Hottie Of The Day : Zac Efron

Zac Efron, former High School Musical star has only gotten better with age! I actually used to find him very ugly….but he’s a man now! I love his 5 o’clock shadow look in the picture above!

Zac just turned 25 yesterday and he looks smoking hot in John John Denim latest campaign. Can you actually believe he is 25 now? OMG … I’m getting old!!!! (I’m kidding, I’m only 30…so be careful what you say!!)

What do you think of the commercial video? Don’t you think he’s hot?

Check out the video after the jump!

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  1. cntryman

    Much hotter than the pics shared of Brad Pitt, I think. He has a great body, beautiful eyes, a hot smile, and what we can’t see if probably just as hot !

  2. Steve

    Bleh, the pic makes him look like a hustler. He’s a nice enough guy but limited talent and consistently miscast … I mean, Iraq war vet? Really?

  3. truckercouple

    was more attracted to the Mustang… personally the jeans looked stupid on him,,, not a fan jeans that hang low between the legs,, it’s a seriously stupid look on guys, no matter how hot they think they are. As far as Zack, not a fan of his look,, he’s a Jared Leto knock off.

  4. Brad

    Hmmm, I think he was much cuter when he was younger and smoother, he just looks like your average straight grungy street thug in this. The music, if you can call it that, is pathetic as well!

  5. blond511

    sorry commercial in my opinon, you can leave that girl out at the beginning for one, then, what are they selling? It is denim jeans, you never see very much of the jeans. If that is Zack Efron he has certainly changed in looks. good looking. I wonder if that was all of the commercial or just a piece. It all went too fast.

  6. Dre_in_the_City

    so, let me get this “straight” (lol)– gay mags/blogs/websites STILL can’t find a “hottie of the day” that isn’t straight/pretending-to-be-straight?…a lot of us are over it, including me. let’s catch up to 2012, shall we?

  7. Stormy

    Zac is hot no question, but I really hated this commercial, what were they selling, Cars? And the Rap lost my attention from the beginning.

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