Watch This : Andrew Christian Latest Sexy Video!!


Seems like Andrew Christian can’t stop releasing hot videos, they are totally out of control !
This time, their video is crazzzzzyyyy sexxxxyyyy…

Think hot NAKED guys taking a bath together…or having fun in bed together….

Check it out after the jump and let me know if you like !



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  1. Geno

    Wow, another all “white” cast! Can anyone tell me how diversity is expressed when we can make a movie with gay men and not include a single person of color?! America, the land of the free, freedom to express our agenda by using only whites to get our point across. . .very very sad!

  2. Romoni D'Aubigne

    That’s not true Geno, they have a token Latino they use. Although, I’ve not seen him in any of the new videos. When I see an Asian in their product, then I’ll buy it.

  3. Jock

    Oh shut the fuck up, Geno. I’m so tired of politically correct assholes telling me that I have to include people in my life that I have no attraction to, that I’m some kind of Nazi for not being sexually attracted to people outside my own race, And FYI, the one preaning guy looks pretty hispanic to me.

  4. 1versfucker

    very fun!!!
    So what if they are all white. Do we have to be so politically correct/careful with every move we make now? Geez!
    Go make your own damn politically correct video.

  5. Donnie

    Geno, true diversity includes groups of all whites as well as all blacks, asians, latinos, and everything in between. Feeling like you need to see the “token person of color” in every video, or ad for it to be politically correct shows that you have no idea what diversity is really about.

  6. domtopman2013

    cuties but nothing boner making UNTIL the club stuff n the one guy had one fine fucking boner shaking in his AC’s….damn suckable

  7. rj

    Lighten up dudes, it’s fun!!!!! Diversity happens in many more ways than skin color, and they should be into themselves, we all should. It’s how they treat others that matters, and you can’t tell that from a video.

  8. SD

    I think it’s so funny how everyone gets blown out of shape because Paris Hilton makes a comment about gay men and yet this is a prime example about how we discriminate against our own community . They all look exactly the same: white, young , no body fat. It sure would be to see men who of different ages, bodies, nationalities.

  9. Alex

    While I think Geno has a point (generally), where is it written that films HAVE to show diversity. If one wants diversity, one should seek it out. If you’re not interested in mystery, then why pick science fiction, for instance. Just a preference. We could just as easily ask why there wasn’t a single guy in that video over about 28 years of age. Perhaps his target audience fits a certain dynamic that includes neither. Personally, I think they were all pretty young guys, to be sure, but I’m with Gybbs: too young for me. Preschoolers, I call them. Barely old enough to know how to piss in a pot. Jus’ sayin’

  10. Kaleb

    Hey Geno I understand what you are talking about and you stated it respectfully ignore these other dudes talking shit because the internet is the best way to remain anonymous and we all know who loves to do that. Racist, prejudice and just plain ignorant people. SO they will say what they want knowing you can’t see them.

    One thing I can’t stand over the three things I have mentioned above is a coward and as gay community we have a lot of that on the internet.
    We bash each other for the simplest shit while getting bashed by those who truly HATE us, I am prejudice against bullshit people because honestly sometimes you gotta stop and ask yourself what the fuck is up with me? Upbringing and location plays a huge role in how people interact with each other. So just because a person my fancy white guys over all or completely does NOT make them racist but they are Prejudice. How they choose to express it is what you call them out on.

  11. Andre

    Gino … it is just porn get the fuck over it. Everyone has a preference in what turns them on we all do. If you want a porno video of color then go look for one. Doesn’t need to be this one. Color people do not need to be added in everything. Just in case you are wondering I am also of color, but with preference for white.

  12. OnlyTellTheTruth

    Frankly, I don’t care that it’s an all white cast. There are genres for everyone and there are hot men of all races to be found everywhere.

    Personally, I like guys with flavor or “swag” as some may put it and there are guys with flavor in every race. The guys in this video are too bland and flavorless looking for me. Quite boring, but if that’s what you like, enjoy it.

  13. txtigerpup

    Other than the club scene, this looks like a bunch of college buds having a big time. Again, other than the club scene, these could be str8 friends on a road trip. I am in my 50s and I can remember waking up after a party surrounded by my friends, some still in their clothes and some not.
    This preview is friends having fun.

  14. Jamel

    Ive read most of the comments and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My opinion I actually like the video a lot of eye candy. As far as the argument that there are no men of color, older men, etc. I do understand the frustration. Me being a young black male wouldve loved to see some men I can relate to. However I didn’t design the line Andrew Christian did. This is obviously what he envisioned for his campaign and I can’t be mad at that. If you go on certain porn sites such as dawgpound there are only black males an maybe a “token” white dude. As well as there are white porns, there are also interracial and people watch what they want. Same goes for clubs/bars it is what it is. If you are offended by the lack of color, simply don’t buy the product of you feel some type of way. there are plenty of underwear lines that have a mixture when it comes to their target audience, support them. Me personally I dont give a shit I know that of I were to put on a pair of ac’s I’d look as good as these dudes lol 😉

  15. Troy

    Wow…..if you want colored men in a video, pic another Fucking video to watch. Plain and simple. I’m fuckin Asian but prefer white. What do I look for in videos…White guys. My preference? I pick what I want to watch.

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