a man as hot as you has not found the perfect mate. SOMEONE is gonna be damn lucky someday, thats for sure

  15. BBOFOZ1

    Dave there is an old adage “find what you admire most in another,(Qualities) you will recognise it easily! For you have the same qualities within you hence you can recognise them.) Damn your hot lol Cheers from Australia BBOFOZ1

  16. Markus Willbee

    Thanks for sharing! Beauty is skin deep and there is a whole lot of beauty going on. I’ve been following your blog for a while and I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re beautiful inside too. Take care!

  17. felisculpa

    These are some fantastic pics! No wonder you’re pleased with how they turned out. Great to see the man behind the words!

  18. Makemehappier

    You are absolutely gorgeous! What a privilege it would be to spend and evening with you! Thanks for putting a face to the guy we’ve been listening to all this time.

  19. Ramar

    OMG I’m speechless. There is hope for a guy like me afterall. I think you are gorgeous! Handsome in all aspects of the word. -sigh-

  20. Shahzada

    You are devastatingly a model. Your body is perfect, and the fact that you can write and you use your brain is the cherry on top.
    Just wanted to give you my thoughts. Keep up the good work!
    Sn: shahzada

  21. Tic-Toc

    I must say that you’re little photoshoot has been inspirational! I wanted to update my pictures again, but wasn’t sure what to do for them this time around.
    You are an incredibly attractive guy, Dave!
    I’m going to try and take some new pictures now (thanks again!). You can take a look at my profile, Tic-Toc-Cock, if you want to see how it goes.

    Stay beautiful, my friend. 🙂

  22. Bill

    I really think your a fantastic looking man, you have an amazing body, and if you do not find a man that likes you please come my way.

  23. Ariesk

    It’s nice to finally see the dude who keeps us entertained with these awesome posts.
    You’re a beautiful man Dave, the right guy will come along for you and it will be AMAZING for you.

  24. mario69

    wow man u got nuttin to be ashamed of…to say u r average is an understatement, u r hot and dont ever forget that…i would kill to have yur looks…:)

  25. cory

    Ill never find a guy. When I look at dave, I’m starstruck. I’m fat. He’s muscular skinny sexy. Noone will even look at my profile.

    • blog

      Cory, one of my good friend is bulky, 6 feet and 300+ pounds…His boyfriend has a body similar to mine, lean, athletic. He likes heavy guys…So stay positive and project that in your life, I’m sure you’ll find someone. My friends met on A4A by the way…

  26. Osei

    You are still very young and now that you have put it out to the universe that you are interested in finding a life partner to get married there is a much greater chance now that you will definitely be doing so in the near future. All the best and we should all say a prayer to help guide you to the person you want to share you life with.

  27. Dave

    Dave — I do not know why I get frustrated at the comments by some guys here saying to you, “I want you!” or “You’re so hot!” or even “I want to marry you.”

    Yes, great face and great body…and that is wonderful to be with. But the mental part is just as, if not more, important. Looks may fade (although yours probably wont), and weight might inhabit the body, but what is on the inside will hopefully stay with you throughout life.

    I read your posts and generally like and agree with what you write. So, let’s take that personality first, put it inside the hot body and face, and have people recognize that is the real you. I started liking you before I saw the pics.

    Enjoy the upcoming holiday season…and I’m hoping that someone worthy of you will be found in your stocking AND your bed.


  28. Rano branmu

    Vintage classic, seductive, great taste, exotic like from the east! Hmmm everyone drooling to have u in their life physicall)

  29. frank

    There’s not much to say that hasn’t been said. You are sooooooo very sexy!!! It would be great to see you out of those briefs!! Damn, I wish you were near Memphis and vers/top AND liked older guys. Oh well, fantasy will have to do. Lol
    Anyway, great pix, do more!!! PLEEEEAAAASSSSE!!!

  30. JJ

    Hey, Dave…what’s your profile on A4A? Doesn’t matter if there is a pic on it or not or whether you’re showing the goods… I want to see what you say on your profile and what you’re looking for…. I’m sure you have my email to inform me on it though not published for blog readers here…..thanks, take care….

  31. mysticbay

    Dave, you are one sexy man, and never let anybody–including yourself–tell you otherwise. Furthermore, you come across as a deep guy with a good head on his shoulders. Any man would be lucky to have you as a partner.

  32. Conqueror

    Dave you are very attractive and extremely intelligent! Get at me just_wonder on a4a! Lol! But you look amazing in your pics, don’t hide or be shy!

  33. Countryboy1976

    Sweet Jesus! I’m coming ALL the way over to the dark side. If that’s moving up, I’m moving out.

    Great blog and nice pics!

  34. Lou

    Hi Dave,

    I have been reading a lot of your blogs since I joined A4A, and I thank you for that. But today, I am very happy to read your profile as you posted it in here and enjoy looking at your pictures. They are very nice and you are very photogenic as well. Congratulations to you and your photographer friend. I don’t think it is contradictory to love and enjoy good, luxurious and expensive things and also kick it to the lowest with some friends. It shows that you are a people person with friends at every social economic level. Tu as un joli corps, une belle taille, un beau visage, et avec une tête bien faite. En toute sincérité, je ne crois pas que c’est un problème si tu es encore celibataire. Je t’embrasse très fort.

