News: Orlando Cruz Comes Out as First Openly Gay Boxer

Puerto Rican featherweight boxer Orlando Cruz has ‘come out’ and is now the first openly gay man in the sport’s history.

Cruz told the Associated Press that he is relieved about his decision and had reservations about coming out in what he called a “macho” sport.

Cruz began boxing at the age of 7 and is the number 4 featherweight, as ranked by the World Boxing Organization.

“I’ve been fighting for more than 24 years and as I continue my ascendant career, I want to be true to myself,” said Cruz to USA Today. “I want to try to be the best role model I can be for kids who might look into boxing as a sport and a professional career. I have and will always be a proud Puerto Rican. I have always been and always will be a proud gay man.”

Cruz has stated that he met with psychologists before making his announcement and adds he has the full support of his family, trainer and manager.

His coming out is not only important for him as a gay man, but it an important move for the sport and the Latino community.

Cruz’a next fight is October 19 in Florida where he will defend his title against Mexico’s Jorge Pazos.  A win could put Cruz in line for a major title shot.


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  1. Rock,

    I am glad that Cruz is a real man who is proud of who he is.
    I would love to be his friend.

    I think he is all of that ( and don forget the bag of chips ).!!!!!

  2. chuy

    Awesome man.I’m a athlete too. not out. but am a fan of urs now.. need a sparing partner? 😉 can take a punch
    – chuyito

  3. Bimascjock

    Congrats to him and that makes me happy that we have people in such a macho sport coming put. Sign of the times, a very good sign of the times!!!

  4. Bernard

    I am so proud of you for being yourself. I know it took courage to come out. Thank you for making the way for the next generation to always stand true to themselves. Congrats!

  5. Gdeeniej

    Kudos to you Mr. Cruz…I am so proud of you for deciding to spend your life true to yourself…Good luck on your fight on the 19th and good luck in finding that special person to share your life with…if you cant, im available…lol

  6. Danny Thomas

    Way to go man. At least he can kick anyones a** who has the nerve to make fun of him. Keep doing what you do man. Hats off to ya.

  7. LtnLuvr

    i just want to give him a big hug and thank him for his bravery and courage. he’s the most macho i’ve seen in a long time…

  8. Carlos

    I applaud Orlando’s courage in coming out. It takes big cojones to come out but it takes even bigger ones to come out if you’re latin. Congrats y que Dios te bendiga coño 🙂

  9. mario69

    wow way to go man, stand strong and keep knocking them dwn…lookin forward to the next fight papi, hoping for a win win both in and out of the ring….(^_^)

  10. Allen

    Amen and pass the lube…that is one hella hot Rican dude for sure…woof woof…there’s alot of other ‘figures’ that could / should take a lesson from Mr. Cruz and come out too…

  11. tj

    uh, why’d he (have to) meet with a shrink before coming out?

    anyway, he’s Puerto Rican, hot, and can fight a Mexican here in Florida anytime (over me).

  12. bob

    well it is good that mr cruz came out i think it is good for him and i would love to meet him he is hot so keep up the good work in the ring and stay hot

  13. curtgee


  14. Eternal Dawn

    TJ, there are counselors who specialize in helping celebrities with the coming out process.

    Look at that though, a man able to come out and still hold onto his masculinity. You go Miss Cruz… You’re doing good and looking good, all at the same time!

  15. Gringo83

    It’s very good, and as a lot of you have said, inspiring for a Orlando to come out. It must have been difficult for him, especially being an athlete in a macho sport. I’m proud to be his island brother. Que siga pa’lante mucha suerte!!!!

  16. BigDawg2020

    @ Eternal Dawn
    Really? We’re celebrating that the man can hold onto his masculinity and still be gay and you call him Miss Cruz?
    I will never ever understand some of you guys.

  17. Pedro L. Martel

    Congratulations, my Puerto Rican brother.

    As a 54 year old gay man, I thought that I would never see the day. I wish that I had had such courage at your age to drop all that heavy baggage that goes with keeping quiet about your sexuality. May god bless you and guide your way.

  18. FuneralDir Theodore J Owens

    I hope that Mr.Cruzs thought long and hard about making this decision. I wish him well and lot of success.

  19. tj

    @Eternal Dawn
    you say he’s able to come out and retain his masculinity and in very next sentence try to deny him it by calling him as “Miss”. sorry, but he’s gay, not transgender.

  20. Phine50

    That’s really brave of him. Cruz should be proud of himself for coming out. He’s of a macho ethnic group in a macho sport. Damn! Coming out under those circumstances makes him tougher than boxing does. I hope the public doesn’t give him a hard time. They’re watching him fight not watching him have sex, so his orientation should have nothing to do with his career. Since boxers get bloody I suspect someone is going to bring up the issue of HIV when he fights now since HIV is associated with being gay. One other thing that stands out to me in his coming out statement is that he called his career “ascendant”. The boy is a 31 year old boxer. How much longer does he think he’s got? Whose his idol Evander Holyfield? LOL

  21. RobertNlove

    WOW.. not only is he beautiful, he is the bravest man on the planet…. I am so proud of you and what you have done and inspired in the battle of acceptance..
    I would be proud to know you personally, tho im sure i never will… I wish you peace and strength as you move forward in life….. WAY TO GO

  22. darryl

    It’s cool to see him proud to be just who he is, and letting the other fighter’s know that yes he’s gay, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get your ass kicked.

  23. Bruno2006

    I am very proud of him for coming up in a macho sport and particularly because of his statement to be true to himself as a proud boxer of Peurto Rican descent. We wish him continued success and hope other boxers will come out as well.

  24. todd

    this is like the coolest thing I have ever read on here. Its also amazing to read about the tons of support he has. I hope he has a great year. shana tova. lol

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