Music : P!nk’ s Music Video for “Try”


The video just came out, it is the latest from her album “The Truth About Love”.

In this video P!nk and a gorgeous chiseled male dancer who plays her lover are very interesting to watch. Through their dance moves that almost look like they are fighting, they are demonstrating how complicated relationships can be. But at the end, they seem to be willing to “Try” to give it a chance, as they leap into each other’s arms.

Very beautiful…and oh, don’t forget to look at the abs of the male dancer….Wooaaaaaa 🙂


(video below)


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  1. David

    I cannot tell if they used stunt dancers for this video, but I have to say, one of the best videos of the year!!!! Mixing modern and classic dance and the visual conceptualization of the inner drama of both was stunningly done… Way to go girl, someone had to take away the crown to the Perry girl. *****

  2. Crayak


    A great song on the album. The Truth About Love is such an amazing “love” album. It has a sense of maturity to it a message that you can grow up and love and love has to evolve with you, you can’t keep playing childish games.

    But then again there are songs like “The King is Dead (But The Queen Is Alive) which is an amazing break up song for empowerment and confidence.

    This song was amazing when I first heard it last month when I got the album from a friend at the label. But watching the video and seeing how they acted and danced was fantastic. The anger, the passion, the sadness, the sex. It’s a relationship we’ve all had.

    Bravo P!nk, Brav-fucking-o!

  3. Robert

    PINK Rules! She’s totally back on top of the heap with this album! (not that she ever fell off it). Her stint on Ellen again cemented that she is da cooooolest chick around!

  4. truckercouple

    the video is very cool, looks like something you’d see on so you think you can dance, very contemporary, but overall the song is lacking a lot so it seems the video was made to truly lessen this fact…. great lyrics but melodically a very boring song. Personally Pink is one of my top five artist of all time so I was not feeling this song, but the video is cool,,, great body on the male dancer…. PINK ROCKS

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