    You are very beautiful!!!

  35. Cyberdv

    Wow you are really handsome and single which is a plus for me. If you ever visit South Tx i would love to show you around . Latino here who knows how to host you really well. Hit me up and i can show you my pic. Love the white briefs. Grrrrrr !!!!

  36. johnw_smythe87

    Dave after reading several of your posts I can say I know how you feel. Just know that you are amazing. You have your wits and deserve a man who appreciates that. Don’t settle for just the first runner up. Take your time find that guy that makes it fun to just sit and drink coffee or kisses you on the front porch after you’ve just run from the rain. He shouldn’t be star marked he should be the one that gets under your skin and I don’t mean in the bedroom. Goodluck. If you do look me up I’d be pleased to call you friend.

  37. david

    Well, it seems to be a consensus… You are one hot man! I look forwrad to seeing more, and keep up the good work. It’s nice to know that even hot guys like you can be shy and a little bit insecure, but you have no need to be 😉

  38. CG

    You are very handsome and sexy Dave. Add to that your intelligent and excellent blogging, and you are a complete catch! There must be something in canada’s water cause it has produced Brent Everett, Pierre Fitch, and you ;-). alpha85 on a4a.

  39. IslandGuy

    WOW, you are very handsome. I’ve been a member of this site for a few years now and have been a fan of this blog. I have never imagined you to look like like a fucking model. compared to alot of the guys here and everywhere (bi, gay, straight) im a golem or a troll.

    Now everytime i read this blog I’ll see that face. lol.

    PS: as a photographer myself, those are great images. I particularly like the 2nd and 3rd photos. Hope to see more from this set.

  40. northernheightz

    Very nice to finally see who u are dave. Your beatiful inside as well as on the outside. And for being single and thinking it sux. Actually its a great thing to be single. Yes ultimatley in time you will find your soul partner. Trust me I’m still waiting for mine turn tto come. In the mean keep enjoying those $12 dinners. There’s nothing wrong with those dinners I bet they are quite satisfying.

  41. Rorry

    You are not an average looking guy in the least. HOT, sexy and beautiful should sum you up nicely. Thanks for making the decision to let us see you.

  42. happycomfyag

    I read the comments and indeed you are a very handsome man. Not a model? Well maybe you should be…
    I’ve been following your blog for quite a while and like the fact that they are not all fluff and show your intelligence as well. I enjoy your variety of topics and writing style and applaud and thank you for your sharing some personal info and the photos.
    There is someone out there for everyone I believe, and shy or not, don’t settle. Make sure he is the right one. I honestly feel if you have standards and principles, there is no reason to not expect quality from your relationship. Or to wait for it. Not necessarily the most fun, sometimes boring and lonely, but in the end, happiness.
    Thanks, good luck, and best regards.

  43. Reggie

    You are a very sexy man. You could have anyone you want. I just turned 51 last week. I may be destined to be alone. You my friend are young and very beautiful. Keep up the good work, giving us lonely old men something to do.

  44. Sean

    I wonder how there is any hope for me if you are actually single lol. Love the pictures, and I’m happy you shared with everyone!

  45. Bimascjock

    Wow you are very hot. I like the shy types because i am the more aggressive dominant type. Good to see the face after all my posts to your blog. YOU ARE SMOKING bro. Absolute hottie! NICE SHHHHHAWING!!!

  46. Hungluke2

    Damn Dave ur hot as fuck!!!! I would love to talk to you Dave. Hit me up on a4a sn hungluke2 hope to hear from you soon stud

  47. JayInDaBay24

    You’re a very handsome man.
    Don’t let all this attention go to your head. Guys like you are sexier when they have both feet firmly planted on the ground…

  48. Dwayne

    You are a very attractive man physically as well as mentally!! You look amazing. What is your ethnic makeup? Sn: learning2lean.

  49. max

    u are so danm cute and i love ur blog i read it all the time u have a great boddy and i like that u shy oh tho in those pics u look shy and sexy 🙂 and u look younger then 30 🙂

    • blog

      Guys, 1000 thanks to all the nice comments…
      I only got good comments, (except 2 that I deleted lollll )
      I was a bit scared before I post my pics…it took few hours before I press the “enter” button, the post was all written and all…
      But Stephan my coworker convinced me to do so.
      So thanks again and I wish I could meet you all one day… I like to read all your comments and opinions!

  50. Jim

    Dave. I sure wouldnt turn y ou down but wish you was a good top man,,,id love to be your bottom anytime…..and if you wore some leather, such as old worn boots, and jeans,,, id lie down for you in the middle of the street…. great pics.

