Hot or Not : One-Piece Jumpsuit

Hey guys !

First of all I wanted to wish you a good week-end!

It is Thanksgiving here in Canada, so to all my fellow Canadian friends, Happy Thanksgiving!

On another note….

Last week, I had the visit of the cable guy at home, and it gave me the idea of posting about something : Their uniform.

The technician that came to my place was wearing an outfit similar to the one in the picture above, except it was dark blue.

It turned me rock hard when I opened the door and saw him.

He was average/hot….You know the type of guy you don’t turn your head for in the street but a beautiful average guy….

He was tall, athletic and had a very handsome face…But what caught my attention was certainly his one-piece

I just wanted to unzip him and find a gorgeous big cock under that suit!

So I want to know if I’m the only one who get aroused at the sight of that one-piece ?

Is it Hot or Not ?



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  1. Thom_72

    Uniforms aren’t my fetish. I don’t care what you wear, of I’m into you; let’s get busy. If I’m not; have a good day. Could be fun, but at the end of the day, clothes all look the same when in a crumpled heap on the floor.

  2. Mr Mack

    I think on the right guy very very hot and on the wrong guy very very not. Usually that kind of guy ripped with muscles and a firm bubbled muscled ass bicepts and pecs with hairy arms and chest hair peeking through. Ok ok Ok enough of that I’m getting hot and bothered at the thought

  3. Hunrwe

    I’ve taken now to ignoring most blogs here. Who wants and exposes on some guy that has come out? Whose reporting on that does it benefit? Him? or the blogger (looking for content)? The blogger. If we’re all about gay guys being respected as a part of society, their “coming out” is not news.

    And some guys clothing? Hot? NOT. What a man wears has zippo to do with his hotness.

  4. Eric in FLA, USA

    We use them on the fire department for the overnight hours. On the right guy they are damned sexy particularly since it doesn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination. On the wrong guy they can be just nauseating. I give it two dicks up though overall.

  5. InOverMyHead

    I am less concerned about what he’s wearing than what is in it. (and the unwrapping) As to the one-piece, I prefer skin tight spandex.

  6. LtnLuvr

    i feel like u are grabbing at the bottom of the barrel to come up with interesting ideas and conversations here, blogboy…keep it interesting, dude.

  7. chiboy79

    I think they can be hot if in the right environment…Like some hot mechanic who has it unzipped a little on the chest and you can see he is not wearing a shirt under it and has nice pecs! Only to make you think what else he is not wearing under that suit!

  8. David

    I vote NOT HOT, but that could be because of personal experience – a loser uncle who wore them a LOT for no apparent reason, and a guy I associate with one of my top 5 bad dates of all time. So, unless the guy happens to be an astronaut or something, I’d prefer jeans & a T-shirt.

  9. colchon

    OMG YES! One piece jumpsuits, the darker the better (both the guy and the suit). Or carpenter’s coverall pants with no shirt underneath .

  10. david

    HOTT! love it with the zipper open showing a chest of dark hair, makes me want ot pull it lower slowly and follow that trail

  11. raroo52

    Depends on how well it fits around the ass and package and the face and body. An ugly fat man is NOT hot in anything he wears-at least to me he’s not but I’m sure they’re hot to someone. Just my opinion.

  12. Perry

    I sure do! I feel just like you do. Hope he has no skivvies on though. I love wearing them too. Go to the park. So easy to get out of! I love the way you show your package right through the fabric!! Oh yes quite a turn on. !!

  13. Jock

    While the idea of quick access in one zip has it’s appeal, generally the jumpsuit is not all that attractive. There is one exception, I used to service (professionally, gutter heads) a local military bar, and when those aviators came in in their flight suits, oh baby. I woulda unzipped and drained them one by one given the chance.

  14. Daniel

    I think its hot to see someone, like an techician, in a one-piece jumpsuit. Just the sight of one hot athletic to muscular in one them, i’d be hard in an instant.

  15. George

    Average/hot works for me and add “Butch” in there too. The pic is hot. I don’t know how he fits that big cock in that jumpsuit “)

  16. Phine50

    (I thought you were about to say that was a pic of you doin the cable guy) LOL Hell everybody wants free cable. ;-0
    Shit yeah one piece jumpsuits are hot! I done did some of my best freakin wearing one. It’s a real turn on to go on around butt naked under there.

  17. Mike

    Yea Iknow the feeling but I know this might sound kinda wierd ,but my dad wore one of those’JUMP SUIT’S” NAD HE USED TO CUT MY HAIR.I could swear that he got a hard on while he was cutting my hair.

  18. averagek

    No and yes I think as in outfit not really. But as your picture shows nothi g underneth so ya that is very hot knowing one zip to see eveeything and hopibg a huge cock plops out. That is the arousal is the easyness of play … least for me. If havibg to look at a guy in c lothe s love a guy in business wear.. I think its a power thing

  19. jonnyquest20020

    As long as the guy himself if hot, then that outfit can be incredibly hot. And for me, it only works when it’s a real-life, absolutely authentic blue-collar hottie in his real uniform. Otherwise, it’s just another ridiculous porn costume. Exact same difference as when you see a real-world construction worker who happens to be stunningly good-looking. It stops you in your tracks. Bad porn actors dressed up as that type are, as the kiddies say, “epic fails.” he he he

  20. Tag

    Hell yeah it’s hot! I used to paint a room wearing nothing but leather work boots, a chrome cockring, and a baseball cap if the sex party didn’t suit me….eventually, the party came to me 🙂

  21. SuperBass707

    I agree,that one piece is so hot. I wear mine commando with army boots. the guys drop to their knees on the street in front of me.

  22. My2toys

    They are hott. I live to see a sexy guy in one of those one piece. It makes my mind wonder about what they have on underneath it.

  23. cntryman09

    It sure is hot to me, Dave. I have a buddy who wears a white one for his job and it makes me hard too, just to see him in it.

  24. Lynn

    hot i met a mechanic on craigs list and he wore one of those . we use to hook up . he woiuld go with me on a test drive . we would pull through a car wash and i would drain him sooo fuckin hot …

  25. Donnie

    hot. because you wouldn’t have a lot of clothes to go through just to have sex. just unzip and you have a big, fat surprise waiting.

  26. truckercouple

    uniforms do nothing for me unless his hot body is outlined well such as his arms or legs and ass.. otherwise it just looks like work and very rarely if EVER have i had a hot guy come to my house wearing one….

  27. rick

    YES! very hot, I have a fantasy about a uniformed cable guy or utility meter reader guy coming and me pulling down that zipper on their one piece jump suit and servicing them for a change.

  28. Cal

    Yeah, these are hot. I wear the same short sleeved Fickies coveralls at home and out and about in the weekends. I have every color. And yes, I either wear a union suit long underwear underneath, a wide beater and a jock strap, or go commando. I also wear $390 True Religion jeans, so font stereotype me because I like wearing coveralls.

  29. Bi-Is-I

    Definitely hot. Especially the orange one I had to wear for a few months after having been too much of a bad boy. Had the occasional dude suck my dick just like the dude in the pic above.

  30. david

    sometimes it’s hot, all depends on the guy wearing it. for example: cable guy, elactrican, some painters, some plumbers, etc… but for the most part it’s not the suit it’s who and what is under

  31. HOT4DYCK

    I think they’re hot. We have air conditioning units at work and the tech always wears the 1 piece over his clothes. One day he was unzipping as he walking, I almost busted; He’s sexy as hell anyway and then in that suit; OMG!

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