  51. Pat

    hey dave… I’d love to chat some time. You seem to have the ablity to connect with peopl which is awseom. Can’t imagine you as shy hahahaha. Feel free to look me up.. patman10 in dc

  52. Dave

    Hi Dave sorry i didnt get my comment in sooner, but yes you are very good looking, I like guys who take pics of themselves in their underwear, I have an underwear fetish, also your blog tells us you have a beautiful mid, oh and this is S/N spider123 from NY 🙂

  53. Jayed

    Honestly, i really didn’t expect to see that. O M G ! You have absolutely nothing to be reserved about. Humbleness is very sexy by the way. You go boi. You are gorgeous. Take your bow.

  54. jaedanh

    I must admit that he is gorgeous both body, face and mind. But the most interesting about you is your eyes as if you were looking through me.

  55. tlem0426


    You have NO reason to be shy or self-conscious. You are absolutely beautiful! You have such a natural look about you and you need to show that off more. Definately don’t be so shy anymore. You have a look in your eyes that seem like you are looking right into mine. You have nothing but pure beauty to show. Keep it up and I hope to see more amazing pictures of you.

  56. Dylan

    Hunni. You’re adorable! If you wanna chat : dylbond007. I’m a bottom, but I wouldn’t mind having some really good insightful conversations with you and your intelligence. :). You’re so awesome

  57. Darryl

    Dave, it’s surprising to see that you are afraid that your pictures won’t be good. I think they are pretty dam sexy. You have more then enough qualities that models put in ads for many products, and you’ve sold me on all of them. I’am ready to by the underwear, the sheets on the bed, and the window coverings 🙂 Those legs are to die for, and that ass is what lust is made for. We all approve…

  58. Bobby

    Yea Dave..great pix indeed,but I’m sure you’re already knew you have a great body,otherwise you prob wouldn’t have taken semi nude photos,also I think its hilarious how some comments are very blunt,saying things like “I wanna fuck you” and “I wanna date you”,I respect that,but what I think is bologna is when guys are pretending to like you for your “inner self”,uggh of course they say that!,cuz they’re just tryin to get “inside you” LOL..I respect you for taking the photos,cuz honestly how many of these guys commenting and gloating of your pix would ACTUALLY send similar type pix to you?I doubt many would..cuz you know how gays online like to “hide”..btw I enjoy the blog too..

  59. shawn

    WOW! for a guy that spends lot of his time posting and blogging you would think he is some middle aged guy with already grey developing hair(lolz nothin is wrong with a lil grey) and a chuddy stomach but you obviously had achieved a great balance in your life because you really do look good i hope one day i can achieve that same balance, as a college student right now its hectic all i do is gym, school ,eat (GSE lolz)(and repeat)but your a good looking guy im glad i’ve learned so much from your posts and i have developed some new habits too Woohoo #TEAMDAVEISAHOTTIE !!!!! you just continue looking fine then when im like 25 we can meet up your my new blogger crush

  60. Étienne

    Boujour MEC. C’est beaux photos! I am from Montréal, but live in San Diego now. Where in Montréal? I am from Outremont. Hit me back and let me know. Very cool you are up here.

  61. Jerry

    All of this time, from every post you have made, I’ve always pictured a balding, middle aged man sitting behind his computer desk. Thank you for proving me wrong! Very sexy indeed!

  62. CHRIS

    Bologna, Bobby?

    Is it so hard to believe that a guy can be attracted to someone for their personality AND looks?

    There’s a .01% chance that I’d ever meet Dave but I still gave him a compliment and want him to bear my children. 😉

  63. Kevin

    you are out of your mind to think that ANYONE could find you UNATTRACTIVE.
    No no someone would have to be deaf, dumb, blind and lame to not see how hot you are. #GOODONYOU!

  64. Bennett Robbins

    Dave. You are a sensuous man. You look very good in all the pics. You could get any man you want. Why don’t you put away the frowns and shyness and start over. SMILE and engage men. You will see that men will drool over you. You will have a happy life. I was the same way. Quite, moody and didn’t like to talk with anyone. One day I realized that I would get nowhere being the person I was. I looked myself in the mirror, cut my hair, grew a beard and I smile. I am now inundated with men wanting to go to bed with me. Luckily I am only looking for a LTR and most men I don’t relate to. Be yourself. Be who you want to be. Flaunt yourself. Go sit in some mans lap that you consider good looking.


  65. Terry

    I know how you feel of being shy, for I have the same problem also.. lol I just don’t think I am hot enough for someone to be in my life but, is that all it’s about? I mean being hot and all that? I don’t think that way at all. It’s who you are on the inside that makes who you are and how you look on the outside. In this day and time you have to be GQ to even get someone to talk to you or even go out with you. well from what I can see from your pictures Dave, you are a very beautiful guy and I am sure that you’re just as beautiful on the inside and that’s what really counts. So please don’t be shy with how you look Dave cause It’s really who you truly are on the inside that really matters.

  66. Jason

    damn looking at this again and just can’t get enough lol. Dave my boy you are amazing and would def like to get ya more. my sn is hungtop1983

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